I help with my sons sex urges Ch1 pt1 Sex Story

#Incest #Mature #Teen

By Kass

Im a 32F and I’ll update my story during the year and further on in different parts

I am a single mother who has been looking after my son(David) for 16 odd years and I never thought this would be where parenting would get me.

It started just the start of the year, i was washing the clothes when I went to get his clothes from his room and saw a magazine with a few suggestive images on it. Not to mention he was in his room rubbing up and down his penis while staring at it that night. The next morning I sat him down at the table and asked about the magazine and what he was doing.” How did you know?!?”, he asked.
“Honey, to be honest it wasn’t really like you were hiding it.”, I said. He looked irritated but worried at me finding out and he said that it isn’t like he could control it and that it’s just happens now. I told him that it was bad for him and it will only make things worse for him.” I can’t just stop, if I stop it probably hurt me just as much”, he said quickly,” well then what am I supposed to do!?”, i asked. He looked away and tried to not make eye contact, I asked what’s wrong and he said I wouldn’t do it.” It’s hard to answer if I don’t know what your asking me.”, I said.

“ I read that to stop going on websites and masturbating…you could…”, he says stopping abruptly halfway and after a few seconds,” ‘help’ me by doing…sexual st..stuff.”

I stood staring at him and was conflicted beyond belief, on the one hand this is incest and could forever break our relationship, but I have always wanted him to be happy and not struggle.”well…..that’s quite a request.”, I said, he wanted to say something but I said I’ll talk with him later.

Later turned out to be two weeks where we didn’t speak, I did see he did jack off at any point but that’s probably cause he felt guilty about his request. I finally spoke with him after that time after dinner. I walked into his room and sat on the side of his bed. He looked at me worriedly until I spoke.
“ this is how this will go:
– I’ll do anything to help your urges as long as it isn’t always embarrassing to do
– this will happen twice a week one on Mondays and the other on Fridays
– you don’t tell anyone about this!!”

He nodded happily and thanked me, I smiled and slowly opened up his shorts.”wait, what are you doing?!”,he asked,” it’s Friday”, I said while taking his penis out. I would never want to admit it but he was gifted in his size and girth, I tried to focus up and asked what we should start out with. He asked if he could have a handjob first. I wrapped my hand around the shaft, it couldn’t fit around it completely, and started moving slowly up and down, he sounded like he was enjoying and a bit of precum seeped out from the tip. I went a bit faster and I could hear him groan from it. I was actually kind of enjoying it as well but I had to finish quickly and the handjob just wasn’t doing enough. I stopped and positioned myself and him to the side of the bed.” I haven’t done this since I had you, so pls tell me if I do anything wrong”, I said as I get closer to the tip. I stick my tongue out and licked of a bit of his precum, I had to adjust but it didn’t taste bad. I put my lips around the head and sucked some more of it which definitely surprised him, he stared as I slowly sucked up and down the head, then the shaft, then until I was half way! Lipstick marks were left on his shaft, showing how far I went, he said he loved and I kinda did too but I knew he was cumming soon but he stopped me. He begged me to let him finish in my mouth and though I was sceptical, I did mean they’ll be no mess. I nodded and sucked a bit more until he grabbed my head and rammed it down further his cock. He held me there as he pumped his cum down my throat and to my stomach, he was forcing me to drink his seed!! My mascara smudge from my tears cause of how deep he pushed. He finally stopped pumping his cum, but….the 7inches of penis in my mouth was still HARD!?!?!

He taped his legs too let me go but he said just one more time, I could feel a chill down my spine when I heard those words. He started moving my head up and down his dick, each thrust went to the base of his dick, I looked at him as he did it. My son was face fucking his mother!! And he definitely was enjoying it he say how my mouth felt amazing or how he wants this too never end, well thankfully god was merciful since after cumming inside my throat again he was finished. I took it out and swallowed the last bit and well I was full after, I was gonna scream at him for it but I thought a better punishment was to not let him have anything like this till the end of feb. But even though it was cruel it didn’t feel completely horrible.

End of pt1 but pt2 will come pretty soon so maybe tomorrow or next week Monday 🙂

By Kass
#Incest #Mature #Teen

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