Mr. Smith and me Sex Story

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I relate the crush I had on my middle school teacher. Based on a true story.

I was a regular middle school student. I filled my days with classes, homework, and the occasional hangout with friends. But then I met him, Mr. Smith. He was my new English teacher, and from the moment I laid eyes on him, my life changed forever.
Mr. Smith was unlike any teacher I had ever had. He was young, charming, and had a smile that lit up a room, He was passionate about teaching and it showed in the way he taught; He made English class my favorite period of the day; I daydreamed about him during other classes, imagining what it would be like to be with someone like him.
As the days passed, I couldn’t help but fall deeper and deeper in love with Mr. Smith. I volunteered to stay after class to help him with grading papers, just so I could be near him. I was always finding excuses to talk to him, and I felt an amazing high whenever he would smile at me or laugh at one of my jokes.
But things took a strange turn when I started having dreams about Mr. Smith. In my dreams, we were together, walking hand in hand through the park, talking about our hopes and dreams. I would imagine him holding me close as we danced under the stars, and I would imagine the way he would look at me, with adoration and love in his eyes. It was like nothing I had ever experienced before, and I longed for these dreams to become a reality.
One day, as I was daydreaming in class, Mr. Smith called on me to answer a question. I was so embarrassed and flustered, I’m sure everyone could tell that I was crushing on him. I stumbled over my words and felt my face turn red. Mr. Smith just chuckled and told me not to worry, that it happened to everyone. But something in his eyes made me think he knew exactly how I was feeling.
As the weeks went on, I became more and more obsessed with Mr. Smith. I would imagine scenarios where we would finally confess our love for each other and run away together. I knew it was wrong and that he was my teacher, but I couldn’t help how I felt.
Then, one day, I overheard a conversation in the teachers’ lounge. Mr. Smith was talking about his upcoming wedding to someone I had never heard of before. It devastated me. I felt like my world was falling apart, and I couldn’t imagine how I could carry on without him.
That’s when the dreams took a dark turn. I would have nightmares about Mr. Smith getting married to someone else and forgetting all about me. I would wake up in a cold sweat, feeling like my heart was being torn out of my chest. My grades were falling even in Mr. Smith’s class as I was losing sleep. I needed a way out, and fast.

I realized that on Thursdays I helped grade papers I could instead ask for tutoring, spending even more time with him. I was determined to seduce him, his infidelity would surely cause a rift in his relationship. In the best-case scenario he could even impregnate me which would force him into my life forever.

I developed a plan, I would have to dress modestly enough to not get sent home for dress code but also appealing enough to attract an older man like him. I padded my bra with tissues, wear a skirt but not any panties and that I would confess to him.

The day I had been both dreading and looking forward to finally arrived. I mustered up the courage to confess my feelings to Mr. Smith after class, and as I walked towards his room, my nerves reached a whole new level. My heart was pounding in my chest so loudly, I was afraid he could hear it from across the room. I felt sick, and my mouth was dry. My legs felt like they were jello, and I was sure I was going to trip and make a fool of myself. I took deep breaths, trying to calm my racing thoughts, but it was no use. I was a mess, and I convinced myself that Mr. Smith was going to turn me away and laugh in my face. But even with all of my nerves, I couldn’t help but feel a thrill of excitement at the thought of finally telling him how I felt. A small wetness appeared between my thighs. Thoughts of Mr. Smith had filled my head all day and my body was responding as if he was there next to me. I’m lucky I wore thigh highs today as it made the constant wetness less noticeable as the socks absorbed my juices.

I gathered all my courage and made my way to his classroom after school. When I got there, I found him grading papers, just like I had so many times before. My heart was racing, and my palms were sweaty, but I took a deep breath and stepped inside.
“Mr. Smith?” I said, trying to keep my voice steady. “Can I talk to you for a minute?”
He looked up from his papers and smiled at me. “Of course, what’s on your mind?”
I took another deep breath and told him about my feelings for him, about the dreams that filled my nights, and about the fear and heartbreak I felt as I heard about his upcoming wedding. I told him everything, laying my heart bare and exposing all my vulnerabilities.
To my surprise, Mr. Smith listened intently, his eyes never leaving mine. When I finished, he leaned back in his chair and peered at me thoughtfully.
“Clarissa- i-” he said finally. “I did not know you felt this way about me.”

My heart sank. Was he going to reject me? Was he going to tell me I was just a student, and that my feelings were inappropriate? I braced myself for the worst, but to my surprise, he reached out and took my hand.

“I don’t know what to say,” he said. “You’re lovely to be around, you’re a wonderful girl really but you’re much too young for me. I could lose my job, go to jail, many bad things. Please understand,” he mumbled.

I was determined to make him see things my way, so I explained to him how much he meant to me and how I couldn’t imagine my life without him. I told him about the joy and happiness he brought into my life, and how I couldn’t bear the thought of losing him.

His eyes softened, and he looked at me with a mixture of love and uncertainty. “I don’t know what to say,” he said. “I can see you’ve thought about this a lot…”

He was so close to me, I could feel it in my bones. “I’d be willing to meet your manly desires, whatever you want whenever-”

He cut me off with a wave of his hand. “Stop-” he commanded.

I faltered, I wanted- needed him to hear me out, but I also felt a sense of obedience to him. I pressed on in the moment.

“P-please!” I stood up “I did this for you!-” I reached down and pulled my skirt up, desperately hoping to entice him. Within an instant he was upon me holding my hands to my side and holding one of his on my mouth.

“You’re about to learn what those things you said really mean,” he whispered in my ear, a shiver went down my spine.

I lost my whereabouts for a moment; I heard a door close and lock, his warmth that surrounded me whisked me around the room for a moment then abandoned me as my head hit something hard. My cold legs were only warmed by hot, hard twinging member I couldn’t see.

“Clarissa, i-” Mr. Smith’s voice rang out over the blood rushing past my ears.

I sighed, and my head was spinning. “Wh-what?”

His hands covered my eyes for a second. “Do you really want this?” he whispered again, his body above mine. I felt mushed, smothered, loved.

My body shuddered as he entered me, my insides expanded as my world did. Mr. Smith made me a woman. I accepted him readily, and he filled me quickly. He took my virginity, and I gave it to him willingly.
I gasped and raised my hand hoping he’d take it. I looked up at his face and he frowned. It was the type of expression he had before he lectured the class about something serious and it was quite jarring to experience while his cock was in me.

“You don’t need something like this.”

He tore shirt at my breasts revealing my stuffed bra ploy. My cheeks reddened, “i-”

He removed my shirt, my bra, my exposed chest caught the air and the cool classroom air made goosebumps spread across my body. One of his massive hands pressed me down onto the desks and groped my breasts. My breath caught in my throat, I couldn’t believe this was actually happening.

He then began thrusting in and out of me, holding my wrists and pinning them above my head. His long shaft penetrated me, I began moaning which he didn’t seem to like; he took his hand from my chest and pressed it against my mouth. “Quiet-” he commanded, and I obliged to the best of my ability.

He pounded away at my body; I realized at some point he had cum multiple times in me. Warm sticky cum covered my thighs and lower stomach, Mr Smith finally slowed down, removed himself from me and looked down at me.

I smiled at him, happy my dreams had come true. He returned the smile and helped me to my feet. He zipped up his pants and wiped some sweat from his brow. “How was it?”

“Great!” I beamed, it really was. I never felt more alive, more wanted. “I want to do that all the time!” excitement was obvious in my voice though I was growing slightly uncomfortable as the gooey liquid dried on my legs. He gave a small smile, “I can make that happen.”

“Really?!” I shouted.

He scowled. “Be quiet, if we’re caught, awful things will happen to the both of us.” he bent over and tossed me my torn shirt. “I’ve got a sweatshirt you can wear at home. I’ll make some plans,” he said, pointing to a closet in the back of the room.

I went to grab it and when I turned around; I realized he had left the room. I walked home excited for the next day at school.

#Teen #Virgin

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