Live and let serve – 4 Sex Story

#Abuse #Blackmail #Gay #Teen

By Naughty Bard

As Corey and Josh become more and more accustomed to having a fag cumdump at their beck and call, Ed does everything he can to submit to them.

“But I thought his family was as laid back as he is! I mean, I know I just met his mom for like five seconds but she seemed so… kind!” Ed said.

Josh snorted.

“Yeah, his mom’s alright. But she’s so not the one who calls the shots and believe me, his dad is a royal… and I mean ROYAL pain in the ass!” He replied and Ed sighed.

“I feel sorry for him…” the gay boy said.

“Yeah, me too but I mean, what was he thinking? He kinda had it coming…don’t you think?” Josh sounded maybe a little harsh but he was the practical one of the group.

“I guess…” replied Ed “But if he gets good grades in his finals everything will go back to normal, right?” he asked.

“Oh, yeah, sure!” said the other one “But he’s gonna be broke for the rest of the school year… and Corey has always been a rich brat so…” he continued with a dubious expression “Besides it’s not gonna be that easy! You know how lazy he is and I think you’re overestimating our ability as tutors!” he made a small pause “Let’s just hope this whole thing doesn’t turn out to be a huge waste of time!” he finished. Again he had been harsh but Ed could tell that it was out of love for his good buddy.

“I’m sure it’ll be fine…” said Ed “When is he flying back, by the way?” he asked then conversationally.

“Later today. He had to visit his cousins in Denver. So he stayed a day longer.” Josh informed him. Ed sighed again, then smiled up at the black haired boy.

“Man, I totally missed doing this, you know?! Mmmmm…” he said lustfully, completely changing the subject and Josh smirked back.

“You little queer! It’s only been three days!” the straight boy said as he watched the other’s eyes smile contentedly and felt his tongue eagerly probing his ass crack.

“I know!” Ed answered. He was lying on the floor of his room and Josh was crouching butt naked on his face, granting him full access to the object of his nasty affection “What am I gonna do over Christmas break?” Ed whined “I won’t see you guys for like two weeks! I’m gonna go crazy!” he said and Josh chuckled.

“Well, make sure you enjoy it now then, fag! Hehehe!”

“Mmmm… I will, Sir! Thank you!” Ed said maliciously and went on slurping on that filthy hole, washing it lovingly like he was tasting a piece of heaven.

“I still can’t believe you’re doing that, bro! I mean, you’re fucking licking my ass!” Josh said grinning. His balls and limp dick were resting quite comfortably on Ed’s nose “Is it something all you gays like to do or what?” he asked amusingly curious. The other boy frowned for a second.

“Not sure…” he answered “Never really hung out with fags…” he confessed.

“Why not?” the straight boy asked. Ed looked uncertain.

“Dunno… I don’t like sucking them off…” Ed explained. Now it was Josh’s turn to frown.

“You don’t have to suck off everyone you hang out with. You do know that, right?” he said kinda mockingly. Ed chuckled.

“Yes I do but…” he tried to explain “…I don’t know… I just never hung out with… anyone before, really…” he said a little sadly.

“What do you mean anyone? You must have had some friends in high school!” Josh said. Ed’s eyes smiled bitterly.

“No, not exactly… It’s no news, really… I told you before that I was just FagEd for everyone…” he said “…and like I said that was kinda all I was… I guess no one wanted to be associated with me and honestly I can’t blame them… I mean, I spent every single one of my lunch breaks on my knees in the toilets… I can’t even remember what our old cafeteria looked like!” he concluded shrugging and half joking. Josh made a face.

“Dude, I know you told me that but no one? Literally no one? Really? I didn’t think it was THAT bad!” he said and Ed didn’t answer “You’re telling me Cor and I and that Jen chick are the first friends you made? Like ever?” He asked almost incredulously. There he went again calling him a friend. Ed swallowed and looked a little bashful.

“Well, when you say it like that you make it sound bad…” he said a tad defensively.

“That’s cause it is, man!” Josh replied a little hotly “You went to school with a bunch of morons, if you ask me!” Ed smiled gratefully. To be honest, he highly doubted that neither Josh nor Corey would have actually been friends with him, had they been in Ed’s actual classmates’ place but the sentiment was very much appreciated.

“Thanks for saying that… means a lot, you know…” he replied looking strangely up at him.

Josh just smiled. Then asked.

“You done cleaning it? I’m kinda tired of this position.” He said and Ed smiled from underneath him.

“Then just sit on my face!” He replied eagerly.

Josh chuckled.

“Hahaha! Yeah right!” he replied but then seeing Ed’s determined expression he continued “Dude, you gotta be kidding, I’ll smother you!”

“No, you won’t! I can take it!” Ed assured the other “C’mon, please Josh! I want you to be super comfortable while I service you! Your pleasure is the whole point of this thing. It feels better for me that way!” He said and Josh shook his head, but he was smiling.

“Man, you’re unbelievable!” The straight boy slightly lowered his knees till they touched the floor and sat on Ed’s open mouth. “There, now I’m pretty damn comfy, hehehe!” He said adjusting a little to the left and to the right to find the right position. The little fag moaned in pleasure and put his hands on Josh’s thighs like he wanted to make sure the boy wasn’t gonna stand up any time soon and gave the handsome Josh a thankful, delighted look that made him smirk a little.

“Don’t worry…” he snickered “…I’m not in that much of a hurry. You can lick my shitter for a while, hehehe!” Ed moaned again which made Josh smirk even more “You’re welcome…” he chuckled.

Ed was simply delighted. He felt Josh’s whole weight pressing down on his face which was a new, very pleasant feeling. He couldn’t possibly lick that nasty tasting ass any harder. His tongue was lapping furiously around it while his lips were gently suckling on the hole, French kiss-style. Josh had just come back from soccer practice and Ed had insisted he didn’t shower before paying him that little visit.

“Licking scuzzy ass and sniffing sweaty balls at the same time…” said Josh smirking down at him “…you’re pretty happy right now, aren’t you, pig?” Ed moaned again. Josh’s balls were basically covering Ed’s nose and the straight boy was right, he WAS happy! Josh chuckled and Ed suddenly stuck the tip of his tongue inside his hole.

“Woah!” the straight boy tensed up a little, almost startled by that previously unknown feeling “That’s new!” Josh said in a weird voice.

Ed retracted his tongue, not knowing if the boy liked it or not. But then Josh looked down, with his beautiful hazel eyes and after a moment of indecision he went “Do it again.”

Ed obviously obeyed instantly and this time he kept the tip of his tongue inside a little longer, still suckling on his hole. Josh chuckled.

“It’s weird… but I kinda like it… hehe…” he said then added with a little bit more authority in his voice “Keep doing that…”

Ed couldn’t believe his luck. There was no doubt that he was giving him pleasure which was like a super bonus to the whole thing. Josh closed his eyes and moaned slightly. Ed felt undeniably proud of himself. Servicing those two guys was becoming paramount to him, not just as a physical need but also a psychological one and being appreciated sent him over the moon. A couple of minutes went by without words. Ed’s tongue was getting tired but stopping wasn’t even an option. It smelled too good, it tasted too good, it felt too good. Josh leaned sideways, lifting his weight slightly and grabbed his phone from the couch. Ed kept slurping loudly waiting for the straight boy to sit back on his face. As he did, he started flipping pics of hot babes and using his imagination. He wrapped his fist around his chubby and started to jerk it. He hadn’t done that in a while. He hadn’t needed to. Ed felt a twang of regret as he stared at Josh’s perfect meat pole growing in his fist, two inches from his eyes. He wanted to feel that awesome cockhead pummelling the back of his face hole and have his lips buried in the straight boy’s black pubes. But his mouth was otherwise occupied. Josh started jerking off more energetically and without moving his eyes form the screen, he said:

“Mmm… I’m definitely dumping a load down your fag throat before I leave, man!”


“Son of a bitch!” Corey shouted at the bus he had just missed. The boy panted a little after running for a few yards. He checked his watch annoyed and went to sit on the curb near the bus stop. He wasn’t gonna wait for long. Busses from the airport headed to campus were fairly frequent and normally he wouldn’t have cared that much but he happened not to be in a very good mood. He still couldn’t believe he was fucking broke. Nothing he had tried had even slightly worked. His mom had done what she could but dear old dad hadn’t budged an inch. Not that surprising if he really thought about it. The fact that the old bastard was as stubborn as a fucking goat was no news. But it definitely was a problem. His problem to be exact. And a huge one at that! How was he gonna survive without any dough? The boy wasn’t sure. Of course he knew people did it all over the world but quite frankly he never had to and most importantly he didn’t want to. It was so unfair! Like that was even gonna teach him some sort of big life lesson! He snorted moodily. Other kids were crowding the bus stop with their bags but not too many. Corey figured most of them had gotten back the day before.

“Hey! You’re friends with Ed, right? Ed Clark?” a soft female voice said and Corey looked up. A pretty blond girl was looking down at him.

“Hi! Yeah… he’s my roommate…” he said and frowned a little “…you’re Jen, right?” he asked her then.

She raised an eyebrow.

“Yeah… how do you know?” she asked.

He stood up.

“I think he showed me a pic. He’s always talking about you!” the boy said “I’m Corey!” he introduced himself.

“Nice to meet you Corey! And he talks about you too, you know? A LOT!” she said.

Corey smiled.

“Not all bad I hope!” he said and she snorted.

“Oh please! You know he worships you!” she said a little aggressively “You and that other jerk I met before Thanksgiving. Josh?” she continued “As far as he’s concerned you guys walk on water!” she finished with a sort of nasty sarcasm.

“Hey! We’re not…” he started to protest but she cut him off rolling her eyes almost loudly.

“Relax! I’m kidding!” she said a little annoyed “You’re good guys, yeeee!” she continued with that same sarcasm “At least that’s what he says!” she looked sideways at him and smirked a little. The boy was a little taken aback by this girl’s attitude but he was definitely not in the mood to let her walk all over him.

“Well I’m with Ed on this one! We ARE good guys!” he said purposely cheeky. The girl snorted and Corey could see his answer had annoyed her slightly. ‘Good’ he thought. For some reason that he could not figure out, she didn’t like him very much and the blond boy decided that the feeling was very mutual. They stared at each other for a few seconds then he said:

“So how was your break?”

“Fine…” she replied stiffly “Yours?”

“Awesome…” he said flatly, obviously not meaning a syllable. And that was the end of it. They both started playing with their phones, purposely doing their very best to ignore each other and avoid any more unpleasantness. Then, after a few minutes the bus arrived and the two kids thought the same thing in unison: ‘finally!’


“This is ridiculous! I mean, what am I supposed to do? Find a job?” Corey said outraged, like the whole concept was absolutely preposterous. Josh turned to Ed and gave him a look

“See what I mean?” he said, to which the gay boy didn’t respond. He simply cleared his throat and started consoling his roommate.

“Calm down Corey, it’s not that bad!” he said “You’ll see. With our help you’re gonna get on top of things in no time and you’re gonna pass all your exams!” he promised then turned to Josh and made a face, encouraging him to say something. The dark haired boy sighed and said.

“Look man! It’s not the end of the world. All you gotta do is study and you know your old man’s gonna cave eventually.” sensible and practical, as usual.

“Yeah, well, it’s easy for you to say!” Corey mumbled childishly “You both have like… perfect grades!”

“Yeah, because we study, dumbass!” Josh said now starting to sound pretty annoyed.

“Well, I’m not a nerd ok? I’m not as smart as you guys!” Corey retorted. Josh closed his eyes for a second trying real hard not to lose his shit.

“Ok, dude, I am THIS close to kicking your ass if you don’t stop whining like a little bitch!” the boy threatened and Corey looked at him like he was about to reply. Then apparently deciding it probably wasn’t safe to do so he simply sighed angrily, crossed his arms and pouted. The two straight boys glared at each other for a few seconds then Ed’s voice broke their silent contest.

“Uhm… just trust me on this one, Corey! You’re gonna be fine! Let’s see how the lessons go and let’s take it from there, ok?” he said. Corey’s expression slowly changed to a more resigned one until he finally sighed again.

“Fine…” he said in a very non-enthusiastic way and although Josh still looked a little pissed by his lazy buddy’s attitude, he didn’t say anything nasty. He stood up from Ed’s bed and said:

“Alright, I’m gonna head back to my dorm, it’s pretty late and tomorrow I got an early class…” then he turned to his blonde friend “…and so do you Cor!” he said using a very, very persuasive tone indeed.

“Right…” the other boy said “See you tomorrow, then?”

“You bet! I’ll walk you to your class.” the black haired boy replied, hitting every syllable with an unconcealed threat that was impossible to miss.

“Thanks dad…” Corey mumbled sarcastically.

“Don’t mention it!” Josh replied still with the same unpleasant tone. Then he turned to the other boy and in a more mellow voice he said “Bye Ed!”

“Night Josh!” Ed waved his hand and Josh left their room.

Corey, who was on his bed, snorted.

“Tsk! What’s his problem?” Ed turned to him with a raised eyebrow.

“Really? HIS problem?” the gay boy said and Corey frowned expecting a little more sympathy. “Corey, we’re trying to help you and all you do is complain!” he explained and the blond stud didn’t speak for a few seconds.

“I’m sorry…” he said then paused “…it’s just… this is all new to me… being broke I mean… it totally sucks!”

“I know, but like I said, trust me on this one! It’s gonna be alright!” Ed reassured him again. Corey thought about it for maybe ten seconds then shrugged, smiled at him and went:

“Alright, fine! If you say so!” all of a sudden, he sounded way more relaxed and Ed couldn’t believe how fast his mood could get better. He saw him stand up from the bed, kick off his sneakers and take off his pants “Damn, I should probably take a shower before I hit the sack.” the blond boy said after accidentally smelling his own armpit and wrinkling his nose “I totally smell funky!” he continued scratching his ass in a very liberating way. Then he looked up at Ed with a shit eating smirk painted on his handsome face.

“Wanna suck me off before I get all cleaned up?”

Ed’s eyes lit up.

“You bet! I thought you’d never ask!” he said and Corey snickered.

“Hehehe! You missed me, didn’t you?” he said peeling off his shirt and exposing his almost naked body to his roommate’s hungry eyes.

“Well, duh!!” the gay boy said kneeling down on the floor in front of him “What do you think?” he asked wrapping his arms around Corey’s ass, pressing his face to the front of his boxers and inhaling deeply, almost avidly. He looked up and found Corey’s smirk staring down at him “mmmm… you really do smell funky tonight…” Ed said with unconcealed adoration.

“Yep! And don’t say I ain’t generous!!” the blond boy joked, kinda cockily.

Ed smiled:

“Hehe! Wouldn’t dream of it, Sir!” he replied then added a little sheepishly “You know… if you let me, I’d totally lick your whole body from your neck down!” he said enthusiastically “You wouldn’t even need to shower, then!” Ed said and Corey snickered.

“Hahaha! You would totally do that for real, wouldn’t you, you faggot?” the boy asked halfway between curious and amused. Ed looked at him smiling but his answer was as sincere as can be.

“Of course I would!” he said, then looked at Corey with grateful eyes and added more seriously “There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you guys… you must know that…” Corey looked down at him, uncertain of what to reply.

“Yeah, we do, man…” he assured him finally then added more cheeky “…and thanks for the offer, but I’ll settle for a blowjob and a shower tonight, if it’s all the same to you!” he finished with a little smirk.

Ed smiled back.

“Sure!!” he replied then added hopeful “Raincheck?”

“Hahaha! You got it, fag-pig!” Corey laughed and so did Ed. Then Corey said in a more business like way “Hehehe! Alright, let me get comfortable!” he freed himself from Ed’s crotch embrace and threw himself on his own bed. Ed climbed onto it as well and started rubbing his face on Corey’s crotch waiting, as per usual, for the other to find the right material for a satisfying, mind-blowing fap-off session.

“Can I take your boxers off?” Ed asked impatiently after a few seconds. The blond boy didn’t look down at him as he distractedly said.

“Sure!” Ed happily slipped his boxers off and Corey’s nine incher was out to play. Ed pressed his face to it and started kissing it passionately.

“Mmmm… it smells even stronger…” Ed said passionately and Corey snickered but didn’t comment. The gay boy continued “Can I please lick your balls till you’re ready?”

“Hehe! I don’t see why not!” the straight boy replied. Ed didn’t waste any time. He stuck out his tongue and gave his roommate’s ball-sack a long, lascivious, hungry taste. They were kinda salty, as usual and that acrid sweat taste combined with his musky smell was immensely intoxicating for Ed.

“Mmmmmm… thank you Corey… mmmmm… you really are generous…” the gay boy said between licks “…this is the best treat… mmmmm…” Ed moaned.

“Dude, I soooo wish chicks were this low maintenance!” Corey replied and Ed laughed “So what did you get me for Valentine’s day?” Corey continued imitating an annoying girl’s voice “You get to lick my sweaty balls for an hour, bitch! You’re welcome!! Hahaha!” the boy went back to his usual baritone and cracked up.

“Hahaha! Yeah, I don’t see that happening any time soon, hehe!” Ed laughed too “But you can try it on Karen!” he continued “It’s a surefire way to break up with her!! Hehe!”

The boys both chuckled. Ed was about to start licking again but Corey went:

“Hang on! I’m kinda cold…” Ed looked up. The blond stud was lying on his bed, only wearing his socks so it made sense that he was a little chilly.

“Well, then get under the covers…” Ed said then smiled at him “I’ll suck you off without you even having to see me, hehe!” he went on all perky.

Corey chuckled.

“Hehe! Good idea!” he said and started to pull down the covers of his bed so he could get in.

“Wait!” said the other “Let’s do it in my bed!”

Corey frowned slightly.


“You’re all stinky now and your bed is nice and fresh. I changed your sheets before you got here…” Ed explained “You wanna get in there AFTER you shower! Trust me!” he continued teacher-style “Whereas I’m more than happy to sleep in a bed that stinks like you!” he finished very submissively, and also kinda begging him to do it, with a hopeful smile on his face.

“Man, you’re kinky!” the other replied amused, then shrugged “Alright, let’s stink up your bed!” he said and they quickly moved to Ed’s bed. After they had gotten comfortable… well, after Corey had gotten comfortable, Ed started licking his straight roomie’s big balls again in the dark that the covers provided.

“Suck my dick.” Corey’s order arrived shortly after that and it gave Ed a nice thrill.

“Yes Sir!” the boy replied and started to work on that huge piece of manly meat.

It was halfway through the blowjob that Corey realized that he was tired of holding the tablet up with his hands. Ed was deepthroating his dick like there was no tomorrow, using every ounce of his fag mouth skills to service him in grand style which was something so undeniably awesome that every guy on the frigging planet should have been lucky enough to try. He turned his head to Ed’s night stand, sat his tablet onto it and tried to relax. He was still uncomfortable. The boy sighed. He wanted to turn on one side so he could keep enjoying the video and was about to ask Ed if he didn’t mind but then he stopped. It occurred to him that he didn’t really need to do that. He didn’t need to ask Ed if he was alright with it, let alone ask for his permission! He already knew that the little bitch wasn’t gonna complain one bit if he simply acted on it. Hell, he was pretty sure that NOT being asked was even gonna be a turn on for him or something. Ed was always going on and on about how much he was there to serve Corey and his needs and how much the straight boy’s pleasure was so much more important than his own. Yeah, no point in asking, Corey told himself and conveniently silenced his conscience. He simply lifted himself up slightly, put his hand on the spot where the covers were hiding Ed’s head and pushed him down quite forcefully. The boy gagged a little. He probably didn’t expect it. Then Corey started rotating his hips and the rest of his body sideways.

“Keep sucking, bitch!” Corey said, although probably needlessly as he felt Ed’s arms desperately wrapping around his hips and his face press down to his crotch, almost trying to choke himself on his rod even harder and not stopping the sucking action even for a second. Corey smirked. “Yeah, that’s it!” he said. He wasn’t cold anymore. He was hot, now and the lower part of his body was sweating profusely. He grabbed Ed’s pillow and put it under his side to lift his torso up a bit so that he could watch his porn. Yeah, now he was comfortable and the video was getting to the good part too. His sweaty pit was resting on the guy’s pillowcase. That was bound to leave a somewhat powerful aroma. The straight boy’s annoying conscience kinda hinted that he probably should have done something about it and for a second he did consider removing the pillow. But a voice inside his head yelled at him, a voice fuelled by his natural, animalistic need to empty his balls ‘Hell no!’ the voice said ‘The bitch is begging for a stinky bed so let’s give him a stinky bed! Fucking pillowcase and all!’ which settled the matter permanently. Corey put his hand back on Ed’s head and without any further ado he started humping the shit out of his face, using his fag mouth like the best living fleshlight in the world. Because that’s what he was right now. Nothing more than that.

“Oooohh fuck!” Corey moaned while feeding Ed’s his midnight snack. The straight boy could not believe the fact that a couple of months back he had almost passed on the opportunity to experience… all that! Sex was obviously better and all but this was a little different. He didn’t have to worry about anything but his own pleasure. He didn’t have to jump through hoops to get it or work for it, hell he didn’t even have to try as little as taking a damn shower! The dude was gonna give him head whenever the fuck he wanted with ZERO reciprocation and he was more than happy to be used like that. Corey hardly thought that their friendship could get any better quite frankly.

“Aaaahhh, that was good! Hehe!” Corey said slightly out of breath as he relaxed on the pillow, rolling on his back once again and noticing that Ed’s mouth followed his dick dutifully, suckling lovingly on it and massaging it as it was shrinking down inside that comfy, wet hole. Corey snickered.

“Hehe! Is my cum still super yummy, dude?” he asked scratching one of his armpits.

The only answer he received was an obscene “mmmmmmm…” coming from under the covers.

“Hehehe! Good!” The blond stud took a deep breath and stretched. No word came from either of them for a few seconds. Maybe a minute passed. The only two sounds in the room were Corey’s breathing and Ed’s muffled licking and sucking. Then Corey looked down and uncovered the poor son of a bitch. Ed looked a mess. His whole face was covered in sweat, his usually stylish hair was all plastered onto his face. His eyes were closed and the expression on his face was one of pure, unaltered pleasure as Corey’s cock slid in and out of his slobbering mouth, completely covered in his spit. The guy looked kinda pitiful to Corey, like he was hooked on the taste of his dick.

“You just can’t let go, can ya?” Corey said smiling down. Ed opened his eyes and looked at him smiling back. He finally let that majestic piece of meat slip out of his mouth and answered.

“Mmmm… I can’t believe I didn’t get to taste this for four whole days!” he said regretfully.

“Hehehe! Well, you didn’t lose your touch, that I can tell you!” Corey replied “Nice blowjob, man!”

“Thank you, Sir…” Ed smiled gratefully “…and thank you for letting me service you like this, Sir…” he added. Corey smirked.

“You’re welcome, hehe!”

“And thank you also for letting me take care of the cleaning, the laundry and everything…” Ed continued as sincere as he could “I really enjoy doing those things for you, you know?”

Corey shook his head snickering, ever so amused:

“Dude, you crack me up! Hehe!” he said, then added a little more cockily “But you’re welcome!” which brought a smile to Ed’s face who continued with that same overly adoring tone:

“What I mean is with this cock you could easily make any fag on campus serve you in any way you like, but you’re letting me do it, so I’m grateful, that’s all!” he explained. Corey raised an eyebrow.

“Ok, now you’re just messing with me!” he said somewhere between confused and amused. Ed looked at him for a couple of seconds then burst out laughing. Corey joined him.

“Shut up, you little cocksucker, and lick my balls!” Corey said between snickers. Ed answered:

“Yes Sir!” perky as hell and the boys both laughed again.

Corey enjoyed Ed’s usual tongue bath very much. He found the feeling relaxing and for a minute he found himself thinking about his whole messed up situation. Being broke definitely sucked. No question about it. But maybe Ed was right. Maybe things weren’t as bad as they seemed. Maybe it wasn’t the end of the world and his life wasn’t gonna change that much after all. He knew for certain that getting his cock sucked on cue was NOT gonna change. And that was a very good thing. He sighed. Then he remembered something.

“Oh by the way…” the blond boy said and Ed looked up “I met that Jen chick you always talk about on my way from the airport!”

“You did? Finally!” Ed replied. He was somewhat happy that they had eventually met even though Corey’s expression wasn’t exactly a pleasant one.

“What the hell is her problem?” the straight stud said and Ed frowned.


“She was a total bitch to me!” Corey complained “She gave me a ton of attitude and… and said me and Josh are total jerks to you! What was that about?” he ranted.

Ed frowned even more.

“Really? She said that?” he asked a little surprised.

“Yeah, well, she might as well have!” Corey replied “Are we being jerks to you?” he asked then sincerely confused.

“No! Absolutely not! Why would you even ask me that?” Ed hurried to answer “You and Josh are awesome and I love every single moment we’re together!” he continued over passionately. Corey snickered.

“Dude, you’re starting to sound like a chick!” he said kinda stupidly to which Ed rolled his eyes smiling.

“Look, man, I don’t know why she said that!” the gay boy said earnestly “I only talk you guys up, I swear! Like all the time!”

Corey shrugged:

“Yeah, she said that too…” he smirked a little “…she said you worship us! Hehe!”

Ed raised an eyebrow.

“Oh, I see what’s going on!” the smart boy said.

“What?” answered the other one.

“She’s jealous.” Ed explained. Corey frowned, ever so confused now.

“Of what? You sucking my dick?” he asked sarcastically “Cause dude, you can tell her she can suck me off anytime she wants, you know?” he snickered with cocky bravado.

“Noted…” Ed replied smiling “…but no, dummy! Of how much time we spend together! Of the fact that I’m always talking about you guys… you know…” he said.

Corey looked if possible even more confused.

“But we’re roommates!” the blond guy said “And we’re friends so we hang out! What’s the problem with that?” his words were genuine and Ed couldn’t help but being grateful that those two guys kept referring to him as a ‘friend’. It was such a new thing but a very pleasant one and Ed was, slowly getting used to the idea. It was comforting and somehow reassuring.

“Look, don’t worry about Jen…” Ed said “I’ll talk to her and set things straight…” he promised the blond stud “Just give her another chance, she really is nice, you know?” he said then added “A little overprotective, maybe…”

“Yeah, no shit!” answered Corey. Ed gave him a pleading look and started kissing his balls adoringly.

“Please, Sir! Will you give my friend another chance? Pretty please???” he continued in a silly voice and they both laughed.

“Fine, bitch! You got it!” Corey answered snickering. A few more seconds went by then the blond boy sat up “Alright, now that I got your bed all nice and stinky it’s about time I take that shower and catch some z’s.” he said looking down between his legs where Ed was giving his blond pubes some attention “That’s enough cock for you, queer-boy, hehe!” Corey joked.

“Ok…” the gay boy said regretfully, looking up “Thanks again for your cum and for the hard throatfuck you gave me!” he continued all perky again “That was awesome!”

Corey snickered as he was getting up “Yeah, anytime, fag!”

“Hey can I ask you a favor?” Ed said and Corey turned.

“What?” All of a sudden the gay boy looked a little embarrassed. “What is it?” Corey pressed on.

“Well… would it be alright if I slept holding your dirty boxers up to my nose?” he managed to say after a second of indecision.

Corey looked baffled for a couple of seconds. Then he cracked up.

“Hahaha! Dude, you’re something else!” the blond boy laughed “Do you really like my smell that much?” Ed smiled even more embarrassed but didn’t hesitate to reply.

“Do you have to ask?”

Corey smirked back. He had a strange expression and Ed could somehow tell he was cooking up some weird idea.

“I’ll do you one better, hehe!” the blond stud said playfully and grabbed the other boy’s pillow from his bed. With an infuriating smile he started using it to dab his sweat off his entire body. First his chest, then his pits, both of them. Then he took his sweet time with his crotch area and his ass. All this while contemplating Ed’s excited smile.

“I ain’t done yet!” the blond boy said as he threw the pillow on the floor in front of him “Take my socks off!” he ordered.

Ed knelt on the floor immediately and obeyed, almost exhilarated by what was going on before his eyes.

Corey stood on the pillow with bare feet and started wiping them on the now damp fabric. Still kneeling before him, Ed couldn’t help let out an excited laugh and had to stop himself from clapping his hands in front of his face like small children do.

“There! That stinky enough for you?” asked Corey.

Ed happily bowed down and started kissing his feet, grateful.

“Oh, thank you, Sir! You really are generous! Mmmm…” Corey snickered a little and let his roommate make out with his feet for a few seconds.

“Alright, fag-pig! I’m taking my shower now!” he said walking away from Ed “Enjoy my smell! Hehehe!”

“I will! Thank you Sir!” he heard Ed’s answer as the boy was pressing his pillow to his face now.

Corey smiled at him and shook his head, highly amused. Then he went to the bathroom and closed the door. He started running the water in the shower and looked at his reflection in the mirror. He smiled to himself. What a weirdo that guy was! He was nice though. Really nice to put up with him the way he did, Corey thought. Although he acted cool the blond stud knew he could be a handful sometimes. On the contrary, Ed totally was the perfect roommate which was awesome, but if he was being completely honest with himself even if Ed had turned out to be the most stuck up jerk on campus, that fag’s mouth was something else.


“Dude, I don’t know how much longer I can take this!” Josh said somewhere between desperate and annoyed. It had been a little over a week since he and Ed had started tutoring Corey and now the two brainy kids were having a coffee together. Their faces were long and discouraged.

“It’s not that bad…” replied Ed without any real conviction. Josh gave him a hard look and the gay boy looked down “Ok it’s bad… but we just started!” Ed tried to lift Josh’s spirit.

“He doesn’t know squat about… well anything, really!” the practical black haired boy vented almost incredulously. The other one sighed.

“He’s not stupid, he’s just…” Ed said and struggled to find a suitable word.

“A clown…” Josh prompted.

“Well, yeah…” Ed reluctantly agreed “Every time he’s close to getting a concept he starts joking around, like he just ran out of concentration and we pretty much have to start all over again…”

“I know, he does the same with me. It’s so friggin annoying!” Josh grumbled “The dude has the attention span of a 3-year-old!”

“Yeah… it’s like pulling teeth…”

“Dude, I think we should say something…” Josh said.

“I actually tried the other day…” Ed confessed, scratching his head.

“And?” Josh replied expectantly.

“Well, he listened for about ten seconds then he fished his cock out of his pants and asked me if I wanted to suck it…” the gay boy said a little guiltily then added “… and… well, you can guess what happened next… sorry…”

Josh rolled his eyes.

“C’mon, dude!” he said a little exasperated.

“Hey, gimme a break!” Ed replied a little defensively “If I could resist you guys, you wouldn’t have a personal cocksucker who’s pretty much on call 24/7, I’m just saying…” the gay boy raised his hands to make a point.

Josh couldn’t help smile.

“Alright, fine!” he said. Then he went back to a more somber tone and added “Well, he can’t shut ME up like that, though, can he?”

“Yeah, but…” Ed hesitated.

“What?” said Josh.

“Well, can you please NOT fight with him?” Ed pleaded “It’s completely counterproductive, man!”

“I’m not making any promises…” Josh said with a certain level of uncooperativeness. Then he shrugged and added “If he starts being a dick…”

Ed snorted. It was his turn to sound exasperated.

“Can’t you two have a normal conversation? Without bickering like kindergarteners?”

Josh raised his eyebrows a little surprised.

“Oh, you mean like the one you two had, dickbreath?” he asked sarcastically.

Ed’s fervor evaporated and he muttered “Point taken…”

They both sighed heavily, a little downhearted.

“So what do we do?” asked Ed.

Josh shrugged.

“Dunno. Keep trying, I guess…”

“C’mon Josh, it’ll get better…” Ed said “…right?” he added then, trying to reassure himself as well as his friend.

“Can’t get any worse, that’s for sure!” Josh grumbled moodily.

“What are you boys talking about?” the two kids turned around and saw Jen walking towards them.

“Hey Jen!” replied Ed “Nothing, really! Nerd stuff…” he added trying to sound convincing. Jen raised an eyebrow.

“Right…” she said sarcastically “Why do you two always look so secretive when you’re together? What are you hiding?” she said sitting on Ed’s lap and wrapping her arms around his friend.

“What makes you think we’re hiding something?” Josh asked her leaning back on his chair with a mysterious, infuriating smirk.

“Oh, hi Jerk! Didn’t see you there!” she replied purposely venomous. Josh kept smiling.

“Jen!” Ed’s voice reprimanded her “What did we say about you calling Josh and Corey a jerk?”

“That I shouldn’t?” she said smiling, without an ounce of regret in her voice.

“Right… so?” Ed said with the same intonation he would have used with a small child.

“I’m sorry I called you a jerk…” she started saying with mock-regret but then she added “JERK!”

She almost didn’t finish the word. Ed knew her friend pretty well and was ready for her. He started tickling her all over and she was giggling like crazy. Josh laughed at that. It was pretty much the same way he won every single argument with his little brother.

“Ok, ok! I’m sorry!” she tried to say, catching her breath and Ed stopped.

“What do you say? Should we forgive her?” Ed asked Josh. The dark boy raised an eyebrow like he was considering the matter.

“Only if she joins us for a cup of coffee.” he said then.

She smiled at him, showing her pretty dimples.

“Fine!” she said with an exaggerated air of superiority “But you’re buying… Josh.”


“I hardly think Grandpa’s gonna throw a fit if I skip one family dinner, Carol!” Ed said climbing up the stairs to his room “Besides, I’ll see him at Christmas!” he added.

“Yeah, well, I’m gonna throw a fit if I have to laugh at uncle Charlie’s jokes by myself!” his sister joked on the other side of the line.

Ed laughed. He was coming back from the library and he thought it was a good idea to catch up with his older sibling. He liked to do that a few times a week.

“I’m sure you’ll survive for one night! I really need to help Corey out, sis! Sorry!” he explained.

“Fine, fine! Whatever!” she replied pretending to be mad “How’s the tutoring going?” she asked.

“Well it’s… uhmm… going…” he replied drily.

“That good, huh?”

“Yeah, let’s just say he’s not the easiest student…” Ed said putting it mildly but he didn’t finish the phrase because all of a sudden the shouts could be heard from the hall. He knew those voices so well. The boys were at it again. Ed rolled his eyes, frustrated as hell “Uhm… hey Carol, I gotta go…” he said regretfully.

“Ok, love you, Eddy!” she replied affectionately.

“Love you too…” he said quickly, hung up and took a deep breath to prepare himself. When he opened the door to his room Josh and Corey were predictably at each other’s throat.

“…and you’re a fucking moron, that’s what you are!” Josh shouted.

“I didn’t ask you to help me, you shithead!” yelled back Corey, his face all red with fury.

“What the fuck, dude?! You should be fucking grateful that I spend my free time here instead of…” Josh said indignated.

Corey cut him off.

“Oh I’m sorry! I didn’t think it was such a pain to spend time with your best friend!” he said theatrically.

“Guys! Guys! Knock it off!!” Ed shouted at the top of his lungs which made the two straight boys jump a little and although very reluctantly they shut up and resorted to simply glared at each other. “What the hell is going on?” Ed demanded.

“I’m done trying, Ed! This was a huge mistake!”Josh said a little dramatically.

“Yeah, no shit it was! You’re the worst tutor EVER!” Corey retorted childishly.

“Oh yeah? Well then fuck you Corey, I’m gonna…” Josh pushed his buddy on the chest and was probably going to do a lot more but:

“ENOUGH!” Ed’s voice screeched so angrily now that the two boys stopped in their tracks and looked at him, not knowing what to do. They were definitely not used to seeing him like that. The submissive little queer was now furious. “This is stupid, guys! What are you fighting about? Huh? Do you even know? Well?!?!” Those two knuckleheads had finally managed to make him lose his cool “Corey!” he growled “For the last time! We’re trying to help you here and all you do is joke around and waste our time!” he went on “Just suck it up and fucking focus! And Josh!” Ed turned to the black haired boy using the same outraged tone “Man, you need to be A LOT more patient, for God’s sake! He’s your best buddy! Just friggin help him out and stop bitching about it, already!”

Josh and Corey were stunned. They hadn’t been scolded like that since they were children. It was so weird that Ed should be the one putting them in line considered everything. Yet they didn’t seem to be able to reply, feeling more and more embarrassed by the way they were behaving just a few seconds before, with every passing moment. Ed was positively glaring at them like he dared them to spit out more excuses. A few seconds went by and Ed’s breathing slowly went back to normal. The beast was calming down and he suddenly felt a little embarrassed himself by his outburst now and after clearing his throat he looked down.

“I’m… I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to shout… it was just…”

“You’re right.” Josh said and Ed looked up at him.

The handsome black haired boy was scratching his head and the look on his face definitely showed remorse. He turned to his old buddy and went:

“I’m sorry I lost my shit Cor…” he began “But dude, it’s like you go out of your way to test my patience!”

Corey rolled his eyes but not with anger.

“Dude, it’s because I get frustrated when you guys explain things to me! I don’t understand half the stuff you talk about!” he confessed.

“Then why don’t you just say so?” Josh asked incredulously.

“I dunno! Because I don’t want you two to think I’m a complete idiot!” Corey said.

Now Josh rolled his eyes.

“Cor! You’re not an idiot! You just need to stop fucking around and tell us when there’s something you don’t understand!” the black haired boy said.

Corey turned to Ed, as if to see if he agreed with Josh. The gay boy shrugged and smiled at him:

“Couldn’t have said it better myself!” he said.

Corey looked down. He looked like a little kid.

“Fine! Ok!” he said and magically the tension started dissipating a bit.

“And no more taking your dick out to shut this one up either, you hear me? Not during tutoring sessions! You know he’s got zero will power when he sees a dick!” Josh added pointing at Ed who grimaced.

“Guilty!” he said.

Corey smiled.

“Alright, I promise!” he replied and the faces in the room were definitely more relaxed. The three boys were feeling better.

“Why don’t we go get a drink?” Ed blurted out of the blue.

Josh shrugged and said:


Corey made a face.

“Uhm… you guys go, I’ll catch up with you later…” he said.

Both Josh and Ed looked at him frowning and waiting for him to elaborate somehow.

The blond boy shrugged and said,

“Sorry, can’t afford it…”

Ed snorted.

“Of course you can! You just need to tell your bitch to pay for it! You both do actually!” he said half joking and all of them laughed.

“Oh, man! You really get off on this shit, do you?” Corey said.

Ed looked at them with a meaningful smile.

“Well, I’m still your bitch, aren’t I?” he asked.

Josh looked at Corey and smirked.

“Last time we checked, hehehe!” he said and Corey laughed too.

“Awesome!” Ed said all perky.

Corey shook his head:

“What do you say, man? Should we let him pay for our drinks?” he said to Josh.

The dark haired boy shrugged, still smirking.

“Hey, who are we to deprive an eager cocksucker of such a huuuuuge honor? Hehehe!” he joked and both Ed and Corey laughed.

“Alright, you got it, fag! Drinks are on you tonight!” Corey said.

“Yeeee!” Ed made victory signs, goofing off and they all snickered “Thank you Sirs!! You’re both soooo generous!” he said with exaggerated subservience.

“C’mon, you dork! Let’s go!” said Josh punching Ed’s arm, friendly “I’m thirsty!”


Ed was waiting for Corey to wake up. The three boys had done some celebrating the night before and had had a proverbial blast. Drinks had naturally turned into dinner, then more drinks. A lot more drinks. Corey and Josh had overdone it of course, in the spirit of the ain’t-it-good-when-you-make-up-with-your-best-friend-after-a-fight kind of relief. Maybe they hadn’t gotten as wasted as other times but although they had been able to get back to their respective dormitories more or less with their own legs, Ed had blown over 100 bucks in food and alcohol, most of which he hadn’t consumed. It’s not that the two straight boys had forced him to do that but the booze running in their system had definitely helped them to kick back and not raise any real objections when he had offered to foot their bill and, not surprisingly, the gay boy was not displeased with that. Now Ed was sitting on his own bed, cross legged, waiting. He had a nice cup of steaming coffee in his hands, ready for his roommate. He needed his full attention. The brainy boy hadn’t gotten much sleep but the idea was finally full and complete in his mind. The bug had been implanted in his brain the night before. It was just a stupid joke one of them had made. But it had gotten him thinking and Ed had spent a good portion of his night perfecting it. As much as he liked spending his own money to spoil his straight friends he realized he couldn’t afford it. Not at that rhythm. Hence the idea. The concept was easy, really. He had done extensive research online to make sure that the whole thing had any real chance of success but the part that had taken most of the time was probably figuring out if he was ready to do that for Corey. There had been some pretty heavy soul searching but he had eventually decided that he was. All he had to do now was convince ‘sleepy head’ of the genius of said idea which was a task he didn’t find particularly challenging. Of course they were gonna need Josh’s help and he knew that was probably gonna be way harder to get. ‘Maybe not impossible, though’ thought Ed. After all he was really good at convincing people, wasn’t he?

Corey started to stir in his sleep till he opened his eyes and groaned. Alright, it was show time!

“Morning Corey!” Ed said smiling. A second groan was the answer he got from the handsome blond.

“Coffee?” the gay boy asked. Like it was a magic word, the other one lifted his head from the pillow and looked in his direction. He smiled and sat up on his bed. Scratched his messy hair and extended his arm, one eye closed, the other one half open. He grabbed the mug and sipped a couple of times before muttering.

“Man, you’re the best!”

Ed smiled.

“How’s the hangover?” he asked. Corey drank some more coffee.

“I’ll be alright…” he answered.

“Good!” Ed replied, then continued “Cause I need to talk to you about something!”

“What’s up?” Corey managed to say before sipping some more of the hot dark beverage.

“Any chance you remember what happened last night?”

Corey made a face.

“Oh, man, I hate it when you ask me that!” he said “What did I do this time?”

Ed chuckled.

“Nothing bad, relax!” he said “Just wondering if you remembered what we talked about.”

Corey frowned.

“Not really…” he said then thought about it for a second “But I remember some singing…”

“Yeah, that was kind of embarrassing…” Ed grimaced.

“Hehe! Yeah, I’ll bet!”

“Yeah, anyways, we talked about your money problems…” Ed said “And you… like… sort of agreed that you should probably get a job while you try to catch up with your classes, do you remember that?” he asked. Corey scowled.

“I’m glad I don’t…” he said kinda moodily.

“Well…” Ed continued, not at all surprised by his friend’s reaction “What if I told you I may have a way for you to make a few bucks without doing that? Getting a job I mean!” he asked.

“Yeah right…” Corey said sarcastically.

“I’m serious” replied Ed.

Corey looked at him then shrugged.

“Let’s hear it, then! I’m all ears!” he said and went back to his coffee.

“Alright, here goes…” Ed said getting up from his bed and sitting at the end of Corey’s “What’s the one thing you have that others don’t?”

Corey frowned and thought about it for two whole seconds before giving up.

“Dude, it’s way too early for riddles!”

So Ed tried a different approach.

“Ok, listen. Last night I was online for a few hours and…” Ed paused for a second, trying to find the easiest way to explain the notion to zombie-boy “…you know all those things we do that I love? Like kissing your feet and licking your balls and being bossed around?”

“Yeah?” Corey said, a bit confused.

“Well, it turns out that it’s… a thing…” Ed said “There are millions of people out there that are into that, you know?” the boy smiled and added “See where I’m going with this?”

Corey frowned again:

“Hey, if you’re worried that I’m gonna find another fag, don’t, man! Why would I?” the blonde boy said. Then he smirked a little “You’ll just have to beg a little harder from now on if you wanna keep getting a taste of those fuckers! Hahaha!” he joked pointing his chin at his feet and completely missing the point. Ed smiled and played along even though he was getting a tad frustrated.

“Yes Sir, I’ll keep that in mind! And I’ll prove to you that I’m worthy… in a minute.” he said, then with a somewhat patronizing tone he added “But that’s not exactly what I wanted to say…”

“Well, then just why don’t you come out and say it, bitch? I suck at guessing games!” the blond boy said slightly irritated.

“Fine, fine!” Ed smiled “What I’m saying is that there are people who would actually pay to see you treat me like a bitch and make me do all the things we normally do… but on camera!” a few seconds of silence while Corey was giving Ed such a confused look. It was amusing.


“Yeah, I know! Cool huh?!” Ed said purposely misreading Corey’s befuddlement “You wouldn’t have to show your face, of course. They would only see my face and your perfect body…” he tried to convince him “Your cock, your balls, your feet, whatever…” he continued “The point is that they would pay you for that! Remember that website that Josh hacked?”

“Yeah…” Corey answered, still not sure if his roommate was kidding or not.

“Well, that’s just one of them, there are tons like that one and… and, you know, we could post some teaser vids to tempt people and… and I’m sure the requests would start rushing in right away!”

“Ok, dude, first: you’re out of your mind!” Corey said “Second: YOU’RE OUT OF YOUR MIND!” he shouted “You want me to make porn videos?”

“Well, yeah, technically, but, again, they would only see your body, not your face, nobody would know you’re you!” Ed explained again, trying to use all his power of persuasion. Pause.

“But they would see your face?” Corey asked still trying to decide if he was being made fun of.

Ed shrugged.

“Yeah, I thought about it and I really don’t have a problem with that!” he said “After all they would only see me do what I love the most! And even if someone does recognize me, which is highly unlikely, I’ve never denied that I’m a fag, everybody knows that, so…” Corey couldn’t argue with that and Ed continued “…besides, when I was in high school they took shitloads of super degrading videos, man..” the gay boy shrugged and added with a smile “…what’s a few more, right?”

Corey kinda felt sorry for the guy but that wasn’t his more pressing feeling at the moment. Maybe it was the hangover but what he couldn’t explain was why he did not find the idea completely and utterly wacky?

“Whatever dude. You cannot be serious, you just…” Corey tried to reply “You can’t be serious!” he repeated lamely but Ed’s eyes were definitely telling his that the gay boy was NOT joking and Corey couldn’t really think of anything else to object that made sense. So he exhaled. Then he said “What makes you think that people would even send us money for our videos? I mean we’re no pros, man!”

Ed made a weird face.

“Well, not US Corey! You would get all the money, of course! I wouldn’t want a penny, it would take all the fun out of it for me!” he said and Corey shook his head.

“Oh man, you know sometimes you say the weirdest things!”

Ed chuckled.

“I know. Anyways, to answer your question about how I know people would like the videos…” he said in a business-like way “Didn’t you tell me once that the fact that a porn video being homemade makes it hotter because it’s more real and it doesn’t look fake and…”

“Oh, yeah! Totally!” Corey confirmed cutting him off and Ed smiled a triumphant smile that spoke volumes.

Then the boy spoke for real.

“Besides, like I said, you have something that others don’t have…” He almost sang that last bit.

Corey frowned for the umpteenth time.

“That again? What the hell are you talking about?”

“Oh boy…” Ed sighed and shook his head incredulously “Your cock, man! Your huge nine-incher is gonna look incredible on camera, trust me!”

“Hahaha! Dude, get outta town! You’re crazy! It’s never gonna work!” Corey said but the flattery Ed had just used hadn’t been wasted.

“Well, I’m not saying it’s guaranteed to work or that you’ll make millions…” replied the gay boy shrugging “But we can try and if it’s a waste of time… well, it’s a waste of time! You can still find a job after that. It’s not like you have anything to lose!”

Corey scratched his head. He was seriously considering the whole thing and Ed knew he had once again succeeded.

“Oh screw it, man! You know what? Let’s do it!” Corey said.

“Alright!” Ed exclaimed “One bonehead down, one to go!” he said to a confused Corey. “We need Josh’s help.” Ed explained.


“He’s way better than me at hacking stuff and we need our videos to be super accessible and well known to anyone who’s interested if you wanna make some money out of it.”

“Oh…” said Corey disheartened.

“Don’t worry, I’ll handle Josh!” Ed said “Somehow…” he added then under his breath.

The two boys fell silent and Corey sipped on his coffee thinking things over.

“Hey man…” the blond boy said “Thanks…”

Ed smiled and shrugged.

“What for?”

“You know what for!” Corey replied “I can’t believe you wanna do this for me!”

Ed looked at him and smiled but the words he spoke were somehow serious.

“I told you Corey. There is NOTHING I wouldn’t do for you or Josh, I mean it!”

Corey smiled back.

“Yeah, well. I kinda feel bad having breakfast on my own…” the straight boy said, now smirking blatantly “and I think my bitch deserves a nice little treat for coming up with this whole idea, so…” he pulled the covers off his lower body “Here!” he said showing Ed his bare feet “You can lick them as muuuuch as you want, today!”

Ed smiled at him and immediately kneeled down on the floor at the end of Corey’s bed. He pressed his face to one of his soles. Somehow, they were more mouth watering than usual.

“Thank you Sir!!! You always know what to say to make me feel better!”

“Hehehe! My pleasure, fag! My pleasure!”


“Alright, it’s ready…” Josh grumbled moodily while looking at the screen of his computer “…still can’t believe you talked me into this! You sure you wanna be a physicist? You’d make a hell of a lawyer!”

To say that it had taken a while to convince Josh was putting it mildly. Not surprisingly, Corey hadn’t been much help but this time Ed had truly outdone himself. Two whole weeks of relentless pestering and an obscene amount of ass kissing (both literal and metaphorical) had done the trick: Josh’s absolute ‘NOs’ had slowly turned into ‘MAYBEs’ and the young jock had eventually caved in, more out of exhaustion than actual endorsement of ‘the plan’ but the fact of the matter was that Ed’s efforts had totally worn him down.

“Haha! Well, my dad’s a lawyer and so was my grandpa! Thank god my big sis took one for the team and became the most badass attorney in New York City so I’m free to do my own thing!” the gay boy said quite happy with himself “Anyways, there are worse things than this, you know?” Ed continued trying to console his very moody friend.

They were in Josh’s room sitting on his bed. The boy’s roommate, Jonathan, had flown back home for the holidays a couple of days earlier leaving Josh to enjoy the perks of having the room all to himself for three whole days. The black haired boy gave Ed a look that spoke volumes.

“Dude, I’m editing homemade gay porn, for fuck’s sake!” he said “You do remember I’m no queer, right?” he added with a little disdain.

Ed smiled.

“But it’s for Corey…” he whined.

“Right…” Josh said flatly then added “Where is he, again?” his tone was now slightly annoyed.

Ed scratched one of his knees.

“He had a meeting with Denton to see if he could smooth things over. He should be done by now though…” he said.

Josh snorted.

“Yeah, fat chance of that happening!” he mumbled with heavy sarcasm.

Ed didn’t comment and that was mostly because, although he had been coaching Corey on what to say to the professor, he knew Josh was right.

“Look, I know I’m asking a lot from you but I really want this to work, Josh…” Ed said sincerely then added “And I told you I’ll do anything you want in exchange! ANYTHING!”

Josh looked at him sideways and smirked a little.

“Well, not to sound too cocky, bitch, but c’mon, we both know you pretty much do that already!” both boys chuckled.

“True, then how bout I’ll keep doing that for as long as you want me to?” Ed flashed him his irresistible smile and Josh shook his head amused.

“Yeah, like that’s even a pain for you, dickbreath!” he snickered “But I am sooo gonna hold you to that one, though!” Josh half joked.

Ed smiled.

“Well, I hardly think I’ll ever stop wanting to be your bitch, Sir!” said Ed “Why would I? You even let me lick your balls when they’re sweaty!” he continued “It doesn’t get any better for a fag, you know?” he concluded.

Josh laughed.

“Noted! Hehe!” he said “Alright queer boy, let’s watch this masterpiece one last time before we post it.” the handsome stud pressed play as they both stared at his laptop screen.

There was an upbeat music and the title ‘FagEd goes to college’ appeared in a really cool font with the subtitle ‘Episode 1’. Then the black screen cut to Ed and Corey. The Swedish boy was sprawled on his leather armchair while Ed was on all fours right in front of him. Corey was naked and his huge cock was limp and, like Ed had predicted, it looked majestic on screen and so did his low hanging balls. His right leg was bent up and his bare foot was comfortably resting right on the middle of Ed’s back. The blond boy’s face was blurred out though so you couldn’t really tell it was him unless you really knew the guy intimately.

On the other hand Ed’s face was in plain view. He was in his underpants looking at the camera and smiling.

“Hi everyone, I’m FagEd and I’m pretty sure you didn’t really need to know that to tell that I’m a huge, huge fag!” video Ed said. Real Ed cringed a little. It was weird to watch and hear himself talk. “There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for cock and I’m totally submissive so when my…” he turned his head to look up at Corey “…straight roommate here figured it out he took advantage of the situation and turned me into his total bitch…” he explained.

“Shut up!” Corey’s amused voice cut him off, tapping his foot sole on video Ed’s back “You couldn’t wait for me to do that, you fucking queer! You even begged at a certain point!”

Video Ed smiled and said.

“It’s so true, Sir!”

You could hear Corey’s snickers.

“Yeah, anyways, this bitch and I are ready to make some pretty nasty videos for you perverts…” Corey’s voice said in the most cocky tone he could muster “…all you gotta do is tell us what you wanna see and be prepared to fork over a little cash!”

Real Ed couldn’t help feeling a stir in his pants.

“You’re getting hard again, aren’t you?” Josh’s voice asked amused. It had happened every time they had seen that video while they were editing it.

“Yup!” Ed said still looking at the screen but he could see Josh smirk and shake his head disapprovingly.

“Here’s a little sneak peak of what we’re offering!” video Corey said and the scene suddenly cut to a close up of Ed’s face licking Corey’s hairless ballsack. After a few seconds it cut to him suckling gently on Corey’s cockhead. Then him willingly deepthroating the whole hard meat. Then him being skullfucked, relentlessly, mercilessly, savagely, gagging and choking while you could hear Corey’s baritone groan with pleasure and approval. Then it cut to Ed jerking Corey’s huge cock till the straight boy came all over his face. The framing, the HD quality, the sound, the lighting, it was all perfect. They had Josh to thank for that, of course. Even the transitions from one scene to another were… well, very professional looking. Then, right when cum-plastered-face-Ed looked up at his straight roommate with the most thankful, grateful and adoring glance, the image went back to the first scene, Corey on the armchair, resting one of his feet on Ed’s back.

“If you wanna see the whole video or if you have any requests just hit us up!” video Corey said.

“Yeah, and to all the fags out there, trust me, you’ll wanna see waaaay more!” video Ed said and in doing so he lowered his face till his lips touched Corey’s other foot, the one on the floor and he started to kiss it lovingly.

“Hehehe! Yeah, you tell ‘em bitch! Hehehe!” Corey laughed as he casually lifted his foot from Ed’s back and dropped it quite heavily on the gay boy’s hair, pressing his face down on the foot he was smooching.

That hadn’t been planned like the rest of the shooting. Ed had just followed his gut and had counted on Corey’s naturally butch and cocky reaction. Sure enough the blond stud had delivered. After a couple of seconds, video Corey flipped off the camera with both middle fingers and went:

“Later faggots!”

And cut to a black screen. The video ended with the email address they could be contacted at: [email protected] They had even bought the domain and set up a nice eye catching website and all. Well, Ed had done the buying of course. All in all that first video was such an amazing teaser. It was under two minutes which (studies showed) it was the perfect length to make you want more. Besides, everything looked and sounded so real. Corey’s fair skin, his pulsing cock veins, his blond pubes. Even Ed’s gagging tears.

“Anything at all you wanna change?” Josh asked in a business-like way when the clip ended.

“No, I think it’s perf…” Ed was cut off by a sudden rap on the door.

“Guys, it’s me!” Corey’s voice came from outside.

“Dude, it’s open!” Josh replied.

Corey entered the room. His expression was clearly pissed which made Ed’s following question sound completely rhetorical.

“How’d it go?”

Corey snorted.

“Ok, get this!” he began moodily “So, I said everything you told me to but the stupid fuck said he can ‘see through my BS!’ Can you believe him?!” he finished with complete indignation.

“Oh, I can!” Josh shrugged, but he was smiling.

“Shut up, dude!” Corey punched him on the shoulder making him chuckle then the blond boy sighed and sat himself heavily on the bed Josh and Ed were sitting on. He noticed the two of them looked like they were working on the computer and it hit him.

“Oh, right!” he exclaimed “Is it online?”

“Not yet, we were just about to upload it.” Josh said then he turned to Ed “Listen man, are you SURE you wanna do this?” he asked and Ed smiled.

“Oh, c’mon, bro! What are you, his mom?” Corey interjected a little exasperated “You’ve asked him like 500 times, already!”

Josh didn’t even turn to look at his buddy.

“I know!” he answered slightly annoyed “But this whole thing feels so fucking wrong!”

Corey rolled his eyes and Ed smiled. It was pretty clear that after his first mild resistance the lazy young man was now apparently very much on board with the project. Josh, not so much yet.

“Yeah, I’m sure!” Ed replied before the two boys started bickering as usual “Looks like it’s gonna take time and a lot more than words to convince professor Denton that Corey is actually a straight A student…” he joked “…and he needs some cash pronto, it’s the perfect solution…” Ed said shrugging.

Corey smiled in a told-you-so kinda way.

“See? He wants to help me!” he said purposely childish “You should follow his lead!”

Josh’s temper came out to play.

“You did not just go there!” he said “I AM helping you, asswipe! I’m fucking shooting AND editing all this shit!” he retorted “AND I’m also taking care of…”

Corey made a funny apologetic face and raised his hands.

“Bro, I was totally kidding!” he said, then he acquired some sort of seriousness in his voice and added “And look, I know you’re out of your comfort zone here and I appreciate it, man. I really do…”

Such a nice, considerate, sensitive answer threw off young Josh for a second because he was not expecting any of that stuff from dear old inconsiderate Corey. The dark-haired boy couldn’t help smiling even though unwillingly. Then he shrugged and went:

“Whatever dude…” but he wasn’t angry. Then he turned to Ed “Alright, fine! It’s your life!” he said and added “Let’s do this. Gimme half an hour and this thing will be every-fucking-where!”

It turned out to take a little bit longer than half an hour and Corey and Ed ended up going downstairs to get a soda so they were at least allowed to chat freely seeing as Josh didn’t exactly like being distracted when he was being a computer wiz.
When they came back, though, he was done.

“Alright, say I’m a genius!” Josh said kinda cheekly.

“You’re a genius…” the two boys replied flatly in unison, without an ounce of conviction.

“Screw both of you!” Josh joked “I posted the video in every single website known to mankind…” he exaggerated “…both regular and deep web! If there’s anyone that’s actually interested like you say…” he nudged at Ed “…they’ll find it.” he concluded confidently.

“Awesome, bro!” Corey said exchanging fist bumps with his buddy “So what now?” he asked.

Josh shrugged.

“Now we wait…”

“Wow… it’s really out there, isn’t it?” Ed said all of a sudden making the two straight boys turn.

“Don’t tell me you’re having second thoughts…” said Josh, his temper rearing up again.

“No, no, it’s just… I dunno, I guess talking about it and actually doing it are two different things…” Ed tried to explain “But I’m happy we did this!” he said encouragingly.

Josh didn’t look particularly convinced but he replied:


Ed cleared his throat.

“So what time’s your flight?” he asked them.

“5?” Corey said like it was a question.

“6:30” said Josh completely ignoring his scatterbrained friend.

“Right.” said Ed following Josh’s lead “Mine is at 7, we can share a cab to the airport.”

“Sure!” replied Josh.

Corey looked yet again like the little kid in the room when the adults are talking. But then Ed turned to him and said subserviently.

“I packed your bags earlier when you were out.”

Corey smirked a little and regained all his cockiness:

“Best bitch I ever had!” which made the three of them snicker.

“So do you guys wanna go grab a bite for lunch? It’s almost 1.” said Josh.

Corey scratched his head and looked a little guilty.

“Well, actually I kinda promised him we’d give him a little treat…” he said speaking to Josh but pointing his thumb at Ed.

Josh shook his head amused and looked at the gay boy.

“Dude, are you a fucking cum vacuum or something? We both fed you this morning!” he said.

Ed smiled bashfully.

“Yeah, I know but…” he replied “…I told you I’m not gonna see you guys for like two whole weeks… what am I gonna do?”

Josh chuckled.

“Man, you’re hopeless!” he told him which was a comment Ed received fairly often from the both of them “Alright, fine, we might as well dump another load before we leave, right?” Josh said to Corey.

The blond boy looked even more guilty.

“Right!” he said “The thing is, I’m seeing Karen in like fifteen minutes so I’m dumping mine inside of her.” he continued smiling his cheeky smile, then he added turning to Ed “No offence man, your mouth feels great but it ain’t pussy, hehe!”

Ed smiled, hiding a small pang of disappointment.

“You still dating that environmental chatterbox?” asked Josh.

Corey smirked.

“Asked the guy who’s still dating Miss Boring McDullness!”

The boys chuckled and Josh conceded ruefully:

“So true…”

Then Corey shrugged.

“Well, to be honest, I don’t know about dating…” he answered the question sly as ever “…we fuck a lot, though, does that count as dating? Hehehe!” he laughed to his own cheekiness.

Josh kicked him on the leg, playfully. Then he turned to Ed, but spoke to Corey.

“Fine, so you’re leaving me alone with this cum guzzler, huh?” he said, then added “Man, he is gonna milk me dry!” All three of them laughed.

“You know it!” Ed said.

Corey got up from the bed.

“Alright, you crazy kids have fun…” he said swagging towards the door “I’ll see you in a couple of hours.”

They said their ‘See you laters’ and Corey left.

Josh scratched one of his pits.

“I downloaded a few new vids last night…” he said getting up from the bed himself “I’ll check ‘em out while you blow me…” the boy informed Ed while sitting his laptop on his desk.

“Ok…” Ed replied.

“Just gotta take a piss first.” Josh said walking towards the bathroom without waiting for a reply. He whipped out his dick and started relieving himself. Now, like most guys do in a similar situation his mind wondered somewhere else. There was something he had been meaning to ask Ed but somehow he had always forgotten.
He absent mindedly shook his dick a couple of times when he was done and walked back into the room without bothering to zip up or even put it back in his boxers.

“Hey, bitch!” the boy called, expecting to find Ed still on his bed where he had left him.

“Yeah?” Ed’s voice made Josh turn to his right. The fag was kneeling down under Josh’s desk, waiting.

Josh snickered.

“Wow, you must be starving, huh? Hehe!” the boy said and Ed nodded eagerly, smiling “So, you know when you say how much you love sucking cock?” he said, taking off his jeans.

Ed frowned.


Josh threw his pants on the bed and took off his underwear.

“Well, you always say you get so horned up when you do it, right?” he asked rhetorically.

“Uh-huh…” Ed agreed not sure where he was going with this.

“Well, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you jerk off, man!” Josh said now sitting down on his desk chair, his cock and balls bobbing about freely “How come?”

Ed got closer and smelled Josh’s crotch funk which never failed to send him to heaven.

“mmmm… didn’t think you wanted to…” the gay boy said right before taking Josh’s cockhead in his warm, wet mouth.

Josh snorted loudly as he was browsing his video archive.

“Tsk!! You know I don’t!” he told the fag while enjoying his delicate tongue slobbering all over his piss slit “I was just wondering why I never even see you touch your crotch, you’ve gotta be just as horny as I am, do you jerk off in private because you’re embarrassed or something?”

Ed indulged himself for a couple more seconds before letting go of his juicy treat.

“Mmmm… your piss always tastes so bitter…” he said lovingly, digressing momentarily.

Josh made a face but kept watching his laptop screen.

“Eeew, that’s fucking gross!” he said.

“Well, would you want me to start asking you to wash up before I blow you?” Ed asked somewhere between amused and confused.

Josh snorted even louder.

“HA!! Oh, hell no! I only do that for girls! Hehehe!” he half joked, then explained “No, I just meant it was totally TMI, you know what I mean?” The straight boy looked down at a puzzled Ed, with a sassy expression “You think I wanna hear what my piss tastes like? I don’t!” he said “So you just lap it all up and keep the faggy comments to yourself, ok pig?” he concluded amused.

Ed chuckled.

“Yes Sir!” he replied and Josh went back to look at the screen.

“Good bitch!” he snickered playfully.

Ed could hardly be more turned on. That kind of attitude was why he adored cocky straight boys, those two in particular.

“Anyways, to answer your question…” the gay boy said “…first of all, I just think it’s completely disrespectful for a fag to simply start jerking off in front of a straight guy!” he explained.

Josh rolled his eyes, amused and went:

“Here we go.”

Ed went on.

“I mean, I shouldn’t be focusing on my own pleasure at all! I’m here to service YOU and make YOU feel good, right?” another rhetorical question.

Josh went with it, there was no point in disagreeing, he had learned that much.

“Right…” he said.

Ed continued.

“Besides… I only jerk off once a week, when you guys are not around… it’s my rule…” he confessed.

Now Josh looked down incredulously.

“What? Once a week? Yeah right! You’re full of shit!” he said.

Ed smiled.

“It’s true…” he replied “I mean I’m pretty much hard 24/7 but I never touch my dick unless I have to pee.”

Josh looked at him like he was from Mars.

“Why the hell not?”

Ed shrugged.

“Well, it keeps me horny, which means always hungry, which means I can give all I got every time your dick is in my mouth.” he explained with so much simplicity.

Josh raised an eyebrow for about two seconds then he couldn’t help cracking up.

“Hahahaha! Are you serious? Dude, don’t you get blue balls?”

Ed smiled again.

“Oh, yeah, all the time!” he said conversationally “But it’s a small price to pay to make you guys feel good, hehe!”

Josh looked totally amused.

“Oh man, another one of your weird kinks.” he said grinning down at him “But you know what? You won’t hear me complain about it, man! Hehehe!” he added.

Ed smiled, then he lasciviously started licking the boy’s black pubes and Josh went back to browsing.

“Alright, here we go!” Josh said and he was about to put his headphones on.

“Uhm… Josh?” said Ed.

The dark haired jock looked down.


Ed looked a little embarrassed.

“Well, I just wanted to say that I feel so lucky every time you guys let me do this…” he said.

Josh smiled:

“Yeah, well, we’ve been through this! Your mouth feels a helluva lot better than a hand!” he snickered.

Ed smiled too but he looked a little bummed out.

“Yeah, but I also know that it doesn’t feel as good as the real thing…” he said and saw Josh frown “…you know, like a girl’s…” he hesitated.

Josh raised an eyebrow.

“Pussy, cunt, twat, snatch, fuck hole, slit…” prompted the straight boy “…aka vagina?” he said smirking like he always did whenever Ed got embarrassed to call girl parts dirty names.

“Yeah, that…” said Ed drily.

Josh looked curiously at him.

“Is this about what Cor said earlier?” he asked as sharp as ever.

“Well… kinda…” Ed replied “But I just want you to know that I’ll get even better!” he said “I’ll get WAAAAY better, I promise! And I’ll make you feel absolutely incredible, you’ll see!” he continued all chipper.

Josh shook his head again, amused.

“Oh, man! Listen to yourself!” he said “Ok, look! Cor and I are straight, remember?” he tried to level with his cocksucker “So nothing you can do is ever gonna feel as good as fucking a hot chick.” he said it like it was obvious which pretty much was to everyone, except maybe for Ed.

The gay boy was speechless for a couple of seconds. What Josh had just said shouldn’t have even phased him but he felt annoyed with himself and his stupid inadequacy. He had never not been the best at something, especially that!

“But dude, you’re already likely one of the best cocksuckers in the world! Male or female!” said Josh sincerely which made Ed chuckle.

“Thanks Sir…” he replied “But if that’s ok with you my next goal in life is to hone my skills a lot more and become…” he thought about it for a second “…the ultimate cocksucker! Hahaha!” Ed said and they both laughed.

Josh then said.

“Does sucking on our dicks really mean THAT much to you?”

“Well, yeah, of course!” Ed replied “But even more so,,,” he hesitated “No, forget about it, it’s silly.”

Josh looked ever so curious now.


Ed looked up in those hazel eyes with an adoring expression.

“I wanna give you two the greatest pleasure of your life…”

Josh paused for a second then added a malicious glint to his eyes “And that’s… what? your life’s ambition?” he asked.

Ed smiled bitterly.

“Yeah, kinda… at least for the moment…”

Josh snickered.

“Suit yourself, fag! I doubt there’s much room for improvement…” he smirked at mid phrase “…but considering that you’ll be sucking my dick pretty much on a daily basis for the next three and a half years, maybe you CAN get a little better, hehehe!”

Ed smiled up at him.

“I will, Sir! Or I will die trying! Hehe!”

Josh joined in the laughter.

“Hehe! Good! Now open up, c’mon! It’s time to start your training!”

“Here’s another one! Have you ever watched the movie ‘Constipated’?” a beefy man shouted merrily at the other end of the long table “You couldn’t have! It hasn’t COME OUT yet!!!” and he roared with laughter at his super lame punch line.

“Please kill me now…” Carol Clark mumbled to her little brother Ed, sitting next to her who was, just like her and the rest of their large family, pretending to be wildly amused by his uncle Charlie.

The boy smiled. Then he felt a familiar buzz in his pants. He took out his cell and was a little surprised to see Corey’s name on the screen. He looked up at her sister who had an eyebrow raised.

“Don’t you dare!” she hissed.

He smiled at her.

“Sorry, sis! Gotta take this!” he said.

“I hate you.” she said playfully.

Ed excused himself from the family dinner and walked out of the dining room.


“Dude! I can’t believe it!!” Corey’s excited voice came to him.

“What’s up?” Ed asked.

“Your crazy plan worked! I got a ton of emails with lots of crazy shit in them but a few of them were actual requests!” he said.

“What?” replied Ed excited.

“Yeah! Money dude! Big MONEY!!” Corey shouted.

“Hahaha! Calm down, it’s the number of times you sell the same video that will make you money, not if you just sell one or two!” Ed lectured him.

“Kill-joy!” the other snorted “Anyways I wanna start shooting right away!” he said “Josh’s on board, so all you gotta do is get your fag ass to Colorado! Hehehe!”

“Yeah, right, like my parents are gonna let me!” Ed replied in a very down-to-earth way.

“C’mon man! Tell ‘em you gotta become a movie star!” the boy joked and Ed chuckled.

“Damn I do wanna suck your dick, though! I’m going crazy without my daily dose!”

Ed confessed and Corey snickered.

“Hehehe! Yeah I bet you do, you little queer! hehe!”

Ed was torn apart. Of course he wanted to be with Carol and their mom and dad. He hadn’t seen them in a while. And his cousins were coming too! He sure liked them. But then the boy started thinking about Corey’s body. His cock. His smell. And what’s more, Josh was gonna be around as well. It had only been a few days but he did miss them like crazy.

“So, what’s it gonna be?” Corey’s cocky voice asked.

Ed smiled to himself and said.

“Oh what the hell! Alright, I’ll talk to them in the morning, I’ll see what I can do!”

By Naughty Bard
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