I gave money to my maid and fucked me

Apne ghar ki ukrani ko paise dekar maine choda

Hello friends, my name is Shashikant Mishra and I am from Delhi. My age is around 27 years and height is 5.9 feet. I am a big fan of non veg sex story dot com. Today I am going to tell my story to all of you. I have only ever fucked my wife and my girlfriend when I was in college. I had fucked only two people. But both my fucks were very cool. When I had sex for the first time, I didn’t know much, but I learned a lot by watching many sexy videos. I had a lot of fun when I fucked my girlfriend for the first time. But I was out very soon. But when I fucked her for the second time, I kept on fucking her for a long time without getting out. He enjoyed my sex very much.

I fucked my girlfriend many times, gradually I became expert in fucking.
When I got married, I had a lot of fun when I fucked my wife for the first time because even her seal was not broken. I broke her seal and fucked her very comfortably. Then slowly when I started fucking her a lot, she also used to fuck me with great pleasure and without saying anything, she used to lie down at night without clothes only in bra and panty. And when I used to come, she used to hug me and kiss me, so that I could know that today she wants to get fucked. And I used to fuck her till late night. I fucked her a lot for a few days, then she told me one day that I want a child, so I fucked her and made her pregnant. After that fuck I didn’t get to fuck until my wife had a baby. Slowly time passed I had two children and both were 5 years old and 3 years old. Gradually, my wife did not enjoy much getting fucked by me. I had also stopped fucking her.

It was a matter of few months ago that my wife had not gone to her maternal house for a long time. He told me one day that I am missing my mother a lot, should I go to her for a few days?? So I said ok go but come soon. My wife went to her maternal home and the children also went along with her. Now I was left alone in the house. After he left, I started getting pussy urges, I was worried to fuck. I was driving less everyday. The maidservant used to come everyday and leave after cleaning the house and cooking. She was not very good looking but her tits and her ass were very big, after seeing which sometimes I felt like fucking her. But I used to manage with fists.

One day I had a slight headache, so I was sleeping for a long time. And the maid came to sweep my room. When she was sweeping, my eyes suddenly opened. I saw that she was bending down and sweeping, and her boobs were hanging slightly outside her blouse and she was sweeping quickly. Seeing her boobs, my cock got erect and it was very tight too. My mind was thinking that I should slap him and fuck him, but I thought that if there is some quarrel somewhere then there will be a problem. I kept giving her nipples silently and was rubbing my cock with my hands. When she left from there, I woke up and in the morning I pacified my cock by fisting. I didn’t say anything to him that day. But when she came the next day, I told her – how much do you earn in a month. So she said – “Sir, I earn 10000 less in every house by working in many houses”. So I told him – “If you want, I will give you 10000 only for a few days, you just have to take my wife’s place”.

So he said to me – “Sir wants to say that I should lie down with you”. I said – “Yes, if you want, you can put out the fire in my mind until I have a wife. I will give you the money”, at first she refused me and started doing her work. But when the work was over, she came to me. And said to me – “Sir, I belong to a poor family, so don’t tell this to anyone, I am ready. You are reading this story on non veg sex story dot com. Just give me my money, I am ready to be your wife for a few days”. I told him – “It is late today, you go, but when tomorrow comes, we will have fun together. She left”

When she came the next day, I was already ready. As soon as she came, I took her and went to my bedroom. At first I kept talking to her for a long time caressing her thighs. Then in some time, when both of us started getting excited, my cock started getting erect slowly. And I started moving towards her lips while kissing her hands. And I started kissing her neck while biting her cheek with my teeth. And then kissing her lips I filled her lips in mine and started drinking. When I filled her lips in mine, she also hugged me and started drinking my lips with mine. I caught her boobs in my hands and started pressing them and she started kissing me while caressing my back.

After sucking her lips for a long time, I took off her clothes and unbuttoned each and every button of her blouse and then put my hand inside her bra and started pressing her soft and smooth nipples. After some time I also removed her black colored bra and pressing her big and very soft nipples started licking her nipples with my tongue. And slowly I started drinking her mummo in my mouth. I was drinking while pressing her nipples with one hand. You are reading this story on non veg sex story dot com. When I started drinking my maid’s teats forcefully, then milk started coming in my mouth from her teats. Her teat’s milk was very sweet. I asked her – “milk is coming from your teats, have you just given birth to a baby in a hurry?? So he said – “Yes sir, it’s been 7 months, he is still drinking my milk, that’s why milk is coming”. When I came to know that milk is coming out of her teat, then I started drinking her teats even more loudly. When milk came in my mouth from her teats, she used to sob. I was getting very out of control. I caught hold of her teats with both hands and started pressing them with both hands so that milk from her teat was going into my mouth and some was applying on my cheeks and face. B I kept drinking milk from her teats for a long time. And sometimes I used to drink her teats so quickly that my teeth used to get stuck in her mammo like a child. And she used to just sob.

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After drinking her nipples, I put my hands inside her petticoat and started caressing her pussy. Due to which she also felt uncontrollable. I was pressing her nipple with one hand and caressing her pussy with the other hand. Then I untied the folds of her petticoat while caressing her waist. And slowly pulled down her petticoat. Due to which her black panty started showing, when I saw the panty, I caressed my hand over her panty, put my fingers inside her pussy from the side, which made her yearn. After some time I also removed her panty and while looking at her pussy, I started putting my fingers in the grain of her pussy and in no time I started putting my fingers inside her pussy. I was so uncontrollable that I started fingering her pussy very quickly. And as I was fingering fast she was twitching her body ahh ahh ahh uhh uhh uhh uhh uhh uhh uhh uhh uhh She started crying after sighing. I was continuously fingering her pussy and spreading my ass repeatedly with my fingers and inserting it inside. Within no time her face turned red and she was crying in agony. You are reading this story on non veg sex story dot com. After some time water started coming out of her pussy. When the water started coming out, I started fingering her pussy even faster. As the water was coming out of her pussy, she was sobbing loudly ahh ahh ha uf uf unhu un unhu.. And I was continuously fingering her pussy.

Then I took out my cock and to fuck her pussy, I first spread her pussy with my hands and licked her pimples for some time and then started rubbing my big cock in her pussy pimples, which made the maid jealous. Was engaged After some time I thrust my cock into her pussy. Her pussy was not very tight but she screamed from my thick cock. I again thrust my cock into her pussy, she screamed and grabbed the bed sheet tightly, and while screaming, she started to endure the pain of being fucked by my thick and big cock. In no time I started fucking her very fast. The cock who was thirsty for pussy for so many days had got the pussy, so he started fucking her without stopping. Like a machine, I would go inside her pussy again and again and abhra would come, due to which her pussy would open again and again and then close. My big cock was spreading her pussy even more

Due to which she started crying loudly. As the time was passing, I was going to fuck faster. In no time she was moaning from my fuck..loudly in pain..ahh hahah..mummy…mummy….cc c c c…. …..hee hee hee….ahhhhh uhhhhhh…. U u u….aaaaaaaaaaaaa….hmmmmm ahhhhhh….cc c c c.. ha ha ha……ai…ai….ai……ai….isssssssss……uhhhhh…..ohhhhhhh…..fuckdodo ….. give me more tightly Chododo do do do .. but comfortably my pussy is bursting and I am feeling a lot of pain too. She was not able to tolerate my cock properly.
After fucking for a long time I stopped fucking and then made her sit on top of me and lay down myself. I put my cock in her hole and holding her waist started moving up and down. Due to which he started cramping his body while pressing his nipples. After some time she started going up and down on her own. Sometimes it would come down too much, due to which pain started in my cock.

After fucking her for a long time, I made her a bitch to kill her ass and started putting spit in my fingers and putting it in her ass. And she was just screaming. Then I put some oil in my cock and while spreading her ass forcefully put my cock in her ass and as soon as my cock entered her ass she went forward. I put my cock in her ass again and held her waist. And started hitting her ass hard. She was screaming loudly because of my ass kicking so fast. I kept kicking her ass for a long time.

After a long time, when my sperm was about to come out of my cock, I took my cock out of her ass and gave my cock in the hands of my maid, and she quickly caught my dick and started masturbating and I started licking her tits. Started drinking again. As she was moving my cock back and forth quickly, I started feeling nauseous and after some time I caught hold of my cock and started masturbating even faster. Within no time, my sperm started coming out of my cock. And I felt great.
After the fuck, I gave him 10000 rupees and said to him – “Until my wife is not there, you will fuck me everyday like this”. So he said – ok. After that I drank milk from her nipples for a long time and played with her pussy for a long time. In this way, till I did not have my wife, I gave money to my maid and fucked her a lot. I hope you all must have liked this story of mine. You are reading this story on non veg sex story dot com.

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