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(Mast Jawan Mami Ki Chudai)

Hi friends.. I am Rohan.. from Ahmednagar, Maharashtra. Today I am going to tell you a real sex.

About 2 years ago when I was about 22 years old.. then one day my maternal uncle and maternal uncle came to my house.. they used to live in Pune… but due to some reasons they left their city and came to our house. In my mother’s distant relation, he was like a brother.

My mother asked him to stay here. My aunt was fair-skinned.. Balkhati waist and full body. When I saw her for the first time, I kept on looking and started thinking how to fuck her.

My maternal uncle was looking for a job.. So my mother said to me – You should find a job for maternal uncle.
I searched for a good job for maternal uncle.. and maternal uncle started going to work.

Here aunt used to live in the house and I also used to live alone in the house. Meanwhile, both of us got along very well, I used to joke with my aunt.

One day she was washing clothes at home.. Suddenly my eyes fell on her mother. Seeing the fair-skinned mothers, I started getting excited.

That’s why Mami’s eyes fell on me.. but I didn’t know and she didn’t say anything.. She kept on doing her work but maybe she sensed my intention.
Here I was not getting the courage to say anything to him. I started loving her in my heart and started fucking her in my dreams at night.

That’s why one day aunt said – You get me a job somewhere.
So in a few days, I got him a job as a teacher in a school.

From the second day my aunt also started going to school, but now I used to live alone in the house, I used to miss my aunt.
I was not able to do anything and kept quiet, Mami was probably understanding this.

One day there was no electricity and all of us came up on the roof, only then aunt also came.
Seeing them, I went to the other terrace where no one was there.
Aunt also came there.

Aunt put her hand on my hand and said – I want to tell you one thing.
I said – what?
She said – I want to be friends with you.

Hearing this, I was completely shocked and started looking at him. I asked him – just friendship or something else?
She blushed and said – the truth is that I love you very much..
So I asked – what will be the limit of this love?
She said – You will have all the rights that your maternal uncle has.. But there will not be only one right.

I asked – which one?
So she said – you all know.
On this I said – that is the main right.
She went away blushing.

Now we both used to kiss each other. Sometimes we used to touch each other’s body parts secretly.

I also used to caress their moms with my hand.. but was not able to dare to fuck them and was not getting time to fuck anything.

I used to caress his thigh as well. Many times I had seen him completely naked even while taking bath and he also knew that he was looking at me.. but still he did not show any reaction.. just used to smile and blush. Just like a wife shyly refuses her husband with intoxicating eyes.. she used to do the same to me.

One day everyone in my house had gone out for a few days.. but I did not go. Mummy also didn’t force much.. because she knew that there is Mami in the house.. there will be no problem of eating and drinking, she agreed to leave me alone, she said to Mama and Mami- Raj ka khayal Keep.

Two days passed.. didn’t get any chance.
One day maternal uncle told that he will be on duty for four days and nights.
So I was happy in my mind that now I will continue to fuck my aunt.

That day maternal uncle left at 9.00 in the night and he said to maternal aunt – You should sleep responsibly at night by locking all the locks etc.
Aunt put all the locks etc. at night.
I went to my room and started pretending to sleep.

After finishing all the household chores, aunt came to my room at 11.00 am and said – have you slept?
I said no..
She came and sat near me.. I said to Mami – are you not sleeping?
So he said – it is not coming now..

She started stroking my head lovingly. He looked at me lovingly.. I could not help it and I caught him and laid him on the bed and put my lips on his lips.
We kept on loving each other for about half an hour, in the meantime Mami also got very excited.

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I said to mami- I want to kiss your thighs..
She agreed.. I put her saree over her thighs and her thighs were very fair and smooth.
While kissing the thighs, I started coming upwards.. then she said – Rohan what are you doing?
I said – nothing.. I am fulfilling my wish.

And I immediately put my lips on her pussy and started caressing her pussy with my tongue.. She got a shock as if someone had thrown a pebble into stagnant water.
Aunt started moaning- Oh.. Raj what are you doing..!?

I started caressing their moms with the other hand.

Mami would probably never have had so much fun. He spread both the legs wide and I started caressing her pussy with my tongue.
Her pussy was white and red.. It was very soft and hot steam was coming out of it.

She was caressing the hair of my head with her fingers with both her hands and was saying- Rohan I will go mad.. It is a lot of fun..
I was also caressing her pussy with my tongue.. I was also enjoying a lot.

After some time she said- will you do everything yourself.. or will you let me do something too..

Saying this she started pulling me.. I was just taking off my pant.. that’s why suddenly she took off my briefs and started sucking my cock in her mouth and said- Your cock is very big..

Now I was also enjoying a lot. She made me lie completely naked on the bed and she was sucking my cock sitting beside me..and playing with my cock balls.
I was moving back and forth by inserting my finger in her pussy, in this way she was also enjoying.

Her fair thighs which did not have a single hair on them.. I was so excited to see them that I could not resist.
On the other side, aunt also now wanted that my cock should enter her pussy and I should fuck her.
After some time she said – Rohan is not going to stay with me now.. Hurry up.. I am desperate to fuck you.

I also made Mami lie down and started inserting my cock in her pussy.. At first he was not going inside.. Then I pushed hard.. And as soon as he entered inside.. Mami started screaming.

She moaned and said – Do it slowly.

I started doing it slowly and started caressing my mother’s white breasts with my tongue. Mami was shrinking in my arms and lovingly caressing my body.

She was saying- oh Rohan is having a lot of fun .. do like this ..
Pushing fuck was going on and don’t know when the speed of pushing increased.
Now the sound was coming out of my mouth too- oh mami.. take it completely..

And on the other side aunt was sobbing- ah.. put it completely.. tear my pussy.. ah hurry up..

After some time I was about to fall, so I said – Aunt, I am about to fall..
So he said – take out the cock and put it in my mouth..

I took out the cock and put it in his mouth. She started sucking the cock and also took my water in her mouth.

That night I fucked Mami thrice and both of us lay naked for the whole night. Sometimes she would play with my cock.. and sometimes I would enjoy her pussy and moms.

After that I kept fucking my aunt everyday.. For almost two years, my aunt stayed with me, it seemed that we were husband and wife.

But friends, today Mami does not live with me.. She now lives in Gwalior..
But I have not forgotten those moments till today.. remembering the beautiful moments he spent with me, I remember him even today.

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