indian college girl sex story

Indian college girl came to my house for sex and remained naked with me for three days and got her pussy fucked twenty times. The sister-in-law was very hot, it was a lot of fun fucking her!

Friends, without wasting time in Rishi, introduction etc, I come straight to Indian college girl sex story.

I am writing the story of my sex story with my girlfriend Swati.
Talking about Swati’s body, her height was only five feet and her figure was 36-28-32.

It was a diesel cargo.
In the language of boys, we call it diesel goods, which are full of short stature.

That day she wore a white color kurti from which her red bra was clearly visible.
I liked Swati at first sight and I was trying to talk to her.
But I could not talk.

Then one day my luck was so good that I found her while studying in my own class.
I looked at him and at the same time his eyes met mine.
I had fallen in love with her and she was also in love with me.

It so happened that Swati was sitting on the front bench that day.

When I saw her, I felt that this is the one who is made for me.

I went and sat on the bench next to her so that I could see her properly.
In some time I would see her and also her teats.

My seven inch devil stood up. I was correcting it again and again with my hand.

After a while Swati asked me a question of economics, which I immediately told her.
This impressed her a lot.

From that day onwards, our exams were about to start and preparation leave was about to end.

Then something happened that I dared to tell him that if there is any other doubt, then call me.
She said – but I do not have your number!

I gave him my number after writing it on a piece of paper.
He also dialed my number from his phone at the same time.

In this way both of us had exchanged numbers.

After some time we both went out of the class.

Since it was the last day in college before the exams, I reached home a little late after meeting all my friends.

That’s all that was going around in my mind.
Don’t know why again and again it seemed that she would message or call me.

That night I was waiting for his message, but his message did not come.

Taking courage, I wrote hi to him and the message of hi came from his front too.

Things happened here and there for a while and I don’t know what happened, I wrote it down.
‘I like you.’
On this he just said ‘Okay…’. And she went offline.

After some time I also fell asleep.
When I woke up the next day, I saw the phone.
He didn’t have any message.

I thought she must have got angry.
So I sent him an apologetic message.

His answer came after a while, ‘What are you apologizing for, you had told what was in your heart!’

I plucked up courage and asked him his answer.
She threw a few tantrums and later she replied yes to me.

I am very happy.

We started talking.
She wanted to meet me but she didn’t say anything to me.

This was my last year, so here I also got busy preparing for the exam and was not able to pay much attention to Swati.
Now the condition had become such that I could not even reply to his chat.
Because of this, we both fought many times.

She wanted to meet me but I was not able to meet her due to space problem.

One day my parents and sister were talking about going to the village, so I overheard this.
I told this to Swati that if the house will be empty for three days then we can spend time with each other.

Although till then I had no thought of fucking him.
She agreed.

She came to my house on 12th December at 10 am.
My family had left at 7 o’clock itself. His train was at 7:30.

Swati was feeling doomed that day. That white kurti, blue leggings. Today she was wearing a black bra inside.
She was looking amazing!

I kept looking at him for two moments.

He said will you see everyone here or should I come inside?
I laughed and she came inside.

She came inside and went straight to the bathroom, she had a susu.
By the time she came out, I also fixed myself and made tea for both of them, breakfast was already ready.

We both had breakfast sitting together and kept sitting with each other’s arms.

I kissed her on the forehead and held her tight.

She said – let’s do something stormy today.

At first I didn’t understand… I said – you mean stormy?
She said – You are not at all that!

I looked into his eyes and said – what am I?
She laughed softly and said – you are a bitch.

Till then she kept one hand of mine on her mamma and started kissing me.
I understood that Swati is in the mood to fuck today.

So I also started pressing her breasts while kissing her.
My cock was getting erect, which he came to know.

The temperature was rising between us.

She said – does anyone else want to come?
I said – otherwise… why?

She said – I felt so.
I said – and why did you think so?

She said – Maybe love would have been done only by wearing clothes.
Now I understand that the prisoner is asking to be naked.

Really I was a bitch. But now I understood everything.

I slowly removed her kurti and made her naked from above.
She was in front of me in black bra.

The milky white body in black color was actually spreading a different hue.

I was pressing her moms.
She also made me naked and was playing with my cock.
But she still hadn’t taken off her leggings.

I made her stand and took off her leggins.
Now she was in front of me in pink colored panty, which was drenched with her pussy juice from the front.
Without wasting any more time, I took it off as well.

There was light hair on her pussy.
I started playing with it.
Her pussy was a bit black, but it was juicy.

Sobs started coming out of his mouth- umm ah rishi, how sexy you are… aah umm ohh baby.

Soon both of us were in the position of 69.
I asked her to lick the cock.
I started licking her pussy and she started sucking my cock like Kulfi.

I was fucking her pussy with my tongue.
It fell completely in no time and I drank all its water.

She got tired for a few moments but soon came in full swing and started sucking my dick.
I was still licking her pussy.

Sucking his cock was going to be mine in a short while, so I asked him – where should I put it?
He said – Leave it to my mom.

I got up and stuck the cock in the middle of her moms and started fucking her moms.
She was also suppressing her milk.

My cock became very hard and started stumbling in her mouth.
After few thrusts I fell and I dropped the whole material on her moms which she started licking by picking it up with her fingers.

For some time both of us kept lying naked like this.

In that time my cock was ready again.
Seeing the erect cock, Swati took it back in her mouth.
Now I was fingering her pussy.

She was saying- Baby, don’t torture now, put the cock inside and erase the itching of my pussy… Ah erase its fire!
I put her on the bed and started setting my dick on her pussy.

She was calling me with her legs open.
For a while, I kept rubbing the top of my cock on her pussy and started torturing her.

She got upset and started speaking – Baby, please fuck me… please fuck me!
On hearing this, I put my hard cock in his cave.

For once, she screamed in the joy of Indian college girl sex – sigh died… I am taking it so big for the first time man… do it comfortably na!
I understood from her point that she has eaten cocks earlier also.

But I kept on fucking him at that time without paying attention.
At the time of sex, her breasts were moving back and forth in front of me, which I used to bite or suck.

After ten minutes of sex, I asked her to come on top of me.
She came on top of me and started jumping.

She was tired in no time.
She had fallen three times till now.

Holding her waist, I started pushing and fucking her and the sound of Fuch Fuch started echoing in the room.
She fell down once more.

Now mine was about to happen too, I told her.
So she said – I want to drink your goods.

Without wasting time, I separated her and she started sucking my cock.

Within no time, I put my entire material in her mouth, which she drank completely. He didn’t let even a drop go.

She was very tired so fell asleep on me.
I closed my eyes too.

We both fell into a very deep sleep.

When I woke up, she had gone to take a bath.
Shortly after his arrival, I also took a bath.

It was fun all day long.
Now it was 6 in the evening.

Then she called her friend and took her on a conference call at her home and told her that she would not come home for 3 days. Her friend is alone in the house, so she will stay there.
Her friend also said – yes aunty, I have stopped it with myself.

His mother agreed, she too had no objection.

That day we both had sex four times and in those three days we had a blast.

We did not wear clothes for those three days.
When she went back to her home, her condition had worsened a bit.
Her pussy was swollen.

After that we both used to pass our time by having phone sex and sex chat, also video sex when we get a chance.
If they ever got a chance to meet, they used to rub each other and fuck.

So friends, how did you like the Indian college girl sex story, definitely tell and forgive me if there is any mistake.
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