Mistakes happen Ch2 pt1 Sex Story

#Incest #Pregnancy #Rape #Teen

By Kass

This happens almost a week after the last part of ch1

After what happened I would notice how he’d get way more involved with whatever I did and few times even get closer to me. Obviously I have been helping him, cause of the deal, but he’s started doing more ‘dirty’ things.

When it was Monday morning he walked by and squeezed my ass as I bent down to fetch something from the bottom shelf, or when I gave him breakfast he would kiss me( with tongue) and say thanks. Honestly I thought he was just teasing around and maybe it was also because I was the first person he’s ever slept with so I kinda am to blame. But that afternoon was different to all the times before….

I was in the shower and it was only for about 10mins, I just finished rinsing my hair and I felt arms wrap around me. I gasped but I hear david say hello,” Oh?, it’s just you, why are you hear honey?”, I ask.” I wanted to try something new this time”, he says with his head resting on my shoulder.
I asked what he meant but I felt his fingers slowly moving towards my shaved pussy,” honey….don’t you wanna wait for me outside first?”, I asked before he covers my mouth with his hand. He whispers in my ear,” it’s been way too since I’ve been inside you, don’t you wanna feel it again?” I blushed and held his arm as he inserts his fingers inside, he orders me to use my other hand to lift up my leg up. I’ve never seen him be so aggressive yet intimate at the same time, I do it and he threds his hard cock between the lips of my pussy. I feel so horny looking at and I almost want him to impale me with it! He takes his arm under my raised leg and then wraps his arm around my chest, he then thrusted all of it inside and started fucking me hard, It was painful for a few seconds but I got used to how rough it was. I actually moaned each time he thrusted, he kissed me and started going even faster. When he stopped kissing he said he was close and I whispered in a seductive way ,” do you wanna cum inside mommy’s pussy?” He nodded and I told him to fill me completely. I must really have sounded like a whore right? He stopped and pumped me with cum and I gasped from it, I could feel it moving inside me, penetrating my womb!! He let my leg go and held my ass, He wasn’t cumming as much but he was still hard. I teasing moved my hips said,” Sweetie you’re still so hard, don’t you wanna cum inside me again ;)” he started pounding again and I bite my bottom lips as he did it.”Yes, honey faster” and,”fuck mommy” were escaping my mouth while he fucked me. He pressed his thumb into my anus which caught me off guard. He came again and said,” I hope you get used to this you slut!! I’m gonna cum inside you till your pregnant!”

I somewhat snapped out of it and realised that he actually came IN ME!!!!
I tried to push him away but he pushed my head into the glass and gripped my hair! He fucked a little more till he came again. He let go of my hair and I dropped too my knees, seeing a stream of cum pour out my vagina! He bent down and cleaned it and picked me up saying,” sorry for getting a little carried away, but,….mistakes happen,…right?”
I stared at him, probably crossed eyed, and he just took me too my bed. He got in aswell and said good night and just went to bed like nothing happened. So the next morning is gonna be interesting.

A shorter part but it is the start of ch2 so hopefully not horrible. If you have questions just ask. 🙂

By Kass
#Incest #Pregnancy #Rape #Teen

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