Joy in Misery Sex Story

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By Jim Bob

I was in a terrible car accident at 13. I had to get a hip replacement. I was recuperating at home. I lived in a recliner for a couple weeks. Sleeping in it because it was more comfortable than sleeping in bed. The bed was painful for me after my surgery.

My faithful minion/stepsister, Amy, who was 10, tended to my needs along with my stepmom and dad. Amy adored me so she didn’t care doing stuff for her boyfriend/stepbrother. She always wanted to hang out with me.

It was night and everyone had gone to bed. I decided it would be a good time to rub one off. Get a little cardio in while I sit here recovering. I dreamed of some hot babe sucking on my cock. My hand caressing her soft pussy hairs. My finger sliding between her lips and my fingers caressing her clitoris. I was 13 but watched and read a lot of porn online. I stroked my cock hard. I felt my orgasm coming on as I stroked it harder. My facial muscles clenched as I was stroking hard as I my cum shot towards the ceiling. I heard a loud gasp.

I covered up quick. “Karen? Is that you?”, I asked.

Karen my stepmom did not answer. Amy said, “It’s me.”

“What the fuck are you doing? Spying on me like this? This is private stuff!”, I whispered angrily to her.

She ignored everything I said. She was more interested in what I hid underneath the covers. She came to my chair. “Amy go back to bed!”, I whispered. She giggled and began to reach under the covers. “AMY! NO!”, I said angrily. I shifted and yelled in excruciating pain. I put my junk away as the excruciating pain grasped my hip. “Aw fucking hell!”, I yelled.

Karen and dad quickly came out. Amy ducked behind the couch and got behind my parents making it look like she just walked into the room.

I made up a story that I had shifted the wrong way in my sleep. Karen gave me some ice packs and stayed with me until the pain subsided. They all went back to bed. Amy came out a half hour later and carefully climbed into the recliner with me on my good side. She apologized and kissed my cheek. I put head against hers and messed up her hair with my hand. She rested her head on my chest.

“Why are you being bad?”, I whispered.

She giggled. “I am not!”, she whispered back and giggled burying her head deeper into my chest.

“Can I see it?”, she asked. I reminded her that she did. “Yeah but I did not get to touch it.”

“You are being bad!”, I said, “Maybe when I get well, Ok?”

She giggled and shook her head. “I can touch there and run away and you cannot do anything about it!”

“Yes I can. Because one day I will get well and then I will catch you and beat your ass.”, I said.

She laughed. “Oh please you ain’t beating my ass! You adore me!”, she said

I reached down her pants and grabbed her soft ass cheeks and squeezed as hard as I could. She put her head back onto my chest and beat my shoulder lightly.

“…wow…ow! Ah…that side is sore cutie!”, I said. My middle finger slid between her legs and caressed her slit. Her face cringed and legs tightened at first then she let me do it. I kissed her forehead as my fingers became moist with her juices. She rubbed her head on my chest and shoulder as her lower body rocked in motion to my rubbing her pussy.

I pulled down my sweats with my free hand and let her play my dick to her excitement. Her fingers were feeling it up and squeezing the mushroom.

She suddenly sat up straight. Her eyes about popped out of her head and her mouth dropped open as my thumb entered her moist little hole. My index finger was rubbing her slit. She just sat there like that. Sort of dazed. Her mouth closing in rhythm with my thumb sliding in and out of her. After a minute or two of this her hips closed and released. She made a face as her she did this again. She made a high pitched moan as her legs locked around my hand. Her shoulders twisted and she held that position for a few seconds as her orgasm peaked. When she finished her body relaxed. She was all smiles in the moonlight living room. She put her head on my shoulder and began to kiss my neck. Playing with my dick in her hands. I was tired from the pain killers and said I wanted to sleep. She snuggled up into a comfortable position on my side. Lying with her head on my chest and playing with her new toy. I caressed her beautiful red hair until she went to sleep. I covered us both up.

“Oh geez!”, my dad said, “You two are supposed to be brother and sister!”, my dad joked as he found Amy dead asleep on my chest. She woke up and kissed my cheek and said nothing as she sleepily walked to her room. “She adores you. Why? No clue, but she does.”, he joked. “We are going to go shopping later. Anything you need? We will leave your shadow here to keep you company.”, he said.

Well well! The morning is looking exciting. Amy and I can have a little fun while they are gone.

When they left Amy came to me and was begging for it. “Suck my dick first.”, I said

“What put that in my mouth? Uh no that is gross!”, she said. I pulled up videos on my phone of girls sucking dick.

“Watch this with me please.”, I said

She watched it and said in a sarcastic tone, “Wow! Cool! Well ok then. That is still nasty and gross!”

I spanked her butt and reached in and squeezed her ass cheeks hard. “Come on. Do like you did last night.”, she said excitedly. She kissed my face and rested her head on my chest. I shook my head. I pointed to my cock.

She shook her head. “I ain’t doing that! I will puke! Plus that stuff comes out of there. I don’t want that in my mouth! One of my teacher’s friends died that way.”, she lied and said.

I laughed at her. “No one ever died from sucking dick! Liar!”, I said, “Just lick it once then. I am not doing anything else to you until you lick it.”

She got all huffy. She grabbed and studied it and licked the head. She closed her eyes like it was going to be disgusting. She licked it again and again. Then she put the head in her mouth. Doing like what she saw in the video and I gave her pointers on what felt good.

I pulled her shorts down and looked at her beautiful slit. I just looked at it and admired it. I touched it. “Come on do like you did yesterday!”, she said impatiently. I pushed her head down on my dick and told her “shaddup!”, in a playful way. She bit my dick. “Ok ok ok! Sorry sorry sorry!”, I said. She giggled.

I slid my thumb in her and rubbed her clit. She moaned with a mouthful of dick. Her tight little tunnel clamped around my thumb as I slid it in and out. I rubbed her clit as she bobbed on my cock.

For something “gross” and “nasty” she was getting into it. Her head bobbing up and down on my dick and licking the head like a lollipop.

She was moaning softly was I fingered her. Her moans growing louder as she said, “mmmmm!” She sucked my cock hard as her orgasm peaked. She let out a high pitched moan as my head went back. “Aw aw fucking hell! Aw fuck! Fuck! Amy!”, as my cock shot off into her mouth. At the same her body seized as her muscles clamped as her orgasm peaked. She gently rested her head onto my stomach. Cum drooling from her mouth. She swallowed what was in her mouth. She rested for a minute and moved her head to my chest and rubbed my belly.

“Not bad!”, she said, “Not as nasty as I thought it would be.”

She went and showered and came back and cuddled with me. We watched tv in each others arms. I got aroused thinking of what my recovery will bring. She looked at me and could tell what I was thinking. “You are naughty!”, she laughed as she tapped my face. “Maybe this will speed up your recovery?”

By Jim Bob
#PreTeen #Teen #Virgin

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