Kamasutra lesson with cousin sister

Cousin Bahan Ke Sath Kamsutra Ka Path Padha

hi friends my name is aarush this is my second story first let me tell about myself my age is 22 years old and i am from madhya pradesh my penis size is 7 inch i am writing my story in hindi so that more people can understand This incident happened 2 months ago, my sister’s age is 21 years, her name is Geet, she is my uncle’s girl, in appearance she is a complete item, just like a prostitute, killer figure, look at the ass, it seems that you can hit it with one blow, and your mouth is in the hole. Insert lick milk was also very sexy overall she is a sex bomb she studies in bangalore she had semester break that’s why she came home I was seeing her after about 6 months she had become a complete item. Cousin Bahan Ke Sath Kamsutra Ka Path Padha.

I was very happy to see her, she was also very happy to see me and came and started hugging me, even without wanting to, I felt her soft milk, I had no ill feelings for her, we both were quite frank and Due to age, they were also very close. One day I was sitting in my room chatting on the phone. “Path of Kamsutra”

Meanwhile, she came and sat on another chair, we both started talking here and there, both of us were sitting side by side, then I thought of teasing her, then I started tickling her behind the ear with a peacock feather, she was very upset. I was having a lot of fun seeing her like this, but slowly she started enjoying it, it seemed from her face that she was enjoying it a lot, she was sticking more to the feather.

I had absolutely no idea that teasing girls at that place makes girls hot. When I removed the wings, she opened her eyes and winked at me. I gave her a smile. There were 3 rooms in the house, one of my parents, one of mine and one of my real sister Mann’s room, that song stayed in Mann’s room, each room had an attached toilet and bathroom.
By God’s mercy, the toilet in my room started leaking that night and the room was filled with water, then my mother said that I should sleep in the room of my mind, as if my luck had opened, listening to this, the song also made me smile. We had finished eating around 10 pm and after watching TV for some time went to sleep on the bed I slept in one corner with my mind in the middle and song on the other side I was very happy that today Surely something will happen till around 1 in the night I pretended to sleep, at one o’clock I checked my mind whether she is in deep sleep or not, she was sleeping very soundly, then I woke up and went to the side of the song. “Path of Kamsutra”

Her eyes were closed she was looking very beautiful so I started teasing her from behind her ear first I was tickling behind her ear with finger but she had no reaction so I thought she is sleeping then I He started licking her ears and her back part with his tongue, she shook a little, I understood that she is awake, so without delay, I put my lips on her lips, I was sucking her lips.

She didn’t know how to kiss that’s why she was doing what I was doing. Started hitting on the tongue, then I took his tongue in my mouth and started sucking him, I had never done such a French kiss in my life. “Path of Kamsutra”

Then she opened her eyes and looked at me and said I love you Aarush I also smiled and started kissing her while kissing I was also pressing her boobs they were very big she was wearing a chain top so I opened her chain There was not much light in the room, that’s why I could not see much clearly, but her nipples were hard, I immediately attacked her boobs and started sucking them. was exploring.

We were engrossed in our raas leela that my sister mind took a turn, as soon as she took a turn, both of our ass burst, I immediately ran to my side and started pretending to sleep, as soon as I reached my side, 5 minutes After that I got up and went to the bathroom.

When I looked at Geet, she started laughing. Our servant told that everyone is going to Shirdi, I was a little disappointed that now I will not get a chance to sing the song, the song was also feeling a bit sad, we all got ready to leave as soon as we were leaving the house. Geet’s foot slipped from the stairs.

And she fell from 2 stairs everyone ran towards her she hurt her leg everyone thought it right to refuse to go but Geet refused them Geet said why are you wasting your trip because of me I also got a chance But I got shocked and told my mother that I stop with the song, anyway she will leave after a few days, on this pretext I will spend time with her. “Path of Kamsutra”

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Everyone agreed and left us alone as soon as everyone left I closed the gate and gave Geet a smile, she also gave a return smile. Geet was not hurt much, just a slight sprain. I gave her an oil massage and she was fine. I went to the kitchen to keep the oil and when I came back Geet was standing facing the wall, I went and took her in my arms from behind.

And said in her ear you are looking very beautiful she blushed and said “true” I nodded yes then I started moving my lips on her neck the intoxication of her body was mesmerizing I started kissing on her neck I was mesmerized, I turned her towards me, her head was down, and closing my eyes, I raised her head and started kissing her lips.

Our kiss slowly turned into French kiss, first we were slowly enjoying the juice of each other’s lips, then sex fever overpowered us and we started kissing passionately, I had never enjoyed so much before in my life. Then my hands went towards her boobs, her boobs were very hard and I started pressing them, holding her nipples from the top of the top and started rubbing, she was taking sobs, I held her hand and put it on my zipper, that was my cock. She started rubbing and pressing on the top of the pant, I took off her top without delay. “Path of Kamsutra”
Her boobs were closed in front of me only inside a bra I was freaking out I started sucking her from the top of the bra I went to the kitchen and brought a water bottle and poured it over her boobs and started drinking them she lost in fun She was just taking off her panty, I took off her jeans and started pressing her pussy over the panty, she was completely wet, I took off her panty, what a pussy.

I bent down and smelled it, then kept licking it with the tip of my tongue and started licking her naval. She was doing oooo aaaaah. She was caressing the cock, then I picked up her panty and after pouring water in it started drinking her water, she was playing with my cock. “Path of Kamsutra”

Then I made her lay on the bed and let her suck my cock as soon as she took my cock in her mouth I went crazy her lips moving up and down on my cock still makes me masturbate we are in 69 position As soon as I started licking her pussy she got stiff and she left the juice, I licked all the juice, she was sucking my cock with great pleasure and was not leaving it.

Then I decided that first I will fuck her mouth and then her pussy then I held her head and shot hard and after 5-6 minutes I filled her mouth with my sperm she drank it completely then I gave her a tremendous We started foreplay again, now she started begging me to please put your cock in my pussy. I also listened to her plea and made her lie down, adjusted a pillow under her ass and spread her legs. “Path of Kamsutra”

I put my cock on her pussy hole and I started rubbing my cock around her hole, then she herself grabbed the cock and pushed it towards the pussy. She went out and started shouting that take it out I don’t want to take it out I started kissing her to calm her down and started pressing her boobs then she relaxed a bit I was slowly trying to put my cock inside but she It was not going, it seemed that someone had held the cock tightly in the fist. “Path of Kamsutra”

Then I locked her lips with lips and gave a hard push my whole cock went inside her tears came out and she was sobbing I started pressing and sucking her boobs in a while she calmed down and I slowly Cocks started inside out she was having some pain but now she was having fun too she started supporting me she put her feet on my waist and was pushing me more inside I was also fucking her very fast and After fucking for 15 minutes I asked to be the same mare.

Then I fucked her in mare’s pose, she was enjoying herself, sometimes shrinking her ass, sometimes looking at me with respect, she kept saying this whole time brother, I love you, fuck me and inside my brother, my brother and 30 minutes of sex. After that she loosened up and hugged me, I held her in my arms and filled her pussy with my water in the same position. “Path of Kamsutra”

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