Live and let serve – 7 Sex Story

#Abuse #Blackmail #Gay #Teen

By Naughty Bard

The boys continue to live their teenage, lustful lives. Corey’s little bother Chris is back and he brought a couple of very cocky friends.

“Earth to Ed? You with us, man?” Corey’s voice woke him up abruptly from his thoughts.

“Sorry guys!” Ed said to the two boys he was having lunch with.

“What’s with you today?” asked Josh, sipping on his soda.

“Nothing, I’m fine! I was just thinking about Jeff, that’s all.” Ed confessed.

“Jeff? Why the hell were you thinking bout Jeff, now!?” said Corey suddenly so irked it was tangible in his voice.

“Oh, forget about it… It’s stupid, really!!” Ed minimized “It’s just… does he have like…. a problem with me or something?” the gay boy asked Josh “I mean he never even talks to me. He texts me, does his thing, completely ignores me and when he’s done he leaves or he kicks me out if we’re in his room.” the boy ranted “Don’t get me wrong, I love doing it and you guys know I’m more than used to being humiliated and abused in any possible way…” he tried to word his feelings “But… I don’t know, there’s something about him… it’s like he can’t wait to get rid of me… again, it’s totally fine… I’m not complaining here…” he finished in a small voice, feeling extremely silly all of a sudden.

“Dude, he’s just a little uptight, that’s all! His family is all super catholic or something…” said Josh munching on a few fries “…and last time I checked, getting head from a faggot wasn’t exactly part of the ten commandments.” he joked. Ed smiled.

“Right, I get that!” he said “It’s just… does he even like it? I can’t tell!”

“Well, he keeps texting you, doesn’t he?” Josh said raising an eyebrow.

“Yeah, but…” Ed said, then gave up “I don’t know, maybe I’m overthinking this whole thing…”

“Yeah man! He told me he was gonna keep using you and that’s what he’s doing, so… just be grateful and don’t expect him to be all chummy and shit!” Josh shrugged.

“No, I am! Totally! You know I am!” Ed hurried to say then added smiling “You’re right… and like I said, I have no right to complain! I’m a faggot, after all!” he finished all chipper.

“Hehehe! Exactly!” snickered Josh.

“Alright, are we done talking about Jeff? Great!” Corey said moodily flipping through his phone and rolling his eyes at them almost loudly.

“Oooh, look! The baby is jealous again!” Josh teased.

Corey gave him the finger without looking up from his phone. Both Ed and Josh snickered a little.

“Knock it off, assholes!” the blond boy said but he was half-smiling himself.

They sipped on their sodas and stayed silent for a while. They were having lunch at a burger joint on Pier 39. It was a pretty dull day, there were not many people around, which was a little unusual for the beginning of April in downtown San Francisco. The three boys were actually done eating and were now lazily kicking back and enjoying a few minutes of pleasant, well deserved idleness.

“So anyways, how’s the porn industry going these days?” asked Josh. The boy was dedicating less and less time to Corey’s little project since he had started dating Jen, letting Ed handle all the IT parts, and all the other stuff Corey simply didn’t get.

“Pretty good, actually!” said Ed.

“Yeah, not thanks to you, Romeo!” replied Corey.

“Yeah, well, when YOU get a girlfriend…” Josh bragged, extremely amused.

“Excuse me! I have a…” Corey tried to respond but he got cut off.

“No you don’t! Chatterbox is not a girlfriend, she’s a set of holes, at best!” Josh said looking at Corey. The blond guy wanted so bad to retort but after a second of indecision he ended up agreeing with his old buddy.

“Oh, what the hell… yeah, you’re right.” the three boys shared a short laugh “Hey, since we’re on the subject, I got a few new requests from this new guy… uhm… a fagcunt92… but it’s some really nasty shit.” Corey informed them conversationally.

“Like what?” asked Josh.

“Well, the dude’s got a thing for piss, I guess.” Corey replied.

“Oh man! Another freak!” groaned Josh a little grossed out.

“Pissing in a toilet… pissing in a public place… pissing on a faggot… pissing in a faggot’s mouth… making a faggot drink piss… pissing down a faggot’s throat…” Corey read all the requests to them, keeping his voice quite low.

“Dude, that is so fucking disgusting!” Josh grimaced blatantly.

“Yeah, totally! Hehehe!” snickered Corey “Too bad, though! He’s paying pretty good money!”

“Well, let’s do it then!” Ed said. Corey and Josh both turned to look at him.

“What? Dude! You can’t be serious!” Josh said, still grossed out.

“Woah, woah! Let the guy speak, man!” Corey shushed Josh with a very selfishly interested expression that spelled pure mischief. Ed smiled. Josh shook his head disapprovingly but he was smiling too.

“Well, it’s not like I haven’t done it before, you know…” Ed said in a small voice “…we talked about my high school days, remember?” he said and before he could continue the very greedy blond boy added:

“Yeah, exactly, and remember the start of the year, at that party? We pissed on him too!” like someone who’s really trying to convince his audience, completely missing the fact that maybe reminiscing of those facts might have been a little hard for Ed.

“No, man! YOU did!” Josh said raising his hands.

“Yeah, while you were watching and laughing your ass off!” Corey retorted.

“Hey, we were drunk!” Josh tried to justify himself.

“The point is…” Ed interjected before a friendly exchange of funny digs turned into a fully fledged fight “…it’s not that big a deal. If you want to and you think you really need the money, we can do it.” Ed said. He wasn’t thrilled about it but he wasn’t gonna show it to his friends.

Josh made a face, somewhere between amused and incredulous. Corey, on the other hand was smiling from ear to ear.

“Awesome! Thanks man. You’re the best! Hehe!” said Corey “I was actually thinking of getting a couple more piercings! That’s perfect!”

“Yeah, cause that’s a priority!” Josh teased.

“Hey! It’s my money, dude!” Corey replied, as spoiled a brat as ever.

“Absolutely…” said the gay boy before Josh could reply with something slightly more venomous “So when do you wanna shoot it?” he asked.

“Well, how bout right now?” said Corey with a mischievous smile.

“What? You high or something?” Josh joked.

“Well, a little, but that’s beside the point!” snickered Corey “Look, there’s like seven people in the whole restaurant and no one near us…” he said looking around.

“Dude! You’re out of your mind! Just do it later, in your room!” tried to reason Josh.

“Chris is coming, remember?” said Corey “And I don’t wanna have to wait for like a week to do this! Not when I can get some good cash, right here and now!” he complained “What’s the big deal, man? You can shoot the whole thing on your phone! C’mon, buddy, pretty please!” He finally gave Josh his best puppy dog face. It was still amazing how much of an obnoxious daddy’s boy Corey could be sometimes.

“Oh man!” Josh rolled his eyes but actually took his phone out of his pocket and flipped it to camera mode “Can’t believe I’m doing this!” he mumbled.

“Hehehe! Thanks bro! I owe you one!” Corey said “Alright, you ready?”

“Yeah…” the jock replied framing the other two.

Ed couldn’t help noticing that no one had asked his opinion about it. Everything had happened so fast and he kinda had had no say whatsoever in the matter. And now the camera was rolling and pointing at him.

“Alright, so I just had lunch with this fucking faggot here.” video-Corey, a slightly meaner version of the blond stud, was out to play again “How was it, faggot?”

“Uhm… it was good, thank you, Sir!” Ed replied immediately getting into character “But you know, now I’m really, really thirsty…” he said “Do you think I should get a refill?” he asked showing the empty soda cup.

Corey smirked openly now. The boy loved it when the fag improvised, it made everything cooler, better and way more fun.

“Nah, don’t worry, I’ll give you something waaaaaay more tasty than soda, hehehe! Gimme that!” the blond stud cackled as he grabbed the cup from Ed’s hand and made it disappear under the table. Josh was now shooting his buddy’s crotch as Corey unzipped his baggy jeans, whipped his floppy dick out and started pissing in the cup. For some reason, the two straight boys couldn’t help snickering like two dumb twelve-year-olds as the piss was gathering, dark yellow and foamy. It didn’t take long for Corey to finish though. He shook his dick a couple of times and put it back in his pants “Well, that’s all I got for you, fag!” Corey said showing the contents to the camera. Then he turned to Josh and added with a huge smirk “Dude, you wanna chip in?” The dark haired jock usually wasn’t thrilled to be part of those clips but in all honesty his attitude towards them had definitely mellowed over time. He had gone from an adamant ‘no way in hell’ to a much more easy-going ‘whatever’, which was pretty impressive. So, all in all, it wasn’t necessarily a shock for anybody when he answered:

“Fine, I’ll top it up!” and took the cup from Corey’s hands.

“Yeah!! Hahaha! That’s what I like to hear!” said Corey taking the phone and becoming the temporary director.

Josh looked around to make sure nobody was watching, then he copied his buddy. He fished his cock out of his pants and pissed in the half empty cup, making the amber concoction foamier and foamier.

“Hahaha! Awesome!” Corey cackled childishly as he shot the scene, sitting right next to his buddy.

In no time, Josh’s bladder was pleasantly empty and the cup was almost full.

“There!” said Josh “This should definitely hit the spot! Hehehe!” he joked as he sat the urine cocktail on the table, in front of FagEd.

Ed looked down at that full pint of piss. The foam on the surface was thick and bubbly and yellowish. But it didn’t look like beer. Not one bit. It was piss. Hot, sour, stinky piss. Piss he was about to swallow on camera so that his spoiled roommate could get the money he needed ‘to get a couple of more piercings’. Ed looked up at his friends. They were snickering and smirking and the boy was suddenly reminded of that night, so many months before when they had abused him while under the influence. They had felt so guilty after sobering up. A lot had changed in less than six months.

“C’mon! Chug it, bitch!” said video-Corey, grinning widely.

“Yes, Sir!” was Ed’s reply.

The first two or three mouthfuls were the worst. Ed gulped them down trying real hard not to focus on the taste. And that was hell, because the taste was so fucking strong and bitter not to mention the pungent smell that attacked his nose.

“Woah! He’s actually doing it! Hahaha!!” was Corey’s comment. Ed couldn’t reply. His whole body wanted to reject that stuff but of course that wasn’t even an option. It had been a while since he had had to drink piss. High school to be precise. Some of his old classmates would make him do it from time to time. They had always found the whole concept particularly entertaining. Ed wasn’t particularly into it. Of course the occasional piss drops hanging from the tip of the cocks he sucked on a daily basis were one thing and he positively liked that. But actually swallowing mouthfulls of it… well, that was different. He stopped for a second to make sure he was able to stomach it. He lowered the cup and Corey and Josh came into view again.

“How’s it taste?” a smirking Corey asked.

“It’s very strong, Sir.” Ed answered truthfully then added “Thank you…” and raised the cup again. Four more mouthfuls went down.

“Can’t believe he’s drinking all that piss, dude! That’s fucking…” said Josh but couldn’t find the right word.

“Hahaha! I know, man! Who the fuck does that? Can you imagine having to drink that shit?” Corey asked.

“Dude, shut up! I’m gonna barf!” Josh answered as Corey cackled stupidly.

Ed gulped down another two mouthfuls. He wasn’t entirely sure how much of their talk was actually part of the ‘performance’ they were giving. Probably not as much as the two straight boys would care to admit. Not anymore, which predictably made Ed’s penis stir in his pants despite the disgusting, sour taste in his mouth. Ed stopped for a second and grimaced visibly struggling to swallow another mouthful. He looked at the cup. He had managed to drink about half of the content. That was a little discouraging. He looked up. Both the boys were still smirking at him.

“C’mon! Fucking drink it all, bitch! You said you were thirsty!” Corey ‘encouraged’ him.

“Yes, Sir!” croaked Ed desperately trying to keep the nausea under control. Then he raised that cup despite his whole body knowing better and started drinking again.

“Yeah, that’s it! Bottoms up! Hahaha!” Corey laughed and Josh joined in.

All things considered, Ed found the whole ordeal quite challenging. It took him probably well over three whole minutes to make all the piss disappear. He remembered being better and faster. He had such a disgusted look on his face after swallowing the last nasty gulp. But the show, as they say, must go on.

“Thank you, Sirs! You were right, that was way more tasty than getting some stupid soda!” he managed to say without barfing right in front of them.

“Hahaha! Yeah, you’re welcome, bitch!” video-Corey cackled and Josh turned the phone towards him “AND FUCK YOU ALL, FAGGOTS!!” Corey said flipping off his audience with both middle fingers “SEND ME ALL YOUR FUCKING MONEY! NOW, YOU STUPID CUNTS!!” he added as vulgar and butch as he could possibly be and the video ended.

“Woah, man! How the fuck did you swallow all that shit?” Corey asked now looking equally amazed and entertained.

“That was so fucking gross, dude!” Josh repeated, reiterating his well-known position on the matter.

Ed put the now empty cup on the table and wiped his mouth with a napkin. He forced a weird smile and went.

“Hey! I’m a filthy fag pig, remember? I’m always begging you to lick your sweaty feet and dirty ass so… why should drinking piss be any different?”

Josh snorted, amused “Tsk! Whatever man…” he said.

Corey cackled again “Yeah, you’re right! I bet you got a hard on, huh?” he asked, but didn’t really wait for an answer. He immediately turned to Josh and went “Hey, can you do that blurry thing on the video so that they can’t see my face?”

“Yeah, yeah, just gimme a minute!” Josh said a little patronizing, but already working his magic on his phone. He had shot and edited so many clips by now that it literally took him minutes to get one ready, especially if it was an easy one, with a single take like that.

“Alright, I’m gonna text this loser.” Corey said and started to type on his phone.

Ed was actually glad they were otherwise occupied and that he didn’t need to hold a conversation. He needed a minute. He was slowly beginning to breath regularly again. He was still nauseous and to be honest he was a little surprised with himself. Disappointed, actually. He was obviously way more out of training than he thought after all. What kinda fag pig has all that trouble drinking piss? That was stupid! No, it was unacceptable for Ed’s standards.

“Here’s the check, boys!” the waitress walked to them and set a small plate on the table.

“Thanks!” muttered Josh as Ed smiled to the woman. Corey didn’t even look up from his phone. Josh immediately resumed editing the video the second the woman left.

Ed looked at the receipt. 44.78 $, tips not included. The gay boy took his wallet out and placed a 50 dollar bill on the plate. Neither Josh, nor Corey even remotely tried to stop him. It was a given that he would foot the bill, after all. He always did when they were together and the boys certainly expected it of him. But for some reason that careless silence made the gay boy feel even more used. It was such a good sensation.

“Alright, I’m done, here!” said Josh after a few more minutes.

“Hang on, the money isn’t in yet.” said Corey “Are you sure my face is absolutely unrecognisable?”

“Dude! Please! Who do you think you’re talking to?” Josh sounded unusually full of himself.

“Well, excuse me for not wanting to be recognized while I do this shit!” the blond boy said in such an egotistical way it was impressive even for him, considering everything. Then a familiar ‘ding’ arrived “Haha! Fuck yeah! Now you can send the vid! Here’s the address!” Corey showed Josh his phone.

“Done.” the dark haired jock replied after a minute.

“Thanks, bro!” Corey said sincerely to his childhood friend.

“Yeah, yeah, no problem.” Josh said dismissively “How much did you get?”

“50 bucks!” Corey said “Not bad for pissing in a cup, huh? Hahaha!” the blond boy laughed stupidly.

“Right!” Josh shook his head amused “Don’t you think you should thank him too?” he nodded his head in the direction of Ed.

“Yeah! I mean… yeah… totally!” Corey said a little puzzled “But you said you liked it, right man?” he asked as straightforward as hell.

As per usual, the blond stud was completely clueless, which was indeed a big part of his undeniable charm.

“Yeah, of course!” Ed said “I should thank YOU, really! Also for letting me pay, as usual!”

“Oh, yeah! Right!” Corey snickered then shrugged “You’re welcome, bitch! Hehe!”

Josh, simply sighed “Alright, let’s get outta here!” he said then.

All three of them stood up and silently walked out of the restaurant.

“Chris’s plane lands in less than an hour.” said Corey checking the time on his phone.

“It’s ok, I’ll take a cab from here and get there in plenty of time.” Ed reassured him.

“Are you sure I can’t come too?” whined Corey.

“You have a two-hour lecture with Denton today, plus that seminar! You’re not skipping a minute of all that, understood?” Ed said, loving-parent-style.

“Fine…” a defeated Corey moaned miserably.

“Besides I’m happy to pick up Chris and keep him company, you know that!” Ed said.

“Yeah, I’ll bet! You pervert!” sneered Corey.

“Well, that’s rich coming from the guy who sent his little brother to this fag whore’s room to get his dick sucked!” Josh snorted, then added “No offence, man.” looking at Ed who smiled and shrugged.

“Whatever!” Corey said while lighting up a cigarette as they walked along the piers, enjoying the cool breeze that messed up their hair.

“Oh, man! My mom again! What is it, now?” Josh said checking his buzzing phone “Hi, mom…” he answered and started walking off to have a little privacy.

“Uhm… Corey…” Ed said tentatively.

“What?” the blond boy said looking at his phone.

“Well… I need to ask you a favor…” the gay boy said.

“What is it?” he replied blowing the smoke.

“Well, you know, back then, when I drank your piss?” Ed started innocently.

“Yeah, hehe!” Corey looked up snickering.

“I don’t know how to say this but… well… it was pretty hard for me…” the gay boy confessed and Corey frowned.

“Oh… uhm…” the blond boy looked a little embarrassed “Ok…”

“Oh, no… I didn’t mean it like that…” Ed said raising his hands “I was actually trying to apologize for it!” he said sincerely “You see, I’m not as used to it anymore so I was just wondering if you could… like… train me to do it properly… I need to get way better so that we could make many more videos and you can get a lot more money out of it… you know?” Ed said lowering his voice, partly so that nobody could hear him but also because he felt a little ashamed of himself.

“Oh man, you scared me for a second!” Corey said passing a hand through his bleached blond hair “I thought you didn’t wanna do it again, or something!” he sounded so selfishly relieved. Again.

“No, of course not!” Ed reassured him, then he smiled at him and said “You know there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you!” it was a phrase he had repeated so many times to his roommate and his old buddy, Josh. And every syllable of it was the utmost sincere truth.

“Yeah, I know! That’s why I was so surprised!” Corey scratched his head and looked definitely more at ease. He smirked “Don’t worry, you bet I’ll train you! I’ll make you swallow gallons of piss!” he said, then his face lit up with an awesome new idea and he looked around to make sure that Josh was out of earshot “Hey, you know what? We could even ask my lil bro, I’m sure he’d love to help! Hehehe!” he snickered.

“Really? Thank you, sir!” Ed smiled up at him.

“Sure, fag! We’ll turn you into a piss tank in no time, you’ll see! Hehe!” joked Corey and Ed laughed, too. Then Corey added with a conspiratorial air “But if he asks, it was your idea, ok?”

Ed frowned “But it WAS my idea…”

“Right! Then we’re good!” Corey said as air-headed as ever.

“Alright, what did I miss?” said Josh walking back to them and putting away his phone.

“What did mommy want?” moked Corey “Wanted to check if Joshy-Joshy was eating good?” he made his voice sound like a mother who’s speaking to a very small child.

Josh raised his eyebrows “Dude! You seriously wanna talk parents?”

Corey laughed “Nah, I’m good, thanks!”

“Alright, I gotta go, guys. I’m actually already late.” said the black haired kid, then he turned to Corey “You better get to class, man! And don’t forget to kiss up to Denton! Can’t hurt!”

“Yeah, yeah, I know! I’m going!” Corey said going back to a miserable tone.

“Yeah, and I have mini-Corey to pick up!” Ed chimed in with his usual chipper attitude “I’ll see you both tonight?” he asked.

“Yeah, we said we’d take lil’ Chris out, right?” Josh said.

“Yep!” the other two replied.

“Alright, later!”


“Hey, watch where you’re going!” Ed said turning around. His jaw almost dropped.

“Sorry!” said the bespectacled guy who had just bumped into him. Then “Hey, wait a minute… do I know you?” he frowned.

“Well…” Ed said a little embarrassed.

“Holy shit! You’re that guy from high school! Ed, right?” the boy said to Ed who smiled.

“Yeah, it is me. Hi, Kyle! How are you?” he said.

“No way, man! I’m pretty good, thanks! I almost didn’t recognize you for a second! What are you doing here?” the kid might have been rather handsome but his nerdy look didn’t make him stand out. He was thin and a little taller than average. He had short sandy hair, a little scruffy beard and a couple of zits here and there. Ed thought back to when they had met for the very first time.

“Well, I go to Stanford and I live here. I have a room on campus…” Ed explained “But right now I’m picking up a friend.”

“Get outta here!” said Kyle “I didn’t know you ended up here! I just transferred from Yale! I’m starting with the lessons next week but my schedule is all fucked up!”

“Really? That’s… wow! Why did you change schools?” Ed asked curiously.

“Well, it’s kind of a long story!” said Kyle looking a little sheepish “Why don’t we catch up tomorrow or maybe the day after that! Now that we go to the same school, you’re gonna have to show me around! I don’t know anybody here!”

“Uhm… sure! Yeah, absolutely!” Ed was more than a little surprised that Kyle Bennett wanted to spend time with him in a social situation. Nevertheless the boys exchanged phone numbers.

“Cool, I gotta go now! I have a meeting with the dean later. See you around, man!” the skinny blond said as he started to walk away.

“Yeah… uhm… ok…” Ed replied. And Kyle was gone, lost within the crowd in the arrivals of San Francisco international airport.

The gay boy stood there like an idiot. That little blast from the past had brought up memories of a much younger version of himself. Of both of them actually. But that wasn’t the right time to reminisce. He turned around again and resumed looking for Chris. According to the boards, the plane from Denver had already landed which meant that Corey’s little brother was about to walk out of those doors any minute now. Ed hadn’t seen the kid since his stay at the Hanssons’, over Christmas, where young Chris had learned the perks of having a faggot available pretty much 24/7, making Ed swallow a very impressive 12 loads of straight pubescent cum in five short days. Ed had asked about Chris every now and then and Corey would get him up to speed with what was going on in the teenage boy’s life.

And then he appeared. As handsome as ever, with his irresistible Viking-boy charm, those full lips, his ivory skin, blond hair and piercing blue eyes. He was looking around probably to find his big bro who had naturally forgotten to let the poor boy know that he couldn’t pick him up. Ed sighed.

“Oh, Corey, Corey…” he mumbled to himself as he started to wave his arm at the kid. It took a few seconds for Chris to notice him. He frowned, rightly confused, but he walked towards him.

“Ed?” he asked in his teenage broken voice.

“Hi, Chris!” Ed smiled warmly.

“Where’s big bro?” the boy wasn’t upset or anything, he was just genuinely curious.

“He didn’t tell you, did he?” Ed said realizing only now that there were two other boys standing behind Chris “Uhm… he had a very important lecture today and he really couldn’t skip it, so he asked me to pick you up.”

“Oh!” replied Chris “No, he didn’t tell me, but that’s ok!” the young boy said looking a little guilty “I might have forgotten to mention Ace and Leo were tagging along so I guess we’re even, hehe!” he said pointing his thumbs at the two boys behind him.

“Oh! Ok, sure! Hi guys! Welcome to San Francisco.” Ed greeted them.

The two boys said their ‘heys’ in return. They looked the same age as Corey’s kid brother. One was even taller than he was, with short blond/reddish hair and fair skin even though his cheeks were slightly red. He kinda looked like a stereotypical Irish boy. The other one had darker tones. His skin was slightly olive-colored, he had a crazy mane of messy curly jet black hair and a cheeky smile and he was quite a bit shorter than the other two.

“Ok, so… uhm…” Ed didn’t really know what to say to them. It was a little awkward, mostly because he didn’t know exactly how to behave with the two new guests present. But then Chris lowered his voice:

“Hey, I told them all about you. You don’t mind, right?” he said smirking to an astonished Ed.

“Uhm… no, not really…” he answered a little half-heartedly.

“Awesome!” Chris said then turned to his friends “Told you he was ok with it! Hehehe!” and they all snickered and fist bumped each other. It didn’t take a genius to guess what Chris had bragged about with his friends. Ed was a bit uneasy.

“So…” Ed said to the excited boys “Your brother and Josh are going to finish around seven, then we’re all taking you out for dinner…” he explained “…which means that until then I’m in charge of taking care of you!” he joked sounding important.

“Hahaha!” Chris snickered “Sure! You’re in charge! Hahaha!” for some reason the kid found the concept real funny.


“Yeah, mom! It’s fine, don’t worry! They can sleep in the room you got for me and I’ll share with Ed and big bro! It’s no big deal!”

Chris was upside down in Ed’s field of vision. He was standing on the other side of the room, pacing, on the phone with his mom who was a little more than upset that he had omitted such an important piece of information and that she had heard about his two officially uninvited classmates by their respective moms.

In the meantime, one of said classmates was skull fucking the hell out of old submissive Ed. It was Leo. Ace had already dumped his first, quick load directly into the fag’s stomach. Everything had happened so quickly. Ed had taken them to the famous room Mrs Hansson had rented for her little prince and Chris had immediately gotten down to business.

“Alright, fag! Get to work. You guys go first, I need to call my mom.” is what he had said. The two boys had immediately fished their dicks out and FagEd had started doing what he knew best. The second they were hard, they had told him to lay down on the bed with his head slightly hanging from the side. And they had started to face fuck him. It had been Chris’s idea, actually, since he had had the chance to experiment with Ed before. Now the smell of unwashed balls was filling his fag-head. Leo only had scarce pubes around his dick, which meant his balls were practically hairless, but they were clammy and smelled so strong. They smelled of sweat and testosterone and typical straight boy lack of hygiene. Ed couldn’t help feeling pathetically inferior to those two younger studs he had just met. They were straight and, as per usual, that was enough to make him feel that way. Besides, it was so fucking good to have a dick drilling his throat, everything else didn’t really mattered that much.

“Of course Ed’s fine with it!” said Chris still trying to convince his mom.

Ed gagged slightly a couple of times because even though Leo’s dick wasn’t particularly long, the boy was humping his face hole savagely, like a sex-crazed animal.

“Right now?” Chris asked in a panic, looking down at Ed’s face “Uhm… hang on a second…” the blond boy walked to his buddy, Leo, who was basically sitting on Ed’s face, watching a porn on an Ipad sat on Ed’s stomach “Get off him for a second!” Chris whispered through gritted teeth pushing stinky-balls-Leo off the fag.

“Fine…” the dark-haired kid grumbled and his stiff dick slipped out of Ed’s mouth, shining and dripping with fag spit.

Ed could now see handsome Chris bending over him with a hand over the speaker of his phone and a frustrated expression.

“Will you please make her stop nagging?” the boy asked him ever so impatiently. He was the cutest thing.

“Sure…” Ed said and took the phone.

It literally took him less than a minute to sort everything out and make Mrs Hansson a very relieved mom. Ed was good at solving problems, always had been plus he had made a friend of the woman during that short stay at her luxurious mansion. When he gave the phone back to Chris, the boy was already smiling, knowing he had gotten away with his newest mischief.

“Hey, can we start again? I wanna cum!” Leo said with a rather avid tone claiming Ed’s attention to himself.

Ed looked up at him. His tasty dick was still pointing forward like a wooden rod.

“Yes, of course! I’m so sorry, Sir!” Ed said and clearly witnessed the smirk on the boy’s eyes for the use of ‘Sir’. Leo’s six-incher slipped into his mouth and the face fuck resumed.

After a few minutes, the inevitable came to pass and Leo’s pulsing dick started to shoot like a cannon.

“Aaaahh… fuck yeah! ” his immature voice said “Oh fuck! That feels fucking good!” Ed got a hold of his ass-cheeks and pushed his pelvis down even more, so that he couldn’t even breath. Fag heaven.

“Hehehe! Look, guys! He doesn’t wanna let go of my dick! Hahaha!” Leo cackled and the other two joined in.

“Hahaha! What a faggot!” said Ace, sitting on the other bed stark naked.

Ed lingered for a few more instants before letting go of that tasty treat.

“C’mon, fag! You wanna taste mine or not?” Chris’s voice stung a little and Ed released the dark haired boy at once. Ed saw Leo and Chris standing next to each other, smirking over him. Chris had taken off his pants and his awesome cock was hanging limp.

“Yes, Sir! Please!” Ed said sticking out his tongue and making an exaggeratedly wide hole for Chris. The three straight boys cackled again. Ed stretched his neck and started tonguing Chris’s foreskin “mmmmm…” he moaned pleasantly to the taste.

Meanwhile Leo sat on the other bed: “Man, that was incredible!” the dark haired boy said all excited.

“Yeah, it was awesome! I came in like two minutes!” said Ace, enthusiastically.

“Told you so!” Chris snickered full of himself as he leaned forward and filled Ed’s hungry mouth.

Having Chris’s cock hammering his throat once more was indeed a truly undeniable blessing. And if there had been some doubts, now Ed was sure of it. Little Chris could definitely give Jeff Murphy a good run for his money in terms of roughness. They both clearly had the same goal in mind the second they stuck their very straight dick into Ed’s mouth: their own selfish pleasure, period. Not that Josh, Corey and even these new kids didn’t, because they definitely did. But with Chris and Jeff, breaks were not even considered. From the moment they started using his throat they went straight for the finish line a.k.a. emptying their fucking balls. The only difference between the two was probably in terms of stamina. Jeff, being older and having a lot more sexual experience, simply lasted longer. Chris was fifteen so he had large room for improvement, but apart from that, they were equally brutal. Needless to say, Ed was not complaining about it.

“Ah, look at that bitch’s tits!” Chris moaned watching his porn as he was shaking his hips maniacally. Ed’s face was a mask of spit and sweat as the third dick in a row was ravaging and abusing his throat. It was absurd how much being treated like an object, made him feel so ridiculously good. It was exquisitely humiliating being thought of as a convenient commodity for boys who momentarily pretty much only cared about getting their rocks off. And Ed loved being humiliated. “Oh, fuck! Imma cum!” grunted Chris before feeding him the third thick load of the afternoon.

“Oh man! I missed this! Hehe!” Chris said predictably, finally slipping his dick out of the fag’s face hole.

“Thanks for your cum, Sir!” Ed said to a smirking Chris who was looking down at him.

“Sure, faggot! Hehehe!” the three straight boys laughed together.

Ed got up from the bed and excused himself, heading for the bathroom. Before he closed the door he heard Ace’s immature baritone say:

“Hey, I wanna go again!”

“Dude, chill! We’re gonna be doing this all week, don’t worry!” Chris reassured him, throwing himself on the bed Ed had just vacated and cackled with the other two.

Ed took a deep breath and looked at himself in the mirror. His face was completely covered in spit and sweat. He washed it off. Not out of necessity but practicality. Now that he thought about it, he wasn’t sure how he felt about what had just happened. That is to say, he knew precisely how he felt about it (and the rock hard dick in his pants was proof of it) which that was the problem. That’s what made him feel equally guilty. He wiped his face with a towel and looked at his reflection in the mirror again. He didn’t entirely understand that sense of uneasiness, though. He had literally sucked hundred of cocks in his past days. Was it their age? Sure they were a few years younger but he was pretty much a kid himself. Nah, it wasn’t that. He sighed and decided to go back to them. When he opened the bathroom door his eyes hungrily caressed their teenage bodies. Chris was still lying on the bed, with his legs spread open, wearing only his t-shirt. Ace and Leo were comfortably sprawling on the other bed, one at the top, with his naked back against the headboard, and one at the bottom, leaning back on his elbows while his socked feet rested on the floor. Their dicks were pleasantly lying limp on their balls while the boys were snickering and chatting and totally kicking back. Ed’s weird feeling magically disappeared and his legs moved forward.

“…yeah and she was totally checking me out!” Ace was bragging.

“Yeah, in your fucking dreams, man!” Leo cackled and Chris joined in.

“Shut up!” Ace replied playfully, kicking his buddy on the leg.

“Uhm… Chris…” Ed said after clearing his throat and the three boys all turned to him.

“Yeah?” Corey’s little brother said.

Ed swallowed. That kid was ridiculously handsome “Can I ask you a favor?” he said.


“Could I please lick your balls for a while? While you guys relax?” Ed asked politely. Chris smirked widely while the other two snickered.

“Knock yourself out, fag! Hehe!” Chris said and Ed smiled at him.

“Thank you, Sir!” Ed replied and immediately dove face first between the boy’s thighs “Mmmmm… they taste so good!” he moaned, tongue out, smiling up at him.

“Hehehe! What did I tell you, guys? Faggiest queer on the planet!” Chris said smirking at his too buddies who cracked up.

“Fuck yeah, man! Hey I wanna have my balls licked too!” Leo said, sounding a little childish.

“Yeah, me too!” Ace chimed in. Ed laughed.

“Hey, I’m really proud of that title, thank you very much!” the gay boy answered Chris, then “And, sure! No problem boys, I’ll lick all of your balls, just be patient!” he said with fake resentment to the other two and they all shared a laugh.

“Hey man, you know I had my first real blowjob three weeks ago?” Chris said to Ed suddenly “From a girl, I mean!” the boy precised proudly, smiling from ear to ear, like a good little school boy who really wants to impress a teacher.

“Really?” Ed said still lapping at those tasty balls, enjoying every lucky second of that awesome treat.

“Yep! Sophie Banks when down on me in the janitor’s cupboard, right in the middle of history class!” the boy explained.

“Yeah, and by lunch break everybody at school knew!” Ace commented smirking.

“Hehehe! Hey, I only told you guys…” Chris said, snickering.

“Yeah, and the baseball team…” said Leo.

“And those guys at the cafeteria…” added Ace.

“Hehehe! Well, I guess it’s normal to brag about it, a little!” said Ed now concentrating on the sparse pubes on the lower part of the boy’s big ballsack. The smell of his young manhood was so strong.

“Tell that to Sophie! Hehehe!” snickered Leo.

“Yeah! Everybody’s calling her a slut now and kids actually walk up to her and ask to get their dick sucked!” Ace informed them.

“Yeah, including you!” Chris said and Leo cracked up.

“Hey! If that bitch sucked your dick she can suck mine!” Ace retorted, amused and the trio cackled.

“And how was it?” Ed asked curiously moving onto the side of the ballsack. He couldn’t see Chris’s face but he could tell the boy hesitated slightly.

“Well… it was alright, I guess…” the boy said finally.

“What do you mean, alright?” said Ace “You said it was fucking epic!”

“Dude, I had just gotten head from a chick!” Chris said resentfully and the two other boys looked at him confused “What I mean is that she kinda had no idea of what she was doing.” Chris explained “And it’s not like I could just grab her head and started fucking her face!”

Ed smiled thinking that was exactly what Chris had done to him the very first time he had blown him.

“Of course not! She’s a girl!” he concurred, starting to lick the limp shaft.

“Exactly!” said Chris “And I’m a gentleman!”

“So you’re saying it didn’t feel good?” Leo asked.

“Well… let me put it this way…” Chris said “This fag’s mouth feels waaaaaaay better!”

Ed was suddenly so happy he couldn’t help smile like an idiot.

“Yeah, well… That WAS friggin awesome!” Ace’s voice chimed in now looking at the gay boy.

“Oh, you guys! Thank you!” Ed said modestly.

“Why can’t you come teach at our school or something! That’d be awesome! We could get our dick sucked all the time!” Chris said suddenly, half-joking.

“Yeah, and get straight As for it, too! Hahaha!” added Leo.

“Hehehe! I don’t think it works like that guys.” Ed replied amused “I’m a freshman in college, with my qualification maybe I could go for the janitor post.” the older boy explained.

Chris shrugged “Works for me! You’d still be sucking on our dicks! Hehehe!” the boys all laughed.

“Hehe!” Ed laughed with them “Well, I think there’s another way…” he added and immediately got their attention “Why don’t you find another ‘me’ to service you? Maybe a kid at your school?” the gay boy suggested “That’d be way more convenient, not to mention doable.” he finished, sensible as usual. There was an odd silence, for a couple of seconds.

“Dude, we’re not fags like you!” Leo’s cheeky voice said.

“No, hang on! Let’s hear him out!” Chris said, suddenly super interested. The other two boys frowned slightly.

Ed smiled. They desperately needed to be instructed.

“Well…” the gay boy said getting up from the bed and kneeling down between Leo’s legs “You see, from what I learned in my experience as a cocksucker, girls don’t really like to give head.” he said and then he started working on Leo’s musky crotch “mmmm… so tasty…” he moaned slightly, then took up where he had left off “Which is a huge problem because boys really like having their dick sucked, am I right?”

“Fuck, yeah!” the three boys agreed hotly in unison.

“Well, that’s where fags come in handy!” Ed educated them “You see, we’re different from girls…”

“Hehehe! Yeah, we noticed, hehe!” Leo snickered while enjoying Ed’s tongue bath.

Ed smiled.

“What I mean is you don’t really need to be that nice to us, you know?” he said “Well, maybe a little, at the beginning. But really, all you have to do is find one of us and talk him into sucking your dick once. Just once, that’s it! Trust me! He’ll be hooked and he will definitely come for more, you’ll see! And you’ll have him under your thumb!” Ed ended, gently suckling on Leo’s cum smeared cockhead and enjoying the taste. The boys were all looking at him.

“Yeah, you make it sound easy, man but… I mean, how do we do that?” Leo broke the silence.

“Yeah! We can’t be seen talking to a fag, that’d be social suicide!” Ace said like it was obvious.

“Right! Of course!” Ed said giving one last lick at Leo’s smooth-skinned balls then moving on to Ace’s ginger crotch under the watchful eyes of the three amused boys “Well, maybe you can slip a note in his locker or something.”

“And say what? ‘Hey fag! Wanna be our cocksucker?’ Hahaha!” said Leo and the other two cackled.

“Hehe! Well, why not?” Ed replied “I wouldn’t have to think twice about it!” he said winking up at the Irish-looking boy he was licking clean.

“Hehehe! Yeah, but you’re a total pushover, man!” Chris said crossing his hands behind his head “I mean, look at all the nasty shit you do for my brother! You’re his fucking slave!” the boy said all that in a very conversational way, like he was simply stating the facts.

“Yeah, those videos are pretty fucked up, dude!” Ace chimed in and Leo agreed with a:

“Yeah, no shit!”

Ed stopped for a second. They knew about the videos. No, they actually made it sound like they had seen them. Apparently Corey had shared yet another piece of juicy information with little Chris who had obviously kept his friends in the loop. So? It was no big deal! The vids were out there and tons of people had probably seen them. Yeah. Ok, they were people he didn’t know personally but this really wasn’t a big deal. It couldn’t be. Ed put his uneasy mind to rest and smiled.

“Yeah, I know…” he said “…but you see I do that because I’m completely addicted to cock and cum…” he explained “I can’t live without having a tasty cock inside my mouth at least once a day… I’d probably go mad!” he continued as the other three snickered, ever so amused “It doesn’t matter what I have to do to get it… I’ll do anything!” he said “And on top of that I’m… well, you’re right when you say I’m a total pushover and I’m also super submissive and I like to be bossed around…” then he added “I like it a lot, actually…” he paused an instant “But you know that already…” he added then looking at Chris.

“Not like it’s hard to notice, bitch! Hehe!” Chris said smirking and the other two snickered.

“Yeah…” agreed Ed “…and you’re all more than welcome to consider me your slave too, you know!” he said in his usual chipper tone. The three boys laughed.

“Hahaha! Good to know!” Leo snickered.

“But trust me, you need to find a faggot who can be available 24/7!” he insisted “I mean, come on, you’re three super hot studs. There’s no way every single fag at school isn’t jerking off thinking of you!” he said.

“Eew! That’s fucking gross!” Ace said, amused.

“Well, my point is, if you find the right one, you can train him and turn him into a nice, obedient slave…” he said “…like me… just…” he hesitated for a second “…promise me you won’t hurt him or treat him too badly, ok?” he added in a breath.

“Hehehe! Well, we’ll give it a try when we get back.” said Chris “What do you guys say?”

Leo shrugged “Yeah, I guess. If it’s as easy as he says…”

“I guarantee it!” Ed confirmed.

“Hey, what did you say your name was?” Ace asked looking down at Ed.

The gay boy smiled up at him and went:

“Why don’t you just call me ‘fag’?” the three boys cackled.

“Hahah! Fine!” Ace said smirking “And since you’re down there, gimme another blowjob, fag!” Ace said impatiently. Ed smiled.

“Yes, Sir!” Ed said and immediately started to suck on the boy’s cock. The three kids laughed at his eagerness, mimicking his ‘yes sir’ in a girlish voice and cracking up again.

“Hehehe! Fuck yeah, we definitely need to get ourselves one of these! Hehehe!” Ace said and shared yet another laugh with his buddies.


Dinner was fun. Ed and the boys were joined by Josh, Corey, Jen and Karen (aka chatterbox) and they all enjoyed great pizza and San Francisco by night. As Ed had predicted, Corey didn’t really make a big deal out of the two unexpected guests. Quite the opposite, actually. Ed found out that Leo and Ace were childhood friends of Chris’s which meant both Corey and Josh had seen a lot of them ever since they were all little kids, all hanging out together in the ridiculously luxurious Hansson mansion. Ed got to hang with Jenny which didn’t really happen too often these days due to her and Josh’s seemingly unquenchable lust towards each other. Good food, great company and rowdy laughs made the evening fly by very, very quickly and at around midnight they all begrudgingly decided to walk back to campus.

“So, what do you kids think bout college?” asked Corey to the three high-schoolers.

“It’s awesome!” said Leo all excited and Ace agreed enthusiastically with a “Totally!”.

“Yeah! Can’t wait to move here!” Chris said knowing all too well that his old man was going to insist that he’d go to the same school.

“Yeah, but you also have to bust your ass and study shitloads, squirts! It’s not all fun and parties, you know!” Josh said, walking behind them, his arm around Jen’s shoulders.

“Shut up, grandpa!! Don’t ruin it for them!” Corey said looking back at him. Everybody snickered, even Josh, as he shook his head.

Then, when Corey was sure his old buddy was busy making out with Jen and Ed was nodding periodically, pretending to listen to Karen’s relentless jibber jabber, Corey lowered his voice and said to the boys “Hey, by the way, I kinda need to ask you a favor, guys.”

“What?” Chris asked, frowning.

“Look, I’m sure you let them in on Ed and his… hobby?” Corey asked his little brother.

“Well, duh!” Chris replied.

“Hehe! Yeah, we already used him twice each, this afternoon!” Leo snickered ever so proudly.

“Haha! Good for you, squirts! I’m sure you made that fag’s day! Hahaha!” Corey said as butch as ever. The three teenagers cackled. Then he continued “And did you tell ‘em about the videos too?”

“You know it!” replied Chris cheekily.

“Awesome! Well, here’s the deal!” said Corey coming down to business “You see, I got this new client who’s into pissing,” he explained “All kinds of crazy shit, really, but the point is the fag needs to learn how to drink it without barfing.” he said like it was normal and the boys all grimaced.

“Drink piss?” Ace said utterly disgusted not to mention incredulous.

“Yeah, I know! It’s fucking gross but, hey! He’s the one doing it, so who the fuck cares, right?” Corey said shrugging insensitively “Anyways, here’s where you come in…” he continued “I need to train him to do that but I can only piss so much in a day soooo…” pause for suspense “I kinda need you guys to make him drink a whole week’s worth of piss. Four guys is way better than one!” he said “You think you’re up for it?”

“Dude, are you for real?” Leo asked and Ace added “Yeah, exactly!” in pretty much complete disbelief.

“Totally!” Corey replied, showing them he meant business “And if you do this, he’s yours for the whole week, boys! You can make him do whatever the hell you want.” he added with a smirk.

“You mean even all the stuff in those videos?” Ace asked all excited, forgetting to keep his voice down.

“Yeah, sure! Anything goes! Just do me a favor, though! This stays between you, me and the fag, ok?” Corey replied looking back nervously to see if Josh was still out of earshot. Luckily, his tongue was deep inside Jen’s throat which meant they were safe.

“And he’s gonna do all that shit? Just like that?” Chris asked, a little pleonastically. Corey smirked.

“C’mon, squirt! You know, he is! He does whatever I tell him to!” the blond college kid said now cocky as fuck “He’d let me shit in his fucking mouth if I told him too!” that last nasty comment sent the three high schoolers into hysterics and Corey snickered with them. Then he added “Besides, it was him who asked me to be trained, so…” he left it hanging “What do you say?”

“You got it bro!” said Chris still snickering.

“Fuck yeah!” Ace and Leo said together.

“Hahaha! Awesome!” Corey replied “Wait till he hears the news! He’s totally gonna cream his panties!” the boy continued with the mean streak.

“Hahaha! What a loser! Hahaha!” the three younger kids commented.


“No, Chris! You’re not sleeping with your brother. You guys will be uncomfortable!” Ed said once he and the Hansson brothers had said goodnight to their friends and were back in their dorm “You take my bed and I’ll sleep on the floor! It makes way more sense!”

“Dude, you serious?” Chris asked, a little unsure but clearly entertained.

“Absolutely, I insist!” Ed said “You’re the guest. Besides I need to pay you and your friends back for helping with the training! Again, thank you for that! I appreciate it!” he continued, all chipper.

“Hahaha! Yeah, no problem!” Chris snickered then he looked at his older brother who simply shrugged in a just-go-along-with-it kinda way.

“He’s used to it. I lost count of the times I locked him out because I had a chick in here and he had to spend the night in the hall…” the big brother said, half yawning.

“Fine, I’m taking your bed!” Chris finally said, smirking visibly.

“Thank you, Chris!” Ed replied smiling even wider and Chris shook his head, amused.

The boys started to take their clothes off and prepare for the night.

“Corey, where’s that extra pillow we had?” Ed asked in front of his opened closet. The straight boy was barely listening, looking at the screen of his phone

“What? Mmm… I think we left it in Josh’s room, the other day, when we shot that video…”

“Oh…” Ed groaned, looking around for an alternative.

“Dude, you can have the pillow, here!” Chris said handing it to him.

“Well… no… I…” Ed tried to explain but he got cut off by a half distracted Corey who seemed to have had a bright idea.

“Why don’t you use that nasty shit Squirt left down there, beside my bed? As a pillow, I mean…”

Both Chris and Ed looked down.

“What, my sneakers and socks?” Chris asked, trying not very successfully to hide a laugh.

“Yeah, they’re fucking gagging me! Just put them somewhere else!” Corey added half-laughing. He probably wasn’t entirely serious but Ed made sure to answer eagerly.

“Of course, Sir! That’s perfect! Thank you!”

“What? Hahaha!” Chris exclaimed as he watched Ed bend over and pick up the smelly sneakers and socks the teenage boy had just taken off. Corey smirked.

“That comfortable, fag?” Corey asked, snickering when Ed lied himself on the floor and rested the side of his head on the stinky shoes.

“Yes, Sir! Very!” Ed replied immediately, sticking his nose into one of them and taking in another smell he was bound to fall in love with “Thank you, Sir!” he repeated, his words were muffled by the socks. Chris snickered.

“Well, you should thank Squirt, here! It’s his nasty shit!” Corey said even more amused.

“Of course, Sir!” Ed said and immediately got up on his knees, crawled to the end of his own bed and started kissing the stinky fifteen-year-old-boy soles that were in front of him.

“What the fuck, dude!” Chris said smirking from ear to ear.

“Thank you sir, for letting me use your shoes and socks as a pillow.” he said, enjoying those soft feet that smelled so strong of boy sweat and testosterone.

“Hahaha! Sure! Hahahaha!” Chris was enjoying himself.

“Hehehe! Nice huh?” Corey snickered as cocky as fuck turning sideways to look at his younger sibling.

“Hahaha! Fuck yeah! He’s fucking kissing my feet! For real! Haha!” Chris stated, a mixture of extreme amusement and surprise in his voice, a little like he still couldn’t believe it.

“I know, lil’ bro! Hahaha! Hey, watch this!” Corey said then with an even cockier tone “Yo, faggot! You can do better than that, c’mon! Show him how much you really love that shit!” he teased.

“Yes, Sir!” Ed said and sure enough he immediately started to lick Chris’s toes. The high school boy cracked up.

“Haha! Yeah, that’s more like it, fag! Hahaha!! Lick his feet, like a fucking bitch! Hahaha!!” Corey was obviously showing off for his little brother but it was all very hot for Ed “What do they taste like?” the older boy asked.

“They’re so nasty, Sir! They taste really strong… mmmmm…” Ed said lustily, between wet licks.

“Hahaha! Yeah, I’ll bet!” Corey answered, while Chris was still cackling “Now be a good fag and lick them aaaaaall clean, got it? You don’t want him to go to bed with dirty feet, right?”

“No, Sir! Of course not!” Ed, hurried to reply.

“Hahaha! Oh man!” Chris finally said, after gaining a bit of self control “This is fucking hilarious!”

“Yeah! Feels good though, huh?” Corey said smirking.

“Fuck, yeah!” Chris replied, smugly.

“Thank you for letting me lick your dirty feet, Sir! It’s really generous of you! I feel so lucky! Mmmmm…” Ed piled on it.

“Haha! You’re fucking welcome, bitch! Haha!” the kid replied “I could totally get used to this, you know?” he added.

“That’s why I told you to find yourself another ‘me’ when you go back to school.” Ed said with his tongue furiously working on the boy’s clammy soles.

“Did you?” Corey interjected “Well, why not! It’s pretty convenient! Hehe!”

“Yeah, no shit!” replied Chris “It’s the first thing I’m gonna do, trust me! Hehe!”

“Hehe! Yeah, ‘atta boy, squirt! Hehe!” Corey snickered but Chris wasn’t really listening.

“Hey bitch! Stick my whole foot down your throat, like you did in one of those videos!” Chris ordered, cockily, smirking from ear to ear.

“Yes Sir!” was Ed’s happy reply.


“Ok, so let me get this straight…” Ed said frowning to his old acquaintance, Kyle. “You totally dig Yale, you make tons of friends there, you get top grades and everything then all of a sudden your mom doesn’t like the new dean and makes you move to the other side of the country?”

“Pretty much…” Kyle said with a miserable yet resigned smile.

“But… that’s… like…” Ed couldn’t even find the words to express how outrageous that sounded.

“Yeah, it is…” agreed Kyle “…but you see my mom is a huge pain in the ass. She’s into politics and she’s super conservative and all friggin’ religious and shit…” he explained, rolling his eyes pretty disgusted “…and although she’ll never admit it on the record, she’s extremely racist, not to mention classist…” the boy continued “…so you see when a new dean gets elected and he happens to be black, liberal AND coming from a family of nobodies, she needs to protect her precious son and his extremely expensive education…”

“But that’s absurd!” Ed blurted out.

“Totally…” the other boy replied, then he shrugged “…but it was either moving here or drop out of college. She’s paying for the whole thing, so…”

“Why didn’t you get a student loan?” Ed insisted.

“And risk being disowned?” Kyle said in a very practical way “No way, man! My family is loaded and I definitely want my part, down to the last cent!”

“Oh… ok… of course… sorry…” Ed said, a little embarrassed for butting in.

“Aaahh, it’s not the end of the world. The weather is way nicer here…” the bespectacled boy joked “…and this is Stanford we’re talking about, not community college!”

“Yeah, but still…” Ed muttered. Kyle smiled.

“Anyway, how’ve you been? It’s been a while since we last saw each other.” then the boy smirked and lowered his voice slightly “Do you still spend lunch break in the boys’ toilet? Hehe!”

Ed felt kinda weird. It was weird to see Kyle Bennet there. It was weird that he was being so direct with him. It was weird that he was bringing up the past so blatantly… so far from their home… sitting in a friggin Starbucks.

And then suddenly Ed remembered the first time he had given young, sandy-haired Kyle a blowjob. The boy was part of the few nerds who had had the chance to be serviced by a very inexperienced FagEd, their freshman year. Kyle’s had been the third dick Ed had ever put in his mouth, right after his lab partner Mark and another kid whose name he couldn’t remember. That was before the jocks got a whiff of that nice little agreement the young fag had made with his nerdy classmates. Most of the nerds had kept using his mouth till the very last day of high school, like the vast majority of the entire student body at the Browning School For Boys: jocks, nerds, bullies, thespians, hipsters, geeks, skaters, emos, loners, no matter the ‘social class’ they belonged to, they all enjoyed dumping a load in the school public cum dump. Kyle, on the other hand, had stopped coming at the end of their junior year even though Ed never knew why. Strangely enough, Ed wondered how things might have turned out had he not given in to his insatiable lust and simply developed a normal relationship with Kyle and the others. He swallowed hard.

“No… I… uhm… I’m done with that…” Ed replied. Kyle raised an eyebrow.

“Oh… ok…” the boy didn’t even try to hide his considerable disappointment “…aaahh… that totally sucks man, I was kinda hoping you’d wanna service me for a while…” he confessed “…at least until I find someone to date, you know…” then he shrugged “…but if you’re ‘done with it’…” he sounded patronizing and even a little on the mocking side. Ed couldn’t resist the automatic urge.

“Well… no… I mean, of course I’ll service you!” the submissive fag hurried to say “I just meant I don’t spend my days in a toilet anymore…” he explained, smiling awkwardly.

Kyle gave him a big grin “Awesome! Well, good for you man! I always felt kinda sorry for you, you know?” he admitted.

Ed frowned slightly. ‘Really?’ he thought to himself.

“Yeah… uhm… well… speaking of… can I ask you…” Ed started out loud but his phone buzzed in his pocket. “Sorry…” He took it out and saw Jeff had sent him a text that only said: ‘My room in 10’.

“What is it?” asked Kyle.

“Uhm… never mind… I’m sorry Kyle but I have to go now… something came up…” Ed said getting up.

“Is everything alright?” Kyle asked frowning at this sudden change of pace.

“Yeah, sure! I just need to take care of something, that’s all!” Ed said with a reassuring smile.

“Oh, ok! No problem, man! We’ll talk later!” replied Kyle.

“Yeah… ok… bye…” Ed said and left.

Kyle watched him walk away smiling to himself and scratching one of his cheeks.

“Yeah, we’ll definitely talk later…” he said.


“I’m done.” Jeff said pushing the fag’s head away from his softening dick “You can go, now.”

“Yes, Sir…” the fag replied, clearly reluctant to let go of the object of his affection “Thank you for your cum…” he added. He always added that at the end of each fucking blowjob. It was kind of annoying to be honest and Jeff never replied. The fag got up, cleaned his face and headed for the door “Ok… uhm… bye…” he said kinda awkwardly.

“See ya…” Jeff mumbled without looking in his direction. And the fag was gone. The tall black jock sighed. If his family could see him. His Pops would kick his ass all over town! His little bros would be so disappointed and his big bro Louis would laugh his ass off at him, no doubt! Jeff was getting head from a fucking faggot. A faggot! How could he stoop so low? That was pretty nasty! And his mom! Oh man! She would have a fit for sure! Hell, she would drag him straight to father Michael, their parish priest, for a very, very unpleasant talk. Damn! The boy got to his feet and walked to the bathroom. He hopped into the shower and started cleaning himself. He did that every time the faggot blew him. He felt dirty, somehow.

‘I’m just jerking off in his mouth…’ the boy kept repeating into his head ‘…he’s a fucking fleshlight, nothing more!’ He missed having real sex with a chick so bad but what he didn’t miss was all the strings attached to a good fuck. This was just a convenient way to relieve some stress. It felt way better than jerking off. There was no denying that. It was just… he still felt a little uncomfortable having a fag touching him and the second he had emptied his balls and his lust had passed, he couldn’t wait to kick him out which, if he was being completely honest with himself, he kinda felt slightly guilty about. After all, the fag was sort of helping him out somehow, and he realized he was being… well, not exactly friendly towards him. But he couldn’t behave in any other way, really! What if the fag were to start getting strange faggy ideas? He suddenly felt sick to his stomach. No. He needed to consider him an object and he was gonna continue to do just that. Yeah. After all, the fag didn’t seem to mind. He kept coming back every single time and never forgot to thank him. Jeff shook his head and muttered:

“…fucking queer…”


“Ok, I’m hard again. Let’s go!” Ace said right before starting to fuck the hole on the fag’s face.

“You’re not gonna beat me!” Leo said teasing, from the bed.

“Shut up! Just watch!” the Irish-looking kid replied, starting to shake his hips viciously.

It was coming up to 3:30 on a Friday afternoon. Chris, Ace and Leo were hanging out with their new favourite toy. They had a whole afternoon before them and the three high schoolers had come up with an extremely entertaining game which they had playfully called ‘Gag the fag’. The rules were simple enough. Basically they would take turns and skull fuck the the shit out of the fag, trying to gag him as much as they could for one minute straight. The one who managed to make him gag the most would win the round. So far Chris was leading with two wins, whereas Leo and Ace had won one each. This was the fifth and probably final round since Leo and Chris had just blasted a huge orgasm down the fag’s stomach and Ace was now getting really close to doing just the same. Ed on the other hand was starting to feel a certain amount of strain in his throat. It wasn’t a big deal. He was used to way worse than that and the highly intoxicating smell of sweaty balls and the sour taste of unwashed teenage dicks, more than made up for it. If he was to die right that second he would have died a very happy fag. The three young jocks had different shapes and different sizes. Of course Ed knew Chris’s dick extremely well by now. It was the biggest of the bunch which once again reminded Ed of how strongly the Hansson genes ran through his veins. A long, proud, uncut shaft that was surrounded by golden pubes. To die for. Leo’s was maybe an inch and a half shorter than Chris’s which made it the shortest of the trio but it was thicker than either of the others. Besides, it was still a good 6 and a half inches which didn’t make it short at all. His pubes were jet black but his ball sack was hairless and by far the nastiest, smell wise. Last but not least, Ace. The boy was probably close to 7 inches and he was cut. His girth was less massive than Leo’s and Chris’s and the shaft pointed slightly towards the left. He had ginger pubes that also covered his pretty massive balls.

The Irish-looking kid really wanted to win their little game or at least not arrive last. His hips were shaking like there was not tomorrow. He could clearly feel how slippery and warm and wet that pleasure hole was. It was tight and mushy and each thrust only made him wanna fuck it harder and harder. And he did. He simply couldn’t help himself. It just felt way too good. His balls were rhythmically hitting the faggot’s nose and the sound was almost hypnotic. Harder… harder… he needed to be rougher, even violent if necessary, but the rougher he got the better he felt which got him one step closer to cumming. He heard the first gag and smiled to himself.

‘I so got this!’ he thought.


When Kyle got to the frat house it was already pretty crowded. The Greek letters ‘kappa’ and ‘sigma’ were towering over the red entrance door that hundreds of kids were passing through to get in and out of the party. The young nerd had never really been a fan of that kind of social events in the past but his vision of the world had slowly changed quite a bit over the previous few months as the boy found a different side of his personality was desperately trying to come out of him, a much more ‘relaxed’ version of himself. Besides, Ed was gonna be there and Kyle’s dick was doing most of the boy’s thinking these days. He made his way to the backyard and lined up to get some beer. There were so many people around him, laughing, shouting, dancing, making out, but he literally knew nobody. He felt slightly lonely for a moment, thinking about all his friends back at Yale. When was he gonna stop that old hag he called his mom from messing with his life? He wanted to act like he didn’t really care all that much but it wasn’t always easy. He chugged down half his beer in one go. ‘Gotta find that little bitch. I’m gonna feel better once I stick my dick inside his mouth!’ the boy thought wildly to himself.


“Dude! What the fuck’s your problem?”

“Fucking stay the hell away from my girl, that’s my problem, you shithead!”

“Oh, yeah? Whatcha gonna do if I don’t? Huh?”

“Meatheads…” Jen commented tartly, watching two random super cocky jocks at each other’s throat over a cute brunette that was clearly enjoying every bit of the attention.

“Well, just so you know, I would probably do the same if someone else was hitting on you.” Josh’s arms were wrapping her tightly from behind and his head was resting on her shoulder while he was gently kissing her neck. She smiled.

“Mmmmm… I know…” she purred, pushing her ass to his crotch “…cause you’re all man, right babe?”

“You bet.” he replied in a deeper voice than usual. She turned her head back to face him and the two stuck their respective tongues into each other’s mouth.

“Why don’t you two get a room?” Corey said a little annoyed.

“Jealous much, ‘piercings’?” Jen replied raising an eyebrow and using that distinctively unpleasant tone she always used with Corey. Josh simply smiled.

“Tsk!” the blond boy replied, now irked as fuck “Whatever! I’mma go find someone to fuck!” he emptied his beer cup in one go, burped super loudly and got lost in the noisy crowd of kids after a quick “Later, lovebirds!”

“He’s just way too charming! I don’t know how I did NOT fall for him!” Jen said in a mocking tone. Josh laughed then whispered into her ear:

“Hey, what do you say we follow his advice and go get ourselves a room upstairs?” he said and started kissing her neck again.

“Mmmm… but we told Ed we would wait for him…” she objected so feebly it was almost laughable.

“Aaahh, don’t worry ‘bout him, I’m sure he’s fine…” the horny boy assured her “…he probably found a cute guy or something…” he was pressing his own body to hers so tightly “…c’mon, babe… I’m hard as fuck…” he urged her, knowing all too well it was just the right thing to say.

Sure enough, his equally horny girlfriend smiled and simply replied “You got it, stud!”


“You look so fucking stupid, faggot! Hahaha!” Leo Green was snickering a little viciously as he was looking down at Ed. The older kid was kneeling down on the extremely filthy tiles of the frat house ground floor toilet and his mouth was religiously glued to the teenager’s pubes. He was looking up at Leo, making faces while swallowing the boy’s piss like there was no tomorrow “Hahahaha!! Chug it, chug it, chug it! Hahahaha!” the boy cackled, enjoying himself tremendously “Who’s a piss-fag? Ed’s a piss-fag! Hahahaha!!!” the verbal abuse was coming so natural now, probably helped by a little bit of booze that was running in young Leo’s system. It was such an awesome power-trip to have an older boy he had just met, under his thumb like that. The cunt looked like he was in pain every single time he swallowed which was fucking hilarious. Finding himself a substitute fag pig at school was slowly becoming a priority and a world of possibilities was making its way into the teenage jock’s mind, a world he had every intention to explore. Once he finished emptying his bladder he pushed the faggot’s head away with a smirk.

“Thank you, Sir…” the fag managed to croak, without barfing.

“Hehehe! Sure!” Leo replied, then added with such a cocky tone it was impressive “Hey, you know what?” he lifted his leg and put his foot on the toilet seat edge “Some moron spilled some shit on my shoe earlier…” he said pointing at his sneaker “Why don’t you lick it off?” he ‘asked’ with a wide smirk.

“Uhm… yes Sir…” the stupid fag replied and started to lick the top of the sneaker.

“Hahaha! Yeah, fucking lick it! Hahaha!” the boy cracked up, still a little incredulously. The stupid cunt’s tongue was dutifully cleaning the top of his fucking shoe just because he had told him to. “Mmmm!!! It’s yummy, huh?” the boy couldn’t resist taunting him. It was simply too much fun.

“Yes, Sir! Thank you for letting me lick it, Sir!” was his predictable answer to which Leo cackled again.

The cleaning continued for a good thirty seconds when Leo felt the urge to push him a little further. He tilted his foot sideways revealing the filthy rubber sole of the worn out sneaker. Ed hesitated for a second and looked up.

“Go on! Keep fucking licking! Didn’t tell you to stop, did I?” Leo said keeping up his cocky attitude.

“Yes, Sir! Sorry, Sir!” Ed replied and stuck his tongue out again to lick that disgusting looking sole.

“Hahaha! Yeah, make it all shiny, hahaha!”


“Aren’t you gonna wait for me?” said the girl, still trying to find her bra on the floor.

“Nah, I’ll see you around, but you can take your time.” Jeff replied rather coldly, opening the door “Later.”

“Jerk!” she said venomously as he closed the door on her.

There was so much noise in the frat house even in the upper floor. Couples of kids that had probably just met were frantically checking out rooms to see if there was one that was still available. Jeff was donning a self-satisfied little smirk on his handsome face as he was strutting along the corridor. Fucking that cunt had definitely hit the spot and all in all he didn’t really care that much if that kind of attitude was gonna give him a bad rep. Mark had given him a few pointers on the whole ‘no strings attached’ thing just a few hours before the party and he had been right on the money. Find a chick, chat her up, fuck her brains out and then leave. It was pretty awesome, to be honest, even though he knew all too well that Mama Murphy wouldn’t approve of it. He tried to shut his conscience up as he was walking down the stairs.

“Well, well, if it isn’t Faggy McFaggot, right here in the flesh!” Jeff turned his head towards Mark’s voice. The scene he saw was one he had witnessed a million times before, ever since he had started junior high. A few jocks ganging up on the wimpy loser who happened to be unlucky enough to find himself in the wrong place at the wrong time.

“Hi Mark…” Ed replied with a shaky voice, a terrified look on his face.

“What the fuck are you doing in my frat house, bitch?” the muscle bound jock asked menacingly.

“W… well… I… I…” Ed stuttered.

“W… well… I… I…” Mark mimicked his terrified tone, sending everyone into hysterics. Then he slapped Ed hard in the face “Fucking speak up, you queer!”

“Mark, please don’t hurt me!” Ed whimpered and Jeff was overwhelmed by a sense of pity and guilt for not helping the kid. But how could he?! That was Mark Sweeney! People kissed the ground he walked on! There was no way Jeff was gonna jeopardise his position in the frat house to help… who? A cocksucker?

Mark slapped him again, even harder “Why not, faggot?!” he said sneering “Didn’t you like it last time?” all the boys around the scene laughed hard as Jeff frowned, not sure what Mark was talking about. Meanwhile, Ed, was almost shaking with fear. This was getting out of hand. Every fibre of Jeff’s body wanted him to intervene and stop the bullying but…

“Hey man! Here you are!” a tall, skinny kid’s voice made everybody’s head turn “I’ve been looking all over for you!” he sounded extremely agitated. He grabbed Ed’s wrist and started pulling him away “It’s your mom, dude! She was in a car crash, they’re taking her to the hospital!” he shouted.

“What??!!” Ed regained his focus and looked understandably ashened.

“C’mon, man! You gotta call your dad!” everybody was so surprised that not even Mark was quick enough to stop the two kids from getting away.

Jeff followed them with his eyes till they got lost in the crowd.


“What the fuck, man! You could have used some other excuse! Any other!” Ed complained, a clear mixture of relief and resentment “I almost had a heart attack!” he added while the two of them were walking away from the frat house building.

“Dude, what was I supposed to do? They were gonna beat the crap out of you!” Kyle replied shrugging “I kinda had to act quickly, if you hadn’t noticed.”

“Yeah, but…” Ed insisted.

“And it worked, didn’t it?” Kyle raised an eyebrow as if daring his old acquaintance to reply.

“Well… yeah…” Ed started, then gave up “ Oh what the hell, you’re right… I should actually thank you, Kyle.”

The tall, blond, bespectacled boy smirked slightly.

“Yeah, you should.” he said, then added “And you know what? I know exactly how you can do that, hehe!” the boy grabbed Ed’s wrist again “C’mon, my dorm’s not far from here!” he headed towards the northern part of campus, dragging Ed by the arm.

“Kyle… wait… what…” Ed was a little confused even though it wasn’t exactly hard to figure out what the other boy had in mind.

“Just shut up and hurry, Clark!” the use of his last name and the sudden authority in Kyle’s voice sent FagEd right back into the dirty cubicles of the boys toilet at Browning High.

“Yes…” he simply replied in a very submissive tone and did as he was told.

They arrived at a building Ed had never been to. “C’mon!” Kyle hurried him and the boys started climbing up the stairs. When Kyle opened the door to his room and pushed Ed in, the boy immediately noticed that there was only one bed which was quite strange for a freshman.

“Get down on your knees.” Kyle ordered, already unbuttoning his jeans and Ed obeyed instantly. The blue Calvin Klein boxers slipped down and Ed’s face was now two inches away from a cock he had sucked countless times in the past and that he welcomed back like an old friend. Kyle had a thick bush of sandy pubes but the hairs on his balls were very sparce. His shaft was quite long even though the boy was still limp and he was cut. “C’mon! Suck me off!” a voice from above said rather impatiently which made Ed open his mouth and taste Kyle’s manhood again.

“Mmmmm…” Ed couldn’t help himself. As far as manhoods went, Kyle’s was extremely tasty and FagEd was gonna make sure he was gonna savor every single inch of it.

“Oh fuck yeah!” Kyle breathed “…suck it… yeah…” he continued as he grabbed a hold of Ed’s hair and started pumping. He liked doing that when someone was giving him head. He liked to be in charge, there was no denying it. It was something he had been discovering about himself little by little in the last couple of years. Meanwhile Ed had wrapped his arms around his waist, like he really didn’t want to let him go. Kyle smirked widely. He already had that cunt wrapped around his little finger.

Ed’s mouth was watering way more than usual and his heart was racing in his chest. That was a bit unusual. Of course he was sucking on a dick which he obviously loved but also something he had done a million times before. Why was he so taken? The taste in his mouth was to die for and so was the smell. Kyle had probably showered in the morning but the animalistic smell of dick and balls and pubes and a little stale piss was pretty strong and hence inebriating for his cock-addicted fag brain. In thirty seconds that piece of meat was as stiff as a rock and Ed felt the cockhead punch the back of his throat rhythmically. It was so good. Ed looked up at Kyle’s cute, nerdy face. The boy was looking down at him with a smirk and a self-satisfied expression.

“Mmmmm… Kyle… you dick tastes so good…” Ed moaned stopping the outrageously obscene slurping for a moment.

“Then keep sucking it!” replied Kyle impatiently and pushed his hips forward purposely forcing his entire meat down that wet hole. The cocksucker gagged slightly and he couldn’t help snickering a little. It felt so good to be able to use that hole like that. Why had he stopped using it in high school? The reason felt so stupid now. Fear had obviously been a big factor in the matter. The fear of admitting to himself something he had pretty much always known. In an impulse he pushed his cocksucker away and pulled him up by his hair. The boy struggled to his feet and Kyle stuck his tongue into his mouth.

Ed was positively flabbergasted. What was happening was somehow surreal. Regardless of his vast and untimely experience in the sexual field, that was his very first kiss. It was so different from anything he had ever experienced before. He could smell Kyle’s own breath and taste the boy’s mouth as he was moving his tongue around like there was no tomorrow, almost sucking his face out. Kyle stopped for a second and roughly took off Ed’s shirt. The boy let him, without even attempting to protest. Then his mouth attacked his face again and the kissing resumed, as lascivious and lustful as ever. Kyle’s hands went to Ed’s zipper and in a second his pants were down to his knees and his rock hard dick was only concealed by his boxers. Ed’s breathing became heavier and heavier and now his boxers were off too and Kyle’s hands were grabbing his ass, and his dick was pushing against his own. Everything was going so fast. What was happening? It was so new and yet incredibly sensual, arousing, hot, not to mention way overdue.

“Get back down on my dick!” Kyle grunted as he pushed Ed down, then against his crotch. Ed started slurping on that cock again “Yeah, fucking suck it, bitch!” the tall, blond boy added with an increasing level of aggressiveness. Ed had possibly never been so excited in his entire life. His own dick was like an iron rod and his heart was positively pounding. He noticed that Kyle was kicking off his own sneakers and taking off his pants and boxers but he obediently never stopped working on that tasty, manly cock, not even for a second. He kept on sucking and blowing, hungrily, lavishly, like he had never tasted anything so good. His distinctive inclination to serve and pleasure others was now off the charts.

Suddenly Kyle grabbed his head again and started fucking his face faster and rougher than before. Ed’s mouth was producing so much spit it was crazy. Kyle kept it up for a couple of minutes with no breaks, all the while looking down at him, biting his lower lips, in pure, selfish pleasure. Then he pushed the cocksucker’s head back, grabbed him by the shoulders and threw him face down on the bed. His hands started grabbing and touching Ed’s ass quite roughly and the boy opened his eyes wide while breathing heavily. He heard Kyle spit and felt saliva hit his crack. Then a wet finger unceremoniously entered his ass.

“Aaaahhhh…” moaned Ed in a weird mixture of pleasure and discomfort “Kyle wait…” he begged “I’ve never done it… like this…”

“Yeah, right!” Kyle smirked “Nice try, fag whore!” he said rather aggressively and slapped Ed’s ass.

“I’m… I’m serious, I’ve never had like… real sex… you know?!” Ed said sounding a little worried even though his ass was still very much up in the air and his hole was quivering with Kyle’s finger slowly going in and out of it.

“Well, well, what do you know! It’s your lucky day, then! I get to pop your cherry! Hehehe!” Kyle said, a sort of sadistic snicker in his voice. Then he removed his finger and started to rub the tip of his rock hard dick against Ed’s hole “Tell me how much you want my dick up your ass, bitch!” barked Kyle through gritted teeth.

Ed had never seen that side of this boy. He remembered him as super nerdy and kind of shy and reserved so this was all completely new to him. But saying that he disliked this new version of him would have been a big, fat lie.

“I… I want your… your dick up my ass…” Ed said tentatively.

“Fucking beg me, then!” Kyle said slapping his ass again.

“Aaahhh! P… please, Kyle! Fuck me in the ass, please!” Ed replied, his heart beating so much faster than usual.

“Yeah, you got it, whore! Get ready!” Kyle replied even more viciously.

He wasn’t gentle about it. Not one bit. Kyle shove his whole dick into Ed’s tight hole, happily stealing the boy’s virginity.

“Aaahhhh!” Ed tried real hard not to scream too loud but the pain was considerable, mostly because Kyle didn’t give him time to adjust to it. He started fucking him almost brutally.

“Aaaaaahhhhh! Kyle… wait….” Ed tried to cry, while tensing up.

“Shut up!” Kyle hissed, so horny he could care less about Ed.

“Aaaahhhh! Please, Kyle! It hurts!” Ed pleaded, moaning.

“What are you talking about? Feels fucking great to me, so shut the fuck up!” Kyle replied sounding so cocky it was uncanny. He started moving his hips even more roughly.

Ed’s whole body was so tense, every single muscle hurt. The boy was sweating profusely and the discomfort was making him squirm like never before.

“Aaaahhh!” he moaned again “Please, slow down… I can’t…” he tried again but this time he was cut off for good. Kyle had grabbed his own boxers lying on the bed and was now forcing them into Ed’s mouth.

“I said SHUT THE FUCK UP!” Kyle growled again, silencing Ed’s pleading “And fucking spread your legs more for me, you whore!” he added slapping Ed’s ass again.

Ed’s body moved on its own. He had no say in the matter. Not only did he obey instantly but he also found himself pushing his ass way back, towards his rapist’s crotch.

“Yeah, hehehe! That’s a good bitch! Hahaha!” was Kyle’s answer.

Fucking that tight, untouched hole felt incredible. Kyle knew that he could be himself with this particular guy which made the whole experience way more than just a good fuck. He wanted to own that bitch’s body and use it to please all his peculiar tendencies and the more he thought about it the more he got closer to marking that cunt’s hole as his own.

Ed was breathing so heavily as tears were running down his eyes. But he wasn’t making any more noises. What Kyle was doing to him hurt like hell. Then why the hell was he desperately pushing his ass back every time Kyle’s dick was slipping out of him, hoping to God the boy would slam it back inside, at least twice as hard as before? It was so different from what he had ever experienced before and yet so similar. The fact that he was not in control was probably the best part of it all. The way Kyle was acting was making him feel so used and abused which automatically made Kyle so worthy of worship. It was actually scary. The blond boy was calling him all the names in the book through gritted teeth, while slapping his ass and pulling his head back by his hair. Yet Ed’s dick had never been harder. It was actually pulsating and Ed was so confused and overwhelmed that he simply didn’t see it coming. And so it was with sincere stupor that he found himself shooting an outrageous orgasm right on the floor of that room, rolling his eyes backwards and salivating like some sort of animal.

“Yeah! Fuck yeah, you whore! Imma make you mine!” Kyle grunted now fucking that hole so roughly the whole scene didn’t even look human anymore “Fuck! Fuck! Fuuuuuck!!!”

Ed lay motionless. His knees were on the floor and his upper body was resting on Kyle’s messy bed, his tear-smeared face pressed down the cover. Kyle was on top of him, his chest glued to his back, as still as a lump of wood. The two boys were breathing heavily, sweaty as fuck and completely spent after having shot so much of their pleasure. Ed could feel Kyle’s dick slowly shrinking in his ass as his now defiled hole was filled to the brim with slimy cum for the very first time in his life. Neither of them moved a muscle nor uttered a word for what felt like hours. It was Kyle who finally broke the silence.

“Hey… you ok?” and just like that Mr. Nice Guy was back. Ed tilted his head back slowly and nodded. Kyle was grinning down mischievously at him as he got up from his back. His mucky dick slipped out of Ed’s hole as floppy and limp as ever, bouncing merrily on the boy’s sweaty balls “Woah! I came like a motherfucker! Hehehe!” he snickered clearly noticing how much of his orgasm was oozing out of that sphincter he had just finished raping. He walked back a few steps and threw himself on the tilting chair he used to study, still trying to catch his breath.

Ed turned around and sat on the floor, his own pants and underpants still at his ankles, now all smeared partly with the cum he had happily shot not five minutes before and partly with Kyle’s cum that was leaking out of his ass. He slowly took Kyle’s boxers out of his mouth.

“Sorry ‘bout that…” Kyle said totally light heartedly “I got a little rough there…”

Ed couldn’t help but smile, bitterly.

“A little?” he said.

“Yeah, my bad…” Kyle scratched his head amused “But c’mon, man! Look me in the eye and tell me you did NOT like it!” he said daring the other again. Ed lowered his gaze.

“I can’t…” he said.

Kyle’s smile became a sneer “Yeah, that’s what I thought!” he said “Was it really your first time?” he added, genuinely curious.

Ed simply nodded.

“Damn, man! I could have sworn you’d be totally fucked out by now, considering how much of a whore you’ve always been!” Kyle said completely nonchalant. Ed took the blow and shrugged.

“Well, yeah but… you know… it was all about giving head to straight guys and… and… no one’s ever been interested in… you know… more…” he confessed.

“So this was your first time with a gay guy?” Kyle continued raising an eyebrow almost incredulously.

Ed frowned “Wait a minute, you’re gay?”

“Well, duh! I just fucked your brains out, didn’t I?” the blond nerd replied with a grin.

“Yeah but… you don’t look gay…” Ed said, in a rather stupid, childish way.

“Hahaha! What is this, 1950?! Do I have to be a ballerina to be gay?” Kyle mocked him and they both laughed.

“No but… you know what I mean… you’re… you look masculine…” Ed said.

“Yeah, so are you! What’s the big deal?” Kyle shrugged, extremely amused by the whole concept. Ed couldn’t help but smile.

“Nothing, you’re right!” he said. They both fell silent, looking at each other. “Hey… uhm… thank you…” Ed added then in a small voice.

Kyle smirked “Hehe! Oh, man! I had forgotten about that! Haha!”

“What?” Ed frowned.

“You used to thank me every time I jizzed in your mouth, remember? Back in high school, I mean. Well, me and everyone else, that is…” he kept his smirk up “Gotta say I liked it then and I sure as hell like it now! Hehe!”

Ed smiled, a little self consciously “Well I… I really like cum… so… I kinda feel like I need to thank everyone who gives it to me, you know… every single time… it’s like a precious gift to me…” Ed explained “Too bad I didn’t get to taste it this time…” he added regretfully.

Kyle snickered “Well, there’s still some on my dick, look!” he pointed to his crotch “Wanna lick it off?” he asked amused.

“Yes, please!” Ed replied, beaming eagerly.

“Well, go ahead then, hehe!” Kyle encouraged him.

“Thank you, Sir!” Ed said all excited and immediately started working his tongue.

“Hehe! No problem, bitch!” Kyle replied.

It was so good to be able to lick that slimy dick clean of Kyle’s cum and sweat. It simply tasted incredible and Ed felt so lucky.

“Did you miss my dick, bitch?” Kyle asked while enjoying the service.

“Mmmmm… yeah… mmmmm… it even tastes better now than it did back then… mmmmm…” Ed replied, with his wet tongue sticking out of his mouth.

“Hehehe! If you say so!” Kyle was resting comfortably in his chair, his hands behind his head and he kept smirking down at Ed. He looked so hot.



“You know… what you just did to me…” Ed said tentatively “It hurt really bad a first…”

Kyle looked even more amused “Then why did you let me do it to you?” he asked.

“I… I don’t know…” Ed replied confused “b… because I… think I liked it…” he admitted.

“Yeah, I bet you did…” Kyle replied “…and why do you think that is?”

Ed thought about it for a second.

“Uhm… cause I’m a bitch?” he suggested.

“Hehehe! Bingo! And you like doing what you’re told, always have.” Kyle stated like it was not up for debate. Ed simply continued to lick that dick “Which is awesome, because, guess what? I like bossing you around!” Kyle grinned a little evilly.

Ed smiled up at him awkwardly. He was slobbering on that cock with increasing passion, like he was ever so thirsty and he was giving Kyle a sort of adoring look that was quite pitiful.

“So I’m guessing it’s totally ok to use you as my fucktoy till I meet someone I actually wanna date, right?” Kyle asked extremely smug.

“Yeah… of course… I’ll do anything you want!” Ed said in his cock-intoxicated state, keeping up the licking.

“Hehe! That’s what I like to hear! Hehehe!” Kyle sneered, pleased.

They were silent for maybe a couple of minutes, then dominating nerd spoke again “You know, if you keep that up, I’m gonna get hard again…” Kyle said still smirking “And I’ll have to fuck you even harder…” Ed’s cleaning had by now turned into a full fledge blowjob “Would you like that, bitch?”

“Mmmmm… yes, Sir! Please, do that! Mmmmm…” was Ed’s immediate reply.

“Hehehe! Alright! Hehehe!” Kyle snickered.

“Mmmm… Kyle…”


“You know…” Ed said submissively “…you can be as rough as you want with me… I don’t mind…”

Kyle snickered again.

“Yeah, bitch! Tell me something I don’t know! Now suck that fucking dick!”


“C’mon freshmen! Pick up the pace! You’re not going to bed till this place is fucking spotless!”

There were a few groans but the tipsy first years knew better than to back-mouth Mark Sweeney, Mr. Quarterback of the Stanford Cardinals. It was past 2:30 am and some of the seniors and juniors were still knocking back beer, kicking back on the couches of the common hall. The party had been a success but it was over now. Pretty much everyone was gone except for them, the frat brothers. The older kids were laughing their asses off, in a stupidly drunken way, while Jeff and the others were cleaning up the place.

The black jock was somewhat confused by a scene he had seen a few hours before and his mind wasn’t exactly focusing on the cleaning.

“Hey Sweeney! Too bad you didn’t kick that faggot’s ass!” someone said “What’s his name? Clark?” Jeff was too close to the group not to hear them.

“Hahahaha! Yeah, that stupid cunt thinks he’s so fucking smart! Showing his queer face at OUR party!” Mark said slurring, loving every minute of that spotlight time he had worked so hard to get back after that slutty whore Courtney and her friends had tried to ruin his rep, a few months before. “Guess what we did to him last time didn’t teach him shit!” the five or six wasted kids around him started laughing their ass off. No one else but Jeff seemed to pay attention to them.

“That’s cuz he’s stupid, bro! Why don’t we try again?” one of Mark’s buddies shouted and everybody laughed again.

“Hahaha! Yeah! But we gotta be waaaaaay more convincing this time! Couple of broken ribs ain’t gonna cut it! Hahaha!!” Mark slurred heavily, getting up from the couch and almost stumbling on the floor because of all the alcohol he had consumed.

“Yeeeeeeeaaaaahhhh!” was the answer he got from his friends.

Jeff couldn’t believe his ears. He simply could not. Mark Sweeney was a fucking rock star. Everybody loved him and looked up to him, even suck up to him. Sure, he was cocky and arrogant but he was entitled to have a little fun. He was the fucking quarterback, after all. The whole school was counting on him and that was simply his way of blowing off some steam. Jeff understood that kind of pressure better than any other, being in a very similar situation. But those things Mark had just said… That was what people called fagbashing. Nah, it was impossible! It had to be the booze talking, no question about it. Besides he was pretty tipsy himself so, he might have even heard them wrong, right? There was nothing to worry about. A good night’s sleep was gonna fix everything. Yeah, just a good night’s sleep.

By Naughty Bard
#Abuse #Blackmail #Gay #Teen

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