Made aunt’s girl a concubine

(Bua Ki Ladki Ko Rakhil Banaya)

Hello friends.. I am a resident of Delhi and friends this is about those days when I was 19 years old and my aunt’s health got worse and we all went there. Then after 10 days there was a slight improvement in the health of aunt, then parents came.. but I stayed there to celebrate holidays and my uncle used to work outside. Due to which he could not come at home.. My aunt has 2 daughters. A 21 year old Ritu and an 18 year old Archana. But Archana’s body had become very pale. Her figure was 36-34-36. Such a nice figure at such a young age. I was surprised to see him for the first time. She used to go to school in mini skirt.. in which she used to look even more beautiful.

Her smooth smooth legs were very cool so she used to wear skirt till her thighs and I amused my mind being my cousin and started trying not to think about her.. but my cock did not agree.. because I Haven’t had sex for a long time. Remembering his body, I started licking him. Then it went on like this for 5-6 days, in one day when Ritu was studying Hindi, he did not have a duster. That’s why I searched in Archana’s bag.. I could not find the duster but found one thing.. A CD on which A7 was made. I have seen a lot of blue film so I knew that this A7 is an English blue film. I put it back and at night I started thinking about the same thing and came out to drink water. I am going back.. But I thought why not go to Archana’s room once and see that it was closed.

Then when I put my ears to the door, I heard light voices and when I heard it clearly, it sounded like ahhhh uuuuh eaaaah yes ohh baby fuck me. Only then I understood that she is definitely watching the CD with blue film and without doing anything I went back to the room and fell asleep one more time. Then when I woke up in the morning, Archana was getting ready and going. When I looked at her, I saw a strange lust in her eyes, she laughed seeing me, I felt a bit strange.. because I had never seen her so intently till date and this went on for about 2-4 days.. now My perspective had changed and now I used to look at her whole body with lustful eyes. She also got very lustful, it seems because of the blue film.

Then one day I was thinking about her, then my cock got erect and felt like masturbating me, then I lowered my lower down and became naked and started masturbating. I got so engrossed in masturbating that I didn’t realize that I had left the gate open and don’t know from where suddenly she came and stood looking at me with awe. I was about to ejaculate now, so I got up and started going to the bathroom to ejaculate.. but suddenly seeing her in front of me, I burst. She was looking at my cock as if she would eat it now. Now I could not control myself and I threw myself on the floor. Seeing all this, she smiled and came to me and said that brother, you have turned out to be a very hidden Rustam.. What is all this?

And he kissed me on my cheeks.. my body felt like electric current.. he caught my cock in his hand and said brother come to my room tonight.. you have to see something. Then I said what? So she said that it is a surprise and then she looked at my cock and said that for your cock. That’s why I said that I just swept the floor, didn’t you find it strange seeing all this? Then she said no brother.. rather I enjoyed it a lot and by saying this she licked the spilled material from the floor and went away saying to come in the night and I was waiting for the night to come.

Then at night when everyone was asleep, I went to his room, the door was open and I went inside and I went inside and closed the door. Then I saw her, she was watching blue film lying on the bed in a transparent nightie and I was very surprised, I called her.

Me: Where are you Archana.

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Archana: Hey brother, you have come.. you took a long time to come.. come sit on the bed.

That’s why I sat on the bed, he asked me to watch the blue film.. I was a little surprised. Then he said what happened brother? Then I said nothing. He said to see and we both started watching. When I looked at her, she was looking very hot and I was also very hot. That’s why she switched off the TV and started asking me that by remembering whom I was licking today. That’s why my heart started beating fast after hearing such words from his mouth and he said tell me brother.. won’t you tell your sister? That’s why I asked how did you know all this, then he said that this much would have been enough in this age. Then I said that after remembering you, she smiled a little shyly and said that brother, you too, I am here with you, so why do you fist while remembering me? Then I said that I like your body very much. Then he said that if it was so then why not? That’s why I said that I was afraid that you might get angry and tell everyone in the house that’s why.

Then Archana said that Oh brother, you too, why were you so afraid? Then I said that I like you very much Archana and I want to love you. That’s why he said brother, why don’t you do it? I too wanted this since long and as soon as I got her green signal, I made her lie on the bed and started kissing her red lips. She was also supporting me. Her lips were looking like rose petals and I was kissing her and licking her tongue. She was also supporting me by doing all this and then my penis had become erect in my pyjama. Then I slowly started unbuttoning her clothes and freed her boobs from her bra and holding them caressed and started kissing what a beautiful boobs she had.. very sexy big big.. then I slowly reached her panty and I Opened it too, removed it away and started looking at her pussy. That’s why she said that will you keep watching or will you do something? And then taking my mouth near her pussy, I started licking her pussy with my tongue and started fucking with my tongue.

Then after about ten minutes, I spread both her legs and set my cock on the pussy and suddenly gave a forceful push and then she screamed loudly. That’s why I put my cock in her pussy and started fucking slowly.. but she closed her eyes in pain, held me tight and kept lying silently and said brother, fuck me more hard.. make me complete today.. give me Full fun of fuck today.. but her pussy was very tight and blood started coming out from her pussy.. because she was still a virgin. That’s why he was being fucked by increasing the speed and started fucking her with tremendous thrusts and after about twenty minutes of fucking, he fell in her pussy and left his entire semen in the pussy and kept lying on her and started sucking her boobs. .

Then she took me in her arms and started saying thank you brother. Today you taught me to fuck.. Otherwise, I used to enjoy watching blue film and then she took my cock in her mouth and started sucking it with great pleasure. Then she cleaned the whole cock by sucking and started wearing her clothes. After that I fucked her many times and enjoyed her pussy and also taught her the true meaning of fuck. So guys this was my fucking story.

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