Multiple Creampies for Aunt – 2 Sex Story

#Cheating #Incest #Mature #Teen

By Indianboy29

Hi i am Raj. I am 20 yrs old and I have a 6 inch cock.
So my aunt is around 45 yrs old but she still looks very hot. She has medium boobs and medium sized ass.

So if u haven’t read my previous story do read it and let’s continue….

After licking my cock clean she got up and she kissed me deeply and I could taste the mix of saliva and my cum in her mouth which actually was tasting good. I pushed her on the bed , brought her wet pussy near my face and started hungrily eating that pussy. She was moaning and running her fingers along my hair as I was pushing my tongue deeper in her pussy. I inserted two fingers into her pussy and started fingers her and she went literally mad as she shouting and telling me to go faster and suddenly her entire body started shaking as she had a huge orgasm and her juices were all over my hand. We both lay on the bed and she was panting and breathing heavily as she told me that nobody had ever fingered her and this was her orgasm.
She came over me and kissed me deeply and positioned my dick under her pussy and slowly inserted and damn she was tight which showed that, she hadn’t had sex in a long time. It was like I was having sex with a virgin girl. She let out a moan as she took my entire length and slowly started riding my cock. She was looking fuckin hot in the mirror at her side as she picked up pace and started properly riding me. I knew I couldn’t hold my cum much longer and flipped her on the bed. She got on in the doggystyle position and pulled both her hands behind and I brought her close to me and whispered I ears that ‘I love u so much and I am going to fuck like no one would have ever had’ and she replied ‘I am totally yours and I really need ur cum in me. Fucked as hard as u want but please fill me with ur cum’ and that was all I needed to hear.
I pulled her hands behind and started fuckin her pussy with all my might and we both were moaning loudly. After few minutes of hardcore pounding, we both screamed as I emptied my entire load in her and filled her pussy with my cum. We both just fell on the bed, completely exhausted. We both looked at each other as were smiling and panting from the hardcore sex we had.
We stayed on the bed in the same position for some time and she asked me what is the most horniest thing that i have fantasized. Saying this she started stroking my cock and I told her that the most horniest thing has to be fucking u in the shower. Hearing this she kissed me and told me that lets make that fantasy true. We both got under the shower and we both started madly kissing each other. She got on her knees and started sucking my dick. I pinned her against the wall and started throat fucking her until she was out of breadth. Then I sat down and she came and sat on my cock and started going up and down on it. I started sucking and biting her nipples as she moaned my name and ran her fingers through my hair.
We both got up and I pinned her against the wall and rammed my cock in her pussy and started fucking her hard. Fucking her hard, I asked her whether uncle had ever fucked her this hard and she told that he didn’t even last this long and I started fucking her harder and we both screamed as I emptied my entire load in her for the second time.
We both were panting loudly and she turned around and we both were smiling. We both kissed as we both knew that this was the first time but surely not the last time we had sex and it was true also but those are stories for another day.
Please comment and tell me how u liked my story and surely read my previous stories too.

By Indianboy29
#Cheating #Incest #Mature #Teen

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