Invisible sex joy of the scientist Part-3 Sex Story


By Aruna

Robert the scientist, invented a medicine to hide his appearance. Using that, he matted with many girls continuously.

I’m Aruna your sex story writer. Let me give the first two parts of the story in short and sweet way.
Robert an orphan boy was brought up and educated by a church. The nuns in the church seduced him and guided to fuck them often. This made him to be a womanizer. Later he became a scientist and invented many medicines. One such medicine made him invisible. Using that he seduced and matted with girls one by one. His first victim was Stella.
Part -2
After that he tried another lady by name Anna.
She was married with an army officer but left Anna on the next day itself to join in his duty urgently.
Robert made use of that and matted with Anna acting like her hubby. But told her the truth and made her to mate with him again and again.
Now let’s go to Part -3
Just in a week Robert and his cock started searching for new pussies. Yes, he wanted to mate with different different girls. Now he targeted a beauty parlor.
” Ultra modern beauty parlor” was very famous in the city. But that was only for ladies. Not even a single male was admitted either as customer or as servant.
Rosy and Monisha were the partners and founders of it. The parlor was getting more and more famous the lesbian work, that was secretly taking place. Oil massage was the major treatment of the parlor. Vibrators were applied and the women of all ages were satisfied to the most.
One day morning at about 9 am Rosy and Monisha were talking like this.

Moni : Oh ! Now a days it’s very much boring in seeing the faces of the ladies only.

Rosy : Ya ! Exactly for me too.

Moni : My entire body, especially my boobs and pussy are begging to be treated by a man.

Rosy : What could we do? Our rules are prohibiting even a boy to enter.

Moni : I am badly Inneed of at least a single touch
or hug from a man.

Rosy : Shall we admit a teen age boy to deliver coffee and juice for the customers and make use of him.

Moni : No and never. Our customers strongly believe that the secrets of them are kept up with us.

Rosy : Then what to do?

At that time, Our scientist Robert talked with them like this.

Robert: Shall I help you solving your problem?

Both turned around their heads all around and found none. Then Robert touched each by his each hand and confirmed his invisible presence.

Robert : I am a scientist. By my medicine, I have made myself invisible. Secretly I can fuck you and fulfill your desire.

Both in one voice : How can we believe that?

Robert.: Is there any massage treatment is going on? Take me to that place and just see the rest of the things that to be done by me.

Both took Robert to a room where the massage work was going on. Moni silently moved her hand and made the lady worker to be away from there.
Then Robert in his mimicry voice talked with the customer ( by name Christy) ,” Mam! Oil massage is completed. Do you want me to apply. Mam! This is a small information for you. This vibrator is recently imported from Thaivan. The speciality is like being fucked by a human male. To enjoy and enrich the real pleasure, I would tie your eyes with a cloth. In final , please give me your feedback.”
Robert tied her eyes and started his super work.
At first, ( as usual) he started kissing and licking on her whole body. He bit her boobs, pinched and sucked the nipples. Then he started kissing and biting her thighs. Slowly he admitted his tongue well inside her pussy and rotated. Her clitoris was also wiped up and down.
Then he slowly inserted his penis and started fucking her. Like taking Dhandal he kept his body in his fours and matted with Christy nicely. He went on biting and sucking her nipples. Actually Christy was a very clever lady. So she could easily differentiate the chemistry of the guy from that of a girl. So she asked,” Are you really a guy?”
But Robert in the lady voice confirmed that she was only a girl. As the pleasure she was earning was the extremely enjoyable one, she didn’t want to lose that. After some 20 minutes both had their orgasms.
Then Robert asked Christy to turn her body upside down. He arranged two pillows just below her abdomen and started fucking her. Having applied some oil on his penis, he pushed it inside her asshole. Like a lightning, he alternatively fucked in the pussy as well as in the asshole.
That was a very different one for Christy. So she started moaning like this,” Oh my God! Oh my God! Is this real? What a magic this one is! Please don’t stop. Don’t stop under any circumstance. I like this. I love this. beautiful…fuck me..
Am I in earth or in heaven? How can explain my pleasure…oh..oh..mmmyyy…God!” and all.
That also went on for about half an hour. After that the servant maid was called back and the cloth was removed. Christy saw the girl standing beside, having a vibrator in her hand. Christy pulled her towards her and kissed on her cheeks.
The girl could’nt understand anything.
Christy gave double time the charges than the usual one. Christy thanked both Rosy and Moni.
She left the place saying,” I would come every day to enjoy this lovely joy. I would recommend my friends of the ladies club also to make use of this”.
Actually I wanted to write how Robert enjoyed with Rosy and Monisha also. But as itself is little bit longer, I wish to close this here itself.
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Let’s meet in the next story Until then bye bye.

By Aruna

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