I Want You To Be My New Daddy, Part 2 Sex Story

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By DirtyDon

This Isn’t in the employee manual…….

I’ll spend my whole week looking forward to next Saturday. But this is Monday and I have work to do, at least I keep telling myself. Lilly is due to come to work from 10AM till 1PM and I cant wait, I spent all of Sunday tiding up the apartment from the “sleepover” we had Saturday night, It was great ,and I feel like a kid again. Oh I know deep down inside that this is all wrong, but I really don’t care

As Lilly walk’s thru the door I smile. As always she looks great, no not great, fantastic. Her tight little ass, her perky “A” cups, her little nipples so hard under her tight work tee shirt, She is everything a 14 year old Girl should be. I can’t help but stare at her. She gives me a smile as she walks past me and into the kitchen area, as she passes my office I see her drop an oversize envelope on my desk. I so want to run back there and see what it is, but I know the other crew member’s are watching. I try to look non hurried as I go back in the kitchen area, stopping at the fryer , looking at the grease level, acting like I give a shit. After Telling Kendra the counter Girl to tuck her tee shirt in, I enter my office.

On the desk was an oversize envelope from the school district, but when I opened it I could see right away that it wasn’t anything official, thank God. It was In fact a single piece of paper, on it, in colored pencil was a drawing, It was a Black little Girl standing beside a taller White guy, holding hands. The caption read ” For my new Daddy, love Kia.” Also enclosed was a little pink pair of ” My Little Pony” cotton panties with the imprint of Kia’s lip’s in red lip gloss, right on the crouch.

I guess any “normal” guy would have felt shame, guilt, remorse. I didn’t, I smiled as I held the panties to my face in the privacy of my office, smelling the little Girl scent on the cotton . When I passed Lilly taking an order at the counter, I whispered “thank you” she just smiled. I know it’s strange, me, wanting this 14 year old little sex kitten, but instead laying with her 10 year old little sister. Lilly seems not to care. At break I asked Lilly if there had been any word from her mom, of course there wasn’t.

The rest of the week went by quite uneventful. There was that one time in the walk in cooler.. I was in there doing a spot inventory so I could put in a food order. Lilly walked in to get lemon wedges for the ice tea at the counter, when she passed me, between the rows of frozen French fries, she made a show of pushing her teen titties out, nipples all hard from the cold. As I stopped to admire them she kissed me, very deeply and with a little tongue. I was quite surprised. She then went on to tell me she would pass my kiss on to Kia tonight when she got home.

In what seemed like was forever, Saturday was here again. This time when I picked the kid’s up for a day at my house. I noticed Kia had make-up on, there’s something about a young tween in make-up that gets any man going. Kia kissed me very hard as soon as she got seated . I looked around to see if there was anyone else watching, there wasn’t so I kissed her back as my hand felt up her 10 year old baby titlet. She was wearing a pink spandex shorts that looked so good on her, Lilly was in Daisy Dukes and a little white tank top with of course, no bra.
I could tell no cleaning was getting done today. The youngest, Naomi ,at 7,was in shorts also, and even she was looking like a little slut in training. Today was going to be a good day;)

When we arrived at my apartment the kid’s made a run for the TV, after all TV is a treat for these kid’s. I went to the kitchen to get snacks and open a bottle of wine. Do you pair white, or red wine with Cheeto’s ?. Lilly told me that before she meant me the only wine she ever had was “Mad Dog 20/20”, poor baby girl I said taking her around the waist, she moved in even closer beside me as I poured Kia a glass.

There was this weird “vibe” going on in the apartment. I wanted Lilly but I was Kia’s Boyfriend. Yes, I’d been to bed with Kia and she was a little hottie, but after all, she’s only 10. But if you look at it like that, is 14 better ?. But as I watched those little black 10 year old ass cheek’s in those very tight shorts, I stopped wondering, that 10 year old had my attention.

When I set down, Kia got right on my lap, Then she started making out with me. It felt strange making out with Kia when her 2 Sister’s were in the room. but I soon really got into it. As Kia straddled me, facing me she , she pulled up her tee shirt revealing her little titlet’s. I sucked on her baby nipple’s as she rubbed my cock with her twat thru her shorts. Her sister’s where still watching TV with us in the room like nothing was happening. I don’t know what these kids have been thru with there mother, but nothing sexual seemed to phase them. A grown man getting off on there 10 year old sister was nothing to them.

As Kia and I made out on the couch and even more wine was consumed, the kid’s got a little more wild. The cartoon network was still on , Sponge Bob was now starting, and Naomi, the 7 year old , said “wanna see my “Rusty Port hole” as she pulled her panties down, exposing her little ass. We all laughed, but I’ll admit her little ass did look hot. Her 7 year old little “rose bud” was made hotter by the milk chocolate slit under it.

I ask Lilly if they were going to spend the night, she of course said “yes” and had a plastic “WaWa” bag full of cloth’s. She then went on to tell me that her mother has never been gone this long. She went on to tell me that 19 day’s is the longest she’s been gone so far. I could tell Lilly wasn’t worried , but mad at her Mother for her abandoning the kid’s . The more I get to know Lilly the more I admire her, not for her body, but for her dedication to her Sister’s.

That night for dinner I wanted to do something special. I figured the kid’s are tired of left over “Mc Dowell’s” food . I ordered Chinese food, the kid’s never had Orange chicken or fried rice. I was again reminded that my life was not so bad after all. That my anger of only running “1” fast food franchise was nothing compared to living on food pantry, green bean’s and Chef Boyardee pasta O’s.

That night as Lilly gave the kid’s there baths I felt like I was part of a Family. When Kia came out wearing a little thong and a nothing else beside the red lip gloss that Lilly knows I like . And Lilly in a Blue Camisole and sky blue panty’s did I realize that they needed me , and I needed them.

There’s something about the color blue.. maybe it was that that was the color of my first girlfriend’s eye’s , or the color of the sky, but When I seen Lilly, I knew I had to have these kids as part of my family.

That night Lilly and Kia where in my bed. not as rival’s for my affection but as my lover’s. Lilly instructed Kia and showed her how to please a man. Lilly instructed Kia and with her help I entered Lilly, And with Kia’s help and approval, I made her older Sister my lover, And I made Kia my daughter.

Four day’s later the Philadelphia police came to Lilly’s door to tell her that her Mother would never becoming home. That same day the kid’s packed there belonging’s and moved in with me. I soon found what I was looking for.. family,

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By DirtyDon
#Group Sex #Incest #PreTeen #Teen

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