I think my stepdaughter has thing for me Sex Story


By Stepdad

Can two people want to try sex or think about each other alot

Remember as far meeting my girlfriends family and two daughters she has.
They were young.
There family and I had and still great relationship.
Over years one on my Stepdaughters would watch TV lay on couch with me like normal parent do.
She would always talk to me about everything, maybe it’s I’m easy going abd always gad great advise.
There mom was always different about life.
I never yell or get mad. Somethings do bother me but I let them decide for them selfs.
Over time my stepdaughter would wear jyst a towel after shower or bath.
I work on road alot away from home. We always facetime on Facebook messenger, snapchat, even text eachother. She’s becoming really really beautiful, lately so sexy.
She has boyfriend now she just turn 18.
About few yrs back she was in pool in yellow bikkini.
She told me to film her swim.
So I didn’t wasn’t thinking of anything.
Than I was thinking out loud, abd told ger she look so Beautiful and sexy. All she dud was smile at me.
I had becareful as her mom was very jealous.
Over time I found she wasn’t giving me space, where she would call me all the time about her and her boyfriend are fighting. I give advise about her boyfriend needs to grow up be a man, but he will grow up much later when he is older. Over time I watch her tiktok videos abd omfg she’s so hot and sexy, some if her videos I can tell she was talking about me. When I’m on road we would videochat. Sometimes I can tell she was nude. Few times she send photos with me in jast 4 yrs of photos videos and even us together.
She’s artist. I told her everyday I’m so proud of her, I told her her love see her art work. She does. Abd few she draw on herself. One photo she send of art work on her leg she was wearing purple lacey oanties where I can see right threw them. I can see her pussy. That was a snap photo. She type like my art work see hiw I shiw my curve of my upper body with my art work
List goes on. There’s so much that I seen done.
Few times I caught her nude in bed playing with herself.
One time, I know for fact she saw me watching her. But she made it look like she never noticed.
Yes I have thought of my stepdaughter.
We chat everyday. When I’m away
Today she send few photos and video to me asking ne when I’m coming home as she misses me so much.
I’m 57 yrs old now, she makes me feel great. As everyday it’s weird I get hirny for her. But I don’t think I would push on her.
Everytime shecomes around she’s always tell her friends here is my stepdad.
And me and her mom broke up last year. And my stepdaughter still calls me dad.
I do keep all her videos and photos. Fir my pleasure use. But there’s been few times she send nudes to me.
Alot guys hit on her as she us beautiful. And I feel I’m luckiest person to be alive abd proud she calls me dad.
If want to know more or if your a dad or a daughter email me. See if I’m only one or there are others.
Question is:
Can stepdaughter and stepfather wants to fuck eachother.
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By Stepdad

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