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#Bisexual #Incest #PreTeen #Threesome

By PO469

Sam caught Ruth and I doing girl stuff and he joined in. Fiction, Lesbian, incest, teen, pre-teen, pic.

Ruth and I have been best friends as long as I can remember. We go to school together, play together after school and often take turns sleeping over at each other’s houses about once a week. It was one sleepover when I was just a little past my eleventh birthday and Ruth was not quite thirteen yet, that changed my life forever.

We were in her room and supposed to be asleep, but we were actually still awake and talking. Suddenly Ruth said, “Do you want to do something that will feel really good?”

I answered, “Sure, what?”

“Take off your pajamas and I’ll show you. Ruth and I have seen each other without our clothes many times, like when we change into out pajamas or our swim suites, but this was something different. I hesitated and Ruth playfully told me again to take them off, and she started to help me out of them.

“Lay on your back and spread your legs.” I didn’t know why she wanted me to do that, but I did as she said. When I did, Ruth put her head between my legs and started licking my kitty. Soon her tongue slid inside my slit and she started licking my hole and the little bump above it. I squealed and Ruth stopped long enough to tell me to be quiet.

Then her face went back between my legs. Wow, it really did feel good. Pretty soon I started getting all excited and then my whole body tingled, and I went limp. “What do you think, Becky, did you like it?”

“I sure did, where did you learn about that?”

“A couple weeks ago we visited my aunt and her family. My fifteen-year-old cousin took me up to a tree house in their back yard and she showed me about it.” Ruth got off the bed and removed her PJ’s. “Now you do it to me and make me feel good.”

It was only fair that I should do it to her after she did it to me. She jumped up on the bed and spread her legs wide. I put my face between her legs and started licking. “Get your tongue between my pussy lips and lick inside. Especially lick the bump above my hole. My cousin told me that it is called my clit.”

I licked and licked and licked and then Ruth got all excited, grabbed me by the head and pulled me tight to her. Her bottom got really wet. At first, I thought she had peed on me, but she told me that her cousin said it was an orgasm and the liquid was called cum. It didn’t taste bad, so I didn’t get mad.

For the next month, we did it as often as we could find private time to be alone together. We were both really enjoying it. One day when we were in her bedroom, naked and doing it in the 69 position, thinking we were alone in the house. Then the door opened, and her brother walked in.

Sam was fifteen and I thought he was a real hunk. I’d had a crush on him for months. “Well, well, what have we here? It looks like a couple of little lesbians. Are you girlies having fun?”

We jumped and turned and pulled the blanket up over our bodies. Ruth yelled at Sam to get out of her room, but he just stood there and laughed. He stopped laughing, “Calm down. I’m not going to squeal on you. You’re just having a little fun. I didn’t know that you were old enough for grown up stuff like this. I guess you’re not little kids anymore. Don’t let me stop you. I’ll enjoy watching.”

We relaxed a little bit but kept the blanket up to our chins. Sam walked up to the bed, reached out and pulled the blanket down. We didn’t resist very hard, but we did keep our hands over our crotches and out arms over our boobies. I didn’t have very big boobs yet, so they were well covered. Ruth already had pretty nice ones, so she was only partly covered.

With a smile, Sam said, “Guys like to do that, too. Let me show you that it will feel just as good, maybe even better, if I do it to you.” Sam reached out and pulled his sister’s leg to the side. It lay across my stomach. He dropped his head between her legs and pushed his tongue between her labia and swiped from her fuck hole to her clit. His nose was buried in her pubic hair. Ruth jumped and moaned. She grabbed him by the hair and pulled him tight to her pussy.

While Sam was eating his sister, he reached over and started rubbing my almost hairless mound. His finger slipped between my pussy lips and touched my bump, sending a tingle all thru my body.

It did not take long before Ruth had an orgasm. She shook and rolled her head back and forth and screamed. It was a stronger one than I had ever given her.

“Me too, Sam, lick me too.” Sam was already moving from his sister to my kitty. He moved her leg off of me and spread my legs. My pussy was already excited, just thinking about him licking me. In my mind, Sam was my boyfriend, even though he had shown no interest in me and he was almost five years older than me. I was going to show him that I was worthy of being his girlfriend.

Sam looked at me, “You’ve got a really cute little pussy, Becky.” My heart melted. Sam pushed my legs apart and used his hands to spread my lips. He used his tongue to swipe a big, long slurp across my parts. I came immediately. When I jerked and gasped, Sam laughed. “You’re gonna be a cock hungry slut.”

After he finished with me, I could hardly move. My body was trembling. Ruth was grabbing at him, wanting more.

“Girls can make a guy feel good with her mouth, too. She does it by putting by putting her mouth around his cock and moving it up and down. It’s called a blowjob. I did it to you girls. Now it’s time for you to do it to me.”

Ruth and I looked Sam’s hard dick and then at each other and we giggled. Ruth was the first one to put it in her mouth. She pushed down till he touched the roof of her mouth, causing her to gag and pull off.

“Don’t try to take me so deep, now. Keep your lips tight around it and suck like it is a lollypop and move your head up and down on it. Don’t touch it with your teeth.”

I watched Ruth suck her brother’s cock for about a minute before I took her by the shoulder and pulled her off of him. “My turn, I want to do it now.” Ruth moved away and I took her place. I wanted to show Sam that I could be a good girlfriend and do anything that would make him happy.

I had watched Ruth and listened to Sam, so I thought I could do a good job. I guess I was right because Sam was moaning and pushing his dick up into my mouth. “Damn, Becky, you’re a natural cock sucker. You’re going to make some guy a great girlfriend, someday.” I was deflated. Sam was not even thinking about me being his girlfriend. I needed to work to change that.

All of a sudden, Sam pushed my head off of his cock, grabbed it in his hand, rolled on his back and rapidly stroked it. White stuff flew out of the end of it and made a big puddle on his stomach. He let go and relaxed.

“A lot of girls like the taste of cum. Why don’t you two try it and see what you think?” Ruth used a finger to scoop up a little bit and put it in her mouth.

“It’s thick and warm and slippery, and it tastes a little salty but it’s pretty good.”

I wanted to show them that I could do it even better, so I leaned over and stuck my tongue out so I could lick some off of Sam. Just as I did, Ruth put her hand on the back of my head and pushed my face right into the puddle. I came up with cum all over my face. They looked at me and laughed. I hesitated a second and then laughed with them.

Sam got up and put his pants back on but left his shirt off. I looked at him and thought how beautiful I thought he was. As he left the room, I yelled out, “I’ll do it again, any time you want.” Ruth and I went to share a shower. Then we put our PJs on and got in bed before her parents got home.

The next afternoon we were all alone again. Sam called for us to come to his room. When we entered his room, he was sitting at his computer. He had a powerful PC with a big monitor. He was a serious game player.

“I want to show you something that will be even more fun than what we did last night.” We sat on the edge of his bed, and he opened a website. “This is one of my favorite websites.”

The screen came to life, and we saw a guy and two young women on a bed, naked. The first girl was on her back and the other one was on her hands and knees, licking the first girl’s pussy, just like we did. Then the guy got behind the girl who was on her knees, took his hard cock in his hand, found her hole and shoved himself into her. He held her hips and stroked his cock in and out of her. All three of them were making happy moans and grunting noises.

First the girl on the bottom got loud as she came. Then the girl that was being fucked joined her. Right behind her, the guy pulled out and shot his cum load all over her back. The girl that had been on the bottom came up and licked all of her cum off of the other girl’s back. That one turned around and sucked the guy’s cum covered cock till there was not any more cum on it. Then the scene ended, and Sam turned off his computer.

Sam said, “That’s the best way guys and girls can have fun. The very first time a girl gets fucked, it hurts when he first puts his cock in her cunt, but then it feels great.”

I almost yelled, “I want to do it. Let’s do it. I want you to fuck me, Sam. I want to be your girlfriend.”

Ruth and I lost our virginities that afternoon and we had sex many times after that. Sometimes it was the three of us and sometimes it was just Sam and me. I liked that best. Sam started telling me that I was one of his girlfriends. I guess that was the best I could hope for.


Nine years later I married Sam, just a couple months before I had his son. Because of the timing, we knew it was his, even though he was not the only guy who was fucking my unprotected cunt. We both have friends with benefits and enjoy going to the occasional party. Ruth got married when she was seventeen and has had two babies. Her husband was shocked and angry when the second one was black, but he did not leave her.

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By PO469
#Bisexual #Incest #PreTeen #Threesome

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