Marina the Payroll Manager pt2 Sex Story

#Abuse #Blackmail #Rape

By rh2398

As I pull Marina to her feet she begged for mercy I call her a stupid worthless slut, told her she was mine to use. I took some pictures if her cum covered body. I spun her around and began slapping her beautiful ass. Once it was cherry red and tears were flowing down her cheeks I pushed her onto her bed. I opened the bag I had brought with me and pulled out 2 short pieces of string. I tied one to each cum covered nipple and gave them a painful little pull. Then more pictures it was now pussy time. I began to rub her pussy through her satin thong, pushing the thong between her pussy lips. She had a short-trimmed bush and I told her that slutty whores should have bald cunts. Once she was wet, I roughly pulled off the thong and spread her legs wide open. I spread her wetness down her ass, grabbed a but plug from my bad and forced it into her ass. For the look of pain, I knew this was a first for her. I asked her if her hubby fucks her ass and she shook her head no. I began to finger fuck her cunt. She was tight, I asked about her husband and she admitted that he had a small thin cock. I kissed and licked her inner thighs working my way up to her hard little clit. Her breathing was heavy and she was moaning loudly. Her body shutter and between the moans she whispered “Oh God I’m cumming”. She was ashamed for cummings while being raped but this was just the beginning. I continued licking her cunt until she had another orgasm. I tortured her little tits some more. I told her she was now my stupid whore to use and abuse. I rolled her over and slapped her gorgeous ass as she begged me to stop. I instructed her to get on her hands and knees and plunged my 8 in cock into her waiting cunt After 10 mins of my balls slapping her ass we changed positions. I had her ride my cock while I abused her tits and nipples with my hands. A few mins later I flipped Marina onto her back, pushed her legs to her shoulders and once again drove my cock deep into her tight wet cunt. Marina was moaning loudly, and close to cumming again. I kept calling her slut, whore, titless and other nasty things. Marina’s body began to shutter and her had her biggest orgasm of the night, then so did I. When I pulled my cock out of her pussy my cum flowed out in a stream. I made her lick her pussy juices off of my cock.
I gagged Marina and tied her to the bed. I left her room and found the room where her daughter was sleeping I carefully lifted the blankets the see she was sleeping in a short t shirt. She has long beautiful legs like Marina but her young tits looked a little big. I took a few pictures, replaced the blankets and went back to Marina’s room.
I took the gag off Marina and gave her some instructions
1) You must sleep the rest of the night as you are. Nude and covered in cum
2) For the rest of the work week you must wear a short dress or skirt, a thing and no bra. On Friday no panties. I have a spy at your work and will know if you don’t obey.
3) You may get messages from my and you must obey them
4) If you tell anyone about this or don’t follow my instructions I will post the pictures I have taken, send copies to your husband and I will fuck you pretty little girl.
I took a few more pictures of Marina, took out the but plug, removed the ropes around her nipples and untied her. Picked up her wet thong and put it in my pocket. As I left I let the dog in.

By rh2398
#Abuse #Blackmail #Rape

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