Live and let serve Sex Story

#Abuse #Gay

By Naughty Bard

Two boys get randomly chosen to be roommates in college their freshman year.

The first thing Edwin Clark thought of his roommate Corey when they met was that he kinda looked like a stoner. Baggy clothes, worn out skater sneakers, slight shadows under his eyes and his low voice always sounded a little raspy and drowsy, like he had just woken up. They couldn’t have paired up two kids that were more different from one another. One was a neat freak, the other was a total slob. One was from the big apple, the other was from a provincial town in Colorado. One was a geeky nerd the other was… well, pretty much a stoner.

The biggest difference between the two though, had to be their sexual orientation. While Corey was as straight as an arrow, Ed was known to be one the biggest fags on the planet. That’s not to say he was gay. He had been trained way too well all through high school to think of himself as ‘just gay’. No, he was a filthy fag bitch. That’s what he was. And that had actually been his nickname for the previous four years: ‘Filthy Fag Bitch’ or Fag Ed, in short. The jocks, the bullies and all the popular kids had seen to it that nearly everyone at the Browning School for boys (NYC), would call him that and would treat him accordingly. So much so that he had soon convinced himself that he definitely was a filthy fag bitch. It was a simple enough notion, really, one that had been thoroughly explained to him with words and actions and he had always been exceedingly good at learning. It hadn’t been easy of course, not at the beginning anyways. He had been outed right away, freshman year, not even two months in. He had been obsessed with the body of one of the jocks in his grade, this overly aggressive kid named Chris and one day after PE he had been caught gawking openly at his dick in the showers. Of course he had been roughed up then made to kneel down in the locker room in front of all his other classmates and, while they were pulling his hair and twisting his arm, he had ‘willingly’ told everyone that he was a fag. Needless to say it had been quite a trauma for young Ed. News travels incredibly fast at school and he had gone from being an almost invisible geeky kid to being the infamous ‘pervy school fag’ practically overnight. He had cried rivers of tears hiding in his room and trying to keep the incident from his parents. For a while that is. Then he had realized that thinking about that whole messed up story, in some very sick and twisted way, was not as unpleasant as it should have been. It was more than that. He found himself thinking of Chris’s body and how he had pushed and slapped him around, calling him a fag and a queer and a cocksucker. For no sensible reason whatsoever, that would give him a woody. He hadn’t known what to make of it of course. He was confused and scared as any fourteen-year-old would be in the same situation. But after days of soul searching he had decided to stop crying, risk everything and simply ask for what he really wanted. So the morning after he had discretely found Chris at school and asked him, begged him actually, to let him suck him off. It hadn’t been a very clever thing to do, especially from someone as smart as he was and this time he took a full on beating which proved to be way more painful and way more difficult to explain to his parents and the teachers. And what’s more now everybody at school knew he was shamelessly begging classmates to put their dick in his mouth.

But salvation had come shortly afterwards when Mark, one of the geeks he knew from the chemistry club, being fully aware of all the stories that were circulating at school and not really bothering to even ask if they were true or not, had quite bluntly told him:

“If you really want to suck dick that bad I guess I have no problem in letting you suck mine!” and then had added a little embarrassed and preoccupied “…I mean that doesn’t make me a fag or anything if you do it, right?”

Ed had steadfastly reassured him right away that it absolutely didn’t, jumping at that unexpected opportunity. And right there and then, in Mark’s room, on that Thursday afternoon of mid-November, Ed had gotten down on his knees and sucked his first cock. There was no way he could ever forget that moment. Every sensation, the smell, the gagging, the taste, the moaning, the pure pleasure he had felt when his buddy had cummed right in his mouth with an expression of ecstasy painted on his face. The wonder and disbelief in that kid’s eyes when, following his instincts, Ed had voraciously swallowed every single drop of his semen with lewd lust. Of course that had soon become an almost daily routine which was making both of them very happy.

But of course, boys will be boys and what good is to have something that awesome going on if you can’t tell your friends about it? So, seeing Ed’s somewhat submissive nature and his eagerness to please, within little more than a week, Mark’s dick wasn’t the only one young Ed was expected to service. That had made him even happier. Not all of the guys were cute, most of them were nerdy geeks like himself but he was more than ready to open his mouth for anyone, as long as they had a dick and they were willing to let him gobble down every single load of their jizz. Luckily enough none of the boys seemed to have even the slightest problem with that and Ed simply couldn’t believe his luck. He never got tired of it, he kept feeding on their gooey orgasms and simply couldn’t get enough. It was a very nice group of boys, ten or twelve. They were all awkward freshmen but they were kind enough not to call him names and simply let him ‘do his thing’. That went on for a while. Not surprisingly that meant that kids who could have potentially become, in time, very good friends with Ed, now saw him in a different light. And not necessarily because he was gay. It was because the boy would never, ever shut up about how great their dicks tasted and how awesome their balls smelled and how happy he was that they were letting him swallow their ‘delicious’ cum. Being serviced by him was fun and there’s no way they wanted that to stop happening but it’s not like they wanted to talk about it, really. Sure, it was ok to hear him say those things the first few times, even fun.

But it got old very soon. Besides it was actually kinda gross for them since they were absolutely not… like him. So, little by little, they started ‘forgetting’ invitations to movie sessions or game nights. They figured they were spending enough quality time with him in the school toilets and easily convinced themselves that since sucking on their dicks seemed to be a priority for him he wasn’t gonna mind anyways. And they were partly correct. Ed was too busy with all those new sensations to realize entirely what was happening. He might have put a stop to it had he understood where his actions were leading him but then one day that perfect little agreement he had with the geeks had to be renegotiated. One of the jocks caught whiff of what was happening and the news spread like wildfire which meant that Ed’s ‘working hours’ multiplied and the kid had pretty much no time left for anything else. He was sucking more cock that he could have ever dreamed of and now he also got to suck jocks off. True, they were somehow different from the nerds. They were definitely meaner. They would call him loads of names and would make fun of him before, during and after their blowjobs. And he became so popular that pretty much everyone knew what he was doing, meaning the cool guys were smirking at him in the halls and the good guys pretty much ignored him. But that wasn’t really the worst part. Some of the meanest boys seemed to enjoy humiliating him and bullying him. And they would use any chance they’d get. Of course the fact that he would continuously and so openly thank them for their cum and tell them how much he loved it made it so that they would make him jump through hoops to get it. And they would throw anything they could think of at him just for their pure, sadistic entertainment. And slowly but inexorably they had… well, some would say opened his eyes on what he really was, others would probably go with brainwashed him.

At any rate, to cut a long story short he had more or less willingly become ‘Fag Ed’ before the end of his freshman year and by graduation day he had happily sucked off well over half of the student body countless times, including that Chris kid that had outed him. He was really proud of that. Yes, he was the laughing stock of the whole goddamn school and no one had any real respect for him but it didn’t matter. Not only had he had the time of his life sucking all those fat, tasty cocks but he had serviced and given so much pleasure to so many boys. Straight boys to be exact, by far his favourites. Sure, most of them didn’t have a clue what his actual name was. They obviously didn’t care enough to ask and ‘fag’, ‘bitch’ or ‘queer’ seemed to work perfectly well since he would gladly answer to each. But his regulars knew he was ‘Fag Ed’ and that was nice. Besides what really mattered to him was to see that blissful expression on their faces every time he brought them to climax. That was his reward for a job well done. Well, that and their precious cum of course. So, all in all, his hadn’t been a sad high school experience at all and quite frankly he wouldn’t have changed a thing. He had probably become the best cocksucker in friggin Manhattan and although his peculiar extracurricular activities had given him a less than enviable reputation and he didn’t have any real friends, he was hands down one of the best students in his grade. He had been accepted by five or six ivy league universities with a full scholarship and had finally picked Stanford in sunny California.

Corey Hansson’s story, on the other hand, was a very different and much, much less out of the ordinary one. He was born and raised in Greeley, Colorado. His grandparents were Swedish immigrants who had founded what now was a pretty successful network of laundromats throughout the country. His dad was the now CEO of the company and had high hopes for his first born. Corey didn’t really share his father’s vision though. He had listlessly graduated high school not being particularly good at anything. He wasn’t dumb by any means, but neither was he a genius. He didn’t suck at sports but he was no athlete. He was tall enough but a little too thin, not skinny but not particularly ripped either. He was good looking but all his piercings and his slovenliness didn’t really make him stand out in a good way. Quite the opposite actually, he didn’t look (or smell) like the kinda guy who showers too often. He didn’t really care about that though. He didn’t care what people thought of him. Nor did he particularly care about what was expected of him. He was way too lazy for that. In fact, lazy was probably the adjective that better described him. The only reason he had gotten into Stanford was because it was his father’s Alma Mater and apparently dear old daddy was best buds with the dean of admissions. Again, that didn’t really phase him. Help or no help he had gotten in. He was finally in college. Miles and miles away from home and no supervision whatsoever which meant one thing and one thing only: it was party time.

So these two eighteen-year-old boys had been casually selected to share a room, at least for their freshman year, in one of the best schools in the country. Oddly enough, despite being so different, they had gotten along pretty well right from the start. Ed had been the first one to arrive with his parents and big sister to help him out and had unpacked in the tidiest way possible right after checking that the closets, the drawers, even the floors of the room were clean enough. Then he had spent a few days wondering what his roommate was gonna be like. He knew what his name was but that was pretty much it. He had hoped he would be one of the jocks. Cocky, arrogant, off the charts hot. He had a whole plan figured out. He was gonna tell him what he was and then he was gonna offer him his services as a cocksucker. The way he saw it, it was a win win. He sure as hell hoped this guy wasn’t gonna turn out to be gay, he wouldn’t have liked that. He had tried sucking gay cocks and somehow it wasn’t the same thing.

Then Corey had walked in and had said “hi” with his sleepy baritone, rolling his eyes at his mother who was trying hard not to cry while his bratty teenage little brother had quickly hugged him and said:

“See ya at Thanksgiving, big bro! C’mon mom, don’t make a scene, let’s go!”

Ed had lasted about five or six minutes, watching this lean, blonde guy having a hopeless go at unpacking before deciding it was high time to step in and help him out.

“Is it really that obvious that I’ve no idea what I’m doing?” Corey had told him with a guilty smile which had put a reassuring one on Ed’s face. He wasn’t what he had hoped for, quite frankly but even if Ed couldn’t place it there was something about this kid that peaked his interest.

Corey, on the other hand, had watched in awe as this perky bespectacled geek had pretty much unpacked for him and had done a hell of a job in no time.

“Wow! Dude! Consider me very impressed!” he had told him “School hasn’t even started yet and I already owe you one!” the geeky kid had smiled at him, like he was a little surprised by his words and had replied:

“Nah, don’t be silly! I’m a faggot after all, I love doing that stuff and it was a pleasure helping you!”

Now that had been a little awkward. Corey had frowned for a second, then smiled back and shrugged:

“Oh! That’s cool, bro!”

Ed realized that he had been blunt but he wanted to get it out of the way. He wanted to get a feel of how the other boy was gonna react to that. So far he hadn’t beaten the shit out of him and didn’t really strike him as the kind of guy who would have which was a very nice start. He decided not to freak the poor kid out and didn’t elaborate.

“So, are you too tired for a tour of the campus? I did it twice already with one of the tour guides and I pretty much memorized it. I’ll be glad to show you around if you’re up for it!” he had said as chipper as ever.

Corey had looked pleasantly surprised and had said:

“Wow, thanks dude! I was actually kinda worried about that! I have no idea where ANYTHING is!”

“Cool! You wanna go now then?” Ed had replied.


In the first few days before the beginning of the lessons the boys hung out fairly often. Corey only had one buddy from back home at Stanford and Ed wasn’t really sure if any of his old classmates were going there. Not that they would have wanted to spend some time with him outside the boys’ toilets. So they got to know each other better and Ed decided that it didn’t really matter if Corey was not a cocky jock. The guy was a bit immature but he was so laid back and easy going it was actually really nice spending time with him. Besides he was hot in his own way. His blond hair was cut really short and his eyes were bright blue. His features were gentle and unmistakably handsome. Of course those piercings were not all entirely in good taste but all in all Ed did not dislike them. One thing that he had certainly not failed to notice was that his new pal was a serious sagger. His ass was in full view for anyone to see anytime the guy was simply walking around which was a very, very nice thing to behold. So, without a doubt, Fag Ed was going forward with his master plan. He promised himself that sooner rather than later he was gonna get in his pants and suck his cock. He didn’t wanna push it though. He had lots of time. He figured the very first thing he needed to do was to remind his new roomie that he, Corey, was the only real man in that room and as such he needed to be given the respect he deserved. It was one of the first things he had had to learn at the beginning of his ‘fag training’ but he had now mastered to perfection. He was gonna be subtle about it, he didn’t wanna screw it up. So the night before class started, right after sharing a good laugh for a funny joke Corey had made, Ed had nonchalantly said:

“Hey Corey, I wanted to thank you.”

Corey was taking off his pants and throwing them on the floor like he usually did. He looked back at Ed who was already wearing dorky looking pijamas.

“What for, man?”

“Well, you know… for not wanting to switch rooms…” Corey frowned, confused and Ed added “…since I’m a fag and all…”

“What?” Corey had asked, genuinely surprised “Dude, what are you talking about? You’re cool! I don’t care about that!” Ed shrugged.

“Well, I’m sure it’s not what you wanted but I’ll work hard to be the very best roommate ever, I promise.”

Corey frowned again. Was he for real? Then he smiled at him.

“Dude, you’re messing with me, right?”

“No, what I mean is I’m really sorry you got stuck with a faggot roommate but I’ll try to make it up to you!” he finished explaining matter-of-factly and Corey just laughed.

“Hahaha! Dude, just shut the fuck up and go to sleep!” he was now sure the other kid was joking and threw him his balled-up t-shirt to mess around. They both started to chuckle and he jumped onto his bed.

That Ed kid was alright. He was a joker even though he was a total nerd, what with the glasses and apparently every single piece of clothing he owned. What was that ‘fag’ thing about though? The guy threw that word around so easily. Wasn’t that like a taboo word? Something you never say in the presence of a gay guy because it’s offensive and not politically correct and all? Of course straight guys use it shitloads of times when they’re hanging out and Corey and his buddies were definitely no exception but that was different. Besides it didn’t really mean anything, he had never been homophobic or anything, he couldn’t care less if Ed was gay or straight. Sure, when he was in junior high he had made fun of the wimpiest kids from time to time calling them a fag, after all who hadn’t? But that had been a long time ago and he knew better now. What was a bit unusual though was that this guy was calling himself a fag with no problem at all. The first few times Corey thought he was kidding around but he never seemed to use the politically correct word. Like he didn’t want to. It might have been one of those things only they can say but if a straight guy uses it it becomes offensive, Corey thought. Like the awful N-word for black people. That would have made sense. He didn’t particularly look like one, by the way. A faggot. Corey had obviously seen them around and you could usually tell. What with the way they talked and moved and sometimes the super fashionable clothes they wore. This one wasn’t like that. He wasn’t particularly butch or anything but he looked like a regular nerd. Short, thin, brown hair, baby face, and those above mentioned glasses. A goody-two-shoes kinda guy. Except goody-two-shoes don’t usually call themselves a faggot, do they? Of course the ‘I’m so sorry I’m a faggot but I’ll try to be the best roommate ever’ thing had been a joke. He was pretty sure Ed had gotten the worst part of the deal with him being such a huge slob. He made a mental note to at the very minimum pick up his clothes from the floor the morning after. But at least, Corey thought, Ed got to see him in his underwear a lot since they were sharing a room and he figured that couldn’t have sucked for him.

Ed had enjoyed the show immensely. It was his favourite time of the day, when Corey got ready to go to bed and took his clothes off. His skin was so light and he had apparently no visible hair on his body. Even on his arms and legs the few hairs he had were light blond. The Swedish blood clearly ran quite thick in his veins. There wasn’t an ounce of fat on him. He definitely didn’t have big guns or broad shoulders but his pecs had a little bit of definition. He was lean, his hips were quite narrow and his stomach was as flat as a board. And his crotch was huge. Fag Ed hadn’t missed that. There was no question about it, Colorado boy was definitely packing a rifle between his legs and the gay boy was even more intrigued by him. Tonight he had even tossed him his t-shirt thinking his pretty little speech had been a joke and now that the lights were off, he was smelling it avidly. It smelled musky which came to no real surprise to Ed. The kid had worn that same shirt for like three days in a row and he was apparently not familiar with the whole deodorant concept but Ed kept pressing it to his nose and breathing in his pungent boy smell. Of course there was something else he wanted to smell real bad but he needed a little more time for that.

The lessons finally started in mid-September. Ed and Corey had different schedules but there was one Economics class they both attended. The situation hadn’t really changed much. Ed had met Corey’s buddy, Josh, a couple of times and he had seemed like a nice enough guy. Apart from that, Ed had relentlessly kept sending Corey hints of the importance and the gloriousness of his masculinity in contrast with the conspicuous lack of his own, using the word fag as often as he could, still trying not to sound too weird though. One of the easiest ways he had to do that was offering to do stupid (even slightly menial) little tasks like grabbing things for him that were on the other side of the room. Corey’s impressive laziness had come in very handy in the process. He didn’t object with any real conviction everytime Ed would jump on his feet and bring him his phone, or a soda from the fridge or even a bag of chips from the vending machines downstairs.

The straight boy would just smile ever so gratefully at him and go:

“Dude, you’re the best!” with his distinctive raspy, guttural, drowsy voice.

Corey had been surprised not to hear Ed bitch about the mess. Everything that guy owned was exactly where it was supposed to be. He was so tidy it was almost painful to watch. And yet he hadn’t said a thing about the clothes, the shoes, the soda cans, the food wrappers that covered his side of the room. Corey kept apologizing about it and promising he would clean up the mess but it never really seemed the right time. There was always something way more pressing that needed his undivided attention. Like a good, fat, freshly rolled joint for example. And the fact that his roommate was so cool about it, kinda kept his motivation to get off his ass and tidy up extremely low. So he kept putting it off, hoping Ed would keep being so understanding.

One afternoon he was watching some funny videos on YouTube, lying on his bed after skipping class when Ed came back and smiled at him.

“Hey bro! How was class?” asked Corey keeping his eyes on the screen.

“Interesting. How bout yours?” Ed answered.

“No idea, man! Hehehe!”

“You skipped again?” Ed enquired.

“Yeah, it was nothing important anyways.” Corey played it down.

“So you’ve been in here all day?”

“Had lunch with my buddy Josh!” Corey answered a little defensively.

“Cool!” Ed smiled at him again. The guy was really awesome indeed. Corey had half expected to get scolded for cutting class but none of that. He could keep enjoying those awesome vids without being lectured on the importance of actually going to class.

After putting his stuff away, Ed opened his closet and grabbed a gym bag where he kept his dirty clothes then turned to Corey and said:

“I’m gonna go do my laundry. Do you have anything you need to wash?”

Corey looked up and guiltily looked around.

“Pretty much everything that’s on the floor…”

Ed simply smiled at him yet again and said:

“Sure! No problem!” got on his knees, started to pick up his roommate’s dirty clothes and put them in his gym bag.

“Hey, dude, I was totally kidding! I’ll do it!” Corey said getting up from the bed.

“No, don’t worry! Just keep chilling!” replied Ed and Corey half laughed and kneeled down to help him out.

“Haha! Yeah right!” he said reading his roommate’s answer as a sarcastic one. But Ed touched his arm and, looking straight into his eyes, insisted.

“Dude, you seriously need to start enjoying the few perks of having a faggot as a roommate…” he said “…and not having to do your own laundry every once in a while, is definitely one of them!”

“Hahaha! Oh man, this again?” Corey laughed, not entirely sure what to answer, never mind how to act.

“Come on! Just go watch your videos and let me do it! I don’t mind, really!” he told him ever so earnestly.

“Are you being serious?” asked Corey, still a bit confused.

“Totally, man! Don’t worry! I actually like it!” said Ed and Corey frowned.

“You like doing laundry?” he asked.

“Well, yeah, it’s relaxing!” Ed said a little defensively.

“Hahaha! Dude, you’re weird! Haha!” Corey laughed.

Ed laughed too after that comment and shrugged.

“Hehe! Not really, man! I’m just a useful faggot, is all!”

There was that word again. Corey kinda felt a little uncomfortable every time Ed used it mostly because he had never met anyone who would use it so freely. Especially not a gay guy. But it wasn’t just the word. It was the fact that every time he said it was to make it sound like it was a bad thing which didn’t really make any sense to Corey. He laughed a bit awkwardly.

“Hehe! Ok… well… uhm… thanks then!” he said looking at Ed pick up a pair of really nasty looking socks.

“No problem, man! It’s a pleasure!” Ed answered chipper as ever. Corey got on his bed again and resume watching the video while Ed was still kneeling on the floor.

‘Does he have the hots for me? Is that it?’ Corey speculated ‘Oh, man, I hope not! That would make things super awkward!’ Somehow he needed to talk to him about it. Not now of course, he wouldn’t have known what to say. But soon. He was not looking forward to doing that. Confrontations were such a drag! He tried to wreck his brain for a full ten or fifteen seconds to find a way he could possibly bring it up in a conversation but that video was just way too funny to concentrate on anything else and when he reached the end of it and looked up Ed had collected all his dirty clothes from the floor and was about to leave. Corey felt like he needed to make some kinda joke. That was always his go to whenever there was a situation to smooth over. So he said:

“Enjoy the laundry, dude.”

Ed turned to him and smiled gratefully which confused Corey a little.

“I will Corey, thank you!” he replied and left, leaving the straight boy slightly baffled.

Ed was doing everything he could to show Corey how much of a fag bitch he really was but the boy seemed a little different from most of the kids he had hung out with in high school. And that’s because he was in fact a nice guy. Not that he hadn’t met any nice guys before. He had and knew that they needed a little more time and persuasion to see the potential they had in front of them, which was totally ok.

One Friday afternoon they were chilling on their beds and Corey insisted they’d share a joint. He said it was a way of thanking him for doing his laundry a few days before. Ed wasn’t entirely sure about it. He had taken a couple of puffs before, one night while camping in the mountains over the summer but he hadn’t really understood what the fuss was about. But of course he had accepted Corey’s offer, it would have been rude to turn it down and it would have sent the wrong message to the guy he was trying so hard to impress.

They had been smoking for a few minutes, talking, laughing, coughing (that was Ed) and they were starting to feel the buzz.

“You do this a lot, don’t you?” Ed asked him as a strange sense of awesome calm pervaded him. Corey laughed a bit taking the joint back from his hand.

“Yeah, man! I love this shit!” he replied then added “My nickname in high school was HanStoned! Hahaha!” they both started laughing. “Get it? Cause my last name is Hansson! Hahaha!” Everything sounded so much funnier now, even that dumb word pun.

“Hahaha! Yeah well, mine was Fag Ed! Hahaha!” he hadn’t planned on saying that. Not that he regretted it. Corey laughed.

“Hahaha! Oh man, that’s harsh!” he said.

Ed shrugged.

“Not really. I’ve always had this huge craving for cock since I hit puberty, you see…” he started explaining “…but I didn’t really understand it till a kid from my biology class let me suck him off…” it was so easy to tell him that “…and then I was hooked, man!”

“Wow, dude! So he was your first boyfriend?”

Ed frowned.

“Boyfriend?” he said “ No, no! It was nothing like that! He was totally straight. There was nothing… romantic going on between us. I would simply service him whenever he needed to empty his balls.”

“Shit bro, that’s just fucking wrong!” Corey said passing the joint to Ed.

Ed took it, took a puff. Coughed a little while blowing out the smoke and passed it back to Corey.

“Not really. I was ok with it.” Ed finally replied to his comment “ Well, more than ok, actually. All I wanted to do was to have his cock in my mouth, I couldn’t think of anything else.”

“Are you serious?” Corey asked him, now with a look of almost disbelief on his face.

Ed laughed a bit.

“Hehehe! Come on, man! Don’t gimme that look! When you were fourteen if a hot chick who was not that into you had let you suck on her tits you’re telling me you would have said no?” Ed asked with a raised eyebrow.

Corey laughed, kinda stupidly, blowing out smoke.

“Hahaha! You’re right dude! I totally would have said yes! Hehehe!”

“Yeah, that’s what I thought! Hehehe!” said Ed “So, anyways, that’s when I learned that I was a fag and that I wanted to suck dick.” he finished.

“Well, good for you, bro!” Corey shrugged and handed him the joint.

Ed took it, a little pensively. Then said,

“Man, I totally lost count of how many dicks I sucked since then, you know?”

Corey laughed at that.

“Hahahaha! Dude, you’re such a slut! Hahahaha!”

Ed started laughing and coughing out smoke at the same time.

“Hahaha! Yeah man, huge slut! Hahaha!” the boy took another puff, held it in for a few seconds then blew out the smoke. He turned to Corey to hand him the joint and said,

“So, how bout you Colorado stud? How many chicks have you done it with?” both boys laughed a bit.

“Well, let’s see…” Corey started “There was Pam Wilson. She was my first girlfriend. We didn’t do much though, we were like fourteen…” then he looked at Ed, smirking a little “…and unlike someone I know, she wasn’t into giving head AT ALL!” they both laughed as Corey passed the joint “But I managed to grope her a few times while we were making out.”

“Well, too bad for her! It’s definitely her loss!” Ed said, half laughing.

“Hahaha! Fucking A right, man! Haha!” replied Corey.

“Who else?” asked Ed.

“Karen Yang…” Corey continued “I was a sophomore and she was Junior. Now she was a slut!” they laughed again.

“Hahaha! She can’t have been worse than me!” Ed said.

“Hahaha! Well maybe not but let’s just say she was reeeeeally popular with the boys, if you know what I mean!” they stupidly snickered again “She had the biggest set of jugs I’ve ever seen in my life, I swear!” Corey continued smiling and showing his roommate how big that girls breasts were with his hands.

“Nice! Did you guys do it?” Ed asked curiously.

“I wish! We were about to but her stupid dad got transferred and they had to move like a million miles away…” he said.

“Oh, that’s too bad!” replied Ed.

“I know, right? I got her to blow me a few times…” said then added half snickering “…didn’t take much convincing to be honest, she was pretty happy to do it, hehe!”

“Hehehe! Of course she was! Why wouldn’t she be?” Ed replied “You wouldn’t have to ask ME twice!” he said winking and Corey laughed.

“Hahahaha! Yeah, I’ll bet!” he joked, passing him the joint again.

“Then, I finally lost my virginity with Amanda Taylor at the end of my sophomore year…” Corey continued with a self-satisfied grin “…I had just turned 16.”

“How old was she?”


“What? You dog!” Ed exclaimed, truly impressed.

“Hahaha! Yeah, she was an intern at my old man’s company. She was super hot and totally outta my league to be honest but I might have… sorta hinted that I would put in a good word for her if she let me fuck her.” Corey said looking pretty guiltily.

“And did you?” Ed asked curiously.

“Fuck her? Yeah man, totally! Hehehe!” Corey laughed stupidly.

“Haha! I meant put in a good word, dude!” Ed replied and Corey snorted:

“Oooh! Yeah right! How the hell was I gonna tell my dad I even knew her? He would have known something was up and I was underaged, bro! He would NOT have been pleased, trust me!”

“Wow! Bet she didn’t take it that well, huh? Did you break it to her right after she let you fuck her?” Ed asked.

“Well… actually… no, I kinda didn’t…” Corey answered guiltily.

“You kept fucking her?” Ed asked and now Corey gave him that same raised-eyebrows look he had gotten from him before.

“You’re not seriously asking me that question, are you? Dude, I was sixteen, what was I supposed to do?”

“Right, right, of course!” Ed granted “So how did it end?” Corey took a long puff, exhaled then passed the joint.

“Well, we had a lot of fun for like a couple of months but we got caught doing it by Mrs. Levitt, her supervisor. Right on her friggin desk.”

“What?” exclaimed Ed with an amused expression.

“Yeah, dude! It was so embarrassing!” Corey said “I had to beg her not to say anything to my father, he would have grounded me for life!”

“Really? Just for that?”

“Yeah man, he’s not exactly cool about things! AT ALL!” Corey said.

“And what happened to the girl?” asked Ed and this time Corey made a sad face.

“What do you think? She got fired.” he said a little bitterly “Man, I still feel bad for her!”

Ed looked at him and smiled.

“Well, it’s so far from being your fault, man!” Ed said reassuringly “She was the adult, you were just an ‘innocent’ kid!” then his smile turned to a smirk “And at least you got to use her holes for a couple of months, that must’ve felt good, right?”

Corey laughed.

“Haha! Dude, you make me sound like a total jerk!”

Ed laughed.

“Hahaha! Isn’t that kinda what you did? You even got away with it scot-free!”

Corey handed the joint.

“Well, yeah… I did… guess you’re right… hehe!” he admitted.

Ed finished listening to Corey and learned about all the women that had had the chance to get into his pants. ‘Those lucky bitches!’ Ed found himself thinking. It was very pleasant to hear his sleepy, drowsy voice talk about his conquests. He was so hot. Ed didn’t really know why but the guy was definitely growing on him. Today he was wearing a baggy, faded blue t-shirt, baggy green pants that were showing a generous portion of his blue boxers and sweat socks that at some point must have been white but were now pretty nasty looking.

“And that’s it. She was the last one. She dumped me last May, right before graduation.” Corey finished.

“What a bitch!” said Ed sympathetically, passing the joint back to Corey.

“Yeah! Right, hehehe!”

“So…” Ed felt it was the right time to move forward “…you mean to tell me that you haven’t fucked anyone in over four months?”

“Yep!” Corey said.

“Oh, man, that’s just wrong! It’s not healthy!” Ed cooed.

Corey laughed.

“Hehehe! Yeah, tell me about it, bro! I totally need to get laid! Hehehe!”

There was a moment of silence then Ed went:


“Yeah?” replied the boy turning to him.

“Would you please consider letting me blow you?” Ed said it without the slightest indecision.

Corey sighed and made a face.

“Oh man, I knew you were gonna go there…”

Ed frowned.

“You did?” he asked.

Corey smiled a little guiltily at him.

“Yeah, well I kinda figured you had the hots for me…”

“You did?” Ed repeated, a little surprised.

“It wasn’t that hard, man!” Corey said “I mean you’ve been way too nice to me. Putting up with all the mess…” he gestured around the room “…and the laundry thing the other day…”

Ed frowned a bit.

“But… that was just…” he hesitated.

Corey sat up on his bed and put the joint down in the ashtray next to him. .

“Look, dude, I’m flattered, I totally am…” he said “…but I’m not into gay stuff, I’m sorry…”

Ed smiled.

“Well, it wouldn’t be gay for you if I’m the one doing the sucking!” he said which made Corey laugh a bit.

“Hahaha! Yeah, well, even so…”

“Dude, come on, I’m not asking you to be my boyfriend or anything…” Ed said “…I’m just asking you to chill on your bed, put on a nice porn on your tablet and let me give you the best head of your life!”

Corey grinned at him.

“Wow! Someone’s pretty confident bout their skills, huh?!” they both laughed.

“Haha! Dude, I was born to suck cock! Trust me, you will never find a better cocksucker than yours truly!” Ed said very proudly pointing both his thumbs at himself then added “Oh and just so you know, I ALWAYS swallow!”

Corey laughed.

“Hahaha! Noted!” he shook his head half amused, half embarrassed.

“How many chicks can claim that, huh?” asked Ed.

Corey laughed again.

“Hahaha! Man, I really don’t think any chick who’s not a hooker would brag about any of that!” then he added “Not so sure you should either!”

Ed simply shrugged.

“Whatever… I’m not ashamed, I love swallowing!” he said and smiled meaningfully at him.

Corey sighed and covered his face with his hands.

“Oh, man! Why do you wanna suck me off that bad?” he asked suddenly, still not at all convinced.

“Because you’re hot and I’m so hungry! I haven’t sucked a cock in over two months, man I need it bad!” pleaded Ed.

“Woah, dude! You’re sounding pretty desperate right now!”

Ed smirked at that comment and went,

“Right back at ya, Mr. ‘I totally need to get laid!’”

Corey laughed.

“Hehehe! Hey, shut up, man! You don’t see me beg girls for sex, do ya?!” he retorted.

Ed smirked again.

“Course not! That’s cause you’re not a shameless faggot! That’s my thing!”

“Oh fuck, dude, you seriously need to stop calling yourself that!” said Corey amused as Ed continued to look at him matter-of-factly. Corey sighed “Ok, so you think I’m hot, I get it.” he continued “But you’re not like in love with me and shit, right?” he enquired.

Ed laughed.

“Hahaha! No way, man! Don’t worry, not at all!”

Corey looked suspicious.

“You sure about that?” he asked again.

Ed went on,

“Dude, get over yourself!” They both smiled and Corey showed evident signs of relief.

“Oh, thank god! Cause that would make things fucking awkward.”

Ed shook his head.

“Look, like I said, all I wanna do is make you feel good. It would be a one way thing, I wouldn’t expect you to reciprocate in ANY way.” Ed saw that he was almost there “C’mon man! This is college! It’s where we’re supposed to experiment!” he almost sang the last few words.

Corey looked at him with a strange little smile. Then, after a few seconds of silence:

“Oh, what the hell! Fine! You can suck me off!”

“Yes!” said Ed triumphantly making victory signs with both hands which made Corey chuckle. Then Ed got up from his bed and kneeled on Corey’s, right between his socked feet grinning from ear to ear.

Corey looked a little surprised:

“Oh, what? You wanna do it now?”

“Of course! I told you I’m starving!” Ed told him “I’m sure you got a nice hot load for me to swallow in there!” he pointed his chin in the direction of Corey’s crotch. The boy laughed.

“Hahaha! You got that right, man! But I gotta tell ya, I’m pretty fucking gross right now. I haven’t showered in a couple of days, I was gonna do it before the party tonight.” Corey said then added “You sure you don’t wanna do this some other time?”

“Are you kidding me? No! It’s gonna be way more tasty like this!” said Ed ostentatiously licking his lips with anticipation.

“Eeew, bro, that’s pretty fucking gross!” Corey laughed and so did Ed. Then seeing as he was not budging, Corey shrugged “Oh whatever, man! It’s your mouth, not mine!” he said and .

Ed smiled at him.

“Thank you Corey!”

The other boy just smiled back, then asked,

“So how do you wanna do this?”

“Well…” Ed cooed leaning forward placing a hand right between Corey’s spread legs. Corey let him. Ed started massaging his bulge up and down, softly but confidently. He did so for a few seconds, smiling up at the other boy.

Corey though looked a little uncomfortable.

“What’s the matter?” asked Ed.

“Man, this is so fucking weird!” Corey whined “No guy has ever touched me there! It just feels so… wrong!” he finished.

“Hehe! Well, it’s supposed to, you’re straight!” Corey looked at him helplessly and Ed patiently said “Look, why don’t you look for a hot video online while I take your pants off? You concentrate on that and pretend I’m not even here, ok? Or better yet that I’m a girl!”

Corey looked unconvinced.

“Yeah, easier said than done!” he grumbled, a little childishly.

Ed smiled again.

“Trust me, it will work!”

“Fine…” said Corey grabbing his iPad from the night stand, folding its cover so it would stand on its own and placed it on his stomach.

Ed proceeded to unbutton his pants and pulled them down.

Corey lifted his ass enough to let him take them off.

Ed’s senses were all tingling now that he could stare openly at Corey’s blue underpants. The bulge was definitely there, Ed was too much of an expert not to notice how big it was. He folded Corey’s pants neatly and put them on a nearby chair, never taking his eyes off the prize. Then he got down between Corey’s legs and started massaging his crotch again. This time his face was inches from the source of such a potent, masculine smell. Ed had wanted to smell that for days now and it had definitely been worth it. Unable to restrain himself any longer he gingerly placed his fingertips under the waistband of his boxers and, like he was unwrapping the best Christmas present, he pulled down.

Corey let him take them off of him.

“Holy shit!” was Ed’s comment once the boxers were off.

Corey snickered, still looking at the screen of his tablet.

“Hehehe! Yeah, I thought you might like it! Hehe!” said the straight boy.

Ed was completely fascinated by the piece of meat in front of him. Corey had blond pubes but not many of them. He was uncut which was pretty unusual and his foreskin covered his cockhead completely. His cock was completely limp but it was huge. it was even bigger than Ed had anticipated. The skin on his meat was as fair as the rest of his body and his balls were low hanging and so big with almost no hair covering them. Ed had seen countless cocks in his remarkable ‘career’ but he wasn’t sure he had ever beheld something so magnificent.

“Like it? Dude, you’re hung like a horse!” Ed informed the other boy, almost in awe.

Corey snickered again, amused and answered.

“Yeah, bro, I know. Hehehe!”

“How big is it?” Ed asked enraptured, examining it so closely now he could count his pubes.

Corey shrugged, still looking at the screen.

“Dunno! Pretty fucking big, I guess.” he answered, fairly unconcerned.

“You’ve never measured it?” asked Ed surprised, still moving his eyes frantically from the huge balls to the long, fat cock.

Corey chuckled:

“Hehe! Yeah, when I was like fourteen but I was way smaller then!”

Ed sniffed at his crotch, transfixed then he cooed,

“Oh I’m sure you were way bigger than I am now…”

Corey laughed.

“Hehehe! If you say so, man, hehehe!”

Ed couldn’t restrain himself anymore so he started rubbing his whole face on that straight boy’s junk inhaling avidly that funky smell and almost purring.

“Oh man, it’s so beautiful! I can’t believe how beautiful it is! Mmmm…” and he started covering his pubes with kisses, still rubbing his face in it.

Corey looked at him from behind the screen of his tablet and sneered.

“Dude, you’re such a queer!” then he froze for a second. He wasn’t sure that had been the best thing to say. He didn’t want to be mean but the comment had just come so natural and he hadn’t been able to stop himself.

But Ed smiled up at him, still not getting up from between his groins and said,

“Yeah, I know! I’ve been telling you for days!”

Corey relaxed and actually let out a laugh, then looked back at the screen.

Ed started kissing his ballsack.

“Mmmm… Look at the size of these balls…” he said “You must shoot like a fountain…”

“Well, that depends…” said Corey conversationally.

“On what?”

“On how good I feel…”

Ed smiled.


Corey looked at him, smirking a little and said,

“You bet! But if you’re half as good as you say you are I’m sure I’ll shoot a pretty big load, hehe!” then he added “Although I gotta warn you, I’m pretty high right now so you might have to work a little harder to get me off.”

“Awesome! I like a challenge!” Ed said half laughing “You know, I kinda feel like I’m auditioning to become your personal cocksucker here!” he added as the unmistakable sound of porn started coming from the tablet speakers.

Corey crossed his hands behind his head.

“Hahaha! Do you now? Haha! Well bro, I think I just found the right video so your ‘audition’ can begin!”

Ed laughed.

“Yes sir!” he said all perky, making Corey chuckle. Then, without wasting a second he opened his mouth, stuck out his tongue and got his first taste of that fat teenage cock.

That video was indeed ‘right’. It was definitely homemade but the girl was so hot. He had short brown hair and very nice tits. She was looking at the camera saying how bad she wanted to suck cock. Then she got on her knees and started blowing the guy that was holding the camera and telling her how good she was. Corey sighed inaudibly when he felt his dick getting all wet. He had missed that sensation. He couldn’t see Ed’s face which was definitely a good thing, but he could tell that he was working his tongue like crazy, slobbering all over his junk. Corey hadn’t gotten any decent head in a long while seeing as, with very few exceptions, girls are not usually thrilled to do that for a guy which was a pity cause, when it was well performed, a nice blowjob felt so good. Luckily, from the looks of things, Ed seemed to know exactly what he was doing.

Ed had missed the sensation he got whenever he was lucky enough to taste cock. His whole body tingled with an unexplained pleasure, his head started to get lighter and he just couldn’t help smiling. It was very similar to what people refer to as ‘being high’ and it was an awesome feeling. Of course right now Ed was also high for the weed he had smoked and was not entirely sure how much of this awesome feeling was due to the pot and how much was due to Corey’s cock but he had a strong suspicion. He didn’t have any real experience with the former but cock he knew well and he was pretty sure he had been high on that taste and that smell ever since day one. Nothing else he had ever experienced gave him the same thrill, the same pleasure, the same joy as when his face was buried in some guy’s crotch. And Corey wasn’t just any guy. He was hot and his dick was one of the seven wonders of the new world (well, Ed’s world anyways) and the boy figured that if he played his cards right, that might not be the last time he would be granted that juicy treat. He ran the tip of his tongue down till he reached the tip of the foreskin and gently put the cockhead in his mouth.

That mouth was so warm and wet. Corey could feel his dick sliding into that comfy hole, inch by inch, with no resistance or sucking pressure, till Ed’s lips touched his pubes. His tongue was gently cradling his meat which was now beginning to stir a little. A hand was pleasantly massaging his balls and Corey felt the wet hole slipping away from him till his now wet cock was all out of it except for the head. Then the hole enveloped it again, this time adding a little suction to the process which made Corey moan softly. The third time the suction was way harder and it peeled back his foreskin entirely, bathing his now naked cockhead in spit. Corey cringed slightly when he thought about it. Not because it didn’t feel good, since it most definitely did, but he couldn’t help thinking about how dirty that probably was. The term ‘dick cheese’ came to mind and he felt a little disgusted. ‘Damn!’ thought Corey, the guy was washing that shit with his own spit. That was nasty. But Corey had warned Ed that he hadn’t showered so he decided he shouldn’t have felt guilty about it. And truth be told he didn’t. He wasn’t the one doing it so why worry? Besides the guy hadn’t said a thing. He was actually running his tongue all over it, with no hesitation whatsoever, like he actually liked it. ‘Maybe he does.’ Corey speculated with a smirk on his handsome face. What the boy knew for certain was that he couldn’t deny the fact that the feeling was incredible. The hot chick on the video was now showing her big tits to the camera and sucking on her own nipples. Corey noticed the tongue action stopped suddenly and all that spit was sucked away from the mouth and swallowed. And then some new spit coated his whole meat again. ‘Oh hell yeah!’ thought Corey. He was getting hard.

Ed was proud of himself every time he felt a cock grow bigger inside his mouth. He had been taught that, for a faggot like himself, sucking on a straight guy’s cock was a privilege and quite frankly that lesson hadn’t been hard to learn. It had made sense right away, like something he had always known that had simply been spelled out for him. And being a privilege meant he needed to do everything he could to make the boy who was kind enough to let him taste his dick, feel as good as possible. Of course getting them hard was Cocksucking 101 and Ed could have probably taught the art at a college level, so it shouldn’t have been much of a surprise that Corey’s dick was now almost at full mast. It was such an awesome piece of meat and it tasted so damn good. Ed was jacking the base after drooling so much saliva down the whole shaft his hand was super slippery. Half of the cock was in his mouth and he was tonguing the head meticulously. He could hear Corey moan every once in a while. He couldn’t see his handsome face because of the tablet on his stomach which was a necessary thing. But he could tell that he was enjoying the service. His hands were crossed behind his head and he was probably eating up the hot scenes from the video. That surely had to be a much better view than his faggot roommate’s face slobbering shamelessly all over his junk. Ed was so grateful for the opportunity and was enjoying himself immensely. Despite the countless times he had given a blowjob he had hardly ever had the chance to do it in that particular position which was one of his favourite, with the guy lying on his back and him working his ass off to bring him pleasure. He particularly loved seeing the guy’s thighs up, with his bended knees just like Corey’s were now. They looked like majestic columns on the sides of his head. Columns of a prison he would have never wanted to run from. Ed swallowed a load of cock-flavoured spit again, producing some new one at once. It was time. Corey’s cock was now as hard as a rock and Ed needed to impress the shit out of him if he wanted to have any chance of doing this again. He arched his back in a pretty uncomfortable position, aligning his mouth, throat and chest. Then he removed his hands from the rod and impaled himself.

“Holy shit!” said Corey “Ah, that feels good!” he moaned. The guy had taken every fucking inch of his hard cock down his throat. How the hell had he managed to do that? Needless to say none of Corey’s hook-ups had ever been able to do that. Yet he could clearly feel his lips buried in his pubes and his cockhead touching the very back of his throat. This little queer was seriously into cocksucking and Corey was pretty sure that he was having the time of his life. The straight boy simply couldn’t help thinking that maybe this could actually turn into more than a one time thing. It kinda seemed like a waste of talent not to benefit from this guy’s skills since he was offering so blatantly. After all, if he liked it that much he was gonna find someone else’s cock to suck on had Corey refused to get blown again. Right then Ed started deepthroating his cock. Up and down, up and down. It was amazing, his whole throat was acting pretty much like a pussy would around his thick rod. “Oh, fuck yeah…” Corey said under his breath and inadvertently he began to move his hips.

It had been several minutes. Ed was still deepthroating Corey’s cock with all he had although it was no walk in the park. The boy was huge. He had to be over 9 inches and he was so thick. And he was a humper. As in he liked to hump. He was shaking his hips up and down, with a rhythm that was opposite to his deepthroating which made the whole experience very intense. Despite Ed being a true pro not even he could help gagging slightly every now and then. He never stopped for a breather of course, he could handle it, no problem. He had been skull-fucked and mouth-raped so many times he figured there was very little he couldn’t handle in that department. He could feel Corey’s meat pulsating every time he slammed his cockhead against the back of his throat which was usually a really good sign. Then his precum started to come out and Ed smiled to himself. He was waiting for that. He quickly took half the cock out of his mouth and grabbed a hold of the base, starting to jerk it again. He then proceeded to tongue his piss slit to enjoy the light, sweet taste of that unripe juice. It was like a quick preview of what was to come although it lacked in texture and the taste didn’t have a very full body. But he was close. It wasn’t long now.

Corey was so close. He could feel his balls churning like crazy, almost ready to shoot his orgasm up his shaft. The hot brunette on the screen was now giving an awesome titfuck to the lucky guy in the video. Corey wasn’t particularly envious though. He doubted that guy could have felt much better than he was feeling right at that moment. Ed hadn’t been bragging about his cocksucking skills without a reason. Corey had never felt anything nearly as good as that from a blowjob. It was actually almost as good as fucking a wet cunt except for the fact that he didn’t have a hot girl to grope while doing it. But this was more relaxing and probably way easier to get. He definitely needed to make sure that fag boy was gonna do this for him every once in a while. It seemed like pretty much a given considering it had been his idea to do this in the first place and from the way he was servicing him it was clear that he was loving it. After all he had been joking about auditioning to be his personal cocksucker so maybe if he loved it enough… Corey didn’t have a clue what could possibly make sucking a cock more enjoyable than another but Ed had mentioned swallowing his load. Maybe that was it! It had to be! He wanted his cum! Well, he sure hoped the guy was real hungry because he was gonna shoot big fucking time. And it was gonna be any second now. Yeah, it was time to feed him.

“Oh fuck! Oh yeah! Fuuuck!” There had been no warning from Corey. Hot, sticky cum was now shooting off his piss hole like a fire hose. “Oh fuck yeah!” Corey moaned in his raspy baritone as Ed was now jacking the whole length of his dick furiously, letting his spit-slippery hand go up and down while his mouth was sucking rope after rope of the straight boy’s tasty ball juice. “Oh shit! Oh fuck!” Corey kept swearing in such a liberating way and shaking his hips like crazy while Ed was avidly collecting every drop of that precious meal in his cocksucking mouth. It seemed never ending, the boy kept spewing cocksnott and Ed’s whole body was vibrating like the thirsty jizm junkie he knew he was. Corey was moving his legs and arching his toes maniacally, his big balls were bouncing boldly. Ed’s brow was covered in sweat but his mouth was finally full of the best quality cum he could ever remember tasting. He had done it. He had made this straight boy feel good and that was his awesome reward, a reward he knew he was not worthy of receiving but that he was accepting gratefully nonetheless. Life was so good. As the moments passed by, Corey’s hips were moving less and less, the jacking had gotten a lot slower but way harder, so to milk those balls of every juicy drop he could get. And then it was over.

Corey was panting and felt his heartbeat slowly going back to normal as he grabbed his iPad from his stomach and set it on his bedside table. Ed’s face came into view again. He had his now softening dick in his mouth and one of his hands was caressing his balls, gently.

“Holy shitballs, bro!” Corey said looking down “Best blowjob I ever had!” he beamed. Ed looked at him with a big, happy smile in his eyes. Then he swallowed with undeniable gusto, moaning delightfully. Twice. He went down on his dick one more time, gave it one last powerful suck and let it slid out of his mouth with a loud ‘POP’.

“Aaaaahhhhhh!” he said as his dick fell backwards heavily on his stomach “Best cock I ever sucked!” both boys laughed.

“Hahaha! Oh my god, dude! You’re incredible!” Corey said impressed. Ed smiled back a little smugly and went:

“Told ya! Was I born to suck cock or what?”

“Hahaha! Fuck yeah, man!” Corey snickered “Still not so sure you should brag about it but yeah, you totally were! Hahaha!” Ed laughed too and Corey abandoned his head on his pillow and took a couple of satisfied deep breaths. His whole body was abandoned on his bed, resting.

“So…” Ed’s voice filled the room “…did I get the part?”

Corey smiled to the ceiling and lifted his head “Hehe! You were serious about that? Wanna do it again sometimes?”

“Oh, hell yeah!” answered Ed enthusiastically. Corey laughed and although he was ecstatic he decided not to show it too much and ended up sounding a tad patronizing:

“Hahaha! Whatever dude, if you really want it that much, you can suck my cock whenever the hell you want!”

Ed’s face lit up.

“Really? You mean it?”

Corey snickered.

“Sure do, bro!”

“Yeeeeeeee!!! I’m Corey’s cocksucker! I’m Corey’s cocksucker! I’m Corey’s cocksucker!” Ed sang in a funny childish way which made the other boy laugh sincerely.

“Hahaha! Dude, knock it off!” and they both chuckled.

Then, Ed said,

“Thank you so much for that, I totally appreciate it!”

Corey smiled guiltily.

“Dude, it’s not like it’s a pain for me, you know! Hahaha!”

“Hehe! Well, yeah, but still, you’re the straight guy who’s doing his fag roomate a huge favor!” he said. Corey half laughed and was about to reply but Ed added “So, in exchange, from now on I’m gonna take care of all the cleaning around here… and yes, that includes the bathroom and doing your laundry!”

“What?” Corey said somewhere between amused and bewildered.

“Yeah, it’s the least I can do!” Ed shrugged.

It was way too generous and Corey tried:

“But dude, there’s no need!”

“Of course there is! I wanna do something nice for you!” Ed said and Corey laughed, spreading his arms.

“Hahaha! Bro, what do you think sucking me off is?” the boy didn’t even know why he was resisting that tempting offer. He hated doing the cleaning and his way out of it was right there. It just seemed so unfair for poor Ed. The guy was way too accommodating for his own good.

“I told you, that’s you doing something awesome for me, not the other way around!” Ed said. Again Corey was about to reply but Ed didn’t let him “Please dude, just let me do it!” he said and lowered his face and started kissing his balls with puppy eyes “Pretty please!”

“Dude! You’re begging!” Corey pointed out in almost disbelief. Ed smiled up at him amused.

“Yep, shamelessly!” both boys snickered then Ed continued relentlessly “So will you let me do it?”

“Oh man, fine! Whatever! I’m a nice guy but I’m not a saint! Who would say no to that?” he finally gave in and Ed beamed at him.

“Yeeeee! Thank you Corey! You’re the best!” he said childishly and started kissing his balls again. Corey looked at him helplessly.

“You’re… welcome… I guess…” he said shaking his head uncertainly “It’s just that I’m getting all the benefits from this deal!” he continued still feeling a little guilty. Ed snorted.

“Hahaha! Not at all, man! Do you have any idea how rare it is even for a fag slut such as myself to get to suck on a cock like yours?”

“Hahaha! Guess not!” answered Corey.

“Well, it’s pretty fucking rare, trust me!” Ed said and they both laughed.

“Alright, I’ll take your word for that, hehe!” replied Corey.

Then Ed continued.

“Besides, you’re a straight guy! You don’t wanna do the laundry, right?”

Corey rolled his eyes, amused:

“Of course not, dude! But…”

“Exactly! Let your faggot roommate do that for you! You don’t wanna waste your precious time like that! You got way better things to do, c’mon!” Ed cut him off like he was determined to flawlessly win that little argument. Corey shook his head again, raising his hands in defeat and laughed.

“Hahaha! Oh man! Whatever, I give up!”

“Hehehe! Finally! I’m way too good at debating anyways!” Ed bragged.

“Hahaha! Nerd!” Corey taunted good-naturedly and Ed laughed. There was a slightly awkward silence as the two looked at each other for a few seconds. Then Ed went:

“Hey Corey… can I ask you a favor?” Corey frowned at him.

“Dude, you just gave me the best head of my life! You can ask me anything!”

Ed smiled.

“Oh, you’re sweet! Thanks!” and planted a loud kiss on Corey’s spit covered cock. Corey snickered and Ed smiled at him “Ok, so would you mind if I licked your balls for a few minutes? You can finish your joint in the meanwhile! I’ve been wanting to do that since I took off your underpants!”

“Hahaha! What kinda favor is that? Of course you can lick them!” Corey answered, then added making a blatantly disgusted expression “I can’t understand why you’d wanna do that but…”

Ed laughed.

“Hehehe! Cause I’m a faggot!” he said predictably and .

Corey closed his eyes for a second, snickering.

“Damn! Walked right into that one, didn’t I?” he said.

“Yep! Hehehe!” laughed Ed then he stuck his tongue out and started licking those huge balls that were in front of him.

Corey picked up the joint that he had sat aside when the blowjob had started and lit it up again. He took a long puff from it and held it in while his head was comfortably resting on his pillow. That was unreal. He was gonna get awesome head pretty much on a regular basis and on top of that he could skip the part he hated the most: the cleaning. He hadn’t done much of it since school had started to tell the truth but now he could stop feeling guilty about it! How sweet was that? He exhaled. That Ed guy truly was the best roommate ever!

“Uhm… by the way, Corey?” the boy didn’t lift his head this time. He simply answered:


“I don’t know if you wanna know this but your cum is every cocksucker’s dream.” Ed cooed.

Corey laughed softly:

“Hehehe! Really?”

“Yeah… I don’t wanna gross you out with the details but, man… the taste, the texture… mmmmm…” Ed said dreamily “…they’re just perfect!”

Corey snickered again.

“Hehe! Dude, that’s the weirdest thing I’ve ever heard!”

Ed laughed too.

“Yeah, I’ll bet! Hehe!” he gave his balls a couple more licks then continued “Anyways, just wanted to thank you for letting me drink it, man!”

Corey smiled, still looking at the ceiling.

“No problem…” he hesitated for a second. He wanted to make a joke but was slightly uncertain. ‘Oh what the hell!’ he thought and added out loud “…cocksucker…”

To his relief, Ed laughed. Corey joined in and took another long puff. That’s not how he had imagined his afternoon was gonna be. Him relaxing on his bed, enjoying good weed with his fag roomie lapping happily at his stinky balls right after swallowing his load. College really was something.

Ed was licking those balls like his life depended on it. They tasted so nasty and masculine. Every second he spent with this guy he liked him more and more. It was refreshing to find someone who wasn’t a total jerk although with a cock like that he sure as hell could have been and Ed wouldn’t have liked him any less. Somehow though, he was happy he wasn’t. Taking care of the cleaning had been a nice touch and he was sure Corey had appreciated it. But he needed to do more. He needed to show him how eager he was to please him and how submissive he truly was. He wanted to make this kid’s life as sweet as possible and he was gonna try his best to achieve that.

By Naughty Bard
#Abuse #Gay

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