Made my sister a virgin mother a true story

My name is Vivek, I am sharing a story with you, you may find it strange but it is true, I am the father of my sister’s child, and my sister is a virgin mother, I present the whole story in front of you. Will do, I also did not want that my child would be my sister’s child, but what would I have done, the situation took such a turn that it happened, but I am very happy, either my sister or you can say my wife both are very happy, And we both are living like a husband and wife, now I come to the whole story,

My sister’s name is Pooja, she is 21 years old now, and I am 23 years old, I live in Delhi, but I am from Jaipur, my sister is very nice and beautiful girl, but now she has become a woman, My mother and father are not there, both passed away in the tragedy of Uttarakhand, we brother and sister stayed together, we both did not like Jaipur home, so we both came to Delhi from there, and both started studying, near me There was a lot of fixed deposit and life insurance given by my father, because of this, there was no shortage of anything till today, even if we do not work, then life can go on completely.

Both of us started living in a rented flat in Mukherjee Nagar, which is near Delhi University, the first year was not good because both of us started missing our parents a lot, then both explained their hearts and focused on studies. Gave, and started living in a good way! My sister is very beautiful, her figure is also very good, nice tits, round ass, pink lips, I didn’t like it when boys looked at her, whenever she went out people stared at her because she is Very beautiful, so I thought that something should happen that no one should see my sister, I started behaving very friendly with my sister, she also opened up a lot, now we both started roaming together, she used to call me brother but I Said look, you call me Vivek from today, I would like it, she agreed and she started calling me Vivek.

I will tell you the story of first fuck, how I had sex with my sister for the first time, 2013, it was 31st December, new year was about to come from tomorrow, so we both celebrated new year in a hotel in Connaught Place He went to celebrate, we both danced a lot, drank beer too, had a lot of fun, both of us were very intoxicated, we both started swinging in each other’s arms, now the distance was over, her breasts pressed against my chest. It happened, my hands were on her waist and dancing to the tune of the song, her hands were on my waist, both hands were in each other’s hands, she was looking into my eyes and I was looking into her eyes. It was, suddenly when my lips and his lips met, I didn’t realize and both got lost kissing each other.

Both of our bodies were very hot, it was late night, we called for a cab and both of us went back to our flat, we both were holding each other, hand in hand, probably all in the new year. Something new was about to happen between us, reached home, I told my sister Pooja, today is new year, I care for you a lot, I don’t want someone to come in your life and someone should come in my life. Why don’t we stay together like a husband and wife, can we continue what happened today during the dance, she was looking at me, my breathing was fast, I was waiting for her answer, suddenly she She hugged me and started kissing on the lips, she said I love you dear, from today you are mine, I am yours, we both lay down on the floor, I was kissing her, she was very hot, she took off my shirt Diya and started touching my chest with tongue, I took her nipple in my hand and started pressing it, then I took off her T-shirt, my sister was in bra.

Started pressing her nipples from the top of the bra, then opened the hook of the bra as well, both of her round big pink nipples were swinging in the middle ohhh, I took it in my mouth and started drinking, Pooja said what am I getting Darling, if you go down in my boob, you will find heaven, I reached below the slide and unzipped the pant and removed it, she was in black color panty, I took a long deep breath and smelled her panty, what an intoxicant There was fragrance, I removed the panty, separated the legs, there were light brown hair, when I put my finger, I felt that the pussy had become very hot and wet, I could not help it and started licking it with my tongue. She started saying aaah aaah aaah aaah.

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Then I reversed her big big round butt ohhhh amazing I put mine in the middle and started licking her ass hole with my tongue she went crazy, mine, she got very sexy, she lay back again I lifted her leg up and took out my cock, put it on her pussy and pushed hard. I put my one finger in her mouth and started taking it out, she also started enjoying, then I hit another blow, the whole cock went inside while tearing her pussy, tears came from sister’s eyes, you read this story on I didn’t stop, I started fucking hard, when I took out my cock, I saw that my cock was soaked in blood, my sister said, blood from my pussy, so I said, the membrane of the pussy bursts when I get it first time, that’s why blood came out, not now. Will come out

I again inserted my cock in Pooja’s pussy and started fucking hard, she was saying Aaah Aaaah Aaaah Aaaaah, I also started abusing her, take it Randi, take my cock, I will tear your pussy today, I will make you a bride from today , you also turned out to be a big whore, I agree that I turned out to be a sister fuck, but you too hi hi ufff aaaah take my cock, oooh ohhhhh and I fell, my sister calmed down, then what was the work of fucking all night Till morning I had put her pussy and ass on the mountain, now it is a daily work, it is after about 2 months, one day my sister started having stomach pain, then she reached the doctor’s place, the doctor said you Who is her, I said I, I, I, my voice started stuttering, then I said that I am her husband, she said congratulations, you are about to become a father.

Then we both vacated the house from him because his people knew that we both are brother and sister, but now where we have taken the house, now his people know that we are both wife and husband, now my son has started saying pa pa pa ,

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