Indian Sexy Girl Chudai Kahani

In Indian sexy girl chudai story, I amused the guest girl who came to my neighborhood. It was a very beautiful item. I went to my neighbor’s house and fucked her.

Hello my dear friends.

I am going to write my sex story for the first time, this is my true story.
Today I will tell you in Indian sexy girl chudai story that how I experienced the pleasure of pussy fucking for the first time.

My name is Sonu (changed). I am smart looking good looking. My height is five feet seven inches and my complexion is wheatish.

It happened when I started going to college.
I used to feel like having sex, but till that time I was single, so I had to work with my hands.

After a few days, a girl came to my neighborhood. She had come to stay at her relative’s place for a few days.

When I saw him, I kept on looking. What a wonderful figure.
The bulge of her nipples was clearly visible from above the tight suit. It was a wonderful raised ass and it was a very beautiful material.

Seeing her, even an old man’s penis would stand erect, she was such an item!
So I had just become young.

I had made up my mind that I have to fuck her pussy.

Now I started teasing him.
A week went by in seeing him like this.

One day his eyes collided with mine and from that day he also started looking at me.

Our eyes had just started meeting that he started laughing on seeing me.
I understood that now the pleasure of her pussy will be assured.

We both started looking at each other while walking on the terrace.
Sometimes she used to smile on seeing me.
But I was dumbfounded, so I could not say anything.

Few more days passed like this.
I still had to do manual labor every night.

One day when I came from college, I came to know that that girl had gone back to her home.
I am very sorry.

Was cheated on my erect cock. I kept getting pussy.
I was angry with myself that I could not say anything to him.

Like every night, that day too I fisted remembering her boobs and fell asleep.
Three days later when I came home from college, I saw that she was walking on the terrace.

Friends, I cannot tell that I am so happy what to say.
I thought she came back only for me.

Now, without taking much time, I asked him for the mobile number with a gesture.
He immediately wrote his number on a piece of paper and threw it towards me.

After some time I called her and talked to her, she told her name as Sapna (changed).
The conversation went on for some time.

I asked her – had she gone somewhere?
She laughed and said- Yes.

I said – where?
He told that his elder sister lives nearby, I had gone there.

I asked further – why are you laughing?
She said – nothing, just like that!

I said – don’t tell!
She said – You didn’t say anything to me, that’s why I left. Then when you asked me where had she gone, I laughed.

I said- Yes, you had not seen me for three days, so I had asked.
She proudly said – If I would have been visible, maybe you would not have asked?

I said – I was just about to talk to you.
She started taking mine, so she said – well, were about to talk?

I understood from her sarcasm that she is enjoying my innocence.

I said- yes, was about to talk too and…
She said – and… what else?

I said – I have started loving you, was about to say this.
She became happy and she also told me about her heart.

After this something else happened.
Hang up the phone after some time.

I went to eat food.
He got a call in the night. We kept talking here and there for a long time.

Then slowly we both started talking about sex.
I asked her for sex.

At first she did not say anything, then later she agreed.
After all her pussy was also waiting for my cock.

Then we both made a plan to meet late at night.
It was still some time before nightfall and I could not wait.

However, the time had come when I was about to meet him.
When I called her, she asked to wait for some time and come because till then her uncle and aunt were not asleep.

He called me as soon as his uncle and aunt were asleep.
She whispered and said – come.
On hearing this, my dick got erect that the maid is ready to fuck.

I started going inside his house.
As soon as I opened the door, she was standing in front of me.
I quickly grabbed her and took her in my arms and started kissing her. Started kissing him like crazy.

She also started supporting me.
The fire was burning equally in both the places.

Then I took off her shirt and started sucking the milk from the top of the bra, started biting.
He was in pain, but he was also having fun.

I separated her bra and started sucking her hard nipples.
As soon as I pressed her nipple in my lips and pulled it, her intoxicated sigh came out.

‘Ah ah… isss.’
One hand of mine was caressing her other nipple, the other hand was rubbing her pussy.

She was also pressing my cock with her hand.
I took off her salwar and started rubbing her pussy from the top of the panty.

She got hot, so I sat down and started licking her pussy from the top of the panty.
She started pressing my head in her pussy like crazy.

When I took out her panties, water was coming out of her pussy.
I made her lie on the ground and put my tongue in her pussy.

Sensual sounds started coming out of his mouth ‘Uh uh umm umm ah…’

I stood up and asked her to suck cock, she quickly agreed and sitting herself started sucking my cock like a hungry whore.

I was having so much fun standing and sucking cock from him as if I was sucking cock from the angel of heaven.
My cock had become very tight.

She was also ready to fuck after seeing the hardness of my cock.
Pointing, he asked to put the cock in the pussy.

I made her lie down and made a position and immediately pushed the cock in her pussy.

She started shouting and asked to do it slowly.
Then I slowly started moving the cock back and forth and erotic sounds started coming out of his mouth.

Her sensuous voices were increasing my excitement.
Then I increased my speed and started fucking Indian sexy girl fast.

Chudai music started echoing in the whole room.
She was shouting with her legs raised in the air – ah fuck me harder my love… ah tear my pussy… ah more loudly!

I was having a lot of fun.
Then we both fell down.

The slag of my cock entered her pussy and I lay down on her.
After some time we both got dressed and I went to my house.

Went to college the next day.
Could not talk to him in the morning.

When I came in the evening and I called her, she told that today she is going back to her home.

I felt very strange because today I wanted to fuck her again.

I asked her – when will you come now?
He told that after a couple of months.

I said – oh shit!
He said – why what happened?

I said – today I wanted to fuck you again.
He laughed and said – whatever you want to do now, come to my house and do it.

She used to live forty kilometers away from my house.
I said – ok.

She said – Now I will go home and talk.
Then she left.

Had a little talk with him in the night and I again had to work with my own hands.
After four days I told him about going to his house, then he asked to come at night.

I got ready too.
On the second day at six in the evening I went to meet him at his house. I was also feeling some unknown fear.

I took a bottle of beer from a wine shop on the way and started drinking it.
I was obsessed with fucking her.

When I reached his village at 7 o’clock, I was feeling cold.

When I called him, he told me the way home and asked him to come at ten o’clock.
There was only one hour left.

I again went to a wine shop and took a can of beer and started drinking.
Now it was ten o’clock.

He got a call – I am standing outside the house, come.
I left there and reached his house.

I put my car a little ahead and went inside. I had just gone to his room when there was a sound.
I was a little scared, but she went and came back after doing everything right.

He came inside and closed the door.
Then I took her in my arms and started kissing her.

I took off all her clothes and started kissing her, started drinking her milk and caressing her pussy.
After some time he started licking her pussy like crazy. She also took pleasure in licking her pussy.

Then took off my clothes and started sucking my cock.
I was having a lot of fun.

I told her to lie down and sitting between her legs started moving my cock in her pussy.
She was getting very restless. A very intoxicating sound was coming from his mouth.

Without taking much time, I put the cock in the pussy and started pushing hard.
Now I was drinking one of her milk in my mouth and biting the nipple.

It was a lot of fun to fuck him while sucking milk.
Then I increased my speed and started fucking hard.

There were sounds of ah ah… uuu… um umm and splash and splash in the whole room.
After ten minutes we both fell together.

I fucked her thrice that night.

Then I left for my house at four o’clock and came home at five in the morning.

Friends, this was the first fuck of my life, which I have put in front of you. Everything written in it is true.
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