Live and let serve – 5 Sex Story

#Abuse #Gay #Rape #Teen

By Naughty Bard

Christmas break. Ed pays a little visit to Corey’s mansion and together with Josh they start with their little project.

“You gotta be kidding me…” Ed said standing in front of a fully-fledged mansion “THIS is his house?” he asked.

“Yep!” Josh answered a little amused, standing right next to him “Told you he was a rich brat!”

“You do know that I can hear you, right?” interjected Corey slightly irritated, closing his SUV door.

“Oh yeah, I do!” shrugged Josh “And you do know that I’m just telling the truth, right?”

Corey made a face.

“Whatever…” he grumbled moodily and started walking towards the front door “…c’mon, let’s get this over with!”

It had taken quite a lot of convincing both from Ed and Corey to make that happen. Ed’s parents and sister hadn’t been particularly thrilled about him not spending each and every waking moment of the Christmas break with them, but his awesome sibling had ended up taking his side and helped him convince mom and dad Clark to give him their blessing. Being persuasive clearly ran in the family.

On the other hand Corey had had a considerably harder time convincing his stuck up father to let Ed stay for a few days. It was obviously out of spite towards him. Corey was sure of that. There couldn’t have been any real reason whatsoever since they had shitloads of space for guests. But in the end he, with a little help from his mom, had gotten his old man to agree and Ed had thanked him profusely even though Corey wasn’t sure he had done him a favor at all. Of course Corey and Josh had had a talk with their gay friend about the blond boy’s father, warning him “to keep away from the old bastard as much as you can if you don’t wanna kill yourself after the first day!”

Ed was a little nervous. Meeting his friend’s parents. That was uncharted territory for him. Like a lot of other things he had experienced in those few months, ever since he had met his roommate.

“Remember, just smile at him and speak as little as possible!” Corey said one last time to Ed.

“Ok…” Ed said.

“He’ll be fine, Cor! He’s not you, remember?” Josh said sarcastically.

Corey looked at him and answered flatly.

“Thanks, bro…”

And he opened the door.

Ed couldn’t contain himself and as soon as they walked into the entrance hall he let out a “Whoa…” of pure wonder.

“Yeah, yeah, I know. It’s big.” said Corey with a tone that clearly showed that he was completely used to that kind of reaction.

‘Big?! Big?!?!’ Ed thought to himself. The place was friggin’ huge and every single object in it showed off the family’s wealth. From the curtains to the chandeliers. From the majestic staircase that led to the upper floors, to each piece of furniture you could see around.

“This way.” Corey said and the other two boys followed him. They entered another humongous room that must have been what normal people would have called the living room. There was a blonde forty-something woman talking to a plump balding man who was nodding condescendingly. It looked like she was giving him instructions of sorts even though she didn’t really look particularly commanding. Suddenly the man noticed the trio approaching and he smiled warmly.

“Welcome back, young master!” he said to Corey.

“You gotta be kidding me…” Ed repeated, this time whispering softly and Josh chuckled.

“Thanks Charlie!” Corey answered then added “Hi, mom!”

The woman smiled to all of them in a rather coquettish way.

“Hi, baby!” she kissed her son “And hi, Joshy!” she added then, embracing her son’s friend with affection.

“Hey Mrs. H! It’s good to see you!” the black haired boy answered, hugging the woman back.

“You need to stop getting more and more handsome every time I see you, you know?!” the woman said outrageously flirtatious, taking Josh’s face by the chin and squeezing his cheeks.

“Mom!” Corey reprimanded her, clearly embarrassed. Josh chuckled. The woman ignored her son and moved on to Ed.

“And you must be Ed! It’s so good to finally meet you!” she said hugging Ed.

“Uhm… Thanks ma’am. It’s a pleasure for me too!” Ed replied a little embarrassed but extremely polite.

“You’ve already met him mom, remember? My first day on campus?”

Corey sounded unusually irritated by his mom’s behavior.

“Of course! Silly me!” she laughed a bit airhead-like “Welcome, dear!”

“Thank you so much for your hospitality, Mrs. Hansson!” Ed replied.

“Oh, you’re such a darling!” the woman replied ruffling Ed’s hair and Corey rolled his eyes.

“Mom, is HE here, somewhere?” he asked her.

“Your father?” the woman enquired needlessly “Yes, honey, he’s in his study, working.” she said “But why don’t you show Ed where he’ll be staying? We’re having supper in less than an hour, you’ll see him then. And Joshy, you’re joining us, dear! I won’t take no for an answer!” she said sweetly.

“Sure Mrs. H, thanks!”

Corey and Josh showed Ed around. That place was crazy. It looked like one of those mansions you see in Beverly Hills. It even had two swimming pools, one indoor and one outdoor which was miles away from what normal people experience everyday. Then, while they were checking out Corey’s apartment-size room, one of the maids, (yes, maids! Ed found out there were three working there plus the cook and the butler) informed the boys that supper (cause apparently that’s what they called it there) was served.

Corey’s father entered the dining hall shortly after the boys. He was a very tall man who looked a lot like Corey. Physically that is, because their attires and the vibe they gave out couldn’t have been more different.

“I apologize for being late!” He said in a rather formal way “Work, you know…” he added.

“It’s alright dear!” Corey’s mom said.

The man extended his hand to Josh and said.

“Good evening, Joshua!” in the same formal tone.

“Hi, Mr. Hansson.” the boy shook his hand vigorously flaunting a very different tone from the familiar one he had used with Corey’s mom.

Then the man turned to Corey and rather coldly, he said:


“Father.” Corey’s answer was similarly chilly. Finally Mr. Hansson spoke to Ed.

“And you are my son’s friend, I take it?”

“Uhm, yes sir! I’m Ed.” Ed copied Josh and shook Mr. Hansson’s hand.

“Ed, huh? And what does that stand for? Edward? Eddard?” with the corner of his eye, Ed saw Corey roll his eyes almost loudly and mouth ‘Here we go’

“Uhm… Edwin, sir!” he answered the tall man.

“Be proud of that name, young man! No need to cut it short to make it sound catchier! I’m sure your parents took their time in choosing it. It’s disrespectful to shorten it!”

The situation was so formal, it was almost funny and borderline surreal. Corey looked embarrassed but Ed didn’t even flinch.

“Couldn’t agree with you more, sir!” he replied “And thank you for letting me stay, sir! I very much appreciate it!”

The man smiled, even though stiffly.

“My pleasure, Edwin!” then he turned to his wife “Where’s Christopher, dear?”

“He’s on his way, he texted me a few minutes ago.” she answered and then, noticing her husband’s disapproving scowl, she added “But we can start and he’ll be here in a…”

“I’m here, I’m here! Sorry!” a teenage boy with the same familiar blond hair and piercing bright blue eyes walked into the dining hall wearing a hoodie and some ripped off jeans.

“We have guests, Christopher!” his father said disapprovingly.

“I know. I said I was sorry! Hi, mom!” the boy said kissing his mom on the cheek and clearly showing his dad he didn’t particularly feel guilty “What’s up, Josh?” he asked then.

“Hey, Chris!”

“Hey little bro! This is Ed!” Corey said and Chris waved his hand to his brother’s new friend.

“Hey, man!”

“It’s nice to meet you Chris.” Ed replied politely.

“Well, why don’t we all have a seat? Charlie? You may start bringing in the food!” the woman said gaily.

It was pretty clear from the start that Ed and Corey’s father got along extremely well. The man kept praising the boy for his academic achievements and for every nagging thing the man said the boy had a perfect answer that made the man smile and even chuckle. Corey and Josh watched that exchange of corny jokes and old-fashioned puns in awe, like it was a surreal tennis match between two pros. Of course Mr. Hansson never missed an opportunity to compare that prodigious little genius to his very average son, in an almost apologetic way, probably to teach him a lesson but that only managed to depress the young stud. That whole little mind game was not lost on Ed who didn’t really last long before jumping in and defending his oppressed hero.

“I’m sure it must be a pain to share a room with Corey. He’s such a slob!” Mr. Hansson said like Corey wasn’t even in the room.

“Not at all, Sir! Your son is amazing!” then he bravely added “And… with all due respect, Mr. Hansson, I think you’re selling him way too short, you know?!”

The man raised an eyebrow. Corey’s jaw dropped dramatically and so did Josh’s.

“Oh?” replied Corey’s father. But Ed was on a roll.

“Yeah, what I mean is that he’s a great guy! He’s kind and nice and funny!”

“You’re very kind to say so, young man…” Mr. Hansson tried but he got cut off.

“I mean it Sir! He’s always there when I need someone to talk to! Couldn’t ask for a better roommate, really!” he declared “You see, even when I told him that I’m gay…” Ed continued even though he heard young Chris almost choke himself while sipping his soda “…he didn’t even flinch! We became good friends and trust me, Sir, that doesn’t automatically happen…” said Ed with a sort of saddish nuance to his voice. There was a very short but very awkward silence in which Josh and Corey looked flabbergasted. Young Chris was wiping off the soda that had come out of his nose and his father tried real hard to hide his emotions.

“Oh, well, good for you, young man! It’s terrific that you can be this open about it, as you should be!” Mr. Hansson finally said never losing his formality. Then added “And as for Corey ‘accepting’ you… well, I would expect nothing less from a son of mine!” the man said with a final tone, looking at an astonished Corey. It wasn’t too hard to see that Hansson senior was somewhat happy about Ed’s words about his own boy.


“Hey bro! You busy?” young Chris entered Corey’s room leaving the door ajar. His older brother was lying on his bed wearing a t-shirt and shorts, just about ready to hit the sack.

“Not really, what up, squirt?” he said looking up from his phone. Chris sat on the bed
and looked a little embarrassed.

“You never told me your roommate was a fag!” the boy blurted out.

Corey shrugged.


“Well, doesn’t that bug you? Not even a little?” young Chris asked.

Corey frowned slightly.

“Bug me? No, not really, man! He’s cool.” he said smiling “Did you see the way he handled dad? Man, that was fucking awesome! Hahaha!”

“Yeah…” said Chris distractedly “But c’mon, bro! You can tell me! Dad’s not here. It
kinda sucks having him around all the time, right? The fag, I mean!” he added then trying to level with his big bro on a subject that seemed so easy to tackle. Corey shook his head disapprovingly but he was amused.

“What’s the matter with you? You can’t catch the fag bug, lil bro, you know?” he said.

Young Chris rolled his eyes “I know that, moron!“ then he suddenly looked suspicious but struggled a little to voice his thoughts. “Wait a minute… you’re not… like…”

There was an awkward silence, then the big brother raised an eyebrow, anticipating Chris’s question.

“Dude, you are sooooo not about to ask me if I’m a fag, right?”

Chris exhaled, looking way relieved.

“Oh, fuck man! You scared me!” the boy confessed.

Corey kicked him playfully on the elbow and said with a tad of resentment:

“Hey! Fuck off, squirt! Do I look gay to you?”

The other boy raised his hands.

“No, of course not! But…”

“But what?” Corey was looking at him half amused, half pissed.

“Well, neither does he, though!” Chris finally said, almost to justify himself.

His big brother smiled.

“Yeah, I know. I was kinda surprised myself when he told me… which was like three minutes after we met! Not like he’s shy about it!” Corey confessed “But trust me, living with a gay dude… best experience ever!”

Chris frowned, unsure if his big bro was kidding him or not.

“Why?” he asked.

Corey crossed his hands behind his head and smirked widely.

“Well, coz he pretty much does all the stuff I don’t wanna do! Like cleaning, for example!” he said, cocky as fuck.

Chris looked amused but still not convinced.

“Yeah, right!” he replied sarcastically.

“It’s true! He even does my laundry for me! He loves it!” Corey continued with the same impudent smile, then added “Ask him if you don’t believe me!”

Corey’s tone told Chris that although his big bro was probably boasting a little, maybe he was actually being somewhat serious about it. The younger boy laughed and just said.

“Damn, bro! What is he, your slave?”

Corey chuckled.

“Hehehe! Well, I wouldn’t go that far but let’s just say the dude reeeeally likes doing what he’s told!”

Chris went back to looking very skeptical.

“You’re shitting me, right?”

“You’re free to think so but no, man…” Corey shrugged then added “…it’s all true… and of course the fact that he’s totally into me helps a whole lot!”

“What?! No, man, that’s just too weird!” the younger boy said a little on the disgusted side.

“Just chill the fuck out, squirt!” Corey scolded him a little impatiently “There’s nothing weird about it! He thinks I’m hot and I let him suck my dick whenever I’m horny and I don’t have a pussy handy! End of story!” the boy vented like it was nothing then he realized that he had maybe said a little too much.

“What?!” young Chris exclaimed raising his voice.

“Shit! I wasn’t supposed to tell you that!” Corey said looking slightly guilty, for about
two seconds. Then he went “Oh what the fuck, dude, you’re old enough!”

Chris looked stunned.

“But… but… you said you’re no fag!” he stuttered.

“Ok, dude, another comment like that and I am soooo kicking your ass! Capish?” the older brother threatened amused “Do you really think your big bro could ever turn into a fag? Seriously?”

“Well… but you just said…” but Chris was cut off.

“I said I let him service me whenever I’m horny…” Corey explained patiently “And that just means I pretty much use his mouth to jerk off while I watch porn!”

Chris frowned.

“And he lets you?” he sounded completely baffled by the whole concept.

“Let me? It was his idea!” Corey donned his best smirk and added “And let me tell you something: that thing they say about fags giving the best head ever ain’t just an urban legend, squirt! Hehehe! Never felt anything like it!” said Corey, kinda like he was bragging about his personal cocksucker’s skills.

“Woah, this is fucking insane, bro!” Chris stated and Corey smiled in an understanding way.

“Well, to be honest I kinda had the same reaction at first but then the guy talked me into trying one blowjob and… man, that little queer’s got a mouth like a fucking hoover!”


“Is he really THAT good?” Chris asked after a few seconds. It was harder to hide his interest now.

“You have NO idea!” Corey answered.

Young Chris stayed quiet for a few more seconds like he was pondering something.

“You think you can make him suck me off too?” he asked then.

“Woah, woah! Slow down, squirt! Weren’t you all ‘it’s too fucking weird’ just a second ago? Now you want in?” Corey smirked.

“Well, it’s just that you said that it feels so good!” Chris said almost childishly then added quickly “And as long as it doesn’t make ME a fag!!” which made Corey chuckle. He looked at his younger sibling for a few seconds.

“Have you ever had your dick sucked, lil bro?” he asked curiously.

Chris looked a little embarrassed, scratched his spiky blond hair and confessed:

“Nah, I asked Sarah to do it once but…”

“…she said it was gross and disgusting and bitched about it.” Corey interjected. Chris smiled bitterly.

“Yeah, pretty much… she jerked me off instead.”

“Tsk! Typical!” commented Corey, then added with a funny smirk in his eyes “Well, I could definitely make that happen but I think you should ask him yourself.”

“What? Are you talking junk? I just met the guy, like three hours ago!” Chris protested.

“Hehe! Yeah, I know but I doubt he’ll say no…” Corey said “…and if he does…” the boy smirked a little more evilly “well, I’ll tell you a surefire way to… uhm… convince him, hehe!”


Corey started feeling guilty the second his little brother walked out of his room. Getting him involved was not exactly part of the plan and he was pretty sure Josh was gonna give him a nice, long piece of his mind about it. Classic Corey! He had spilled the beans about a lot of shit he knew he should have kept to himself. And what about poor Ed? Colorado boy had acted like his roommate had no say in the matter whatsoever. Why was he always so damn reckless? It wasn’t the fact of sucking someone else’s cock. Corey was pretty sure that Ed wasn’t gonna mind the act per se. It was more that he had pretty much decided for Ed that he felt guilty about. He just had to go and boast in front of his little brother, didn’t he? And after all the trouble Ed had gone to was willing to go through for him! He had even talked him up to his stuck up dad at dinner. Corey felt a pang of remorse, stronger than the others. ‘Maybe Ed’s gonna turn Chris down…’ the boy thought but unfortunately the concept seemed a little unlikely, especially now that he had used the guy’s weakness against him. As Josh had put it, Ed had no willpower whatsoever when he saw a dick and Corey had pretty much told his fifteen year old brother to use that to his advantage to obtain what he wanted. That hadn’t been cool. Corey scratched his cheek. He was pacing kinda nervously around his room and mulling over the whole thing. The blond stud had to admit to himself that being so impotent every time a guy took out his cock made Ed pretty fucking weak. Of course he liked pussy probably just just as much as Ed loved cock but was he really so helpless before a naked chick? Corey thought about it for a second then he conveniently decided that he wasn’t which, for some reason, made him feel good about himself. He sat on his bed and sighed. Had he just ruined everything?


“Uhm… yeah?”

Ed said when he heard the knock on his door.

“It’s Chris… Cor’s brother…” a boyish voice said from the the other side “Can I come in?”

“Of course!” Ed said immediately, getting up from his bed, a little surprised. That was unexpected. What did he want? It was pretty late after all.

Young Chris entered the room. He was wearing a Boston Red Sox t-shirt and checkered pyjama pants. He was barefoot.

“Hey man! I’m sorry to bug you. I hope you weren’t asleep…” he said all cool and swag but polite, smiling at Ed.

“No, of course not!” the gay boy hurried to say “Did something happen?” he asked then.

“Nah! Don’t worry! It’s just…” Chris said, hesitating a bit. He didn’t look too much like his older brother. Sure enough, their ‘colors’ were similar: same striking blue eyes, same blond hair, same pale skin. But Chris was more athletic than Corey, although slightly shorter. His hair was longer and it was all spiked up with copious amount of
product and the features on his face were way more similar to his mother’s than his father’s: high cheekbones and naturally full lips which gave his face some sort of unconscious viking-boy-charm that was indeed very hard to resist for Ed… but maybe not just for him. It was fairly safe to say that Corey’s little brother probably had a line of girls at school drooling after him and not just for his undeniable good looks. The kid was clearly a high school jock which automatically made him cool and desirable.

“What is it? Did I do something wrong?” Ed kept on guessing.

“Not at all, man! Relax!” Chris said “I simply… kinda… well I… like… I wanted to ask you something…” the boy looked embarrassed and Ed frowned a little.

“Sure! What is it?” he encouraged him.

“Ok, look, it’s totally weird and I understand if you say no…” the boy began, moving his hands kinda frantically.

“Oook…” Ed replied curiously.

“Well, it’s just that… you’re gay…” he said stating the obvious “…which is cool…” he hurried to add “…but you see… you know how us guys are… we’re a bit insecure in the size department…” he touched his crotch, making Ed’s eyes linger a little too long on that area. Chris continued “Anyway… I figured… since you’re gay and all…” he repeated “…you must have seen tons of dicks…” now it was starting to get a little clearer where he was going with this “…so I was kinda wondering if you could… like… you know… take a look at mine and tell me if I… like… measure up and shit…”

It was bullshit. All of it. It was the least believable story that teenage kid could have come up with, for several reasons. The most blatant of which being that it was clear as day that Viking boy did NOT need to boost his self confidence one bit. His ego was just fine as it was. Corey had to have done some obvious catching up with little Chris and told him a few too many things about college life. Chris had probably shown some interest and that’s why he was there. He wanted his dick sucked. It was a fairly simple deduction for someone like Ed and young Chris wasn’t exactly a master of deception. The older boy wasn’t shocked by that. Being passed around was normal for a cocksucker. That’s what his whole life in high school had been about, day in, day out. Sure, Corey and Josh were different from everyone else. But that didn’t really matter all that much. They were straight boys and they had every right to pass their cocksucking fag-pig around. Period! Brothers, cousins, friends, acquaintances, whatever… they were entitled to take away his own free will and chose for him. Or at least that’s what he had been taught in the four very educational years he had spent at the Browning School for boys. Besides, in all honesty, even though Ed was well aware of Chris’s little ‘scheme’, there was a far bigger problem. Fag boy was starving. He hadn’t sucked a dick in days. Josh had had to leave in a rush right after dinner and Corey wanted to ‘preserve himself’ for the shooting on the following day. Hence the crazy hunger. And now that handsome teen was offering him to let him see his cock! There was no real decision to be made.

“Oh… well… ok, I guess… I can take a quick look… I mean if it’ll make you feel better!” Ed tried not to sound too eager. He didn’t want to spoil Chris’s fun. It was worth playing that little game.

“Yeah! Thanks man!” the boy exclaimed, a little taken by surprise. He probably wasn’t expecting Ed to say yes but that turn of event was clearly to his likings. Then there was an awkward moment. “Uhm… so, what? Do I just… whip it out?” Chris asked, uncertain of what to do.

Ed chuckled “Hehe! Well, yeah, sure! Just let me get closer… you know, I wanna take a good look…” he said kneeling down in front of the boy who looked down at him with a mixture of awestruck disbelief and amused wonder. “There! I’m ready!” Ed said smiling up at him with his face right in front of Chris’s crotch.

“Alright…” the blond boy said and without further ado he grabbed the waistband of his pants and boxers and pulled down. And his cock was out.

“Woah…” Ed exclaimed. They were brothers alright. Both the Hansson offsprings had clearly been blessed with the hung-like-a-horse gene. It shouldn’t have been that much of a surprise for the king of all cocksuckers but beholding cocks such as the one that was in front of him wasn’t exactly a daily thing, even for FagEd. Chris’s sparse pubes were sandy, his balls were quite plump although they didn’t hang quite as low as his brother’s. His cock looked very similar to the one Ed knew so well though. It was maybe half an inch shorter, at least now that it was limp, but it was just as thick. He was uncut like his brother and his foreskin was covering his cockhead completely. The gay boy suddenly felt so lucky.

“Oh man, you’re huge!” Ed exclaimed and Chris couldn’t suppress a snicker.

“Really? I am?” he said then.

“Yeah! I mean, your dick is amazing! It’s not just big, it so… beautiful!” Ed said kinda lamely.

“Haha! Dude, you making fun of me?” Chris asked, amused and suspicious at the same time.

“No! Not at all, man! I would totally jump through hoops to get a chance to suck on a dick like yours!” There! He had said it. Young Chris needed to learn that he shouldn’t have to ask to get serviced, it was the other way around.

“What?” Chris said, cackled down at him, a little incredulously.

“Yeah! I mean it!” the happy fag boy answered him “Of course you’re obviously straight which means that ain’t gonna happen!” he winked up at him then shrugged “But one can dream, right? Hehe!”

Chris was puzzled to say the least. Was this guy for real? His big bro had been singing the friggin’ Gospel truth about him, no question about it! Still young Chris had never seen anyone act so shamelessly… gay. Being gay in high school was pretty much social suicide. It meant being teased, called any kind of names and even bullied on a daily basis by the popular kids, a category Chris belonged to and in total honesty, in that regard he was not entirely innocent himself. He wasn’t one of those violent bullies, by any means! But the constant name calling, the mocking and the sneering through the school halls… well, those things pretty much came with the jock status, right? And that’s why no kid in his right mind would blurt out faggy shit like this Ed guy! He was kneeling down in front of him, a younger kid, and practically begging to suck his cock.

‘Alright Chris, play cool and you totally got this!’ the smug voice inside his head told him.

“Well…” Chris said tentatively “…what if I told you that you CAN suck it?”

Ed’s eyes lit up as he smiled at him.

“Are you serious? Would you let me? For real?” the gay boy looked and sounded like a little kid on Christmas morning which Chris found almost hilarious. He probably wouldn’t have believed it if he wasn’t witnessing it first hand.

“Well, since you’re down there…” Chris said, trying real hard to sound like that was NOT his first blowjob and obviously NOT a big deal at all “…besides I was gonna jerk off before going to bed anyways, so you might as well…” he added with fake nonchalant.

“Oh, thank you Chris!” Ed said and before the kid could reply, he had started rubbing his face all over Chris’s junk and kissing it lovingly.

“Woah…” Chris snickered.

And then the faggot opened his mouth and started sucking on his cock.

“Fuck…” Chris commented almost in a whisper. That mouth felt so wet and warm and… fucking perfect. He felt his dick getting harder and harder as the fag’s tongue and lips were massaging his whole shaft. Chris couldn’t believe it. He was getting head! For real! Sure, it was from a faggot but still that shit felt so fucking good! For a second he wondered what his friends and teammates at school would have said, had they known. But it was hard to focus. The fag was sucking on it so strongly and Chris felt his cock head touch the back of his throat every time Ed’s lips touched his pubes. It was incredible. Chris hadn’t had his first taste of pussy yet but this feeling was kinda hard to top as far as he was concerned.

Ed was finally tasting cock again. It had been way too long for a pathological addict such as himself which meant that no dick had ever tasted so good. He had repeatedly pulled back that long foreskin, slurping and feasting on the boy’s pungent smegma. He looked up and saw pure pleasure painted on Chris’s handsome boy-face. Viking boy was lost in his own world, his eyes were half-closed and he was biting his lower lip yearningly. Ed felt so proud of himself. He guzzled that awesome cock one more time and lingered while his nose was pressed against that young jock’s pubes. He breathed in Chris’s smell. It was certainly musky, like you would expect from a teenage boy at the end of a day and Ed noticed a slightly different fragrance from Corey’s stale-sweat odor. Needless to say he loved it and suddenly felt like he was willing to do more for him. He backed up a little and slid the warm and tasty cock out of his mouth. Chris looked down, like he was about to say something but Ed went:

“Does it feel ok?” he asked.

“Feels awesome!” Chris said before he could stop himself, then cleared his throat a little less excited and added in a lower register “I mean… it’s pretty good…”

Ed smiled and asked:

“Wanna try something that feels even better?”

“What?” Chris asked very interested indeed.

“Alright, now trust me on this.” Ed said “Close your eyes and think of the hottest chick in school…” he started. Chris smirked a little but complied. “You picturing her?”

“Yep!” Chris said.

“Is she down on her knees, stark naked with her mouth open?” Ed asked.

“Hahaha! You bet!” Chris snickered.

“Good!” replied Ed “Now why don’t you grab onto her head…” Ed guided Chris’s hands so that the young jock was now holding his hair in a tight grip “…yeah, just like that…” he said.

“Now what?” said Chris almost impatiently.

“Fuck her face like there’s no tomorrow…” Ed told him simply and Chris guffawed. The gay boy joined in but then he added “Hehe! I’m serious! Don’t worry, she won’t complain if you get rough! She can take it!” he finished. Chris looked down and sneered at the gay boy.

“Dude, you’re weird! hehe!” he said. Ed grinned back at him and shrugged.

“I’m just a very hungry cocksucking faggot, Chris!” he said simply.

“Hahaha! You said it, man!” the boy snickered.

“Hehe! C’mon, now! Use this face-hole to get off, I promise there’s no need to hold back!” he said reassuringly.

Chris smirked slightly then he shrugged, totally Corey-style, and went:

“Alright, it’s your mouth, hehe!”

And then the face-fuck began. Chris started humping back and forward, not too fast at first but then he picked up the pace. Ed adjusted the pressure of his lips and the space down his throat to give Chris the very best time of his life.

“Oh, fuck yeah…” Christ kept whispering while pounding that wet hole that right there and then didn’t really seem to have any other purpose but his sexual pleasure. The grip on Ed’s hair was not lightening up at all and the boy’s cockhead was punching the back of the cocksucker’s throat at each thrust.

Ed was in heaven. Every time he tasted dick he was reminded of how much his addiction (because that’s what it was at this point) was dictating so many aspects of his life. He was a submissive cocksucking fagpig that couldn’t go a day without swallowing a load of cum. There was no reason to sugar-coat it. Besides, that suited him just fine. He had long learned that being on his knees for the pleasure of others was what he was born for. And getting to service young novices like Chris was such a great thrill. Ed loved the fact that he could educate this budding stud on what the privileges of being straight were.

The Cindy Jackson in Chris’s fantasy was hotter and way sluttier than the real one. She was looking up at him with those adoring eyes as the boy was skull-fucking her without any mercy whatsoever. That felt so fucking good. His girlfriend Sarah was also cute but the fag had said to picture the hottest chick in school and the head cheerleader (two years his senior and two-time homecoming queen) definitely fit the description. Chris had never experienced such pleasure coming from his dick. It felt like he never wanted to stop humping but at the same time he knew that he wasn’t gonna last long. Not that he cared. The harder he fucked that awesome throat cunt the closer he got to climax but it was simply too good to take it slow and after a couple of minutes of that intense face fuck he just couldn’t help shooting his orgasm out of his piss slit.

“Oh fuck!!” was all Chris said while panting. Ed counted five explosive spurts of hot cum hit his taste buds, then a few others that were minor in intensity.

“Mmmmm…” he said in a super slutty grunt. To his surprise the taste and texture was strangely similar to Josh’s but maybe with a slightly bitter twist to it. It was so good to be able to swallow that sticky nectar again.

Chris kept on humping a few more times, still panting and Ed wrapped his arms around the boy’s ass and buried his face into the boy’s pubes, as if he was trying to choke himself on that majestic dick.

“Fuck…” Chris repeated, finally opening his eyes and looking down. The faggot was looking up at him with the same adoring eyes Cindy Jackson had had in his fantasy. It was kind of a bummer not to see her for real down there, but still cumming like that had felt off-the-charts good. The fag didn’t look like he wanted to let go of his now softening dick at all. Chris realized he was still grabbing onto his hair with both hands, which undoubtedly gave him some strange cool buzz. The blond boy smiled and held onto the head of that faggot and his convenient mouth pussy for a little while longer. Then, after a few seconds the cocksucker slowly let his dick slid out of his mouth.

“Ahhhh!” the fag said “Thank you for letting me swallow it!” he blurted out then added while licking his lips “It tasted so good!”

Chris still couldn’t believe this guy really talked like that.

“Yeah, sure…” he answered trying not very successfully not to laugh.

“So how was it?” Ed asked still on his knees, sticking his tongue out and giving his shaft another hungry lick.

“Good…” Chris started to say, but then he dropped the cool act “Oh screw it, man! That was fucking awesome!” he said finally beaming at Ed.

“Hehehe! Thanks Chris! I’m glad you liked it!” the fag replied, “So your big brother was telling the truth about me, huh?” Ed continued sounding really casual.

“Yeah, man! Totally! He said you were…” Chris started to reply with enthusiasm but then realized he was totally blowing his cover “I mean… no… he didn’t…” he tried but Ed was smiling, amused and Chris felt like he could be honest “Oh man! Was I that obvious?”

“Hehe! Nah, just a little…” Ed said “Besides I know your brother, hehe!” trying not to make him feel bad.

“But I’m no fag, though!” Chris raised his hands suddenly uncomfortable, like he wanted to make something crystal clear.

“Of course you’re not!” Ed reassured him “You’re just a very straight boy using a fag’s mouth to get off. Nothing more!”

Chris smirked a little, definitely more relaxed.

“Alright, good!” he said “So can we do this again?” he asked, now sounding a little more childish.

“You kidding me? Of course we can! Anytime you want!” Ed said and he noticed Chris’s smile widen “Just one thing…” Ed added.

“What?” Chris asked.

“Well, you really don’t need to find any kind of excuse to get head from me, you know?” he explained “Whenever you get horny all you need to do is come find me, snap your fingers and go: ‘Hey fag! Suck my dick!’ and I’ll do it!” he said still sitting on the floor.

Chris laughed.

“Hahaha! Alright, I’ll keep that in mind!” he said putting his junk back in his pajama pants.

“Awesome!” Ed said “And also remember that YOU are doing me a huge favor, not the other way round!” he added “After all it is almost an honor to service a dick like yours, you know?” then Chris smiled again.

“Dude, you’re weird!” he said again, then added “But I totally like what you’re saying! Hehehe!”


“Alright, here’s what we got so far.” Corey said. They were in Josh’s car which was full of photographic equipment and they were driving in the direction of the ‘location’ where they were going to shoot “…27 emails in five days.” Corey recapped.

“You said 24 yesterday.” Ed objected.

“I got three more this morning!” Corey said with a smile.

“Cool! What do they say?” the gay boy asked.

“Well, a bunch of ‘em are asking for prices on request videos and shit and I don’t really know what to answer…” he said “How much do we charge?” Corey asked his two friends.

“Didn’t ‘sissywhatever’ send you 50 bucks?” asked Josh referring to the customer they were about to make very happy.

“‘Sissy73’” corrected Ed.

“Yeah, but he sent me the money without even asking for the price…” Corey said “Can we really ask that much for each video?” he continued sounding very skeptical.

“Hmmm… sounds a little steep, I’d say more like 15 or 20 bucks.” suggested Ed “But
we’ll figure it out. What else you got?” he asked.

“Ok, six dudes sent me the five bucks we asked for to see the uncut version of the video we already shot.” he said.

“Well, that’s 30, not bad!” Ed commented.

“Yeah, then we got the two requests I told you about. The one with all the trampling
shit and then ‘Sissy73’ with the throat-fuck which he’s already paid for.”

“Can’t you just send him the promo? There’s a whole lot of throat-fucking in that one too!” Josh commented, kinda moodily.

“No, he wants me to throat fuck him while he’s on the floor… go figure…” Corey replied checking his phone. “Oh, and then there’s this one guy…” he said amused “You need to listen to this, haha!” he said then cleared his throat and started to read.

‘Greetings Sir,

Let me start by saying that you are a God to me. I am an old, inferior faggot cunt who’s ready to do anything for you, Sir! I beg you, straight God, please, let me know how I can serve you!

Your stupid maggot slave


Corey finished reading, snickering outrageously joined by Josh.

“Oh boy! This one’s even weirder than you, man!” Josh commented, glancing at Ed in the rear-view mirror.

“Hehehe! But I was actually counting on his type when I thought this whole thing up.” Ed said and the two other boys frowned at him “He’s a cash fag.” he explained.

“A what?” the two straight boys replied in a puzzled unison.

“Well, basically he gets off on sending money to hot young studs who will humiliate him and call him names and stuff…” he explained “I read about them online.” he added innocently noticing their incredulous look.

“Alright, you know I’m ok with pretty much anything these days…” Josh commented “But please tell me you’re joking!”

“Nope! They’re a thing! And there’s loads of ‘em, too!” Ed replied “Trust me! Here’s what you need to reply…” he said know-it-all style “Tell him you can consider giving him the honor of making him your slave but he needs to send you regular tributes…” he went on “Oh, and then go heavy on the name calling, the nastier the better!” he concluded.

“Got it!” said Corey already typing.

“Are you actually gonna write that?” Josh asked his buddy.

Corey shrugged smugly and answered without looking up from his phone.

“Dude, you have to ask? If this guy wants to send me money who am I to stop him, right?” he said now typing furiously with both thumbs.

Josh didn’t comment but shook his head, halfway through a disapproving scowl and an amused look.

And so an exquisitely homophobic and humiliating reply was sent to this Jim guy. Ed couldn’t help considering him competition but he also found himself feeling quite smugly content of the fact that Jim was never gonna have what he had. After a few more minutes Josh turned into a semi-deserted parking lot and stopped the car.

“We’re here!” Corey said opening his door.

There was a warehouse in front of them. They were in the outskirts of Greeley, Colorado, Josh and Corey’s hometown and the only other vehicle in sight was a very rusty old Chevy that had not been used in a few centuries. Also the building looked a little run down and abandoned.

“Does this bring back memories or what, bro?” Corey asked smirking widely.

Josh matched his buddy’s expression and went:

“Hell yeah, man!”

And then in unison they shouted: “Fuck cave!” and then snickered complicitly fist bumping each other.

“Fuck cave?” Ed asked as they were walking towards the entrance.

“Yep!” Corey said “Josh and I used to bring our chicks here when we were in high school.” the blond boy explained.

“Oh…” said Ed, then added with heavy sarcasm “To study, I imagine!”

“Yeah, totally!!” said Josh smirking while Corey was cackling “Hence the name!”

They all laughed.

The warehouse was mostly empty. There were a few old laundromat machines piled up in a corner and at the far end there was an upstairs office. Ed followed the two boys towards it.

“Ta-dah!” Corey said after opening the office door.

The room wasn’t too small. There was a desk full of old paperwork that looked forgotten and a worn out leather couch on the other side.

“I think I even popped a couple of cherries on this thing, hehe!” Josh said pointing at the couch.

“Yeah, well, you WERE the star of the soccer team, weren’t you?” Corey said almost resentfully and Josh snickered.

“Hehehe! Hey, don’t be a hater, man! C’mon!”

“Shut up!” Corey laughed “Alright, let’s get this place a little more comfortable.” he said turning on the heating.

The three of them unloaded the car and helped Josh set up the lights, the two cameras and all the rest of his professional looking equipment. The room had in the meantime become warm and quite cozy so the boys had taken off their winter coats and before long they were ready to roll.

“So how do you wanna do this?” Corey asked.

“Well, it’s a trampling video, right?”


“So, I lie down on the floor and you walk all over me…” Ed said simply.

“Alright… piece of cake!” Corey shrugged.

“Ok, let me just…” said Josh wile positioning one camera near Ed’s face and one with a wider angle “Alright guys, I’m recording. You start whenever you’re ready.” he said then.

The first video wasn’t difficult to shoot and it took less than they had imagined. The first take was actually perfect. Corey had started off by looking at the camera and telling everybody that “since my stupid college roommate is a little faggot bitch I thought it was funny to trample this stupid fuck!” Not original but effective. Then he had proceeded to do exactly what he was supposed to do: walk all over him. He stomped on every bit of Ed’s body, including his face, calling him a ‘sissy fag’ and a ‘pathetic queer’ while laughing at him. He was incredibly convincing and Ed simply couldn’t help getting all horned up. So much so that he had ended up begging Corey to take his sneakers off and the trampling had turned into a barefoot trampling. And then, still in the name of improvisation, Corey had pressed his stinky foot on Ed’s face and had said “Lick it, you stupid homo!” and Ed had gladly complied. After about twelve of thirteen minutes Josh had decided to wrap things up and had gone: “Cut!”

Corey threw himself back on the couch that was right behind him. His bare feet were still on Ed’s stomach and chest.

“You think that’s enough?” Corey asked Josh.

“Yeah, I got two good angles. It should be fine. I just need to do a little editing and…” the black haired boy answered but then his phone rang “My mom?” said the boy frowning at the screen.

He picked up and talked to her for a few seconds, rolling his eyes a couple of times but still maintaining a neutral intonation. Then, after he hung up, sounding kinda moody he said.

“Shit, guys, I gotta run a stupid errand for my mom!”

“Lemme guess, it’s life or death and it’s gotta be this second, right?” said Corey.

“You know the woman…” Josh commented flatly “But I can be back here in 20 minutes… 30 tops…” he said.

“It’s fine! I actually need to call Karen anyways…” Corey said scratching his head and sounding a little irked himself.

“Dude, you gonna let him up or what?” Josh said pointing at Ed who was still lying on the floor and pretty much serving as a footrest for Corey.

“Oh, I don’t mind staying right here!” Ed rushed to say, accommodating as always. Corey smirked down at him then looked at Josh.

“See? He doesn’t mind! Hehe!” he snickered “Go do your thing, we’ll be fine! Right bitch?”

“Yes, Sir!” Ed replied.

Josh rolled his eyes amused and mumbled “Alright, fine!” and he left in quite a hurry.

“Alright, I’m gonna make this phone call…” Corey said “…you sure you’re gonna be fine down there? This is gonna take a while…” the blond boy warned.

“Yes, sir! Of course!” Ed replied super eagerly. Corey smirked at him.

“Why do I even bother asking? Hehe!” he said, then added “Here!” he pressed both his feet on Ed’s face and went all cocky “Finish what you started, faggot! I don’t think my feet are clean yet, hehe!”

Ed boned up even more and he immediately stuck out his tongue and started licking, slurring a lustful:

“Yessshh, Shir!”

“Hey babe!” Ed heard Corey start his phone conversation with Karen, the environmental chatterbox.

Ed’s tongue was moving slowly to savor the funk, like he wanted it to last for as long as possible. Licking feet had quickly become one of his favorite activities ever. He was so comfy down there. Corey’s dirty size 12 feet covering his whole face as the stud was chatting with the chick he was currently messing around with, without even looking down at him. As a matter of fact, Ed was pretty sure his roommate couldn’t possibly see his face even if he wanted to since he was lying down on the couch. That was humiliating. He was licking his feet. Most people would have seen that as disgusting. They smelled so fucking bad and yet FagEd was lapping that shit up like it was honey. In all honesty, Ed was not sure if he liked feet in general. He had only ever licked Corey’s and the whole thing had happened by chance, almost as a dare. His whole face was wet with his own saliva but it did not bother him one bit. He was happy to do it for handsome, kind, cocky, funny Corey. He asked himself if Josh’s feet would taste as good. His ass did. And what about young Chris?

“Alright, babe, I gotta go…” Corey said to the long-winded girl on the other side after about twenty minutes of mind numbing chitchat. When he finally hung up, he sighed.

“Holy shit! She NEVER shuts the fuck up!” he heard Ed chuckle at his words and sat up. The little faggot was still at work. “How you doing down there?”

“Mmmm… I think they’re clean, now…” Ed said from under Corey’s feet.

“Hehe! I’m sure they are!” snickered Corey taking away the fag’s nasty meal. Ed smiled up at him, happily.

“Thanks for letting me lick them!” he said sincerely grateful.

“Sure! Hehe!” replied Corey cocky as fuck.

“Oh and Corey?”


“Thank you for sending Chris my way!” this time those words sent a jolt of guilt down Corey’s spine.

“Oh, that… yeah, I… uhm… sorry about that, man!” Corey said losing part of his arrogance.

“Why? I loved sucking him off! His dick is unbelievable and he’s…” Ed started but Corey raised his hands and cut him off.

“Woah, woah! I don’t need to hear that shit, man! He’s my little brother, ok?!”

“Hehe! Fair enough! I won’t get into details but he used my mouth last night and once again this morning!” he explained chipper as hell “The second time he didn’t even knock on my door. He woke me up, sat on my chest and went ‘Suck my dick, fag!’” Ed continued.

“Oh, boy…” Corey said kinda sheepishly but Ed chuckled.

“He’s a natural at giving orders. I like him!” he said then added “Anyways, what I meant was that you have nothing to apologize for!” Ed reassured him. Corey looked uncertain for a second then he tried to justify himself.

“Well, I didn’t mean to get him involved… it just kinda slipped… you know?” Corey sort of smiled awkwardly at him and scratched his head.

“Hehe! Well, lucky me, then!” they both chuckled.

“Hey, could you let Josh know that you’re ok, with it?” Corey asked suddenly “I mean the whole Chris thing! I know he’s gonna bite my head off when he finds out…” he said “Hey, maybe you could even tell him that it was, like, your idea in the first place? Please!” he finished like a little kid that doesn’t wanna get in trouble.

“Haha! Sure, don’t worry! Let me handle Josh!” Ed reassured his very childish roommate.

Shooting the second video took a little longer. Corey seemed to get the hang of it. He started off teasing his faggot friend, asking “how long has it been since you sucked my dick, bitch?” Ed loved that kinda input and the second Colorado boy whipped out his meat, he had started sucking and licking ravenously on his knee while Corey was sitting on the couch and watching some porn on his phone. That meant Josh had to use one of the cameras for a close up, so that he could capture all the slurping sounds. Then when Corey was hard, the main part of the video began. Ed lay on the floor and Corey kneeled down, keeping the fag’s head between his legs. He put his phone on his stomach, still watching the porn vid and then he started skull fucking the shit out of Ed. All in all it had been an incredibly enjoyable scene on both parts. Corey had never fucked that mouth from that angle and he had to admit it was pretty fucking hot. It gave him a sense of almost total command which he could not deny liking. One of the cameras showed Ed’s eyes and Corey’s ass that was going up and down as his huge cock was going in and out like a piston, while his balls were bumping on Ed’s nose at every push. Ed was in heaven. Corey’s cockhead was pretty much using the back of his throat as a punching bag. The horny stud actually managed to make him gag a little. It was amazing. That feeling of choking, mixed with Corey’s crotch smell. The blond boy’s low hanging balls were almost covering his nose entirely and Ed felt copious amounts of his own saliva running down from his mouth to his cheeks, his eyes and his forehead. The sense of powerlessness he felt was quite welcome. That Sissy73 had to pay to simply watch. But he was living it and a sudden sense of deep gratitude engulfed him, which made the experience even more exciting. They had to stop a few times to change the angle so that the video wouldn’t result as boring but, sure enough, twenty minutes later Corey started humping even faster, moaning like a beast and Ed got himself a stomach full of the delicious jizz he had missed so much.

“That’s a wrap, guys!” Josh said Hollywood-style. Both Corey and Ed looked at him funny, as to say ‘Seriously?’ but he ignored them.

Corey got up, put his floppy wet dick back in his pants and sat on the couch to put his sneakers on.

“Mmmm… I can’t believe you finally fed me again. I thought I was gonna go nuts!” Ed said sitting up, while he was wiping the shit off his face with a towel.

“Damn! You can’t be that hopeless, dude! C’mon!” Josh said somewhere between amused and exasperated. Ed raised an eyebrow and went:

“Have you met me?” which made the three of them laugh.

“You know… uhm…” Ed continued “I actually have something to confess…”

“What’s up?” Corey and Josh replied, both frowning.

“Well, I kinda did something… really stupid…” Ed went on then paused.

“What?” Corey asked completely clueless to what his fag buddy was talking about. Ed sighed dramatically.

“Alright here it goes… last night, I was in my room… and I couldn’t sleep…” he started “…and then I heard a noise in the hall and when I went to check it out… it was your brother Chris, coming out of the toilet…” another dramatic pause. Corey’s slow synapsis fired up and, finally getting what Ed was trying to do, he started throwing sideways looks at Josh in a clumsy and conspicuous way to see if he was eating it up.

“And?” Josh pressed. Ed looked guiltily at the floor.

“Well, I might have… like… invited him into my room and… like… talked him into getting head from me…” he said sheepishly.

“What?” Josh said raising his eyebrows so high he looked funny.

“I know… I’m so stupid… I couldn’t resist him… he’s so hot…” Ed said shaking his head remorsefully.

“Dude, he’s 15, for fuck’s sake!” Josh said exasperated “Don’t you have any shame… I mean…” he continued, then turned to Corey for support “…dude! Aren’t you gonna say something?!” he said but his blond buddy was not exactly quick to hide his expression of… what was it? Relief? He actually looked kinda happy. Something didn’t add up.

“Yeah… I mean… yeah…” Corey said suddenly, clearing his throat “I mean… he’s my little brother, dude… how could you?” the boy sounded like the worst possible wannabe actor reading for a high school play no one would ever wanna see.

“I know, I’m so sorry, Corey… will you please forgive me?” said Ed contrite.

Corey pretended to think about it for a couple of seconds. The he smiled warmly and went:

“Sure, man! No biggie!” he said dismissively “He’s old enough anyways! Hehe!” he laughed nervously throwing another look at Josh. The guy was watching him but wasn’t saying a word.

“Thanks Corey, I swear I’ll never do it again…” Ed promised.

“Hehe! Alright then!” Corey sounded even more nervous “Oh look at the time! It’s past one! Who’s hungry, huh?” he continued.

“Me!” replied Ed.

“Awesome! Come on! Let’s take the equipment back to your car, Josh!” and picking up a heavy looking bag, he hurried out of the office.

Silence. Then:

“You didn’t invite Chris to your room, did you?” Josh asked all of a sudden.

“Nope.” answered Ed, totally expecting the question.

“The little fucker came to you, right?”


“Because someone couldn’t keep his mouth shut?”

“Pretty much. But please, don’t say anything. He’s kinda scared of your reaction.”

The two boys were talking about Corey like two parents talk about their little kid. Josh sighed.

“I swear he’s such a pussy!” he finally said exasperated “Can’t believe he asked you to put up this whole charade!”

“Yeah, well… at least we know he’s completely incapable of lying…” Ed said so naively that the two boys couldn’t help smile to each other.

“Fine, I’ll let this one slide…” Josh said then he pointed his finger to the other “But just so we’re clear… YOU stay away from MY lil brother, understood?”

Ed frowned, amused.

“Dude, he’s like 5 or 6!” he said indignantly then added “He’s safe for at least the next 10 years!”

“I’m gonna fucking kill you!” Josh threatened smiling and Ed chuckled.

“Hey Josh…” Ed said then.


“You know, I really did miss you guys…” he confessed. Josh frowned and suddenly got super butch.

“Dude, don’t get all mushy on me, ok?” he said.

“Hehe! Sorry!” Ed smiled apologetically and the dark-haired boy smiled back. Then he smirked a little.

“Besides, I’m pretty sure you missed our dicks way more than you missed us, you little queer!”

Ed couldn’t help snickered. Then he said.

“You got me there!”


Christmas break came and went super fast as is the case when you’re having
shitloads of fun. Ed ended up spending a little over a week at the Hanssons and in that short period of time he kept himself pretty busy. He managed to lay down some sort of roots for a possible reconciliation between a stuck up father and his lazy-ass son, become Corey’s mother’s new best friend and let young Chris use his cumdump of a mouth so often his breath pretty much smelled like teen jizz 24/7. Overall, time extremely well spent! The college boys edited the two videos and shot three more because, to their own puzzlement (Josh and Corey’s in particular), the requests kept coming in. FagEd got to have many memorable moments to go down in the books, sucking off three awesome specimens of male teen several times a day, including one extremely challenging (on Ed’s part) deep throat contest between the three drunken straight studs at four o’clock in the morning on New Year’s day to see who could make him gag louder. Naturally, if on one hand these experiences satisfied his lustful hunger, on the other, as is the case with any hopeless junkie, they dramatically increased his uncontrollable addiction to cock.

And so it was that Ed, Josh and Corey flew back to San Francisco to start the new semester at Stanford. Alas, something awful happened on the second day they were back on campus. Following a time-honored tradition, Kappa Sigma, the same frat where Ed and Jen had met at the beginning of the year, threw a huge party where everybody went, boys and girls alike. They all had a proverbial blast and drunkenly stumbled back to their dorms ridiculously late. It wasn’t until the morning after that Ed got a call from a very upset Jen who was begging him to meet her at one of the campus coffee bars.

“What?!” Ed exclaimed completely outraged once Jen had finished explaining the situation.

“Keep your voice down…” Jen pleaded, a mixture of fear and anger in her eyes. Ed regained his composure.

“Where is she now?” he asked.

“In her room… she doesn’t wanna talk to anybody…”

“Is she alright?” he asked again but immediately realized the stupidity of his question.

“No, of course not! Would you be?” Jen replied quite annoyed. She looked so tired.

“Sorry… I meant, has she been to a doctor?” Ed said patiently.

“No, she doesn’t wanna see one…”

“Fuck! This is so fucked up!” the boy cursed in frustration.

“I swear I’m gonna kill that son of a bitch!” Jen growled through gritted teeth.

Ed was right there with her. He had never liked the guy. Mark Sweeney. He was quite possibly the biggest douche on campus. He was a junior and the precious quarterback of the Stanford Cardinals which pretty much meant that, apart from playing football, he was majoring in being a dick to everyone except for his teammates and frat brothers. Luckily Ed didn’t have to put up with the moron too often but the fact that he was dating Jen’s best friend Courtney meant that Ed had to endure the occasional encounter. Of course Mr. Quarterback was striving to keep up the reputation his status demanded and gladly slept around with tons of other pretty girls which should have been more than enough reason to dump his ass. Unfortunately Courtney, being the superficial airhead she was, sort of turned a blind eye every time she got cheated on just because ‘dating the quarterback in college is so cool!!’ Jen and all the other girls had tried to convince her to end the relationship countless times, and so had Ed. Man, he really disliked the guy. On the day they had met, when the fact that he was gay had come up in the conversation, the very butch Mark had told him “you keep your hands to yourself and we’re good, ok?” sounding like he wasn’t kidding. Not one bit. He was cocky, arrogant, overconfident, misogynist, homophobic and very much moronic and not in a way that Ed found attractive. Yeah, Ed hated the guy. And that’s why the fact that after having a few too many, he had dragged a highly intoxicated Courtney up to his room in the frat house and he had raped her, didn’t really sound like a stretch.

“She needs to report him.” Ed said.

“Yeah, good luck with that!” Jen probably sounded harsher than she intended “Right now it’s completely useless to try and talk to her… she’s not even completely sober yet…” she added.

“He cannot get away with it!” Ed mumbled.

They both sounded so frustrated but the more they talked about it the more they realized there was very little they could do about it, except take care of their friend. And although they had intended to keep it a secret Ed ended up telling Corey and Josh and Jen informed her girlfriends so that after a few days there was one hot new rumor that was relentlessly circulating around campus: Mark Sweeney was a rapist.

“Yeah, I mean… he’s been doing it for years!”

“No way! The dude can have any chick he wants! Why would he rape one?”

“It was at that party! You know? The one at Kappa Sigma! They say he raped four girls that night!”

“Alright, maybe he shouldn’t have but I mean he’s allowed to have a little fun, right? He’s the friggin quarterback!”

“Well, I don’t know if he did it but I wouldn’t put it past him! The guy’s a pig!”

And from mouth to mouth, Courtney’s boyfriend was gaining fame, way more than he would have possibly wanted.

Five days after the party, Jen and the girls had finally managed to convince Courtney
to come out of her isolation and leave her room. She still refused to report the incident but now she was ok talking about it, at least with them.

“We had a fight, earlier that night.” Courtney said “I was fed up with all his cheating and finally broke up with him!” she told Ed and the girls who were sitting on the grass outside the history building.

“What? You broke up with him?” one of the girls said in disbelief, halfway through a ‘It was about time’ and a ‘Bitch, you crazy? He’s a stud!’.

“Cork it, Kirsten!” Jen hissed.

“No, it’s fine…” said Courtney, trying to keep her dignity and with a little more courage she added “Yeah, I dumped him… but then he came to me and apologized and… he made me drink…” she confessed “…and I kept drinking because he was… sort of forcing me… and… then I don’t really remember much but I do remember telling him to stop and…” she stopped and couldn’t go on. The girls hugged her and consoled her as she was sobbing. The tale was not exactly full of details. It was sketchy at best but anybody could tell she was telling the truth.

“Courtney, you need to go to the police…” Ed tried, very gently.

“No! I can’t!” she got upset immediately “I… can’t… I don’t want people to know… it’s so embarrassing…” she sobbed.

“He should be ashamed, not you!” said Jen sharply “You have nothing to…” but the blond girl didn’t finish the phrase. Everyone turned around to see no one else than Mark Sweeney and two of his buds walk towards them looking like they meant business. Immediately the girls stood up and formed a human barrier in front of their victim friend.

“Hey girls! How’s it going?” Mark said, trying real hard to keep his cool and smiling, annoyingly handsome as always.

“Get lost, you pig!” one of the girls said to him, disgusted. He ignored her.

“Courtney, babe, can we go somewhere and talk?” he said, sweet as fuck, looking straight into the poor girl’s terrified eyes.

“I don’t think so Mark…” said Jen, livid with rage “Why don’t you go fuck yourself?!” she continued. He ignored that too, not even acknowledging Jen.

“C’mon, babe! Let’s go!” he continued like there was no one else around.

“Are you deaf?!” Jen said venomously “I told you to fuck off!”

Again, no reaction from him. He kept his eyes on his pray.

“People are saying really bad things about me, babe.” he said with a voice rich with hidden demand “Lies, of course!” he continued, smiling “Because we both know you wanted it too, right?” it was in no way a question “Come on, tell your friends how you wanted me that night!” he ordered her. Courtney was petrified.

“Sweeney! Do you hear me?!” Jen shrieked like a fishwife causing more than a few people to turn their heads in their direction “Go a-fucking-way!”

“Shut up Zalinski!” growled Mark, noticing the stares “Stay out of it!”

“Or WHAT?” said Jen now giving him so much attitude it kinda looked like a movie scene “What are you gonna do? Rape me as well?!” she said crossing her arms in a ridiculously belligerent stand. Mark smirked, with cocky bravado.

“Yeah, you wish! Hehe!” he said, turning sideways to his snickering buddies for support. But Jen was already on the move and, before Ed could stop her, she slapped Mark across the face with all the might her tiny figure would allow.

“Uuuuhh! Feisty!” laughed one of Mark’s cronies. Mark touched his cheek but he was still smirking outrageously. Jen was just about to jump on him simply to try and hurt him somehow but this time Ed jumped in and stopped her.

“Dude, just leave, ok?!” Ed told the quarterback as a crowd of curious kids had gathered around that confrontation “Don’t you think you’ve done enough?” he said holding Jen.

Mark looked livid.

“Shut the fuck up, queer! No one asked you!” the quarterback said looking at him like you would a nasty bug. Ed didn’t reply to that. He was pissing his pants but for once he just kept looking at him and didn’t flinch.

“Lemme go, Ed!” struggled Jen “He’s a fucking rapist! Everyone needs to know that Mark Sweeney is a fucking RAPIST!!” she screeched at the top of her voice.

“Shut up, you fucking bitch!” Mark hissed, now seriously worried about the people around him.

“RAPIST!!!” Jen kept screaming and her friends joined her in unison, Ed included.

Mark was breathing heavily and he looked like he was about to explode.

“C’mon, man! Let’s get outta here!” one of his buddies told him grabbing his shoulder.

“RAPIST! RAPIST! RAPIST!!” the girls kept on chanting.

Several boys, seeing a group of girls screaming at a guy, were starting to walk towards them probably to see if everything was ok, some of them were even Seniors.

“Dude, seriously! Let’s go!” said Mark’s second lapdog.

“Fine!” Sweeney finally said through gritted teeth “But this ain’t over, Zalinski!” he looked genuinely furious. But he did walk away after a few seconds, right before the cavalry could get to them.


“That stupid fuck!” Josh said angrily.

It was mid-afternoon. He was having coffee with Ed and Jen and they had just updated him on what had gone down the day before.

“How is she now?” Josh asked Jen “Your friend, I mean. Is she gonna be alright?”

The blond girl looked angry, but not at the boys in front of her.

“She’s fucked up, that’s for sure!” she said “But at least I finally got her to talk to a doctor…”

The three of them sighed.

“You need to be careful Jen!” said Ed worried “That lunatic might try to hurt you!”

“Let him try! I swear I’ll…” she replied venomously.

“Don’t be stupid!” Ed cut her off “This is serious!”

“He’s not gonna touch me Ed.” she said, “Not after half the people on campus saw what happened yesterday.”

“Well, regardless…” Ed continued stubbornly “…you’re not going to be left alone for the next few days, period!”

“Yeah, right!” she said a little irked.

“Josh! A little help?!” Ed said exasperated.

“I think he’s right, Jen…” the jock said gently “That moron is probably not gonna try
anything but… you know… better safe than sorry…” he tried to reason with her. She rolled her eyes and was about to reply but:

“Just do it for me, Jen, please…” Ed’s pleading sounded so sincere and full of loving care that she simply couldn’t say no.

“Fine!” she puffed eventually “Just don’t worry about me, I’m strong, you know?”

“Yeah, I know! But just humor me, ok?” Ed said and they smiled to each other. “How bout you walk her to her dorm, Josh? I gotta go to the library, I need a couple of books for Corey.” the gay boy asked.

“Yeah, no problem…” he replied “But, you know, maybe you should show him what the library building looks like!” Josh added sarcastically “He’s pretty dumb but that much he should get!” he continued without any real evil ill intent which made Jen chuckle.

“Haha! I like this guy!” she said pointing at Josh but smiling to Ed.

“Yeah, yeah! I know…” Ed smirked “…and he likes you back!”

“Weren’t you going to the library?” Josh said, slightly embarrassed.

“Yep, I’m already gone! Later!” Ed replied getting up.

“Bye, gorgeous!” Jen blew him a kiss.

Ed smiled to himself and, as he was leaving, he clearly heard Jen say:

“So… you like me back, huh?”


“Damn, it’s late!” Ed thought to himself as he gathered all the books he had gotten from the library. Some were for Corey and some for himself. 6:57. He was gonna be late. The boys were probably already waiting for him in his room. They always seemed to be pretty eager to start one of their ‘sessions’. Ed totally needed a night of mindless cum guzzling fun. The last few days had been so tense and he was tired of thinking about that whole messed up situation. No, he needed a break from the harsh, cold reality.

It was an uncommonly cold evening and there were not many people around. It wasn’t really strange at that time. Most of the kids were probably either back in their rooms getting ready for dinner or having horny college sex. Hell, some might even have been studying. For once, Ed wasn’t gonna be one of them. He had thought ahead and had gotten the room ready for their evening, including some good pot he had gotten from the usual guy. He had paid for it. After Christmas it had somehow become pretty much a given. He wasn’t even asking them anymore and they were sort of expecting him to provide their entertainment. He wasn’t complaining one bit of course. He simply couldn’t help loving being treated like that. Those two boys were probably the best thing that had ever happened to him. Things were even getting way better for Corey. Money wise that is. He had already made a total of 240 bucks with the sales of their videos which was pretty crazy considering how half baked that whole idea had sounded at the beginning. If only Corey would get any real results from their tutoring. He wasn’t dumb. He was a smart guy, he was just…

But Ed’s line of thought was interrupted. He had been pushed to the ground so hard he had hurt his shoulder in the fall. He moaned in pain. All his books and belongings were scattered on the grass. He turned around sharply and saw the outlines of five guys wearing hoods and holding baseball bats in their hands. Ed couldn’t make out their faces, it was dark.

“What the…” Ed sounded panicked “What do you want? I don’t have any money!” the boy said desperately. He got kicked in the gut so hard he almost puked. “Cough! Cough! I swear! I don’t have…” but he got kicked again, even harder. He was about to scream but they put something in his mouth to shut him up. His heart was pounding in his chest. He was terrified. What did they want? Who were they?

But the sudden realization came as cold as ice when one of them spoke in a voice that Ed couldn’t help but recognized:

“Say goodnight, queer!” it was Mark. Mark Sweeney.

A terrible pain at the back of the head and then it all went dark.

By Naughty Bard
#Abuse #Gay #Rape #Teen

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