Mother Breaks Her Vows Sex Story

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By Connor

Husband leaves his wife and son home alone on business, not realizing the wife has other desires. Names of characters have been altered for privacy.

My father worked a lot. Often times he’d be gone for days without us seeing him and during his monthly business trips, it would be my mother an I by ourselves for a week. My mother a beautiful woman at 42, 5’7″ long blonde hair, green eyes, and larger F cup breasts. I was just the average 15 year old boy, horny out of mind at the sight of a woman but rarely got the chance to be with one. This last summer my dad had another one of his business trips. Before he left, my mom told him she would be having some of her friends over at the house for her yoga class that week. My dad was hesitant at first because he knew two of moms friends had been caught cheating and he didn’t like that mom was still friends saying they were “a bad influence”, but he eventually agreed. When he got to his gate at the airport he gave my mom a kiss and said he loved her and reminded her to not cave to any peer-pressure her two friends might try on her. He hugged me saying to watch over the house and make sure nothing bad happens when he’s gone. Three days later mom and her friends were all gathered in the living room. Five women, all healthy and athletic builds, wearing spandex pants and workout bras doing yoga with their black male instructor named Eric and 15 year old me watching from the other room with a raging boner. Moms two friends were the most difficult to ignore, one was a 6’1″ Swedish girl named Astrid with the purest blonde hair of any girl I’ve seen, blue eyes, and a massive pair of pale white tits. While the other was a 5’6″ Persian woman named Tara with silky tanned skin, black hair, brown eyes, and gorgeous boobs. I sat there slowly rubbing my cock while I watched the class go on. Studying all the curves of these gorgeous women.

After about an hour the class was over and everyone was getting ready to leave. Two of the women left first leaving mom, her two friends, and the instructor. As they were standing around talking amongst themselves, I noticed the three women making small, playful passes at the instructors body. I couldn’t really hear what was being said but I could tell by the flirtatious looks and passes that things were about to get steamy. Just then, Astrid whispered something in moms ear. My mom took a pause and then turned and started kissing Eric deeply. As my mom was standing there making out with Eric, Astrid and Tara both took there tops off revealing two gorgeous pairs of tits. Half naked, Astrid and Tara pulled down Eric’s pants showing off his impressive 9″ penis. My mom took a step back while she watched her friends start to suck Eric’s cock and took off her own top and bottom, now standing there completely naked. My mom’s body was even more beautiful than I had imagined and she went over to lay back on the couch holding her legs open inviting Eric to come over. Eric, now totally naked himself, got down and began eating out my mom’s pussy while her friends took off the rest of their clothes.

My mom began to moan as her fit black yoga instructor ate her pussy out in front of everyone. Meanwhile, Astrid was laying underneath him sucking on his big black cock as Tara was sucking on my moms tits. It was everything I could do not to flood the house in cum watching this go on. After some time my mom told Eric she wanted to feel his cock stretching her pussy, immediately he got up and shoved the length of his cock all the way up inside my mom.

“Oh fuck, that’s some much bigger than my husband’s” she said breathlessly.

“I’ve wanted to fuck you for so long, your friends have being trying to get this to happen for weeks now” Eric responded.

“As long as no of you let my husband find out you can fuck me however you like” mom said while feeling his cock go in and out of her married pussy.

Amidst all the fucking I must have wandered too far out of the room when Astrid looked over and saw me standing there, cock in hand. Without alerting the rest of the group to my presence, she stood up and walked over to me. Now back inside the room she looked me over and said,

“you like what you see big boy? We need to make sure that no tells your daddy about this alright?”
“How about, if you keep quiet, I’ll let you join us” she said while feeling my cock up and down.

I didn’t even have to think, I tore my clothes off and followed her out the door. As we were walking out, Astrid happily announced to everyone that,

“We have a new member to the group!”

“Oh shit, I can’t let him see me like this! What happens when he tells his dad I’ve been cheating on him?” my mom said surprised.

“Relax, he said he’ll keep quiet if we let him join in” Astrid responded.

“Yeah mom, you think I’m going to pass up the chance to fuck the three most beautiful women I know?”

With everyone agreeing, Astrid began sucking on my cock while Tara worked on Eric’s, my mom standing over Astrid watching my cock penetrating her mouth. I bent over slightly and gave my mom a passionate kiss with holding her soft, round boobs in my hands. I pulled Astrid’s head back, lifted her up and held her around my waist while my mom positioned my cock to go into her pussy. I stood there bouncing her tight white cunt on my shaft while I watched Eric begin plowing Tara doggy-style, my mom getting her pussy eaten by Tara.

“HOLY, FUCKING, SHIT, Heather your son can really fuck” Astrid said as I continued to bounce her on my cock.


I held her close to me as just then I felt her pussy tighten around my cock and began to quiver. Her orgasm lasting almost 20 seconds. I laid her down on the couch, still pressed close to me, and kept fucking her. Before long, with one hand grabbing her breast and the other feeling her soft, blonde hair I looked her dead in the eyes and said I’m about to cum. Maintaining eye contact, she wrapped her legs around me, pulling me in close saying she wants all my cum in her pussy. A couple strong pumps later and I felt the cum shooting out of my cock and working its way deep inside her welcoming vagina. As I lay there sucking on her tits, Eric announced he was cumming as well. Tara quickly got on her knees and began sucking Eric’s cock, swallowing his load as he held her face down. Realizing my mom had been left out I looked at Eric and asked if he could go another round with my mom, to which he replied he’s always ready if it means fucking married white pussy. My mom got on her knees and began sucking on my cock to get me ready while Eric stood behind her warming up her tight ass. With my cock now rock hard I lifted up my mom like I had done with Astrid earlier, and began to fuck her pussy deep. Savoring the feeling of being back inside my mothers vagina once again Eric soon came up behind inserting his long black cock in my mom’s ass.

“Oh my fucking God you both are so fucking big” my mom said as she bounced on our cocks.

“I love the way your pussy feels mom, this is the best day ever” I replied.

“I want both of you to fill my slutty pussy with your cum” said mom.

“Yes Ma’am” replied Eric who was making my moms ass slap against the base of his shaft while I continued fucking her cunt.

I looked over and saw Tara eating my leaking cum out of Astrid’s pussy while they began cum swapping and fondling each others tits. After a couple minutes, I told Eric I’m ready to cum so he pulled out his cock while I lowered my mom to the floor. Legs high and wide she began to orgasm,

“Holy fuck I want you to cum so deep in mommy’s pussy, ok sweetie? Cum in mommy’s pussy just like you did with Astrid” mom said.

I took one more look around and saw Eric standing at my head jerking off while Tara and Astrid stood on either side rubbing their soft pink clits. As they stood there watching me fuck my own mother I looked back at her boobs shaking in my hands as I shot the biggest load in my life up my moms pussy. We lay there me on top, balls deep and cum leaking out down her ass when she says she has one more load left to take. I give her one last kiss before standing up and letting Eric take my place in my moms hole. He began pumping his black cock, now covered in my cum, deep in my mom. As they were fucking my began to moan,

“Give me all your cum, baby. I want my husband to see your black baby in my pussy” she said as she grabbed his ass in her hands.

“Shit bitch, I’ll give you all my cum if I can hit this pussy again” Eric said.

“Oh fuck yes baby, I’ll take your cock anywhere you want me. I’m your little slut. Fuck your little slut’s pussy deep!” Mom responded.

Despite the fact I was now busy sucking on Tara’s creamy brown boobs and fingering her pussy, I knew I couldn’t miss the sight of my mom letting a black man cum inside her. My moms pale white face and chest now a bright red, Eric went stiff and began to grunt as he shot his cum in my moms vagina. After some time Eric stood up while my mom began to massage her well used pussy giving a seductive smile to everyone in the room. With Eric now sitting next to me on the couch as the girls began to play with each other, I turned and asked him if he’s cool letting me try sucking his cock. I said I was always curious what it was like but didn’t want my friends thinking I was gay. He held his cock up and said go for it. I knelt down in between his legs and took is shaft in my hand and began stroking. Trying to copy what I see the girls in porn doing I kissed the tip and began sucking the head of his dick. I soon worked up the courage and swallowed as much of his cock as I could fit in my mouth. I could taste a sweet combination of pussy juices from my mom and Tara as well as my own cum leftover from my moms pussy. I soon realized why women love sucking cock as I kept bobbing my head up and down. My mom and Astrid continued playing with each other while Tara now moved over and began eating my ass and sucking on my balls.

“You suck dick pretty good for a boy so young” Eric said, “I might have to have you suck me off when I finish fucking your mom from now on”.

Gasping I responded, “I’d love to suck my moms pussy juices off your strong black cock”.

Suddenly, I felt Eric’s cock begin to twitch and knew it meant he was about to cum once more. As I began to pull my head back I felt the soft hands of my mother holding me down,

“Everyone has to swallow their first load, that’s the rules” she said.

“Don’t be afraid, cum tastes good when you’re with people you love” I heard Astrid say.

“I remember my first load, a little salty but felt nice and creamy going down” said Tara.

With that Eric began to spurt cum directly in my mouth, filling me up. I backed off his cock and turned around looking at the girls standing there.

“I’m so proud of you, you’ve really become a man today” mom said “you can fuck me anytime you like, just make sure dad isn’t home.

“It seems the son is every bit a slut as the mother” Tara said smiling.

“I loved the way your cock felt, now come let me taste that cum” said Astrid, moving to lick the remaining cum from my mouth. After another hour went by, everyone got cleaned up and went back home, my mom and I decided to stay nude the rest of the night feeling each other up throughout.

Two days later my dad returned home from his business trip none the wiser. If only he new his lovely wife would soon be giving birth to a black baby girl.

By Connor
#Cheating #Interracial #Mature #Teen

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