Mommy Wants Me To Be a Hollywood Star ;) Sex Story

#Exhibitionist #Group Sex #Lesbian #PreTeen

By DirtyDon

As the rejection’s come in fast and the money runs low, A mother decides to lower her goals ,and her moral’s in a very competitive Hollywood.

“Now smile sweetie” ,My mother tells me as we enter the office. To me it’s just another audition, just a another room full tween girl, wanna be stars. My mother drag’s me to three , sometimes four a week.

It’s like this with all us girl’s. Ten year old’s trying to look twenty, smiling, batting our eyes, trying to thrust out what little tit’s we have, all trying to catch the eye of a talent agent. See we are the kid’s that don’t even have agents, you have to be deemed worthy enough for an agent to take you on. And you need an agent to get work on TV or commercial’s. And TV is my Mother’s dream for me, and of course her.

My mom worked all morning on my make-up, she was going for what’s in style In Hollywood these days, The Prosti-tot look. She had my nails done down at that Asian place on the corner, the one with the bad fumes you only seem to notice at first, then after about ten minutes you don’t mind it. She had them done long and very bright red, to match my lipstick, with 3 shades of mascara my eyes looked wild outlined in pencil. My hair all teased and hanging free. With big hoop ear rings and a little blush , I certainly looked like a little hooker, just the look Mommy was going for.

But this like all the other’s was a bust. you can only hear “Will be in touch, Thank you, ……. next” so many times without getting dejected. It was just Mom and I, and we didn’t have a lot of money to keep spending on going to audition’s. So when this Women approached us, giving Mom her card, telling us she was a agent that worked with girl’s, and she specialized in Still photography. She said she liked what she seen in me, that I had the innocent look, yet that Sex kitten vibe that was all the rage. Mom told the nice Lady we would talk about it, and call her if I was interested, that I was looking at other offers, that was total bullshit and I could tell the lady knew it.

Of course we were interested, we were running out of money. Mom waited the appropriate amount of time to make the call. Three days later I was setting in an office in San Fernando. My Mother set beside me as the women explained what services she offered. She told my Mother that since she only worked with very young girl’s she only used female staff, so the girls and the Mom’s would be more comfortable. That the work would be still’s , group or alone, the client’s have special request sometimes and I’d be expected to do my best to comply with those request. Hair, make-up and costume’s where handled by the agency at no cost to me. I would be paid $250.00, in cash at the end of each shoot.

I think the only thing my mom heard was “$250.00”, because ten minute’s later I was signed up. Two day’s later I was on my very first photo shoot. Mom drove me to a huge house up in the Hollywood Hill’s. The shoot was to be around a pool and there would be Two other little girl’s. I was lead to a bedroom, the other girl’s where already there. One was a tall Black girl, about 11, I guess with a killer body, what I wouldn’t do to have a little bubble ass like Hers. The second girl was about 8, small, but had a little baby fat on her, she was cute.

I can tell you in such detail about there body’s because we were all totally nude. I’m not shy, but the way these girl’s carried themselves around all the hustle and bustle , women doing hair, touching up make-up, I could tell these girls have done this before. I so wanted to fit in.

We where told the client was from “Dubi”, the Black girl ask me “what State is that was in”? I told her I thought Pennsylvania, I didn’t wanna seem dumb. The client had even sent cloths and bikini’s he wanted us to wear around the pool. We had help putting on our bikini’s, each girl had a “personnel assistant” . Mine was a Goth girl, she was about 20 or so, was in black leather pants that where so tight, and a bra, no top, just a black bra, and tall black boots, her make up was all goth, she was so cool. My bikini was the smallest I’d ever seen, it was just string, it went thru my ass crack and up thru my little pussy lips. my top just coved my nipples. Lilly, the goth girl said I looked great, she took great care in adjusting my bikini bottom. I’ve never had anyone else so close to my little pussy, that would soon change.

We were told to just get in the pool and do what little girl’s do in pools.. play. We three splashed around and had fun as the camera clicked away. Soon a tall blonde women was strutting around the pool, nude, serving tray in hand, passing out out flutes of champagne for all of us, it was fizzy but I liked it.

The camera girl told us to get a little more “hands on” the Black girl came over to me at pool side and without hesitation pulled me into a kiss as she made a show of fondling my bare ass , she could tell I was nervous, she told me just to “follow her lead”. I wanted to fit in, Mom and I needed the money. She lead me out of the pool and to a large deck chair, she told me to set down as she pulled my bikini bottom aside. In an instant my pink little pussy was on display as the camera clicked away. The 8 year old was brought over to the side of the chair by the Amazon women that had been serving drinks, The women made a show of “forcing” the little girls face down to my pussy. The little girl looked up at me and smiled as her face was forced into cunt. The camera clicked as the camera Girl made sure to get every angle.

Now after all I am Ten, I’m no baby, I had played with my pussy before, as a matter of fact, a lot. But this, this was a feeling I’ve never felt, her 8 year old tongue licking me. She was very good at it and I could tell she liked it as she worked my little love button. As the camera clicked away the Amazon woman had my Little black friend bent over the chair beside me, her sexy bubble ass in the air as the women had her thumb in the little girl’s bum and was finger banging her black slit with her forefinger. The Black girl was moaning, twerking her Black ass trying to get all the finger she could.

As I laid there enjoying the talent’s of the chubby young 8 year old’s tongue, eyes rolled back in my head, I got quite the shock. Not shock exactly, more a chill. It seems Lilly, the goth girl was standing over and behind me, she had just put two ice cubes on my chest, one on each nipple, she then took her hands and massaged my baby tits, trying to get as much as she could out of them for the camera. My nipples where hard as rocks, as the camera moved up to my face ,they ached with excitement, as the camera took shots of my pre teen titties,. Lilly stood over me, her camel toe showing in her leather pants, I could see a damp spot. She wasn’t the only one wet, I was pushing my sex into the little girls face.

The camera caught the exact instant I had my first real orgasm. It was intense,
I held the little 8 year old’s head as I felt the waves of pleasure come over me, and It was over way to soon. I lay there spent as the camera girl called “Rap” and all the girls and crew started packing. The agent and photographer told my mother I was a “Natural”, and there would be plenty more work for me if I continued to “go with the flow. We were told the next shoot would be on a deserted island off the coast about a mile, and there would be Boys included. Mom could see my face light up at the word “Boys”, every tween girl’s passion in life.

As for my Mom , during the shoots she stayed out of the way. The agent would have a “special” place for the Mom’s , drinks were always served, the make-up staff gave make-overs, manicure’s. In all honesty, the Mom’s didn’t wanna know what there kid’s where doing. But they did however remember to collect the $250.00 at the end of each day.

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By DirtyDon
#Exhibitionist #Group Sex #Lesbian #PreTeen

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