Mami Ki Indian Gand Choot Story

I enjoyed Indian ass pussy by fucking my aunt! Mami’s ass is very big, she knows 100 number panties. How did I fuck mami?

My name is Anas Pathan and I live in Uttar Pradesh.
My age is just 19 years old. I am a student.

To remove the rustiness of the girls’ pussy, let me tell you that the size of my cock is 7 inches, whichever pussy it enters, it will come out tearing it apart, this is guaranteed.
Just keep in mind that it should be a pussy and not a brat.

Today I have come to tell you the story of my aunt’s Indian ass fuck.

My maternal aunt’s name is Rukhsana. They are very sexy material.
I love her toned boobs and her ass is number one.

Aunt’s age is 30 years. They know 100 number panties means the size of their butts is 100 centimetres.

My maternal aunt has been married for 6 years and she still does not have any child.

I have two aunts but I find the elder one very sexy.
I go to my grandmother’s house every weekend which is near my house.

Earlier, I did not look at elder aunt with that view, but ever since I got fond of masturbating, I have started finding her very sexy and hot.

There are four rooms in Nani’s house.
Out of which one room belongs to my elder Rukhsana Mami, the second one belongs to my grandmother and the third one belongs to my younger Nisha Mami.
The last one belongs to my younger uncle.

Once upon a time there were guests in the house.

I was playing my phone lying in the other room.
Mami suddenly came to me and lay down on my side with her ass.

At that time it was winter season. I was looking at Mami’s ass, I was feeling very good.

The storm of lust started rising in my mind and when it was no more, I raised my hand and put it on Mami’s ass.
But Mami didn’t know.

My courage also increased and Lund also started rebelling against me.
I started moving my hands lightly.

When she suddenly moved, I removed my hand.
Mami got up and went out.

At first I thought that now I am in trouble.
But the next moment I thought that Mami didn’t say anything at that time, so there is little possibility that she will tell the matter to anyone further.

I started smiling in my mind and started caressing my cock.
After some time I farted and fell asleep.

Then a few days later I was lying in the blanket in his room.
Mami came and lay down beside me.

After some time she fell asleep.
My cock was completely erect.

I touched my cock with Mami’s ass and started shaking the cock.
I was having a lot of fun. That day Mami kept sleeping and I kept enjoying the cock.

After some time I got up and went to my house.
Now everyday I started fisting thinking about Mami.

One day when I went to the bathroom attached to Mami’s room, I saw Mami’s bra and nightie hanging on a peg.

I took off the bra and touched it to my nose and smelled it, then it was fun.
The smell of aunt’s teats was coming from it.

Remembering her nipples, I kept feeling as if I am inserting my mouth in my aunt’s nipples by touching the bra with my nose.

At first I thought that I should shake my cock by trapping it in my bra.
But then don’t know what thinking I didn’t fist in my aunt’s bra.

I could not even find her panties, so I came out of the bathroom to the room.

Aunt was not at home that day.
I started looking for her bra and panty in her room but I could not find it.

Now the bra panty of my aunt had entered my mind and I used to search for her bra panty as soon as I got a chance.

After a few days, I found the place where Mami’s undergarments were and took out all Mami’s panty and bra together and attached it to my cock.

Now I wanted to see some of her special bra panties.
But my aunt did not have a single modern bra and panty.

Then I went to the younger aunt’s room. But at that time I did not feel like fucking the younger aunt.

I searched the bag containing the undergarments in his room, I found it.
It was only a year since the marriage of the younger aunt. She had more and more fancy bra panties. I enjoyed seeing it.

One was a bra panty with a string… in which a little piece of cloth was attached to cover the nipples of Mami’s mom and in the panty a triangular shaped cloth was attached to cover the pussy.
The rest were just strings.

I wanted to take that set with me, but thinking what to do, I put it back there.

After a few days, I went to Mami’s bathroom on the pretext.
I saw that aunt had taken a bath and hung her wet clothes there.

I smelled her by touching my nose and started masturbating by wrapping her bra and panty with cock.
I put all my goods in her bra and panty and came out.

Rukhsana Mami’s health deteriorated after a few days.
He had an operation.

We were all at Nani’s house.
That night I slept in my aunt’s room.

At one o’clock in the night I went to the bathroom and saw that aunt’s nightie was kept there and her bra panty was also taken off.

I masturbated again and sprinkled the juice in Mami’s clothes and cleaned the cock with the bra.
After two days, Mami returned home from the hospital and we all left.

Then after a month I went to Nani’s house.
I was lying in my grandmother’s room.

Aunt came there and put her hand near my cheek and I kissed that hand as if all this happened unconsciously.
Then Mami looked at me and smiled.
I was lying with my eyes slightly closed and was looking at them.

On the next Sunday, the elder aunt was bending down to change the diaper of the younger aunt’s son.
In that position, I could see his mother.
Aunt’s milk was so white that it was shining like a pearl.

That very night we were all lying on the bed.
The bed was a bit small. There was little space on it.

I lay down with my head near Mami’s ass.
At that time I was inhaling the smell of Mami’s ass.

After some time it got hot and I kissed between both the legs of Mami.

That’s why aunt said – Anas Babu, grow up a little more, only then your problem will be solved.
I understood that Mami is taking interest in me.

I said – I have grown up, aunt, you can check me whenever you want.
Hearing this, aunt started laughing and did not say anything.

The next day uncle had gone out for some work.
Aunt was alone in the room.

Uncle had to come back after two days. I knew this thing.
The same night at two o’clock he went secretly to the room of his aunt.

My eyes burst after seeing the inside view.
Mami was sleeping wearing a knee-length nightie, her boobs were coming out of the nightie.
Seeing that sensuous scene, I took out my cock and started hitting the road.

Then suddenly the flowerpot kept on the side table of my aunt fell from me.
Mami got up in a huff.

I quickly inserted my cock but by then Mami had seen it.

Aunt said- What are you doing here… If I tell your maternal uncle, he will beat you a lot.
I said to Mami – Sorry Mami.

I left.

Then the next day in the evening, aunt came to me and started asking – you only fist in my bra and panty, I know everything.
I hesitated.

Then the very next moment I thought that when Mami knew about this, why didn’t she tell Mami till now.
It means something else.

That’s why he ordered and said – Come on, follow me.
I went to his room.

Aunt started taking off her clothes there.
When I looked at her, she said – You were saying not to check… Today I see how big you have become. Come on now go close the doors.

I quickly closed the doors and came close to my aunt and kissed her.
Mami was standing only in bra panty at that time.

I started pressing her boobs and started making her naked. In no time we were both on the bed.

After kissing for some time, I put my mouth on her pussy.
I licked Mami’s pussy for ten minutes and took off her bra, started sucking her boobs.

Aunt was saying – you bastard has become so spoiled that motherfucker makes my panty dirty by fisting.
I abused – silent sister in law.

She started laughing and we both started enjoying sex.
I rubbed the cock on the pussy and said – Set the cock in the pussy.

Mami got my cock fitted in her pussy and after lifting her ass started giving me the pleasure of pussy fuck.

I said – how was the cock?
Aunt- Yes brother-in-law, your cock is giving more fun than your maternal uncle.

I started pushing and fucking Mami’s pussy and fell in her pussy.

After that Mami said to me – What do you see in my bra panty?
I said- I want to see you in sexy bra panty but you do not have any sexy bra panty.
She said – Your maternal uncle does not bring at all.

I said- Wait… I will bring little aunt’s bra panty.
I picked up the bag of her bra panty from younger aunt’s room and showed my aunt the bra panty with string and said – show me wearing this one.

Aunt agreed.
She was very happy to see Chhoti Mami’s modern bra and panty.

I gave her the same string bra panty to wear.
When Mami wore it, she was looking like a whore in that bra panty, her mother was looking bigger than Mian Khalifa.

I could not control, I dropped Mami on the bed again and started kissing her.
Aunt gave me a cream – apply it and fuck.

I saw that it was Tiger King cream.
By applying it, the cock fucks for a long time.

I put it on my cock and gave it to my aunt’s pussy in one stroke.
She was shouting a lot to leave Anas… Meri phat gayi tera bahut mota hai.

After some time my cock and aunt’s pussy became very hot.
I was pushing very hard.

Then aunt fell down, so I took out the cock and stopped.
Mami washed her pussy with cold water.

Then I said to Mami – Mami, I want to kick your ass.
Aunt said – It is wrong to kick ass, your maternal uncle has not hit my ass till date.

I said – you don’t know mami, how much fun it is to get ass killed. Once you enjoy from behind, you will never refuse.
After persuading and persuading for some time, the aunt agreed.

Then as soon as I put the cap of my cock on Mami’s ass, Mami screamed very loudly.
She said – It is hurting… Please don’t kick your ass.
I said – ok ok.

Then I asked her to become a mare on the pretext of fucking my aunt’s pussy.
She started shaking her pussy like a mare.

I put my cock in Mami’s ass with a strong jerk and put the whole dick in the ass in one go.

Tears came from Mami’s eyes and she started trying to remove me.
I was clutching his waist tightly.

Now I started pushing hard in Mami’s Indian ass, then Mami’s ass burst and blood started coming out.

After some time I took out the cock in Mami’s ass and I started fucking Mami’s pussy again.

At this time I had applied cream to increase sex time, so I hit my aunt’s pussy for an hour.

Then I stuck my cock in between aunt’s tits and started fucking her moms.

After that day, I fucked Mami many times.
Couldn’t even walk with Mami.

Then I brought her a pain pill, then after some time she started walking properly.

After that I fucked Mami many times. Now she makes me fuck pussy and ass with great love.

How did you like my Indian ass sex story? This is my real sex story. Please mail me.
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