Little Alice is a loving pedo girl 4 Sex Story

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By CuteCockSlut

Alice’s holes are used by multiple men and sink deeper being a willing luscious fuckdoll for grown men.

“Yes! Daddy! Harder……oh god, l love you so much daddy, keep fucking me….ohhhhh…..yes…….ahhhhh…..fuckkkkk…..l need you and Father’s cock in me….fuck your pretty doll as deep as you can……mmmmmm…..ohhhhhh Father….you are sooooooo goood to me, fuck your little sinful slut….fill me deep in the ass….oh daddy………”

We are in Father John’s house, in his living room. Since the first outing where l brought Alice, my personal young cumdoll into his church, confessed my sin on how l use her pussy to satisfy my lust, and ended up with both myself and Father fucking her tight juicy slut holes emptying our baby making cum deep in her pussy and ass multiple times, it has now turned into a regular thing where l need to “confess” and let Father John “cleanse” Alice at the altar inside the church, filling the sacred space with depraved wicked moans, delicious sexual juice, flesh against flesh pleading and wanting for never-ending release of pleasure.

Alice is riding my rock hard 9 inches cock coating it with her slut juice, while Father is deep in her ass giving her a proper raw fast fucking, moaning and calling her nasty names as she is begging for more from both of us. Her perky 34b firm tits jiggling with her pinkish brown nipples swollen from my mouth sucking, biting, and licking them to permanent aroused state. She is a beautiful little girl, only 12 years old yet so needy and crave having my cock inside her holes, and being super obedient and slutty. My left hand is gently squeezing her neck to heighten the sexual pleasure in her and my right hand is teasing her left nipple while l suck the other as Father and I plough into her holes in a rhythm, both of us close to pour thick hot cum in her but want her to cum like a bitch first.

“What a good girl, letting grown men use your holes and enjoy being filled with cocks. You are born for this. You are a wicked doll to tempt me into sin and you’ve succeeded. All little girls need to be like you, horny and wet, ready to be ploughed…..fuuuuuuccccckkkkkkkk!!! Your ass is so tight and it needs good hard fucking from me, you like my cock? TELL ME slut!!! What are you?”
“I am your little sex slave, here to serve you, Father……yessss…..l love your cock and how it makes me feel so good and fills me completely…..don’t stop, Father, I need to be punish by you, I need to be tamed daily with cocks…yours and daddy’s….”
“Yes, you are. Your daddy has told me how you were so compliant when he started playing with you, and how much you love being a whore for him as he fuck you with his pedo cock, and now you have two pedo cocks to fill both of your holes…..take it, my fucking bitch, so young and naughty…”

As the moaning and groaning gets louder and louder and l can feel Father’s cock deep in Alice’s ass as l fuck her pussy, hearing her saying words that should not come out of her young mouth, watching her face in with lust as she bites her bottom lips and wallowing in the luscious addictive sexual pleasure, I can last no more and filled her pussy full with my thick cum. As the cum poured into her womb the sensation tipped her over the edge and Alice started cumming and gushing her slut juice all over my cock, moaning deep and body shake with the waves of overwhelming pleasure. “Fuck……l need to cum too, take it all you fucking dirty bitch, young pedo loving bitch…yes……mmmmmm… much…FUUUUUUCCCCKKKKKKKKKK!!!” Father John also lose control and pour his perverted cum deep into her ass.

We are exhausted, having spent a good 3 hours fucking this preteen whore and nourished her holes with multiple loads of cum, she is lying on me trying to catch her breathe as Father pulls out from her ass, still hard, and aimed his cock to her face. She willingly open her mouth and let him stick it deep into her throat and began pumping in and out, his hands holding her head “Ohhhhh, yesss…that’s how it should be, young bitch like you need to clean my cock like this, look at you, good girl, such a good girl, yessss…..take it deep, ohhhhh……yes…..deeper…..yes… like it…..don’t you, look how hungry you are for my cock. God has given me a filthy fuckdoll and l intend to use you whenever l want…….I am close…..yes….yes…..Yessss….AHHHHHH…….!!!”
Father shoot his final load into her mouth and Alice swallowed it, licked her lips and said “Thank you, Father. I love your cum and l get to turned on by you face fucking me.” By this point l have no more energy to fuck her, I tell her we need to get ready to go home before her parents comes home. She obediently cleaned herself up in the bathroom. I told her we have a surprise for her at the weekend, she needs to be a good girl, no playing, and no fucking from Father and myself until the weekend. I know she will find it so hard as she is now addicted to having her pussy and ass filled daily but l want her to learn to wait. We said goodbye to Father, but not before he yanked her T-shirt up and sucked both tits until they are covered with his saliva, both nipples hard as bullet, that we can leave.

Wed to Fri flew past, tbh l found it difficult not being able to stick my cock into that tight wet willing young preteen pussy but l remind myself good things come to those who wait, finally Sat arrived. Alice’s parents are at work, and asked me to look after her as they will be back late. I went round to their flat, and saw my little doll have dressed up the way l want: a tight T-shirt clinging to her round perky breasts, a yellow short skirt with no underwear. I am hard but l stopped myself from wanting to use her then and there. We left the flat and she is excited, asking me where we are going and l told her it’s a secret. The journey took 40 mins by car and we arrived downtown outside a luxury residential block of flats, went to the top penthouse flat, just before we stepped out of the elevator, l blindfolded Alice and led her to the flat. The door opened and a man stood there, he smiled and nodded to me to come in. I walked in with Alice, and take her to the large corner sofa in the living area with floor to ceiling windows. Alice is nervous but excited, having no idea what is going to happen as l position her to sit on the corner edge.

The man come toward Alice, without a word, takes off his trousers and boxer shorts, straddle over her with his knees on the sofa, push her to lie down to the sofa and placed his large swollen cock head onto his lips. Little Alice, being a good girl, opened her mouth and let a stranger use her mouth pussy. The man’s face is full of lusty urge as he begin to fuck her pretty mouth, her pouty lips wrapped around his cock hungrily – she needs it, having not played as Daddy instructed means she is filled with insatiable craving and she doesn’t care she is blindfolded and have no idea whose cock she is deep throating…..”Mmmmmmmmm…..god….l miss this mouth! Did you miss my cock?!? You filthy school whore?! I have been thinking about your mouth since I fucked it in the park……Ohhhhhh….shiiiiiitttttt…….you are so good at this, better than most grown women l fucked…..yes, that’s how deep l need you to take my cock in your throat…..”

Suddenly Alice’s blindfold has been removed and as she adjust her eyes she realised the cock she is pleasuring belongs to the man on the bus who finger fucked her and then used her mouth as a cumdump. He is staring at her with the sole aim to use her mouth as a pussy as he pump deep and hard into her, making her gag, and wet with saliva, with his balls resting on her chin – in and out, in and out, her mouth is filled completely with his thick hard cock.

I am watching Alice getting face fucked and l am rock hard, before l had the chance to take out my cock to wank, the doorbell rings. I go and open the door to welcome Father John, and the other neighbour Ian Bennett. I take them to the living area and Father John smiled: “Look at our young juicy cocksleeve, already filled with one cock. She is in heat, having had no cock since Wed until now”. Father takes off his clothes, his cock is raging hard. Ian is staring at the face fucking and can’t believe it’s real. I found out Ian share my lust for young girls after chatting, and seeing how his eyes light up when he talked about his desire but not having an outlet, l gave him the address and told him to come with Father John.

By the point, Alice has closed her eyes and is in a trance enjoying being fucked in the mouth and her fingers are stroking her pussy and clit while the man, his name is Mike, rapes her throat with no mercy, moaning and telling her she is the best child slut he has ever fucked, and then he sighed, pushed his thick cock DEEP in her, and flood her with hot cock juice….and she tried to swallow it all, yet some has leaked out of her mouth dripped down on her face. Mike pulls out and got off the sofa, introduced himself to Father and Ian, together we walked to the bar to get drinks, leaving our fuckdoll resting on the sofa.

“Gentlemen, I am Mike, and l know from Henry you all have a thing for young girls….well, l was lucky to come across that lewd girl when she was on the bus going to school, and sampled her mouth. Henry here called me and told me he would like to have a gangbang with us and her, and l agreed. So we will use and abuse her, and make sure all our needs are taken care of by her. Knowing her, she will milk all of us dry cos that is one insatiable girl there….”

Part 5 to follow

By CuteCockSlut
#Mature #PreTeen #Threesome

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