Mommy was bosses Secertary and more Sex Story

#Mature #Teen #Threesome

By LucyLu

Boss used me as his private slut and made me show my body to his family and friends

Hi I’m Lucy (36) Single mommy of two kids, Beth (16) and Jamie(13).
I have 36DD boobs and a round ass with slim waist. I am what you would say MILF.
Life was tough and when I got a job as a secretary in a construction company I took it. Soon I came to know that my boss was a pig and he treated women like shit. He conceived me that the best way to keep my job and make some extra money was to obey his sexual desires. I have been working their for more than 2 years so now I was comfortable with his arrangement. A little way too much.
When clients used to come in he used to call me in the end of the meeting in his cabin.
“Hey Lucy, this is Derek. Why don’t you lift your skirt up and who him what you are wearing under it?”
I would lift the skirt and show my lacy thongs. Sometimes they would grope me and kiss me. Lick my body and a few times they would bend me over and fuck me. All the while my boss laughed at me.

The worst was when his family was in office. His brother used to come in and take me with his in the office and make me sit on his lap while he used have conversation with the boss. All the while groping my boobs and ass and make me jerk his dick or make me kneel down and suck his cock.

He even taught my bosses son, Timmy(13) that I was company property so I could be used and absuded. Timmy was in Jamie’s class. Well he was Jamie’s bully. Timmy loved to humiliate Jamie in class so when he came to know that he can use me. He came to office more often. He used to grope me from behind while I was working on my computer. He used to pull my skirt down while I was having a conversation with my colleagues. Slap my butt, kiss my boobs etc.
He got a little more daring and started to finger my pussy by putting his hands up my skirt, shifting my panties to the side and inserting his two fingers inside my pussy.
One day he even took my panties with him.
Later I came to know that he took them to school and made my son smell my used panties and made fun of him.
One day when boss was in the mood to fuck, Timmy was also there. So while my boss had me on the desk with my legs in air, Tinmy just inserted his erect dick in my mouth. His father didn’t say anything and just laughed. Timmy pulled his phone put and he groped my bare breast while he fucked my mouth. As his father rammed my pussy.
Then my boss asked if he wanted to try my pussy. On which Timmy jumped down the table and took charge. He inserted his thin dick inside my already wet pussy. He fucked me for a while all the while filming me making moaning noises. His father was bitch slapping my chunky boobs.
After a few mins both came on my face and boobs.
I cleaned my self up. Put my dress on and left. Timmy was laughing all the while.
Next day I found out that Timmy showed the video to Jamie and made fun of him in school saying how he fucked Jamie’s mom like a whore. He told Jamie that his mommy is his bitch now. Which to be fair is quite true.

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By LucyLu
#Mature #Teen #Threesome

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