James McDonald, One Of The Point 02 Percenters (Part 1) Sex Story

#Abuse #Incest

By Helen Brooks.

How a young innocent man,lost his virginity and learned to enjoy making women suffer in the bedroom.

James McDonald was born over a hundred years ago, by the time he was sixteen he was one of the point zero two males on the planet with a cock over nine inches long, and the circumference of his “thing” had almost the same dimension

His Father David was the head games keeper on the Earl of Kyrel’s Estate and a good man he was to, that was until after he had his evening meal, when he would then walk to the local village pub to drink his fill, fight with anyone that decided to disagree with him over anything before stumbling home he would return to find his wife Elizabeth and his own sister Anne waiting in the parlor to see what he had in mind for them that evening.

Some nights the drunk gamekeeper fucked his wife , it wasn’t making love , it was a fuck and nothing more, and he didn’t care if she enjoyed it or not, as long as he shot his load either in her belly or down her throat. Occasionally if he was more sober than usual he would have both Elizabeth and Anne naked in his bed . He saw nothing wrong with fucking his own flesh and blood, after all he was supporting her, feeding her ,clothing her and giving her somewhere to live , he could not think of anything else she was any good for other than sucking his cock and getting him hard to fuck his wife , or if his wife had rags in her underwear then she his wife would suck his cock and he would fuck his sister.
Other times he would sit in the chair and watch the two women make love to each other. Neither of the women ever complained, they remembered very vividly the first time he told them to get between each others spread legs , they objected then stood in fear as he removed his leather belt it took almost three weeks for the bruises on their backs, butts and legs to disappear ,they never refused him anything after that night.

James at the age of nine was sent away to boarding school to be a companion for the Earl of Kyral’s son Richard, and the boys were going on 16 years old and both apprenticed to a law firm in the city when they finally arrived home for good ,not just for a weeks holiday at Christmas and a few weeks in the Summer ,like they had done ever since they first went away. The Great War had been raging for almost a year, Richards Father the Earl had been called up to take up his former position as a Colonel in the West Sussex Regiment . He had in turn taken James’s Father and over half of the estates staff with him when he reported to Abbots Langley Army Base, and six weeks later he and his men found themselves on the way to Europe to fight on the Western Front.

Jame’s Mother Elizabeth received two letters from her husband once he was in France ,then the letters stopped and Jame’s Father was never heard of or seen again . His wife Elizabeth convinced herself that her husband was well and living , hiding out in s some French woman’s house and would return after the war, but once the was over on the Eleventh hour of the Eleventh Day of the Eleventh Month it soon became obvious that David, Father of James was among the one and a half million British soldiers either killed or missing, presumed dead from the five months fighting in France. With so many men being called up the need for young boys to work on the land producing food for the country gave James and Richard immediate employment,although not in the field they had both hoped to study after leaving school.

After a weekend at home James reported to the Earls house and was assigned with several other older boys and girls from the local school to plant winter vegetables in a part of the Earls estate that had been beautiful parkland up until two weeks ago and had now been plowed and transformed into a five acre vegetable garden. It was a sunny early evening when James slowly made his way home from his first day in the field, every bone in his body ached. He walked in to the yard where the water pump was, his Mother had left soap and a towel by the pump, the cool water made his sunburned body shiver. James was standing naked in the yard washing the days dirt from his body when his Fathers Sister Anne walked unannounced around the corner. She stood looking at his naked body, embarrassed he looked at her and sheepishly said can I help you ? ” My my” Anne said coming close towards him, ” what HHAAVVEEE we got here” ? . Her hand went towards his cock and she grabbed it. She felt it twitch and she laughed . ” I have not seen this before ” she said holding it tight and feeling it getting hard, ‘
“since you were a little boy ,you not a little boy now” she said laughing as she let him go and ran into the house.

James finished looked at his dirty clothes and decided he would just wear a towel into the house. As he opened the back door he saw his Mother and his Aunt sitting at the kitchen table, an almost empty bottle of gin o the table between them. ” How are you James” said his Mother secretly admiring her son’s upper body . ” I hurt everywhere” he said softly , ” I hope this war is over quickly so I can get on with my life and my career ,I don’t think I will ever be able to eat another winter cabbage as long as I live” he said laughing. ” Do you want a drink” his aunt said waving the bottle at him. ” No thank you he said, I am not a drinker. ” What are you then” said his aunt teasing him ? She got up glass in her hand and stood in front of him, raising the glass to his lips she said ” it will relax your muscles make you feel better” , he had no choice but to swallow some. Sputtering he said ” you enjoy drinking that stuff ,it tastes awful,” and his Mother and Aunt laughed. ” It will put more hairs on your chest” his Mother said laughing
Elizabeth looked at her son and said ” come here “. He went over to where she was sitting, “your Aunt tells me your a big boy now” she said her speech slurring thanks to the gin. His Mother put her hands on his towel and opened it, looking at her sons semi hard cock she let the towel drop to the floor and pretended to scream in fear as if she had seen a giant spider . James stood there his face burning with embarrassment, his semi hard cock sprang into life in front of her eyes, his Aunt Anne came up behind him putting her hands around his waist she gently took hold of his cock and started to rub it.” Have you ever fucked a woman “she whispered softly in his ear ? He shook his head no and the two women giggled . ” Have you ever had your cock sucked by a girl” she whispered giggling in his ear , ” no ” he tried to say but he had trouble getting the words out due to the excitement he had raging through his body as his aunt rubbed his cock a little quicker and harder.

” Would you like to have your cock sucked ” his Aunt said laughing ? ” Yes “James shouted out loud as his Aunt pulled the foreskin of his cock back , his Mother and Aunt burst out laughing again. Pulling him backwards James watched as his Mother slowly dropped to her knees from the chair she was sitting in. He closed his eyes and started to say ” NO, NO, your my Mother this is wrong ” slightly struggling against his Aunt holding his cock. “James” said his Mother, ” I am doing this because I love you and I want to be the one that makes you a man ,think of me as Elizabeth and not your Mother , don’t call me Mother she said looking up at him, never call me Mother when I am pleasuring you ,I am Elizabeth like your Aunt is no longer Aunt Anne ,just Anne, you need to take your Fathers place looking after us until he returns ,do you understand ” ?

James opened his eyes and looked into his Mothers eyes, she smiled at him ” do you understand” she said again, ” it’s your job to look after us ” and she smiled at him before opening her mouth as wide as she could she slowly lent forward putting the huge head of her sons cock into her mouth . His Aunt Anne said ” fuck her mouth James ,fuck her like she was a street whore , go on hold her head and fuck your whores mouth ,choke her with your big co “, she never finished the sentence, James grabbed his Mothers hair and forced his cock deep into the back of her mouth as he began to push violently backwards and forwards , and it wasn’t long before he shouted “suck it suck it “and as his Mother tried to pull her sons hands from her hair, he began to empty his pearly shower into her mouth. Somewhere in the distance he could hear his Mother making chocking noises as she pushed her fingernails into his hands trying to get away from several more huge loads he pumped into her mouth. Finally his Aunt realized what was happening to her sister -in-law and pulled him backwards his cock came out of his Mothers mouth letting the poor chocking woman finally swallow his load and allowing her to breath again. Slowly his Mother fell forward and laid on her side at his feet gasping for air and laughing at the same time.

Anne turned him around and took hold of his cock, she was licking the remaining pearls from it as his cock slowly began to get more flaccid. Pulling away from his Aunt James went and picked up his clothes and the towel, he felt confused, what his Mother did he liked, but something was screaming in his head that what he had done was wrong.

Laying on his bed with the towel over his lower body he was staring at the ceiling when his Mother came in to his bedroom. She knelt down by his bed and said ” your dinner is ready”. “Mother “he said slowly,” is what we did wrong” ? His Mother giggled, “did you enjoy it” she asked him. “Yes” he said feeling his cock twitch under the towel. “Your Father would be proud of you, he used to like it when me and Anne accompanied him to bed”. “Did he do things to you and his sister”,James asked . His Mother got up and climbed onto the bed, she kissed her son on the lips, ” Anne wants you to mount her, how would you feel about doing that ” ?
James laughed out loud , ” I have never done that ” he said looking at her, he felt her hand go to his cock, and she laughed when it jumped. ” You know I used to think your Father was big down here” she said waving his cock about and laughing, ” but James your huge, didn’t the boys at school ever say anything when you were in the baths after football or exercising ” ? ” They”, and he stopped,” they used to call me donkey dick ” he said feeling stupid telling his Mother what they called him at school. His Mother burst out laughing, ” you don’t know how lucky you are young man “she said ,” your one in a million to have a cock that big, there is going to be a young lady or two begging for mercy when that thing goes in them.”
James dick jumped to attention in his Mothers hand,she laughed and said ” so that excites you, the thought of having a woman under you begging for mercy while your cock stretches her cunt.”? James threw the towel off his body, he rolled over onto the top of his Mother, ” would you like to feel my cock in your cunny ” he said pushing his body forward his cock trying to find the entrance to his Mothers cunt ?She put her hand down and grabbed his cock , putting the head of it against her cunt lips she felt her son push and she let out a little cry, ” aahhh, aahhhhh, go easy be gentle ” she said ,she was trying to turn sideways why she didn’t know, but her son gave a big push and sank his cock deep into her cuntcausing her to scream out in pain, “Oh God, Oh God she cried, and with that her sister in law A came into the bedroom.
What the fuck are you doing she screamed it’s my turn ,it’s my turn, James get off her now she said screaming at her nephew. James stopped pushing it into his Mother,he felt Susan trying to push him off his Mother.so he rolled off her laying on his back laughing and wondering what the fucking hell he had got himself into. Stop fucking screaming shouted Elizabeth at Susan, shut up the pair of you or I will whip your asses both of you shouted James above the din or the arguing women. The room went quiet, and James slowly stood up . I want my dinner, he said ,pulling on his nightshirt he went into the kitchen looking for his food.

By Helen Brooks.
#Abuse #Incest

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