I’m doing it again Sex Story

#Lesbian #Zoophilia

By Kiwi

I told my story of my childhood abuse and love for dogs.. now I’m 26 and my brother has a dog.

I’m 26 now and moved in with my brother due to lots of issues. Sure it’s not the best, I rarely have time alone now, and have to deal with my nephew screaming at all hours.


Recently my sister in law and nephew are away to visit family for the holidays, and during the day time my brother is gone at work, leaving me home alone with the family dog. A sweet little cocker spaniel named Milly.

God, the first time I was alone with her, I was on my back on the couch, slowly teasing myself and rubbing my pussy, you know getting myself nice and worked up. And this sweet little thing comes over and starts sniffing my pussy unprovoked.

I took it as a sign. Spread myself open for her and God did she go to town. I hadn’t cum that fast in forever. She was so eager, anytime I let my legs close or stop her from licking she’d paw at me till I let her in again.

She loves the taste of my pussy and I indulge in her when I can, and usually that leads to back to back orgasms on her cute little tongue. God I really love her, even as I write this right now she’s sniffing at me trying to get a round two.

What an insatiable little bitch.

The only way this could’ve been better is if she was a boy with a fat cock to knot and pump me full of cum with ♥️

By Kiwi
#Lesbian #Zoophilia

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