Little brothers friend Sex Story

#PreTeen #Teen #Virgin

This is purely fiction and I do not condone the behaviour done in this made up story

I had just come home from hanging out with my friends all day and when I got back my little brother’s friend (12-But she wasn’t your average 11-year-old she already had 34-D’s which caught my attention) was here to stay the night. My mom had left to go town so it was just us three in the house so we played a spicy food game. My little brother had chickened out and gone upstairs to play on his switch so it was just us two but I could tell she was almost ready to give up so that’s when I offered her some milk from the kitchen but instead I hid it and told her we had none left.
That’s when I asked her if she knew about sperm and I told her it could stop the spice she was experiencing, to my surprise she asked if I had any and where it was, so I told her I need to make it but it could take a while, so asked to leave the kitchen whilst I ‘make her cure’ and she did and I went at it.

After about a minute she came back in and asked how long it’ll take but mid-sentence she saw me with my cock in my hand and asked what I was doing- I explained that this is how guys make sperm and it will take a while to this she asked if she could help in any way and when she said this I knew I had perfectly manipulated the situation into making it her idea, I told her she could use her hand to do what I was doing and she promptly agreed (I think it was her first time seeing a dick) soon she said she was tired and the spice was getting worse so I said she could use her mouth as it would solve both problems- to this she was a bit hesitant but soon did so, and her mouth felt amazing around my shaft and she was using her tongue right on my tip to try to cool off the heat, I was so horny then I just gently groped her tits telling her it would help speed it up I then got them out and could see them in all there glory. I soon finished in her mouth and told her to keep it on her tongue and use it like mouthwash, she said it was a bit salty but she said it helped with the spice.

#PreTeen #Teen #Virgin

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