Live and let serve – 6 Sex Story

#Gay #Rape #Teen

By Naughty Bard

Something shocking happens which strengthens the boys’ friendship. Time goes by and new characters get into play.

He was late, which was so completely out of character for him. He never was. He hated tardiness, actually. It just seemed so rude to make people wait for you just because of your laziness or carelessness or even your stupid setbacks. He needed to hurry. He was trying hard to walk as fast as he could but the pain was so intense. The boys were probably worried and he was sure they even had to be a little pissed that their cocksucker wasn’t there to service them. They hadn’t had to jerk off in months and they sure as hell were not going to have to start now. He was holding his left side. Even breathing hurt like hell. There must have been something wrong with one of his eyes too. His right shoulder was busted and there was an excruciating pain coming from the back of his head. He needed to walk faster. He couldn’t even text them to let them know he was on his way since his phone had been smashed. It was an old phone anyways. He was gonna have to apologize big time to the boys and make sure to make it up to them.


“Alright, so… when are you gonna fuck her?”

“Shut up dude! I just said I kinda like her, that’s all!!”

“Hahaha! Yeah, whatever!” Josh and Corey were chilling in Corey’s room. They had started smoking the pot Ed had predictably supplied for them. A hot new video was lighting up the 50-inch screen, courtesy of Josh’s remarkable hacking skills and the two boys were sprawled in their comfy armchairs enjoying the buzz they were getting from some good quality weed and discussing straight dudes’ stuff.

“Besides I’m still with Amy, you know that!” said Josh passing the joint.

“Ah, c’mon, man! That’s fucking boring! You gotta dump her! Can’t trust a chick who won’t suck your dick! Hahaha!” Corey cackled at his own pun and Josh joined in.

“Hahaha! Yeah, you’re right! So does that mean that the chatterbox gives awesome head?” asked Josh, referring to Corey’s current fling, Karen. Corey shrugged.

“She’s alright. She sucks pretty much on cue but she only takes about half of it… probably even less…” he made a face “So forget about deepthroating,” he explained passing back the joint.

“Too bad! That feels gooooood!” chuckled Josh.

“Hell yeah, bro! Hahaha!” replied Corey.

“Good thing we got Ed for that, hehe!” continued Josh.

“Haha! You got that right! Any fucking time, any fucking place we want, no less!” sneered Corey and the two boys exchange a fistbump.

“Can you believe how lucky we got with him? He has got to be like the best cocksucker in America! Hahaha!” joked Josh.

“Hahaha! Fucking-A-right, man! He’s such a queer!” snickered Corey and Josh copied him. Then the dark-haired boy continued.

“Yeah, but it’s not just that, dude! All he cares about is that WE feel good! Did you know he jerks off only once a week?” said Josh “Says he does it so he’s always hungry for our cocks and he can give us the best service ever, ‘any fucking time, any fucking place we want!’” he finished quoting his buddy. Corey cracked up.

“Hahaha! Seriously? No, I didn’t know that!” he said.

“Yeah! And before Christmas break we were talking and I tried to explain to him that no matter how good he is, fucking a hot chick is another thing, right?” Josh said taking back the joint.

“Right!” said Corey exhaling.

“Know what he said?” Josh smirked and took a puff.

“What?” Corey smirked back.

“He said his goal in life is to become the ‘ultimate cocksucker’ so that he can make us feel even better!” Josh said and Corey cackled again.

“Hahaha! Well, dude, I don’t have the slightest bit of problem with that, do you?” he asked his buddy. Josh shrugged.

“Not really… if that makes him happy, I’m not gonna complain, hehe!” the boys cackled “I actually told him that there’s gotta be room for improvement since he’ll be spending the next three and a half years sucking on our dicks!”

“Hahaha! Yeah, you got that right! Hahaha!” said Corey and the two of them enjoyed another laugh “Yeah but where is that faggot at? He was supposed to be here ages ago.” Corey asked then, checking his phone “I texted him a couple of times but no reply.”

Josh frowned “That’s weird. He said he was just running to the library to get some books for you…” he said, “but that was like two hours ago…”

It was Corey’s turn to shrug.

“Maybe he just met one of the girls, you know they always chat for hours!” he said rolling his eyes.

At that moment Corey’s phone beeped and the boy picked it up again.

“Is it him?” asked Josh.

“Nah, it’s PayPal…” Corey replied smirking widely “I just got 50 bucks from Jim…”

Josh looked puzzled and Corey explained

“…the cash slave…”

“Oh! Right! What for?” Josh asked.

Corey grinned “Hehehe! That’s the best part! Nothing at all! It’s just his weekly fag tax.”

“His weekly fag tax?” Josh repeated raising his eyebrows.

“Yep, it was Ed’s idea! Hehe!” Corey explained “It’s the money he owes me for the honor of being my slave!” he said like it was totally normal.

“You gotta be kidding me…” Josh commented.

“I know, right?” Corey interjected and showed him his phone screen “And check this out!”

Josh looked at the screen and frowned, a little confused.

“What?” he asked.

“Wait for it…” Corey said still smirking. And sure enough, after a few more seconds, his phone buzzed. Corey cracked up.

“What the hell is that?” Josh asked amused.

“That, my friend is the sound of a desperate fag, hahaha!” Corey snickered, then explained, “Every time he sends me money he texts me right afterward…”

“To say what?” Josh asked. Corey grinned and turned his phone back to him again.

“Sir! I just sent you the money I owed you for the week, Sir! Thank you for letting me be your stupid fag bitch slave, Sir! It’s such an honor to be able to serve you, Sir! And thank you, Sir, for letting me pay you for that honor, Sir!”

Josh read it out loud while Corey snickered every two or three words. Even Josh couldn’t help snickering a little.

“Damn, this guy’s into some weird shit! What a loser!” the black haired boy commented.

“Yeah, totally man! Hahaha!” Corey laughed.

And then right there and then the boys heard the door open.

“About damn time, fa…” but the blond stud’s voice stopped there.

“Hi, guys… I’m… I’m so sorry I’m late…” Ed said as Josh and Corey were staring at him in utter disbelief. The boy looked like a train had hit him. His face was a bloody mess, he was holding his left side and he was limping visibly.

“Dude! What the hell happened to you?” Josh asked jumping to his feet and hurrying to him, a mixture of sincere worry and sudden anger.

“Nothing… I just… fell…” Ed’s voice trembled and the words came out a little muffled because of his split lips. It was obviously a lie.

“What?” the other two boys said in unison, now standing next to him

“Yeah, it’s… it’s… nothing… really…” Ed said sounding on the verge of tears “Lemme… lemme just… take a quick shower and…” he continued disoriented but he tripped on his feet and it was only thanks to Josh’s quick reflexes that he didn’t end up face down on the floor “Aaaahhh!!” the boy screamed in pain as Josh caught him and they both ended up kneeling on the floor. Then Ed immediately added “I’m sorry! I’m so sorry, Sir! I’ll start right away!” he said looking at Josh like he was in a state of shock.

“Dude forget about that! Just calm down and tell us what happened!” Josh sounded so worried and Corey added:

“Yeah, man! Who did this to you?!”

Ed looked up at the two boys. One was holding him, the other was kneeling next to him. He didn’t say anything but a sudden understanding and a hot-headed rage fired up in Josh’s eyes.

“It was him, wasn’t it?” the dark haired boy said through gritted teeth.

“Who?” asked Corey.

“That sick son of a bitch did this to you?” Josh ignored his blond buddy and asked Ed.

“No… I don’t…” Ed stumbled on his words as his throat was quickly closing up.

“Josh, who are you talking about?!” Corey asked, still confused.

“Who do you think?! Mark Sweeney, genius!” Josh retorted, extremely irritated.

“What?” said Corey “But why? Wasn’t he mad at Jen or something?”

“He’s a fucking psycho! Who the fuck knows what he’s capable of!” Josh said, then turned back to the victim “Ed! Did he do this to you?” he sounded even angrier.

Ed couldn’t take it anymore. He broke down and cried and wept like he hadn’t done in years hugging Josh so tight. The two straight boys didn’t really know what to do but they figured that their friend needed to calm down a little before he could speak to them.

“It’s alright, man…” Josh tried to console the poor guy “It’s gonna be alright…”

Corey could tell that Josh was fuming. He was so pissed you could read it on his face which kinda scared him a little.

It took several minutes for Ed to stop howling and hugging Josh like his life depended on it. At their insistence, he told them what had happened and the second he was done:

“He’s dead.” Josh sentenced in a low, scary whisper “Imma fuck him up so bad his fucking parents won’t be able to recognize him!”

“No… Josh, please!” Ed said worried, putting a hand on the jock’s shoulder.

“He’s gonna pay for what he did to you!” Josh added enraged now getting to his feet with his fists already balled up.

“What are you gonna do?” asked Corey worried.

“What do you think?” replied Josh irritably “I’m gonna go to him and beat the shit outta that cunt!”

“No, Josh! Don’t, please!” shouted Ed again “You’re gonna get hurt, please! I don’t want that!” he sobbed.

“He’s the one who’s gonna get hurt, trust me!” Josh replied angrily “You coming, Cor?!” he added. Corey looked ashen.

“Me?” he said “You want my help in a fight?” he asked like it was outrageous.

“Don’t be such a fucking pussy all the time, man!” Josh said angrily.

“Please, don’t fight…” Ed sobbed.

“Dude, I’ve never even thrown a punch! What do you expect me to…” Corey tried to make his buddy see reason.

“Oh for fuck’s sake, just fucking grow a pair, Cor!!”

“Please, stop fighting!” Ed cried out.

“SHUT UP, ED!” Josh hollered which caused the gay boy to start bawling again.

“Really? Dude! You scream at him now? Really?” a disgusted Corey said to Josh sending a jolt of guilt down the jock’s spine. Corey knelt on the floor again to pat Ed on the back “It’s ok, man… we’re not fighting anymore…” he said looking up at Josh.

“I… I just wanted to…” Josh said still breathing heavily “Come on, man, stop crying…” he added, but in a soft, sweet way and kneeled down too.

A few minutes later, Ed was sitting on the floor, leaning against the wall and his two friends were in front of him. He had calmed down somewhat.

“You need to go to the police…” Corey said.

“I still think beating the shit outta him is the best op…”

“NO!” Ed said, now adamant. The two boys almost didn’t dare reply.

“But…” said the blond one.

“I’m not going to the police, Corey.” Ed said sounding a lot more like his old self “First of all I have no proof it’s them, it’s their word against mine and Mark Sweeney is like god almighty on campus, you know that! No one’s gonna take my side!” he said, “And second, he might hurt someone else if I retaliate.”

“Then let me…”

“No Josh! You are not gonna confront him. I don’t want you to get hurt!”

“I’m not gonna get…” Josh started to protest.

“Yes, you are!” Ed cut him off “Going after him means taking on the whole football team plus his frat brothers! Can you honestly beat up thirty guys on your own?” Ed asked exasperatedly. Josh didn’t reply but Ed could tell he wanted to keep protesting. “Promise me you won’t go looking for him, please…” Ed pleaded.

Josh took a deep breath and rolled his eyes.

“Fine… if that’s what you want…” he said finally then he added, “…but this is NOT over!”

“Aaaahhh…” Ed winced in pain after trying to stand.

“We need to get you to a hospital,” Corey said.

“No… I’m f…” tried to say Ed.

“No, you’re not! And you have no say in the matter. We’re taking you to a hospital, period!” Josh said menacingly.

Ed couldn’t help but smile. What a weird sensation it was to have people caring for him.

“Ok…” he mumbled, “…thanks…”


“I gotta go, babe,” Josh said gently to the beautiful busty blond who was cuddling next to him.

“Can’t you stay a little longer?” Jen answered and wrapped her arms around her boyfriend’s torso, burying her face into his chest and breathing in his smell. Josh laughed softly.

“I wish, but I gotta tutor Jeff,” he said.

“You’re ditching me for a dude?” she replied pouting dramatically.

“Yep!” he said outrageously and then he tickled her a little, which made her giggle. They exchanged a smile and then they started making out.

Ten minutes later a very horny Josh was awkwardly walking out of Jen’s dorm with a very annoying boner in his pants and a deep scowl on his handsome face. They had started dating about two and a half months before and they were both in that blissful stage in their relationship where they literally couldn’t keep their hands off each other. Weirdly enough it had been Ed’s misfortune that had brought the two kids closer. Jen had literally gone ballistic when Josh had picked up the phone on that awful night and had told her they were at the hospital. They were all so worried about Ed. What had happened to the poor guy still made the jock’s blood boil with rage. He simply couldn’t believe that crazy son of a bitch Sweeney had gotten away with it scot-free. And the same went for Jen. But Ed had told them time and time again that he didn’t want them to do anything about it and made them promise not to act in any way. And so, out of respect for him, they very much unwillingly hadn’t.

Josh arrived at the library only a few minutes late.

“Hey, bro! Whassup!” a very tall boy greeted him in the entrance hall.

“Hey, man!” answered Josh as they exchanged a fist bump “Sorry I’m late!”

“No problem, I just got here!” Jeff said in a deep baritone “Same room?”

“Sure!” replied Josh.

This was a fairly recent development for Josh. A few weeks earlier he had been asked by a dude in his history class to help out a buddy of his who was in a pinch. That’s how Josh had met Jeff Murphy, a freshman that had gotten into Stanford with a sports scholarship. The kid was an awesome basketball player but he was not exactly into studying. Not one bit. So Josh, being the nice guy that he was, had agreed to help him out and pretty much teach him how to hit the books in a productive way. It was basically the same thing he had started to do with Corey but, since his childhood friend seemed not to respond particularly well to his teaching methods (the fights had become a regular thing), Josh, together with Ed and Corey had decided to leave that tutoring job to Ed alone who was apparently running for sainthood, patience-wise. Jeff, on the other hand, was a different deal. To start with, he was a fellow jock, which was something Josh had kinda missed. Corey and Ed were great and all but watching a game together or even discussing one wasn’t exactly an option. Jeff was also very easy going, coming from a poor family, and he seemed alright. Well, truth be told he was kind of a meathead sometimes, but that didn’t bother Josh. He could have intelligent conversations with Ed anyway.

“Alright so, last time we stopped at chapter 5, right?” Josh asked the other boy.

“Yeah, but there are a few things that I still don’t get…” said Jeff scratching one of his cheeks.

“Ok, like what?” and the lesson began.

About an hour later they stopped for a little break.

“…and so she dumped me, bro! Just like that!” Jeff said while popping a soda can open.

“That fucking blows, man!” replied Josh.

“Yeah, well… I kinda asked for it, though…” the other boy admitted, “I’m always practicing cause I can’t afford to lose my scholarship. I’d get kicked out, you know?!”

“Yeah, I totally get it, man!” said Josh smiling warmly. This Jeff guy looked exactly like a future NBA player. He stood at almost 6’ 3”, slim and athletic, he had skin the color of milk chocolate, not too dark, his black afro hair was quite long and it was all braided down. He had big, full lips, a large nose, and ebony eyes. He didn’t look like the kinda guy who has too many problems finding a girl. Keeping her, though, was kind of a different story.

“Ah, screw it! I don’t have time for a girlfriend, anyways!” he said, “Gotta keep my head in the game, you know?!”

“Yeah, well… I bet you’re under a lot of pressure, huh?” Josh asked.

“You have no idea, bro!” he said “The coach is counting on me! Damn, the whole fucking school expects me to score dozens of points every single game! It’s rough!” he complained, “And don’t even get me started on my parents!”

“Yeah, I can imagine…” Josh smiled sympathetically.

“Like I said, I don’t got time for a girlfriend!” Jeff repeated, then he smirked “I’m gonna miss her holes though, I’ll tell you that! Hehe!” he made a point of sounding particularly butch and vulgar with a complicit smirk on his face.

“Hehe! Yeah, man, I’ll bet!” Josh replied which made Jeff smirk even wider. Then the black boy shrugged.

“Oh, well, it’s not the end of the world! Guess it’s just gonna have to be me and my hand for a while, huh?” said the boy jerking off an imaginary dick in the air.

“Hehe! Guess so, man…” said Josh, but his quick brain was already working. That, right there, might have actually been the solution to the problem. It was bound to cheer the guy up, Josh was almost positive. Of course, it wasn’t like him to act so impulsively. At least not when he was not raging mad. That was more Corey’s style. But what if this time around he was going to simply follow his instincts instead of overthinking everything. The boy was torn.

“Alright, so you wanna get back to it? We still got two chapters to…” asked Jeff, flipping a couple of pages from the book they were using.

‘Oh what the hell…’ thought Josh, then he cut off the black boy.

“Yeah, in a minute…” Jeff looked up at him “Hey listen, man, I think I have a proposition for you. But just hear me out till the end before you say no, ok?”

Jeff frowned, a little confused “Ok… I guess…”

“Alright…” Josh started “What’s your take on fags?”


“Oh, Sir! Could you please turn the camera down a little bit, so that I may see your perfect cock, Sir? Please!” a balding middle-aged man who was looking at a smooth, hairless chest and stomach begged from Corey’s laptop screen.

“Sure can, faggot!” Corey’s amused voice answered “That’ll be 50 bucks!” he added.

“But… but Sir…” the guy on the screen mildly protested “I just sent you 50 for you to take off your shirt!”

“Good point, bitch! My dick’s worth way more than that!” Corey said with a cocky grin, purposely misreading the man’s complaints “Send 100, then!” Corey commanded.

“But… Sir…” the man protested again.

“Alright, I’m hanging up… I got two more slaves on hold, anyways… see ya!” Corey said like he literally couldn’t care less, which worked like a charm.

“NO, NO! SIR! PLEASE WAIT!! FORGIVE MEEE!!” the man shouted in a sudden panic, reaching for his phone “THERE SIR!!” he said fidgeting with it “PLEASE, DON’T HANG UP, SIR! I BEG YOU!! I’M SOOO SORRY!!!”

Corey’s phone buzzed and the boy picked it up. He smirked.

“Why did you send me 150, bitch?” he asked, widely entertained. The man on the screen was visibly agitated.

“I’m… I’m not sure, sir!” he stuttered “I… I panicked… I thought you were not gonna forgive me and… and that you… you… were gonna hang up and never gonna contact me again… or something… I’m so sorry, Sir!” the man ranted on, his eyes deprived of anything resembling reason.

Corey shook his head and snickered openly.

“Hahaha! That was actually good thinking, bitch! Hehe!” the boy said. The man’s face relaxed and he positively beamed at his young master, even though he had never seen his face. He wasn’t allowed to, of course.

“Thank you, Sir!” the man, said, almost moved “You are so generous to me, Sir!”

“Alright, so you wanna see my dick?” Corey said butch as hell.

“Yes Sir, please!” the man moaned almost like he was an actual bitch in heat.

Corey snickered.

“Alright…” he took the webcam in his hand and turned it down to shoot his crotch.

The old man suddenly saw the head of a dark-haired boy who was kneeling on the floor and diligently tonguing the most majestic cock he had ever seen.

“OH MY GOOOOOD!” the man sounded like he was about to cum just by looking at that spit covered piece of meat.

“Yeah, yeah, I know… hehehe!” Corey said enjoying himself enormously.

“Is… Is that your roommate, Sir?” the man said, almost drooling from his agape mouth.

“Yep, that’s my dear ol’ fag roomie!” Corey said, then cackled “Why don’t you homos say hi to each other, hehe!”

Ed looked up at the camera and with an Oscar-worthy expression he hungrily swallowed the whole limp cock to the base, giving almost a defying look to his virtual competition.

“Oh, Sir! He’s so lucky!!” the old man said, almost in tears, livid with jealousy.

“Hehe! You bet he is!” Corey said cocky as ever.

“I would give anything to be doing what he’s doing right now.”

“Yeah, I know.” Corey replied “Hey roomie, why don’t you tell this old fart what if feels like to be able to taste my dick?” he said to Ed.

“Mmmm…” Ed moaned slowly taking his cock out of his mouth “Well… normally it tastes so good…” the boy said “But Master has just finished pounding his girlfriend’s pussy and now I’m licking all her pussy juice off his dick. This is so frustrating because he just shot a huge load so I know he’s not going to feed me any cum. He’s just using me to get cleaned up because he doesn’t feel like taking a shower.”

“Hahaha! Damn right I am, queer!” Corey said “And don’t forget to lick my balls! You know how much I sweat down there!”

“Yes, Sir!” Ed replied immediately and moaned with pleasure the moment he started to work on his big, low hanging balls.

“You should be ashamed of yourself you ungrateful idiot!” the man on the screen spouted, utterly indignated “How dare you to complain when you get to live the dream every single day?” he sounded positively angry with Ed.

“Hahaha!” cackled Corey “Well, the old fag’s got a point, roomie! You do get to live the dream by sharing a room with me, don’t you?!” he pointed out “I mean, think about how much your life has changed since you told me you’re a fag!” the blond boy said cockily.

“Yes, Sir! I know! And I am incredibly grateful that I get to clean up your mess, do your laundry, be at your beck and call…” Ed said between hungry, tasty licks to Corey’s sweaty balls “…I just meant that I prefer it when you use me as your cumdump, Sir!” the boy said mildly, smiling at his straight roommate.

“You should be grateful that he tolerates your presence! Don’t you know us faggots are less than human?!?” the old man continued his cult-like indoctrination ravings “And the only reason we were born in the first place is to serve real men like our Master, you stupid cunt! Everybody knows that!!”

“Hahaha! Wow! Do you girls want me to give you some space, so you can duke it out?” Corey said, highly amused.

Ed smiled slightly but kept licking the blond boy’s balls and didn’t answer.

“Why aren’t you groveling at his feet and beg for forgiveness?” the crazy old guy howled “Master, forgive me but I think you should punish him hard for being so disrespectful!”

“Hahaha! It’s alright, bitch! He’s pretty useful, anyway.” Corey answered smirking and Ed smiled up to him.

“No, Sir! You should teach him that what he said is wrong! You should beat him up, Sir! I mean really hurt him, Sir! You should reduce him to a bloody pulp and then…”

“That’s enough! Shut up!” Corey’s voice was cold this time. The boy wasn’t smiling anymore and neither was Ed. Corey switched off the webcam:

“Alright, time’s up! You got way more than what you paid for!” Corey said curtly, almost angrily.

“Oh, Sir! I’m… I’m sorry if I have offended you in any way… I was just trying to…” the old man hurried to say but Corey cut him off.

“Your weekly fag tax is due in two days and you’re gonna double it this time.”

“But… Sir… why… what have I…” the man stuttered, confused.

“Because I said so, you stupid homo!” Corey said angrily.

“Yes, Sir! Of course! Anything you say, Sir! Forgive me!” the man replied now scared.

“Now fuck off!” grunted Corey and ended the call very unceremoniously.

There was an awkward silence between the two roommates.

“What a freak…” Corey mumbled, almost embarrassed “…saying those things…”

“Corey…” Ed said now smiling up gratefully at his buddy “…how many times do I have to tell you guys that I’m fine?”

“I know you are!” said the blond boy tentatively “It’s just… you know…”

Ed rolled his eyes.

“Man, for the last time, I AM FINE! It’s been months and it was no big deal, to begin with…”

“No big deal?” Corey protested raising his eyebrows.

“Whatever! Even if it was, all I’m saying is that you don’t need to get all protective whenever someone suggests a little fag bashing! God knows Josh does that more than enough for the both of you!” Ed explained for the umpteenth time “Besides it’s bad for business! I’m your fag bitch, remember? Both in those videos and in real life!” he smiled and Corey smirked back.

“As if I could ever forget! Hehe!” Corey said “Fine, fine! I’ll stop!”

“Good! Thanks!” Ed smiled a very grateful smile that was full of meaning. Corey returned it.

“Alright, let’s see if we got some more requests, I haven’t checked my emails in a couple of days…” Corey said then as he started typing on his computer. Ed stuck out his tongue and went back to work on the straight boy’s crotch. Corey looked down for a second “Enough with the licking, why don’t you start cleaning up all that shit?” he nudged his head in the direction of his own bed. It was clear to see that the boy had partied pretty hard with his girlfriend even before having what must have been some pretty wild animal sex. Chips and candy wrappers, empty beer cans and crumbs could be found all over the floor and hidden in Corey’s tangled up covers and sheets which led to believe that they had had shitloads of junk food and booze, probably just to remind themselves that they were disgusting teenagers and it was their duty to act like it.

“Yes, Sir!” Ed said giving that beloved dick one last kiss and getting off the floor “Do you want me to change the sheets too?”

“Sure!” Corey said distractedly while checking his emails “mmm… let’s see what we got here… well, well, seven new requests… ka-ching! Hehehe!” he laughed “Alright, so… this one is…”

“Sir, did you use a rubber?” Ed asked a little bashfully.

“Sure did faggot! I think I threw it on the floor somewhere when I was done.” Corey’s voice was extremely amused, Ed could tell even if the straight boy wasn’t looking at him “Wanna suck the cum out like you did the other day?”

“Well, only if you let me, Sir!” Ed replied.

“Hehe! Check under the bed, it’s probably there.” Corey said.

“Yes, Sir! Thank you, Sir!”

It only took the cum hound a few seconds to locate the condom.

“Found it!” Ed said

“Hehe! Good for you, fag! Enjoy it!” Corey replied without ever turning to him. He was busy checking his mail after all. Ed didn’t waste a second, he put the used rubber in his mouth and sucked all of Corey’s orgasm out of it.

“Mmmmm…” he moaned.

“Taste good?” asked Corey, mockingly.

“Yeah…” Ed replied “but it’s not as warm when I suck it out of this stupid thing!” he complained.

“Hehehe! Yeah, well, I had a loooooot of fun shooting that shit inside that ‘stupid thing’, I’ll tell you that! Hahaha!”

Ed was about to reply but a sharp knock on the door didn’t let him. It was followed by a familiar voice “It’s Josh!”

“Let him in.” Corey told Ed with such natural authority in his tone. The gay boy got to his feet immediately and walked to the door to unlock it.

“Hey Josh!” said Ed.

“What’s up, buddy!” followed Corey from his table.

“Hey, guys!” Josh said closing the door while watching Ed go back on his knees to resume cleaning up Corey’s mess.

“I see you’re working!” the dark-haired boy said to Corey.

“Yep…” Corey replied still reading his emails. Then something came to mind “Oh shit! Before I forget! Dude, take your shoes off!” he said to Josh.

“Why?” replied the dark-haired boy.

“Need your feet for a client. Hey fag, get on the floor!” Corey ordered.

“Why can’t you do it?” protested Josh while Ed was already lying down in front of Corey’s chair.

“This guy wants to see two dudes crushing the fag’s face…” Corey said shrugging.

Josh rolled his eyes but said:

“Fine…” and he kicked off his sneakers “Video or pics?” he asked then.

“Well, he only sent like 30 bucks so he’s getting pics,” Corey stated putting both his socked feet on Ed’s face.

“Good, cause I gotta tell you something,” Josh said as he put his left foot right on Ed’s nose.

Ed breathed in the nasty foot smell of his two straight friends and moaned.

“Mmmm… Josh your foot is warm and damp… mmmm… and it smells so funky…”

“I’m sure it does, buddy, hehe!” said Josh amused.

“Hey! What about my feet?” Corey protested childishly.

“Oh man…” Josh muttered a little exasperated.

“You know I love your feet, Sir! I lick them every single day! They stink all the time and I absolutely love having to clean them for you!” Ed said with a tinge of patronizing tone that Corey probably missed but that brought a smile on Josh’s handsome face. Corey seemed reassured and smiled a little awkwardly.

“Yeah, that’s what I thought!” he said smirking as he started taking pics of Ed’s foot covered face “So what did you wanna tell us?” the blond boy asked.

“Well…” Josh said, trying to figure out where to begin. “Ed, you know how lately I’ve been a little…”

“Absent?” prompted Ed.

“M.I.A.?” suggested Corey.

“A.W.O.L.?” said Ed again.

“OK, Thank you!” replied Josh a little tartly.

“Hehe! Hey, you went there!” said Corey then looked down at Ed and added “Take my sock off with your teeth.” and Ed complied posing for the photos with half of Corey’s sock still on.

“Anyways! You know Jen and I are…” he paused.

“Fucking like rabbits?” Ed suggested, his voice a little muffled by Corey’s foot.

“Ok, this is starting to piss me off!” Josh said and Corey laughed while pushing his dirty sock inside Ed’s mouth with his toes. More photos.

“My point is…” Josh started again “I know I’m not around as much so I found you another dick to suck on! How’s that sound?”

There was an awkward silence in the room.

“What?” Corey said “Dude, why didn’t you ask us first?” the boy sounded resentful.

Josh scratched his head “Well, I guess I went with my guts with this one…”

More awkward silence.

“And who’s the guy?” Corey said almost accusingly. Josh turned to him with his eyebrows raised.

“Jeff Murphy.”

“Aha! I knew it!” the blond boy said pointing his finger at him.

“Dude, what’s the big deal? You’re not the one who’s gonna do the sucking… unless you want to but then this is a much bigger conversation…” Josh finished smirking.

“Fuck you!” Corey replied and Josh snickered.

“Anyways, I invited him here tomorrow afternoon. You guys were gonna have a session, right? It’s Thursday.”

“Yeah…” said Corey trying to sound as bratty as he could. Josh ignored his tone.

“Good, I’m sure you’re gonna like him! He just got dumped, he’s super frustrated and he’s got blue balls. He doesn’t want a girlfriend right now cause he can’t deal with all the drama shit. He basically just needs to dump a load somewhere, whenever he’s horny.” said Josh.

Both Josh and Corey were looking down at Ed as he was licking Corey’s bare foot. They were obviously expecting him to reply or react in any way, which he hadn’t yet.

“Well…” the gay boy started taking off Josh’s sock with his hand “…I would prefer to suck on YOUR dick, Josh…” he said a little shyly.

“Yeah, I know that…” the handsome dark-haired boy replied, then he added smirking “but so does your friend Jen…” he said feeling Ed’s warm tongue starting to wet the bottom of his foot. With an even deeper smirk, he added “AND she’s got a pussy and very nice set of tits which means that you can’t even begin to compete with her! Sorry man, hehehe!” Josh and Corey cackled and exchanged fist bumps.

“Is she good?” Corey asked curiously.

“Yeah man, she sucks like a champ! hehehe!” the two boys enjoyed another very vulgar, very butch laugh. Ed smiled too.

“Ok, fine… you got me…” the gay boy said, his tongue cleaning between Josh’s toes “…besides your friend sounds charming…” Ed said amused.

“Oh, he is!” replied Josh “And if you play your cards right, you might get to become his cumdump too!”

“Sounds good…” said Ed, then he whined, “But promise me you’ll come feed me every now and then, Sir!”

Josh smirked and pushed his foot inside Ed’s mouth.

“I’m feeding you right now, faggot, aren’t I? Be grateful! Hehehe!” he cackled and Corey joined in.

“Haha! That’s a good one! Shove it all the way down. That’s gonna look great on camera! Haha!”

And as those toes were slipping further and further down his throat and Josh’s foot smell and that filthy taste were raping his mind, Ed’s expression showed nothing but blissful contentment.


“Yo Murphy! Where you going, man?” Jeff got shaken out of his thoughts while he was on his way out. It was Mark, one of his frat brothers, a third year and the quarterback of the school team. Jeff froze for a second.

“Uhm… library…” he muttered.

“Oh, screw that! We’re about to play pool, why don’t you join us?” it was kind of a big deal that Mark Sweeney, Mr. Popularity, was even talking to him, let alone inviting him to play pool. After all, Jeff was only a freshman and pretty much still a nobody, socially-wise. Of course being in the same frat meant something and Jeff dug the fact that such a cool guy was taking a liking to him. Well, maybe that’s pushing it a little but at least he didn’t treat him like trash because he was dirt poor. That was progress. He was one of the good ones, that Mark. People had spread some stupid rumors about him a few months earlier. Something about him raping a chick. Yeah, right! Total bullshit of course! As if someone like him would ever need to rape a chick! But people are notoriously jealous of others and his popularity obviously made him a target. Jeff knew something about being targeted for one reason or another and he couldn’t stand rumors and stupid gossip.

“Oh, man! I wish I could!” Jeff replied, his voice full of regret “But if I don’t ace my next tests they’re gonna kick me out, no matter how good I am on the court!”

Mark grinned and made a self-assured expression.

“Yeah, right! Dude, you’re a Kappa Sigma now! It’s a huge deal, you know?” Mark explained “No one’s kicking you out, trust me!” he continued in a pretty cocky way “If you need help passing those tests just say the word, man!”

Jeff was pretty sure that the ‘help’ Mark was referring to had nothing to do with regular old cramming and of course he was tempted to say yes. But something inside him, probably his stupid pride, made his damn mouth talk.

“Well, thanks, bro… but I think I’m gonna try to do it the usual way… at least this time…” Jeff muttered “But can I take a rain check?” he asked hopefully.

Mark smiled at him and shrugged “Suit yourself, man!” he said.

Jeff smiled back. He couldn’t really understand why this guy was being so nice to him, but it sure felt good.

“Alright! Thanks, Mark! Later!” he said and left the building.

The boy started walking. He felt a little guilty, mostly because he had lied to one of his brothers. That wasn’t cool. Yeah, because he wasn’t going to the library. Not this time and for once he kinda wished he actually was. He was still so confused about the whole damn thing. What Josh had told him sounded weird and also wrong in so many ways. First of all the thought of having another guy touch his junk was like miles away from his comfort zone. Then why the hell was he going there? He could have simply said ‘no’. No one was certainly forcing him and it wasn’t like him to say ‘yes’ to people just to be polite. Truth be told, somehow, the concept intrigued him. After all, according to what Josh had said, this fag was supposed to be an awesome cocksucker. And it goes without saying that a mouth feels much better than your own hand. Josh had actually pointed out several times that he shouldn’t even consider the act itself as him getting head from a fag but more like him jerking off inside a fag’s mouth while watching hot porn. Now, that definitely sounded way better and it had probably been one of the top selling points. And the reason was simply that if he considered the fag as a… well as a tool, really… that didn’t even remotely make Jeff a queer. No sir! It was a little twisted but somehow it made sense. Sort of. The black boy had actually been told that he could be as rough as he wanted with him and pretty much consider the fag’s mouth and throat like a fap-toy. A flesh-light, to quote Josh, which Jeff had no real problem with. It was a pretty sweet deal, all considered. No strings attached, no dinners, no romance. It was what he wanted. He didn’t have time for a girlfriend. He had said so himself. Still, this was weird for him. Jeff was a simple boy, brought up in the suburbs of Beaumont, Texas, the third of five children and the first one ever of the Murphy household to get into college. He had always led a very simple life with very simple principles, one of the most important being: ‘boys fuck girls’. Of course, that didn’t mean he was a simpleton. He knew about curious guys that do stuff with fags just because they want to experiment. But that wasn’t his case, thank you very much! What would his pops say? His brothers? His old buddies back home and his new ones at the frat house? The thought of it made him shudder. Still, he was walking to the other side of campus to that guy’s dorm. He had even left practice in a hurry, dropped his bag at the frat house and immediately left again to make sure not to be late. He was just realizing that he hadn’t even showered and he was still wearing his sweaty tracksuit. He had been so busy considering the whole thing from his point of view that personal hygiene had kinda slipped his mind and it just occurred to him that that might have been a tad insensitive on his part. ‘It’s not like I’m going on a date…’ Jeff thought defensively. There was no chick involved so no real need to make himself all nice and clean. This guy was a fairy but he was still a guy. He wasn’t gonna bitch about it. Besides it definitely made way more sense showering afterward. After all who the hell showers before jerking off?

“So you’re staying?” Ed asked, his eyes gleaming with childish hope.

“Nah, man, sorry!” Josh replied “Jen’s waiting for me. I’m just gonna introduce you guys so that it’s not too awkward, you know?”

“Tsk! Good luck with that!” Corey snorted. It was the umpteenth snotty comment the blond guy was sending in Josh’s direction and the jock was just about ready to punch his childhood friend in the face. But Ed gave the dark-haired boy a look that said something along the lines of: ‘Please! Don’t start a fight! You know I hate it when you guys fight! Please, I’m begging you! Let it slide!’ So, instead of a well deserved ‘Fuck you, you asswipe!’ Corey got a slightly patronizing:

“Dude, I get it, you’re a little jealous of the time I spend with him but, trust me, you are my best bud! End of story! He’s just a guy I met and I invited him here just for the fag’s sake!” he said.

Corey didn’t really get the patronizing part and suddenly looked a little silly after that perfect little speech. So he ended up saying:

“I know that… it’s just… I can’t help it ok? Whatever! It’s not a big deal!”

Ed smiled to Josh, gratefully. Josh winked at him in return.

“Anyways, he’ll be here any minute. He’s always early…” the jock said then he turned to Ed and warned “Now the guy’s never done anything like this before, ok? So don’t scare him away with any overly fag-like comments! Got it?”

“Yes, Sir!” Ed said, but it was more of a tease than anything else. He was smiling.

“Dude, relax! The second this queer starts sucking on his dick the guy’s gonna be hooked, just like we a…” Corey stopped, flipping through his phone “Woah!”

“What?” the other two asked.

“Booty call text…” Corey said smirking “Sarah’s horny… hehehe!”

“Who’s Sarah?” Josh enquired.

“A new ‘friend’…” Ed said flatly, raising an eyebrow and making quotation marks with his hands.

“What about the chatterbox?” Josh was now talking directly to Ed.

“He’s still fucking her…” Ed informed him. The two boys were talking again like Corey wasn’t even in the room. They did that a lot.

“Yeah, sorry fag! No cum snack for you today.” Corey said then putting on his shoes “At least not mine! Good thing Joshy’s new boyfriend is coming!” he joked.

Josh flipped him off but didn’t say anything.

“You’re leaving too?” Ed said in a slightly agitated tone which was totally lost on Corey.

“Dude, you’re not seriously asking me that, right?” Corey said distractedly.

There was a strange silence for a second. Then Josh’s voice spoke with a much more serious tone.

“Hey, Ed, listen to me!” he put his hand on Ed’s shoulder, almost protectively “Jeff is alright. He’s a good guy.” he told him, then he added “But if you don’t wanna be alone with him, or you’re scared or whatever, we can call the whole thing off right now. Just say the word, buddy!” he finished, giving Ed all his support through his eyes.

Ed took a deep breath and swallowed hard. As much as he kept telling them that he was “fine”, that was far from reality. What had happened to him, still gave him nightmares. He was scared to be alone, there was no denying it. Of course, he didn’t wanna be scared. He was actually sick and tired of it and strangely enough, the simple fact that Josh was offering him that convenient way out, somehow gave him a little strength. He forced a smile.

“No, don’t worry about it! I’m fine…” there, that word again.

“Are you sure?” Josh’s dark eyes bore into his.

“Yeah…” Ed repeated, more decisively “I wanna do it!”

“What’s this about?” Corey asked, sincerely confused. Josh rolled his eyes at him.

“Could you be dumber, right now? He’s…”

But there was a knock on the door. Josh looked at Ed one last time. The gay boy smiled.

“Let’s do this!”

When the door opened, Jeff saw Josh, smiling at him.

“Hey man! Come on in!” said his tutor.

“Hey bro!” Jeff answered and entered the room. The were two other guys there. A tall and skinny blond kid who looked like he was getting ready to head out, and another one, shorter, with dark hair, who was looking at him. Was he checking him out? Was he the faggot? Jeff was somehow relieved not to see stupid pink clothes or a feather boa on him.

“Jeff, that’s my old buddy Corey, from way back…” Josh pointed at the blond kid who mumbled a quick “sup man” while putting on a jacket. Jeff replied nodding at him “…and this is Ed, the guy I told you about…” continued Josh.

The fag smiled at Jeff and said “Hey!”

“Hey…” repeated the black jock in his dark baritone. It was awkward to say hi to a guy whom he knew was about to suck on his dick. Fuck, it was surreal. Jeff scratched his cheek. Slightly awkward silence.

“Alright, so… I’m pretty much done here and Corey is heading out too, so…” Josh spread his hands and went “…you guys take your time and have fun, ok?”

“Uhm… ok…” Jeff said, a little embarrassed.

Josh and the blond kid said their goodbyes and in less than three minutes Jeff found himself alone in the same room with someone he knew nothing about, except for his name and sexual orientation. Super awkward. ‘Great… now what?’ Jeff asked himself.

Ed’s heart was beating a little faster than usual. He was nervous like he hadn’t been in a while, probably since becoming the Browning School cumdump, years before. He couldn’t help noticing how this black boy who was standing in front of him was indeed very, very easy on the eye. He was black but his skin didn’t have the darkest hue, unlike his eyes which were dark as night. He had very handsome features and a little wispy beard. His afro braids were tied back but a few ones were loose on the front and the side of his face, giving him an air of cool, good looking sloppiness. He was lean and super athletic and he was even taller than Corey. In normal circumstances, FagEd would have jumped through hoops to get the chance to suck on this guy’s dick. But our smart protagonist wasn’t as reckless as he had always been in the past. Not anymore. What kind of person was this guy? Josh had said he was alright but he couldn’t really be sure, now, could he? Time seemed to stop as a multitude of thoughts and fears went through Ed’s mind in that uncomfortable silence that was becoming deafening.

“Dude, say something, this is weird!” Jeff’s voice almost scared Ed for a second. Then, strangely enough, the embarrassed expression on this boy’s face calmed Ed down a bit. He smiled.

“You’re right, sorry!” the gay boy said “Uhm… so I’m Ed…” he began “…and I’m sure Josh told you that sucking cock is… like my thing…” he said all chipper.

Jeff smiled slightly “Yeah, he said that…”

“Great, so what I usually do with the boys is…” Ed said “…they take their pants off, get comfy in one of those chairs, chose the porn they want and then…” he paused “…pretty much make me do all the work…” he smiled at the end “…would that be alright with you?”

“Yeah…” Jeff answered half-heartedly.

“Ok, so…” Ed pointed at the chairs.

Jeff looked troubled.

“Is something wrong?” asked Ed, raising an eyebrow.

“I don’t know man, this is so fucking weird!”

Ed had heard that one before. Like a few hundred times.

“Yeah, well, of course, it is! I’m guessing you’re straight?”

“Damn right I’m straight!” Jeff barked back, almost angrily.

“Ok, sure! What I’m saying is that it’s normal to be a little weirded out about it! I’m no chick, after all…” Ed tried to explain “…but I’m a really, really good cocksucker, or so I’ve been told…” he continued modestly “And anyways, we can give it a try and if you’re not comfortable with it we can stop immediately! What do you say?”

Jeff was torn, it was clear as day. However seeing the fag’s encouraging smile kinda made him feel better. He scratched one of his cheeks again.

“Alright, fine!” he said finally and took off his jacket. Then he walked to one of the armchairs in front of a huge screen and sat down. Ed handed him the remote and the boy started flipping through the hundreds of porn vids available. “Holy shit, there’s a ton of stuff here!” he said.

Ed kneeled down next to him “Yeah, the boys like their porn!” he said in a weirdly old-fashioned way.

“Alright, let’s try this one…” Jeff mumbled after a while. The video started and in a matter of seconds, the thirty-something hot MILF on the screen was moaning everytime her much younger partner was sticking his dick inside of her.

Ed didn’t dare to move. He could tell Jeff needed a little more time to ‘get comfortable’. The black boy was looking at the screen intently. Not a word. Then, after a minute, he started touching his crotch. Ed smiled.

“Here, take these off…” he said softly and mildly, getting one of the boy’s feet into his hands. Jeff looked down. He didn’t reply but let the guy take his sneakers off. “Your feet are huge! What do you wear, a 12?” Ed asked, sincerely impressed.

Jeff didn’t look down this time. “12.5” that’s all he muttered to which Ed didn’t reply. It was crystal clear that this guy was not particularly talkative.

‘Ok, so no chit-chat. Noted!’ Ed thought to himself as he put the warm sneakers aside without sniffing them (he remembered Josh’s warning not to freak the new guy out) and waited some more. Then, still, without saying a word, Jeff took off his pants and underpants, throwing them on the floor. And there it was, another monster cock ready to be serviced. The boy had curly jet black pubes surrounding his whole junk. His dick was impressively long even flaccid and his balls were big and full and very low hanging. He was uncut, like Corey and the skin covering his whole shaft was a little darker than the rest of his body. Ed’s mouth started watering instantly as his cock-addict nature kicked in.

“Dude! You gonna suck it or what?” Jeff’s deep voice brought him back to Earth.

“Yes, Sir! Of course!” the words came so naturally, without thinking. He hoped he hadn’t just scared him off “uhm… just… here…” He took a pair of very expensive looking headphones from under the tv and handed them to Jeff “Put these on!”

“Why?” the jock asked as laconic as ever.

“Well, so you can enjoy the porn way more and completely forget that some faggot is sucking on your dick,” Ed explained, very simply.

Jeff listened to his words and looked at the guy’s face. There was no trace of humor. He was for real. The black boy had imagined Josh’s words had to be a bit of an exaggeration. After all it was a little hard to believe. Weren’t all fags supposed to be proud and shit? Maybe this one was the exception or something because what Jeff was witnessing first hand was proving him wrong. This faggot was indeed into some really weird shit and he was apparently happy to be treated like a fucking fleshlight, for real! Just like Josh had said. ‘Un-fucking-believable’ Jeff thought to himself. However, he couldn’t help realize that he was strangely alright with that. More than alright, actually. In fact, it made the whole thing easier and way more comfortable because, and now he was sure about it, there was nothing even remotely gay in what this very straight Texas boy was about to do. Nothing whatsoever. He kept repeating that, especially now that everything was getting very real. It made him feel better. After all it was very comforting to someone with Jeff’s upbringing. “Alright,” he muttered in his deep voice while taking the headphones. He didn’t even finish fixing the volume on those things that the fag’s tongue was already working way harder than any girl Jeff had ever been with. The boy smiled slightly and tried to relax.

Ed took that dark, limp, clammy dick in his mouth and pressed his face hard to the boy’s black pubes. That was one of his favorite parts. Taking in and memorize a new smell. Every boy had a different fragrance, a different nuance of that musky, nasty, testosterone-filled funk that made a cocksucker like Ed weak at the knees. Jeff’s happened to be pretty strong. He was probably coming directly from practice or maybe a workout session at the gym and he had clearly sweated profusely as his whole crotch was still damp. Ed took a big whiff of that stale sweat, masculine stink and held it inside. It was such a nice sensation. He would have stayed like that forever. But he knew he couldn’t. He was not there to feel good himself. No sir! That was never the case. He was a faggot and he was born to serve and it was about time to get to work. He pulled back a little and this time he went down sucking a little harder and peeled back the guy’s foreskin.
“Mmmm…” the fag muttered as he got to savor Jeff’s cockhead for the first time. It was so bitter. The black boy must have emptied his bladder only a few minutes before coming there since the taste of piss was very much there. Did he do that on purpose or was he just as careless as Corey and Josh? Whatever the case, Ed knew that by the end of that session he was gonna be hooked. He loved uncut dicks exactly for that reason. He found himself appreciating once again the fact that being a cocksucking faggot was such a good life. He felt blessed that he got to serve these boys because at the end of the day he felt like what he was doing for them was nothing compared to what they were doing for him. Ed took another whiff of Jeff’s funk and then he started blowing him for real.

As it turned out, getting head from a fag wasn’t as weird for Jeff as he thought it’d be. Not on those terms. The boy found that it was actually pretty easy to pretend that the guy wasn’t even there. All he had to do was concentrate on that sexy bitch on the screen, which came very easily to him, and enjoy the ride. It really wasn’t all that different from jerking off. Except it felt a hundred times better. Once again, a hot, wet mouth beats a hand anytime and this faggot was so fucking into it that Jeff felt his dick grow to full must in a couple of minutes. “Yeah, suck it…” the boy muttered while his hand automatically moved on the faggot’s head. He had always liked being in control.

Ed immediately noticed the grip on his head. Jeff had grabbed a fistful of his hair like someone who has no intention whatsoever to let go. It even hurt a little but Ed really had no time to worry about that. He had a huge piece of meat, as hard as a rock, that was going in and out of his mouth. Well, that’s not entirely accurate because the gay boy wasn’t guiding the rhythm. Not one bit. Jeff was. The straight boy was pushing his head up and down at a steady pace. He wasn’t going super fast but he wasn’t taking it slow either. Ed’s lips got to graze the boy’s pubes every time he shoved his cockhead down his fag-throat. The gay boy was used to taking big cocks and Jeff’s was very similar in shape and size to Corey’s so Ed knew that he could take it. After all, his throat and the almost complete lack of a gag reflex were two of his most valuable assets.

“Fuck! That white bitch is hot!” Jeff muttered. Watching porn with headphones was indeed something else. The brother on the screen was skullfucking the MILF who was supposed to be his stepmom and he wasn’t exactly being gentle about it. He was slamming his dick inside that whore’s mouth like a jackhammer and she was pretending to gag and shit but it was clear as day that she was loving it. Her fucking face was all covered in spit and she was vomiting more every time that dick punched her throat. That was so fucking hot. He wished that stupid bitch was right there with him. He would have fucked that pretty face of hers way harder than the dude on the screen.

Ed was sweating and his heart was running pretty fast. He realized he was making a weird noise with the back of his throat at every thrust, like some sort of wheezing animal. He looked up. His vision was a bit blurry since his eyes were watering but he could see a piece of heaven. Jeff’s abbs were tensing as more and more fag spit was gathering on the boy’s pubes and dribbling down on his huge ballsack. He only saw flashes of the straight boy’s face because the skull fuck had become flat-out violent. Ed’s muscles were all tensed up because he was trying to keep up with that brutal treatment. Jeff was using both his hands. Neither Corey nor Josh had ever been that rough with him. Only Corey’s little brother, Chris, could maybe give this guy a run for his money. Jeff had been using his throat with no breaks whatsoever, not even a short one to let him breathe. No. He was using his head like a fap machine, literally. And Ed was gagging. He hadn’t done that in a while. He was gagging and his mouth was producing a huge amount of saliva. His throat was beginning to hurt for real and he needed oxygen. He was not exactly comfortable but he would have never bothered Jeff with that. It wouldn’t have been fair. After all, that awesome-looking black Adonis was grunting. And those were definitely grunts of pleasure.

When Jeff felt his orgasm run up his shaft, he started fapping even faster. It felt so good when he was about to jizz that he always picked up the pace. Not all the girls appreciated that. But that was not an issue here: he was fapping after all.
“Fuuuuck!” the straight boy grunted as he exploded shooting like a water hose. He was even shaking his hips involuntarily, simply because it felt so damn good. He kept shooting and shooting until his balls were completely drained.
“Oh… fuck yeah…” he said. He was breathing slightly more heavily than usual. After a few seconds, he looked down. All of a sudden the faggot’s presence was back. It’s not like he had forgotten about him but he had successfully tried to block him out momentarily. But the fag was there alright and he was looking terrible. His whole face was smeared in tears and spit. It was so fucking gross. Jeff realized he was holding his hair with both his hands and was still pressing him down. He let go of him and took off the headphones. Surprisingly, the fag stayed where he was. His face glued to his crotch.

“I’m done…” Jeff said, “get off me…”

Ed looked up. That black god was so ridiculously handsome. He backed up a little, sucking that dick hard one last time, to swallow the remains of what had been a huge load. When he got to the tip he unwillingly let go of it and that chubby piece of meat bobbled down on the black boy’s balls.

“Can you get me a towel or something?” Jeff asked him, with a tone that indicated that Ed should have thought of that already.

“There’s no need!” FagEd said all chipper “Let me clean you up, please!” and he started licking the boy’s crotch. He loved that part. It was so disgustingly yummy. But one of Jeff’s big hands pulled him away.

“Nah, I said I’m done!” Jeff said slightly irritated “Just get me a towel.” this time Ed took it as an order.

“Yes, Sir!” he responded jumping to his feet and hurried to the bathroom. He came back only seconds after that and handed the boy a towel. He took it without a word and started drying himself up of all the fag-spit that was covering his crotch. Ed got back on his knees and looked at him. The silence was embarrassing.

“Uhm… how was it?” Ed asked a little tentatively, caught by a little performance anxiety.

Jeff didn’t look at him, he just muttered “Alright…”

‘Alright?!?!’ Ed thought to himself ‘Al-fucking-right?’ What the hell had gone wrong?
Ed watched as the black boy got himself cleaned up, then got dressed without saying a word. Then, suddenly:

“So how does this work? I text you and you suck me off?” Jeff asked. Ed was a little surprised but recovered quickly.

“Uhm… sure! Absolutely! I mean, if you want me to.” he replied.

“Yeah, that’s fine… gimme your number…” the laconic boy said and Ed complied eagerly.

“Ok… later then…” Jeff said putting on his jacket.

“Uhm… ok…” Ed said “Thanks…” he added but received no answer. The straight boy just went for the door and left without looking back.

‘What the hell was that?’ Ed thought to himself as he instinctively checked the time. The whole thing had lasted less than fifteen stupid minutes. No conversation before or after, no jokes, not even a little verbal humiliation. Had Jeff even enjoyed himself? He had to or he wouldn’t have asked for his number, right? But it was clear as day that Ed was gonna have to do way better. Getting praised for his cocksucking skills wasn’t necessary, of course, but it did feel good. ‘Maybe I should…’

But his train of thoughts got interrupted by something. It was very feeble but he could hear whispering on the other side of the door. Ed got closer to try and make out the words.

“…and what do we say when they open?”

“I dunno! It was your idea!”

“Yeah, because I’m the only one with a functioning brain, here!”

Ed knew those voices far too well. He opened the door and sure enough, Corey and Josh were there, staring at him like they had been caught red-handed.

“Guys?” Ed said “Did you forget something?” he asked sincerely confused.

“No, no, we just… I mean…” Josh said scratching his head “… yeah… we… like…”

“Josh was a little worried…” Corey said softly to make sure that whoever was in the room with Ed couldn’t hear. Josh gave his buddy a look and Corey added “…and so was I…”

“Worried? Why?” Ed asked speaking normally, but Josh’s raised eyebrow was a very eloquent answer.

“You know why!” the black haired boy said.

Ed felt a whirlwind of emotions overwhelm him. His eyes got a little wet and, unable to restrain himself, he leaned forward and hugged those two boys who had become the best part of his weird, complicated life.

“Thank you…” Ed whispered to them.

“Oh… uhm… ok…” muttered Corey a little surprised. They were silent for a few seconds then Josh went:

“Dude, not in the hallway, c’mon! That’s way too gay!”

Ed started to laugh and released the two “Sorry, hehehe!” he wiped the tears off his eyes.

“So everything’s ok, here?” Josh asked peeking inside the room.

“Yeah, it’s done! Jeff left five minutes ago!” Ed said as he let them in.

“What? Already? Kind of a quick shot your boyfriend, huh?” Corey teased Josh.

“Dude, I swear, I’m about to physically hurt you!” was Josh’s reply. Ed smiled, widely amused.

“What happened with your dates?” he asked.

“I told Jen I had to study and that I’m gonna see her tonight,” Josh replied.

“Yeah, same here,” Corey said. Josh couldn’t help laughing.

“Seriously? You told the chatterbox you had to study? Haha! And she believed you?” he snickered.

“Fuck you, man!” Corey replied, half-laughing himself.

“Well, thank you, guys! You didn’t have to do that, you know?” Ed said and the two of them didn’t reply with words. There was no need.

“So how did it go?” Josh asked curiously.

“Uhm… Ok, I guess…” Ed replied, still a little confused “I don’t know. He’s not exactly a master of communication, is he?”

“Yeah, I know what you mean,” Josh replied.

“But he took my number so…” Ed shrugged.

“Oh… so what, he’s gonna use you from now on?” Corey said, sounding as bratty as ever “Who does he think he is? Does he really think he can waltz in here and do as he pleases? I mean I bet he didn’t even say thank you, did he?”

“Shut up, Cor!” said Josh half-ignoring his friend’s childish behavior “Did he hurt you?” he asked Ed then.

“No, no! Not at all!” Ed hurried to say “I mean he was a little rough but nothing I didn’t like!”

“Alright, good,” Josh replied finally relaxing.

“Yeah, that’s great. Can we go grab some chow now? I’m hungry!” Corey added, eager to change the subject.

“Dude, we just told our chicks we had to study! What if they see us around?!” Josh reminded him.

“Then what do we do?” Corey snapped impatiently.

“Well if you’re hungry I can go grab some food for you!” Ed offered immediately but Josh was smirking.

“Nah, I think I got a better idea.” he said, “Get on your fucking knees, faggot!”

Ed wasn’t expecting it but he smiled gratefully

“Yes Sir!” he said as his knees were already bending. He heard Corey snicker and he walked towards them till he was beside Josh.

“Yeah, that works, hehe!” said Corey as he matched Josh’s smirk.

FagEd was looking up at them. He smiled back and all he could manage to say was a simple but heartfelt:

“Thank you…”

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