Making friends online Sex Story

#PreTeen #Teen #Virgin

I made friends online and had underage sex. Kinda.

When I was 12 I started using Facebook. I talked to a lot of older guys. I’m not sure why but I liked learning about sex from them. One day i was home alone and I told one of the guys i had been talking to, to come over. He was 17 at the time.
As soon as he got into my bedroom he pushed me over and started eating me out. I was wearing a lavalava and nothing else underneath. He stopped for a moment to take his clothes off and all i could see was his fat dick looking at me.

He continued to eat my pussy with his dick dangling in front of my head. He pushed it to my lips and it slammed down my throat. I was choking but he kept going in and out. All while he kept eating me. He would move from my ass to my pussy. I thought it was weird but i liked it. He started coming down my throat and with his dick being fat too i couldn’t help but choke on it. 🤣

He told me he was going to only fuck my ass, which i didn’t understand because i wanted him in me. I guess he didnt want me to get pregnant now that i think about it. I didn’t mind as it would be my 1st anal root. I was still a Virgin too lol. He had me on my back my legs up on the sides, he held the tip of his dick against my ass hole and tried pushing it in but he kept saying it was too tight. He went back to eating my pussy but this time he was using his fingers to stretch my ass out. I liked it, my pussy was getting wetter and wetter and i hoped it lubed up my ass lol.

Second time around he put me in position again, he rubbed his fat dick on my little pussy and i could see it getting slimey. He told me to spit on my hands and dribble the spit on his dick and i did. He spat on his dick too and on my tiny ass hole lol. He pushed it in and i felt the tip of his dickhead enter me. It felt slippery and almost like i was taking a shit lol. Luckily i didn’t and i hoped i didn’t.

He started putting more and more in. My legs on his shoulders as he went away at my 12 year old ass. His moans would turn me on and i could feel my pussy tingle. I told him about it and it mustve made him hornier as he started going harder and deeper. He moved my legs to the side and him in the middle of my legs but still on top. I could feel my pussy tensing, and my body start to get tingly. He let out a large moan and groan and I could feel liquid running out of my ass.

I looked down as he was pulling out and cum was still spilling out of his dick. He got up and put his pants back on and left. I lay there excited, with his cum still dripping out my ass and my body feeling like maybe I had an orgasm? I dont know but i felt excited and happy. I moved away from that area a few months later and never heard from my big dick friend again. I think being underage and him getting what he wanted was the end of us. 🙄

#PreTeen #Teen #Virgin

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