Live and let serve – 2 Sex Story

#Abuse #Gay #Rape #Teen

By Naughty Bard

Corey and Ed get to know each other a little better as Corey’s buddy, Josh, makes his first appearence.

“Come on, man! You gotta come to the party!” Corey was grabbing a clean t-shirt from his drawer.

“Nah, I don’t think so, but thanks!” Ed answered from his bed. They had both showered after that mutually satisfying blowjob session.

“Why not?” asked Corey while turning to the mirror and trying to give his messy hair some kind of a shape.

Ed looked uncomfortable. “Parties aren’t my thing…”

Corey turned his head and looked at him, frowning. “What the hell does that even mean, bro?”

Ed shrugged. “I don’t know, man. I never got invited to any when I was in high school.”

Corey now looked shocked. “You’ve never been to a party?”

Ed shrugged again but didn’t answer.

“Ok, bro…” Corey said now completely turning around “First: you had some pretty shitty friends in high school!”

Ed laughed a little

“Second: all the more reason for you to come! You don’t know what you’re missing!”

Ed still looked uncomfortable. “I don’t even have anything to wear…” he whined.

Corey raised an eyebrow. “Dude, look at me! Am I wearing a tux?”

Ed laughed again.

“We’re not going to prom, Princess, it’s just a P-A-R-T-Y!” Corey said, spelling out the last word and smiling friendly.

Ed rolled his eyes. “Alright, fine…” he got up from the bed and went to his closet. “We don’t even know anyone there…” he whined again putting on a pair of jeans.

“My buddy Josh will be there.” said Corey conversationally “You’ve met him…”

“Ok…” said Ed a little relieved.

“Yeah, but dude, the point of a college party is not to hang out with people you know.” Corey explained “It’s to meet new people…” he went on still fixing his hair “…chat with them… hook up with some random chick…” then he added looking at Ed “…or guy, in your case!”

‘Great!’ thought Ed ‘I’m gonna spend the evening watching the two of them hit on girls’.

Corey saw that Ed’s expression was somewhat less than enthusiastic so he walked towards him and went, “Dude, you just talked me into getting head from a guy… a GUY, Ed…” he emphasized “…saying that college is where we need to experiment…” he spread his arms to make a point “…so you’re coming to the party, end of discussion!” he said smiling.

Ed smiled too. “Yes sir!” he joked.

Corey laughed.” Hehe! Good! Now get dressed, c’mon!”

Ed was pleasantly confused to what that was. Why did Corey want him to go to that damn party with him, anyways? If it was some of the jocks from his old high school, he would have known they had planned some sort of practical joke to humiliate him. Ed had experienced it countless times, hence his slight resistance to the invitation. But Corey wasn’t like that. He seemed to be genuinely friendly even though he knew he was a cocksucker and had experienced first hand that lewd, filthy side of him. And as sad as that may sound, that was kind of a first for young Ed. He didn’t think that was gonna last though. Not once the straight guy understood he could get his dick sucked just by snapping his fingers and without needing to give anything in return, not even being friendly to the lowly fag.


They met Josh in front of the library building.

“Hey bro! What up!” the two boys bumped their fists.

“Hey, man!” Josh waved his hand to Ed.

“Hey, Josh!” Ed smiled back. He had met Corey’s friend a couple of times before. They were from the same town in Colorado and Corey had told him they had been very good buds in high school. The guy was a little shorter than Corey, probably 5’8”, and had jet black hair, hazel eyes and gentle features. He was slim and kind of athletic looking. All in all he was pretty damn hot, thought Ed.

They made their way through the campus, following google maps so as not to get lost. The famous party was supposed to be some sort of welcoming shindig for the freshmen at one of the frat houses and Corey was chomping at the bit to get there. “Man, it will be full of chicks, I can’t wait!”

“Yeah… wish I could say the same!” replied Josh.

“C’mon Romeo, you can flirt a little! She’s like a million miles away, she’ll never find out!” Corey said with a devilish expression.

“Yeah, but I’ll know.” said Josh resolutely.

Corey rolled his eyes. “Suit yourself!” he said then he smirked and added “But you better hope she’s just as devoted as you are! I hear they throw some mean orgy parties in Harvard!”

“Damn, bro! Put a sock in it, will ya?!” Josh said annoyed and Corey and Ed laughed. Josh had to laugh too, a little.

“Hahaha! I’m just messing with you, man! C’mon!” Corey put his arm around his buddy’s shoulder “At least you can get wasted!” he said.

Josh smiled back. “That’s the plan, bro! That’s the plan!”

It was about 10:30 when they got there and the party was already rolling. Lots of kids were chatting, laughing, drinking, messing around on the couches, on the stairs, in the kitchen, even in the bathrooms. The music was pretty loud yet you could still hold a conversation if you raised your voice a little. Being only eighteen, they were supposed to drink sodas but that wasn’t even an option. They made their way to the backyard where a few beer kegs were being assaulted by boys and girls alike. It took some time but they were finally holding their drinks when Corey turned to them with a big grin and went:

“Alright boys! Time to hit on some lovely ladies! Wish me luck!”

Ed and Josh both smiled at that.

“You mean time to get turned down by some lovely ladies!” Josh teased, half laughing.

Corey smiled and spread his arms. “You’ll be eating your words, my friend!” the three boys laughed.

“Get outta here!” said Josh laughing.

Corey laughed too: “Hehe! Later losers!” he joked and left.

“What a clown!” Josh said shaking his head amused and sipping on his beer.

“Yeah, but he’s a good guy…” replied Ed watching his roommate’s back.

“Yeah, he’s cool…” Josh had to admit. The two boys sipped on their drinks and looked around. They didn’t know anybody and it was kind of embarrassing standing there without doing anything.

“Dude…” said Josh after a few awkward moments “You don’t need to babysit me. If you wanna go chick hunting, go!”

Ed looked at him totally surprised. Then he smiled at him.

“Nah, I don’t do that, I’m a fag.” he said and watched the other boy raise his eyebrows for a second.

“Oh… well, guy hunting then!” Josh shrugged smiling.

“Haha! Thanks but I’m a little intimidated. This is not exactly my scene.” Ed explained.

Josh laughed. “Haha! Relax dude and keep drinking! You’ll feel loads better!”

“Hehe! Will do!” they smiled to each other.

“So…” said Ed then “Your girlfriend goes to Harvard? My cousin went there…”

The boys started chatting and Ed learned quite a few things about Josh. He was pretty easy going and Ed could understand why Corey liked hanging with him. Also, since he was definitely easy on the eye Ed kept getting a little distracted by those hazel eyes and pretty face. He was surprised to learn that Josh also had a secret, unsuspected nerdy side too. He was damn good with computers and was an amateur photographer. Ed also learned that things with his girlfriend Amy weren’t exactly peachy. Josh was actually a little annoyed that she wasn’t there with him. Or maybe more than a little. He was actually pissed. She was supposed to spend the weekend at Stanford but she had cancelled last minute because she said she had to study and now it was way too late for him to find an affordable flight to Boston. They talked for about half an hour walking in the backyard. Then they went inside and Josh excused himself to go to the restroom telling Ed they were gonna catch up later. Ed was left alone, surrounded by a million kids he didn’t know. He sighed and started exploring the frat house. As fate would have it, someone spilled beer on his shoulder and when he turned around, a pretty girl was smiling guiltily at him.

“I’m so sorry! I’m such a clutz!” she said to him.

Ed smiled politely. “Don’t worry! It’s no big deal!” said Ed and he was about to walk away but she introduced herself.

“I’m Jen!” she said.

“Ed…” the boy replied.

“Ed! I like that name!” Ed’s alarm went off. She was flirting “C’mon! Let’s dance!” she said grabbing his wrist and turning towards the improvised dance-floor.

“Wait! I…” but she wouldn’t hear it.

An hour later, Ed had made his first female friend ever. An hour after that he had made several more. He found out that when you tell a girl you’re gay you pretty much automatically become their best friend. He had seen that in movies of course but it had never really happened to him since going to an all boy school meant not having the chance of accessing the company of girls. The only way would have been to go to the parties his classmates threw but no such luck, he never seemed to make the cut. Besides, he was sure that somehow, before he could meet and befriend some of the girls at those parties, his reputation as a filthy cocksucker would have preceded him and automatically put him in the freaks-you-just-gotta-hate category. There were tons of videos showing how much he loved doing what he was doing, kneeling on the dirty floors of the boys’ restrooms and moaning hungrily so denying it was pretty much a waste of time. But he was not in New York now, nobody knew him there and Ed actually appreciated the chance of having a clean slate. It was nice spending time with people who don’t hate you. He hadn’t had much experience with that either.

“Oh, yeah! Yeah! Fuck me! Fuck me harder!” The moaning girl was clinging to Corey’s body with both her arms and legs and he was pounding her wet cunt with all he had. He was shaking his hips maniacally while kissing her on the neck and groping her plump tits. She smelled like beer and sweet perfume. That felt so damn good! College really was all that and a bag a friggin chips! He had met this girl downstairs like an hour before and there he was now fucking the shit out of her. He almost couldn’t believe it. She probably wasn’t gonna wanna see him again once she was sober. He knew girls didn’t exactly see him as boyfriend material in the light of day. But what mattered right now was the present. He was fucking her! Although surprising, he figured the girls must have been just as horny as the boys. This one totally was. Corey hoped all the others would follow her lead even though he highly doubted. But that was ok, Corey thought. He liked the chasing part as well. Besides he was pretty sure his fag roommate was more than willing to keep his balls pretty much constantly empty which didn’t suck one bit. He did though, and boy, was he good! Fucking a chick was something else of course but his deepthroating blowjobs were definitely the next best thing.

“Aaahhh, keep fucking me!” the girl screamed and Corey was happy to oblige.

It was well past one, when a lot of kids had already left and only the hardest party animals were still at it, most of them passed out somewhere, that Ed decided that it was time to look for Josh and Corey. After all, he had come to that party with them and it was natural to want to leave together. Ed explored the ground floor. He didn’t see them. He figured there was no point in checking the upper floors. If the boys had hooked up with some girls, he wasn’t gonna spoil their fun by walking in on them. So he went out in the front-yard. There were a bunch of wasted kids on the grass, laughing, crying, singing, barfing. But no trace of them. He then went to the backyard and was just about to leave, thinking they had probably split without him when he saw a guy in the far corner, leaning on a tree with his hand and taking a leak. Ed squinted his eyes a little. He was a little tipsy himself. The guy looked familiar. Could it be Josh? He got closer and realized it really was him. He waited a few seconds till the boy zipped up and turned around.

“Hey, Josh?”

The boy looked up and saw him. “Hey man!” He shouted even though Ed was ten feet away. He was completely wasted “I saw you daaaancing!!” He said trying out some dance moves that almost made him fall down on his ass.

Ed reached forward and sustained him “You dance gooooood, bro! Hahaha!”

Josh laughed drunkenly.

Ed laughed too. “Do I? Must be cause I’m a fag!” He said still close to Josh who wasn’t sober enough to stand.

The straight boy laughed at that. “Hahahaha! Yeah, faaaaag! Hahahaha!” He cackled “You like boooooys!!” He informed Ed, completely out of it.

Ed laughed. “That’s right, I do! Hehe!” He answered and Josh took a sip from his beer cup. Then he suddenly turned to Ed getting very close to his face with a pretty serious expression.

“Do you like me, Ed?” He slurred.

Ed could smell the alcohol in his breath. He smiled at him. “Yes, Josh, I do! I think you’re very hot!” Ed said nonchalantly. He never had problems admitting those things.

Josh smiled. “Yeah? I’m hot?” He repeated.

“Yeah, absolutely!” Ed confirmed.

Josh smiled again, then turned, raised his hands in the air and said in a loud voice to no one in particular, “You see?! Ed is a fag and he likes me!!” None of the other drunk kids even turned. Josh was about to lose balance again but Ed helped him. Josh leaned on him and said “Then why doesn’t that bitch like me?” His tone was somewhere between sad and angry. He drank again from his cup. Ed kept holding him. “She was s’posed to be here!” Josh slurred “And I was gonna fuck her, and fuck her and fuck her and fuck her…” he went on for a while pushing his hips forward like he was humping his girlfriend doggy-style.

Ed was about to say something when a voice said, “Who’d you fuck?!” It was Corey’s. He was walking towards them and from the looks of it he was just as wasted as his buddy “Did you fuck a chick tonight?” He slurred getting closer “I did! Twice! Hahahaha!”

“Naaaaahhh!” Josh vented in frustration “I wanna fuck my giiiiiirl!” He whined.

Corey laughed stupidly. “Hahahaha! You’re drunk! Hahahaha!”

“Yeeeeeah! I’m fucking drunk!” Josh shouted with a booming voice “And I got fucking blue balls!!” He added.

Corey cackled. Then having practically no inhibitions in that state he suggested, “Hahahaha! Ed can suck you off!” Then added “He’s a faggot, you know!?”

Josh frowned while taking another sip from his cup. Then he smiled drunkenly. “Yeah…” he said like it had just dawned on him “You’re right!! He’s a faggot!! Hehehe!!”

Ed felt like laughing too. He wasn’t as wasted as the both of them but he did feel quite cheerful. So he chuckled and agreed with them.

“Haha! Yeah! I’m a faggot! I can do that!”

The two others went, ‘Yeah!!’ Raising their half empty cups of beer.

Then Josh turned to him and said, “Well, suck my dick then, faggot!”

Ed dropped to his knees almost instantly and said, “Yes, Josh!”

The two straight boys giggled at that.

Corey mimicked his answer using a high pitched voice. “Yes Josh!” He repeated and cracked up with his buddy. Ed unbuttoned Josh’s jeans and lowered the waistband of his boxers. His soft cock came to view. He wasn’t hung like Corey. He was pretty big but not huge. He was cut and had a nice bush of straight black pubes. Ed didn’t waste any time. He opened his mouth and started sucking.

“Yeah! Suck it, fag!! Hahaha!!” Josh said and Corey joined in the laughter. Ed tasted piss on the cock-head. He liked that. The boy had showered but his crotch unmistakably smelled and tasted like dick. Musky, sweaty, wild… awesome. The boy looked up and saw Josh chugging the remains of his beer while he dutifully sucked on his meat. Some drops of his drink were trickling down and wetted Ed’s forehead. Then the straight boy burped loudly and Corey laughed again. Josh looked down and smirked at the cocksucker. Ed put his hands on Josh’s butt and started sucking way harder. He was going to give him the best head of his life.


Corey woke up with the smell of coffee. He opened his eyes and realized his head was killing him. He groaned before even understanding what he was looking at. The room was so bright. Someone was holding a cup of hot coffee under his nose. Corey blinked to make out who that was. Ed was smiling at him.

“Morning sunshine!” He said softly. Corey groaned again and tried to sit up. His neck hurt too but his priority was that splitting headache. He held his head in his hands.

“How are we feeling?” Ed said gently. Corey’s answer was a grunt.

“That good, huh?” Replied Ed.

“Josh!” Ed said after turning to the other figure in the room. Then, “Come on man, wake up! I got coffee!” Ed said still keeping his voice as soft as he possibly could. Corey frowned and turned on his left, taking his hands off his face. His buddy was soundly asleep on Ed’s bed. He was still wearing his clothes from the night before as Corey himself was. Why was he there? Corey tried to focus as he looked at Ed gently trying to wake up Josh. He remembered going to the party and pretty much hitting on every decent-looking girl there. He remembered hooking up with one of them. He could not for the life of him remember her name. Then everything became very fuzzy. He remembered bits and pieces that didn’t make any sense. And his head hurt so damn much. Josh slowly recovered his senses and Corey could tell his hangover was just as bad as his own.

“Kill me now…” grunted Josh as he was sitting up on Ed’s bed and putting his feet down on the floor.

“Here guys. Drink this.” Corey held out his hand and took a glass from Ed. He thought he was giving him coffee but the glass was cold.

“What is it?” Asked Josh.

“Hangover remedy.” replied Ed “I googled it!” he added seeing the dubious looks on the boys’ faces.

“What’s in it?” asked Corey. Ed made a face.

“You don’t wanna know. Just drink it.” he said. Josh made a disgusted face after tentatively smelling the greenish content of the glass.

“Can we just have coffee?” the boy whined.

“Sure can! Right after you drink that stuff. C’mon now, bottoms up!” Ed replied then added sympathetically “It’ll make you feel better, I promise!”

The two boys looked at each other before tasting the nasty looking concoction. It tasted like ass and they complained profusely before managing to drink it all. Then and only then, Ed handed them each a nice, hot cup of coffee.

“What happened last night? Why am I here?” asked Josh holding his cup in one hand and his aching head in the other. That was a very good question, thought Corey.

“What do you remember?” asked Ed.

“The party…” said Josh vaguely “Dancing, drinking…” the boy was trying to focus “…think I called Amy… we had a fight…” he paused for a few seconds “…that’s it, man… it’s all I got…” he said ruefully. Corey noticed Ed turning to him expectantly. Corey shrugged.

“I hooked up with a chick… that’s the last thing I can remember…” he said. Ed had an unreadable expression.

“I see.” he simply said.

“Why? What happened, man?” asked Corey. Ed smiled reassuringly at both of them.

“Nothing, really.” he said “I found you guys in the backyard. You were pretty wasted.” he told them “I didn’t know where your dorm was, Josh and you were not exactly helpful when I asked you…” he said.

“Mmmm… I’ll bet…” Josh groaned.

“So, anyways, I brought you both here.” Ed concluded.

“Thanks bro…” mumbled Corey “…we owe you…”

“Yeah man, thanks…” echoed Josh.

“Don’t be silly, it was nothing! What was I supposed to do? Leave you there?” Ed said with his usual accommodating tone. After a few seconds of silence Josh realized something.

“Wait a minute… this is your bed, isn’t it? Where did you sleep?” he asked looking at Ed who was standing between the two beds.

“On the floor.” he answered.

Josh made a pained expression. “Oh man… I feel so bad…” he mumbled guiltily.

Ed laughed softly. “Hehe! Don’t. I figured you needed that bed way more than I did!” he replied.

“Dude, you’re my hero…” Josh groaned.

“Hehe! Nah, I’m just a useful fag, is all!” Ed had used that exact same phrase with Corey a few days before and the boy was a little less phased by the liberal use of the word. Josh tried to laugh at the joke but had to stop almost right away, holding his head in pain.


Josh McKenna felt way better after a long, cold, reinvigorating shower. Since Corey and him had woken up almost at lunchtime, they had grabbed a quick bite with Ed at the cafeteria then he had gone for a long run, sweating like crazy and trying to clear his head. Then he had gotten back to his own dorm. Now he was slowly coming out of zombie mode which was a pretty nice development. He had even made up with his girlfriend over the phone after apologizing a few times for calling her a ‘stuck up bitch’ the night before. She promised she would visit him the following weekend and definitely make it up to him which had put young Josh in a much better mood.

“Hey man, do you remember where Denton’s office is?” his roommate, Jonathan, was about to leave.

“Uhmmm…” Josh frowned putting on a pair of clean shorts “Hang on, I got that whole student info thingy on my phone.” he grabbed his phone from his desk and browsed till he found the file he wanted “There, I emailed it to you.”

“Thanks man!” the other boy answered “Gotta run! See ya later!” and he was gone.

“Shit…” said Josh still looking at the screen ‘my phone is fucking slow again. I gotta get rid of a few pics!’ he thought and opened the gallery. He frowned. There were three short videos he could absolutely not remember taking. He checked the time. They had been shot right before 2 am the night before.

“What the hell?” Josh said loading up the first video. The framing was a bit fuzzy at the beginning. You could hear laughter and then his own face popped up on the screen illuminated by the camera flash.

“Hey bitch!” drunk Josh said “I’m at a frat party with Cor!!” the framing moved and Corey smiled at the camera. He appeared to be very close to Josh and right in front of him.

“What’s up biiiiiiitch!!” Corey said on screen.

“Oh man!” sober Josh said putting a hand up to his hair, embarrassed. Drunk Josh got back in the picture.

“You were supposed to be here!” he slurred “On your fucking knees! Sucking on my dick, you cunt!” Sober Josh cringed and made a pained expression.

“Oh, shit…” he said. Drunk Josh went on.

“Well guess what?!” he said really close to the camera “I found someone else to do the job for ya!!”

“What?” sober Josh said, now positively alarmed as the boys in the video laughed.

“Look!” his drunken self said and the camera moved down to show Ed, on his knees, with his dick in his mouth.

“What the fuck?!” sober Josh exclaimed horrified.

“This faggot here, loves slurping on my cock! Look at him!” drunk Josh said humping deliberately poor Ed’s face. The guy had Corey’s hands tightly gripping his hair and his crotch pushing the back of his head forward keeping him in place so he had absolutely nowhere to run. “And he’s sooooo much better that you ever will be, you frosty bitch!” Drunk Josh went on.

“Fuck yeah!” Drunk Corey said “He’s the cocksucking champ! Hahaha!” They both laughed as his dick was sliding in and out of the poor guy’s mouth. Sober Josh’s mouth was agape. He couldn’t believe his own eyes.

“Yeah, man!” His drunken self went on “Look! This little queer can take it all! Look!” And he suddenly started skull fucking the guy, going balls deep at every thrust while Corey was now pushing his hips rhythmically, shoving Ed’s face towards drunk Josh’s crotch, like his head was a fleshlight. Ed didn’t even try to escape. Not that he could with Corey’s grip on him. He kept staring at the camera with a pitiful expression on his face. “Fuck yeah! Look, you cunt! I’m fucking his fag throat now! Take fucking notes! That’s how I want my dick sucked! Hahaha!” Corey joined in the laughter and the video stopped suddenly.

Sober Josh swallowed hard.

“Jesus Christ, what have I done?” He said feeling awful. Those weren’t Corey and him. They couldn’t be! They must have been their evil twins or something. He was terrified to play the next video but he had to know what else had happened. So he clicked on it.

“Hahaha!” There was confused cackling “Gotta record this!” Drunk Josh said holding his phone inches from Ed’s face. His own now floppy dick was in the frame as well, right in front of the guy’s mouth which was smeared with what was unmistakably cum. His cum, probably. “What the fuck did you just say, fag?” Drunk Josh asked Ed.

“Thank you for your cum, Josh!” The guy said sending the straight boys into hysterics. Then the camera turned to drunk Josh again.

“D’you hear that?! This faggot swallowed my whole fucking load and then he fucking thanked me for my cum!” He yelled at the camera “That’s how you do it, you fucking Harvard bitch!” And they both started laughing again when the video stopped. Sober Josh felt disgusted with himself. His heart was racing. He played that last video with dread in his heart.

“Hahaha!” More stupid, drunken laughter. The picture showed Ed, still on his knees with his eyes closed and Corey holding his dick in front of his face.

“Here it comes, here it comes!” Cackled Corey and a stream of piss hit Ed right on his cum smeared lips.

“Woah!!! Hahahaha!!!” The two drunken morons yelled “Yeaaaahhh! Hahaha!” Ed didn’t move a muscle. He stayed there with his eyes closed as drunk Corey was pissing on his whole damn face. His eyes, his nose, his cheeks, his glasses. The piss was trickling down abundantly and drenching all of his clothes too. It was terrible to watch.

“Get his hair! Get his hair!” Drunk Josh suggested.

“Yeah! Hahaha!” Drunk Corey replied and lifted his dick enough to do so, cracking up in the process.

“Bow your head, bro! Let him wash your fag hair!” Said drunk Josh and Ed obeyed getting more laughters from them.

“Fuck yeah!” Said drunk Corey as he kept emptying his whole bladder on the poor guy. The stream slowly weakened and Corey shook the last drops of piss on his face cackling like a stupid hyena. Drunk Josh was laughing too then he got the camera close to poor Ed’s face and went:

“What do you say, fag?” Ed had his eyes shut but he opened his lips and answered.

“Thanks for your piss, Corey…” the two straight boys cracked up again and the video ended.

Josh was in shock. He had never felt so guilty in his whole goddamn life. He hated himself and the more he thought of Ed and the trouble he had gone to to take care of him and Corey the night before and even that morning, the sicker he felt to his stomach. He closed the gallery on his phone and in a sudden panic he quickly checked if he had sent any of those clips to Amy, since they were obviously addressed to her. Luckily he hadn’t. But that didn’t change a thing. He made a call.

“Hey what’s up, bro?” Corey’s voice answered on the other side.

“We need to talk. Alone.” Josh said with a dead voice.

“What’s going on?” His buddy asked a little worried.

“Not on the phone. Come over, my roommate will be out for a while.” He said then added urgently “Now Corey!”

“Ok, fine!” The other said a little resentfully “I’ll see you in ten!” And he hung up. Josh put down his phone and pressed his hands to his face.

“What have we done…” he mumbled.


Corey had watched the three videos almost speechless with a pained expression on his face, especially when he saw the third one. Then he turned to Josh and said, “Man, we fucked up…”

Josh raised his eyebrows impatiently. “Ya think?!” He said “Yes, genius! We fucked up alright!” He barked at his buddy.

“Hey don’t get mad, bro! I’m just as shocked as you are!” Corey said meekly.

Josh closed his eyes in frustration. “Why the hell did we act like that?” He said falling back on his bed.

Corey shrugged sorrowfully. “Who the fuck knows? I don’t remember shit about any of that!” He said.

“Me neither, not a thing…” Josh replied.

“We were so fucking drunk…” said Coreyl

Josh snapped at him. “Yeah, well that doesn’t fucking justify it!”

Corey raised his hands. “I know, I know! I was just saying!”

Josh didn’t reply for a few seconds. “He’s gonna get us expelled…” he said then added in a panicked voice “And what if he goes to the police?”

“Woah, woah! Slow down, bro! The police? What are you talking about?”

Josh sat up looking at his buddy with an angry expression. “Dude! I fucking face-raped him and you pissed on him!” He said “If someone did that to you wouldn’t you fucking report them?” He asked.

Corey tried to calm him down. “Dude, chill! I’m on your side here…” he said and Josh looked away without replying “Besides I’m the one who should be ashamed. I think you’re safe, I’m actually pretty sure sucking on your cock was Ed’s idea in the first place.”

Josh looked at him like he was from Mars. “Oh, yeah, it sure looks that way!” Josh snapped at him sarcastically.

“No, man! He’s a major cocksucker!” Corey tried to explain.

Josh had an expression of disbelief on his face. “Oh, that’s very mature Cor!” He said “Are you for fucking real right now?” He was livid.

Corey raised his hands again and went. “Dude, calm down and listen! He’s been drooling after me since we met and yesterday he talked me into letting him suck me off.” Corey said to an astonished Josh “Said he was born to suck cock and made me promise I’d let him do it again…” he continued “Said he wanted to be my personal cocksucker and he even thanked me for letting him swallow my cum, just like in that video!” He added “And then he begged me to let him lick my sweaty balls for a while!” Josh was speechless and Corey continued smiling slightly “And by the way, I know you don’t remember it but trust me, the guy is incredible! I’ve never had a blowjob like that! Not even close, man!” Josh got his wits back.

“Ok so, he loves to suck cock! Big deal!” He said “We acted like fucking animals, Cor! We fucking humiliated the shit outta him! I’d wanna kill myself if someone had done that to me!” he said, then added “After I destroyed their sorry lives!”

Corey sighed looking at his feet, embarrassed and ashamed. “I know… me too…” he said meekly. Then he sat on Josh’s bed “But why didn’t he say anything this morning? He even prepared that gross hangover thingy for us!”

“I dunno, bro! Must be a fucking saint or something.” Josh said helplessly. They fell silent for a few seconds. “Look, we need to talk to him…” Josh said then “…apologize big fucking time…” he added “…and BEG him not to report us!” He finished.

Corey nodded. “Yeah…” he said sadly.


Ed was walking back to his dorm. Visiting the library always put him in a good mood. There really weren’t that many students on a Saturday afternoon and it was nice and quiet. Well quieter than usual, which made it the perfect place to concentrate. Studying always felt good. He had also gotten a few texts from Jen and the other girls he had met the night before, at the party. They were gonna meet for coffee the morning after. Ed liked the prospect. It was new, uncharted territory but it was exciting. He enjoyed the company of people. It was nice.

He finally reached the building where his dorm was and ran up the stairs, happily humming a catchy jingle from a shampoo commercial. He wondered if Corey would be in the mood to get his awesome dick serviced again. Ed’s mouth couldn’t help watering at the thought. He also had to thank him for insisting he’d go to the party. It had been fun and different. Cool, even. He opened the door to his room and saw Corey on his bed and Josh sitting on his own. They looked at him ashened.

“Oh, hey guys!” Ed said cheerfully “How are you feeling? Little better I hope.” The two boys stood up and looked at each other awkwardly.

“We’re… we’re good, thanks man!” Josh said nervously.

“Yeah… thanks to you! Hehe!” Corey let out such a high pitched, week, little laughter that was beyond awkward. Ed frowned, smiling curiously at the both of them while putting his bag on the desk.

“What’s going on?” he asked. The boys didn’t answer immediately. They were shifting their weight from foot to foot and looking at the floor. “Guys?” Ed said turning to them “Did I do something wrong?” he added, sounding a little worried. The boys answered so quickly they almost made him jump.

“No, no! Absolutely not! Not at all!” they both hurried to say.

Ed frowned again. “Ooook!” he said now a little weirded out “Then what’s up?” he asked again walking towards them.

They both looked so remorseful. Corey cleared his throat. “Look, man…” he began “…we… uhm… we saw the videos… of what we did to you last night…”

Ed frowned for a second. “Right! I forgot about those.” he smiled at them completely unphased “So? What about them?” the boys looked positively flabbergasted.

“Uhm…” Josh said, glancing sideways at Corey “…we… we wanted to tell you that we are BEYOND sorry!” he said “We… we have no idea what possessed us… neither of us remembers anything at all… you have to believe us, man…” he pleaded with such a pained voice as Corey was nodding and shaking his head to agree with his buddy “…we would never do ANYTHING like that normally… but… but… we were completely out of it…” he said then immediately raised his hands “…and I know, I know that’s not an excuse…” he added “…and I also know we don’t deserve it, man… not in the least… but please, PLEASE…” he joined his hands in prayer “…do not report us…”

Ed frowned again. “Report you?” he said and Josh hurried to go on.

“Yeah, man… please!” he begged again “It would ruin our lives, PLEASE don’t do it!” he said “We’ll… we’ll do whatever you want man! ANYTHING, we swear! You name it!” he assured a puzzled Ed and added “This is us begging!” then he turned to his apparently mute buddy “Right Corey??” he growled through gritted teeth scowling.

Corey almost jumped. “Uhm… yeah, of course! Uhm… what he said!” he stuttered pointing at Josh who rolled his eyes and punched him on the shoulder.

“Dude! What the fuck’s the matter with you?!” he glared murderously at him and Corey got his wits back.

“Right, yeah…” he sighed “Look, man… I don’t even know where to begin… all that I can say is that we are so sorry and I know you must be furious but we totally wanna make it up to you… you just…” but Corey could not continue.

Ed was grinning from ear to ear. “Let me stop you there for a second…” he said to the both of them “That’s why you’re acting so weird?”

Corey and Josh looked taken aback. “Well… yeah…” Corey said simply.

Ed, shook his head. “Guys, guys…” he smiled reassuringly at them “You got nothing to worry about. What happened last night was nothing I haven’t experienced in high school like a million times.” Corey and Josh looked baffled. Ed smiled and looked at his roommate ready to elaborate. “Remember when I told you that my nickname back then was Fag Ed?”

“Yeah…” replied Corey.

“I wasn’t kidding. Everybody called me that. Most of the guys I was sucking off didn’t even know my actual name was Ed. I was just Fag Ed.” the boy started to explain “I was everybody’s bitch and in an all-boy school that’s quite the job, hehe!” he chuckled trying to dissolve the tension but the two boys still looked not at all ready to laugh it off. “Anyways, what you guys did, my classmates used to do to me totally sober, only ten times worse and…” he added “…usually with an audience.”

“But… dude…” Josh said incredulously “Why the hell did you put up with all that shit?” Ed smiled to him and shrugged.

“Cause I’m a submissive faggot…” he answered predictably “…who can’t go a day without having a cock shoved down his throat…” he made an apologetic smile “There’s nothing I can do about it…” he shrugged “I’m addicted…” Josh and Corey weren’t quick enough to hide the slight hint of disgust and pity on their faces. Ed looked down and said “…sorry…”

“No! Dude!” Corey replied immediately “What are you apologizing for? We don’t have a problem with that, do we, Josh?”

“No! Not at all, man!” Josh hurried to answer “It’s a free country!” the boy said “And if you like sucking cock, you like sucking cock! Why would that be a problem?” he finished reassuringly.

“Yeah!” echoed Corey. Then he cleared his throat. “So… uhm… you are… like… not gonna report us?”

Ed shook his head. “Of course not, silly!”

The two boys took a huge breath of overwhelming relief. “Oh, thank God!” said Josh sitting down on Ed’s bed and grabbing his head in his hands.

Corey looked just as relieved and said to Ed. “Thank you man. I mean it…”

Ed smiled again. “I’m not reporting you because there is nothing to report!” he said to them “I enjoyed myself last night!” both boys looked at him.

Corey frowned. “You enjoyed me pissing on you? Dude, that’s a little sick.” he said before he could stop himself.

“Hahaha! Ok, well…” laughed Ed “…that wasn’t the best part…” and the three of them enjoyed the first real laugh all together.

“Why did I even do that?” Corey asked to no one in particular.

“Uhmm…” Ed said frowning slightly to remember “…well, you said my face was all dirty with Josh’s cum so you were gonna wash it for me…” he told them.

“Oh, man! I’m such an ass!” Corey said.

Josh smirked. “No objection there, bro!”

“Shut up! You told me to piss on his hair!” retorted Corey but he was smiling.

“I know, God!” Josh winced then turned to Ed “Sooooo sorry bout that, man!”

“Hahaha! Stop apologizing guys, really! There’s no need! None whatsoever! Honest!” said Ed and the two boys smiled gratefully at him. Then Corey looked sideways at his childhood friend.

“Dork!” he said smirking and Josh turned around.

“Prick!” he said to Corey with that same smirk.

“Dumbooooo!!” Corey retorted with a childish tone. Josh jumped on his feet and threw himself at Corey.

“I’ll show you dumb, you little bitch!” and the boys started horsing around on Corey’s bed and laughing like little kids, like they hadn’t laughed in a while. Ed smiled and sat himself on his own bed, looking at the two of them play for a while.

“Ok, ok! Fine, I give! I’m your bitch! Hahaha!” Corey said and Josh was about to say something.

Ed interjected, “Actually…” the two boys looked at him “I’m the only bitch here!” and smiled at them. They laughed.

“Fine, bro!” Corey said “Wouldn’t dream of robbing you of the title! Hahaha!” they all laughed again

“Alright, so since dork face here and I aren’t going to jail…” said Josh with a relaxed smile “What do you guys wanna do for dinner?”

“Italian!” said Corey.

“Uhm… before we go…” said Ed, not wanting to pass up the opportunity “…and while we’re on the subject, Josh…” the dark haired boy was listening intently “Corey probably told you that I pestered him yesterday about wanting to be his private cocksucker, right?”

Josh looked at his buddy a little guilily again. “Yeah, he kinda did, bro.” he admitted.

“And that he said yes?” Ed asked again

Before Josh could answer Corey cut him off. “Erm… correction! I said ‘Hell yeah!’” the three of them chuckled.

“Yeah, well. I was hoping you would let me be the same for you.” Ed threw it out there. Josh scratched his head.

“Dude… I don’t know about that…” he was a little uncomfortable with the thought.

“That’s cause you don’t remember how good he is!” said Corey.

Josh glared at him.

“What? It’s the truth!” said Corey innocently.

“Tell you what!” said Ed “You let me give you head right now and if you’re not satisfied, we never talk about it again!” the boy said and Corey snickered.

“Hehe! Yeah, fat chance!” Josh struggled to find some other excuse but Corey pushed him “Come on, man! Let him suck your dick! What’s the big deal? This is college! Right Ed?” he said and winked at his roommate.

“Sure is, man!” replied a smiling Ed.

“Alright, fine!” said Josh finally “It’s the least I can do, I guess!” he said.

“Awesome!” said Ed and jumped down from his bed and got on his knees in front of the boy who was sitting on Corey’s bed. He unbuttoned his jeans and quickly pulled his boxers down. Ed remembered the dark pubes and the nice, circumcised cock. But in the light he could notice his round balls and the dark hair on his thighs. The boy wasn’t hairy by any means but he had enough to notice. He pressed his face to his crotch and breathed in “mmmmm… I love this smell…” he moaned pleasantly. Then he opened his mouth and enveloped the cockhead in a wet kiss.

Josh couldn’t believe it. Ed was deepthroating his whole, rock hard dick as skillfully as an experienced whore. Or at least Josh figured as much. He had never had a whore sucking on his meat but he doubted it could feel any better than that. The guy had been working on it for several minutes now, without ever taking a break. Josh was still sitting on the bed, resting back on his elbows, with his eyes closed, concentrating on pleasure. That was the only thing that mattered right now. Who could have ever imagined that a faggot’s mouth could feel so damn good?

Corey had his headphones on. He was listening to some music. His fag roommate was trying to convince his old buddy to let him service him pretty much on a daily basis and from the looks of things the fag was being pretty damn convincing. It was unbelievable that after what they had done to him the night before he was still willing to do that for them. Not just willing, he couldn’t wait to do it! Ed was an awesome guy to have around, Corey thought to himself. And not just for the obvious reasons. ‘He must’ve had it rough in high school if what he’s saying is true!’ Corey thought and actually shuddered at the thought of something like that ever happening to him. Not that Ed seemed to mind. He had told them the story with no visible regret or sadness. The guy was into some weird, kinky stuff. But Corey had never been a judgy person. God knows he hated those. He smiled when he saw his good buddy Josh throw his head back and open his mouth. The fag had won.

When Josh started cumming Ed made his deepthroat thrusts even harder so the boy could shoot directly into the back of his throat. It wasn’t his favourite because he didn’t get to taste cum as much as he liked but one of the first rules of cocksucking he had learned was that the only thing that matters is the pleasure of the guy you’re servicing. And Ed knew that particular technique was extremely effective.

“Oh, fuck yeah!” Josh groaned “Aaaaaahhhh!” letting himself fall back on the bed with an expression of pure, ecstatic pleasure. Ed kept worshipping that piece of meat like his last supper had just squirted out of it.

“Hehehe! I think you got yourself another cock to suck, buddy! Hehe!” Corey said patting Ed’s head. The guy let go of Josh’s cock and laughed.

“Hehehe! I hope so!” Josh lifted his head and went:

“Oh man, you have no idea how much I wanna say yes!” he said.

“But?” Corey said expectantly.

“Well, how can I do this to Amy?”

Corey rolled his eyes.

“As in ‘Amy your girlfriend’?” Ed asked frowning.

“Yeah!” answered Josh.

Ed smiled. “But you’re seeing this the wrong way!” he said “You’re not cheating on her!” he explained “Not if you think of this as… jerking off…” he said, using his quick wit to make yet another point “…only, instead of using your hand you’re using my mouth!” Ed finished all perky.

Corey laughed and so did Josh, letting his head fall back on the bed.

“Dude you got some serious issues, you know?” said Josh.

“Hahaha! I know!” said Ed “But I’m actually being serious here and it goes for both of you!” he said “I wanna service you guys so bad, especially now that I have tasted your cum!” he explained “And I guess you can tell by now that I like to be bossed around a little…” he addressed the elephant in the room. The boys didn’t comment, they just kept listening “So I would like this to be on your terms, not mine!” he told them “You don’t need to bother asking me if I’m in the mood or anything cause that’s totally a given…” he said smirking meaningfully at them and this time the boys snickered “Every time you feel like jerking off all you gotta do is snap your fingers and have me use my mouth instead of bothering using your hand.” he concluded matter of factly. The two boys looked at him:

“Dude… it’s like you’re saying you wanna be our little bitch!” Corey pointed out.

Ed laughed. “Hehe! Well, yeah! I guess I am!” he said happily.

The two straight boys looked at each other then Josh shook his head turning to Ed. “Dude, this is so fucking weird but… whatever…” he granted. Ed smiled and turned to Corey. The boy shrugged, “Works for me!”

Ed smiled at both of them. “Oh, thank you Corey!” he said then he turned to the other one “And thank you Josh!” he cooed and looking lustfully at him he started lapping at his balls, moaning.

“Hehehe! You’re welcome, bitch!” Josh snickered although his tone wasn’t particularly mean.

“Hey! How come he gets to be thanked like that?” said Corey.

“Well, he just fed me an awesome load! I need to show him how grateful I am!” Ed said smiling up at them.

“Hehe! Yeah, I think he gets it, you little queer!” Corey joked and all of them laughed.

“Alright you two losers…” he said then “I’m frigging starving, how bout you?”

Ed and Josh both went, “Yep! Same here!”

“Ok, let’s go grab a bite!” Corey said as they all got to their feet and started to prepare “And when we get back I think I’ll have you suck your dessert right outta my balls!” Corey said smirking at Ed.

“Hehe! Yes Sir!” answered Ed putting on his jacket and the other two boys laughed.

“So we’re doing Italian?” asked Josh zipping up.

“Yep!” said Corey putting on his sneakers.

“Can we have Japanese instead?” said Ed.

“Hey, we said Italian!” Corey whined.

“No, you said it!” said Ed grabbing his wallet.

“Yes! And YOU are our little bitch, remember?” Corey smirked.

Ed shrugged and said in an evident mock-tragic voice:

“Fine, I’ll report you two first thing tomorrow morning!” Josh snorted.

“Shut up, you fag! You just said you loved every second!” he teased smirking and fixing his hair one last time in the mirror. Ed smiled.

“Hehehe! You bet I did!” he said, then turned to Corey “Oh, by the way roomie, thanks for making me go to that party, I actually had fun!” he said sincerely.

“Told ya so!” Corey replied a bit smugly.

“Yeah, I saw you dancing with lots of different girls!” Josh said grabbing his jacket.

“You’re not gonna turn straight on us, are you, man?” Corey teased.

“As if!” replied Ed snickering “Nah, I’m a filthy dicklicker through and through!” he bragged and the other two laughed.

“Phew! My dick was getting worried!” joked Corey winking at Ed who smiled back.

“Yeah, well! But I still want Japaneeeese!” Ed said in a childish way heading for the door.

“Oh, fine! Let’s have Japanese!” Corey grumbled opening the door.

“Thanks Corey!” Ed said all perky “I could kiss you right now!” Josh chuckled and so did Corey while stepping out of the room.

“That’s alright, bro!” said Corey then he smirked “You can kiss my balls later.”

“Mmmmm… can’t wait!” said Ed.

The three boys laughed merrily and closed the door behind them.

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