my cousin became a famous pornstar Sex Story

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By Mk

she was the family whore but i always supported her

hi im max and my cousin is a porn star her name is marina maya. were both come from indian families so our upbringing was quite stricked and conservative. she was always the rebelious one and because i was two years younger i always looked up to her. when i got into high school (when i was eleven), there was a rumour going on that she would have sex with anyone who asked. i got angry at my friends for lying about stuff like that but got a bit horny and kind of hopped it was true. after school when we were walking home from school i asked her about the rumours. there was a long silence and no one talked until we got to her house. i was about to leave until she pulled me in by the tie. her parents both worked and were’nt home for another two hours. she threatend me telling me that if i told anyone in the family she would tell my crush at school i had a micro penis. i blushed and looked down.
“thats what i thought” she said
she let go of me and started to go up the stairs.
“i dont have micro penis” i shouted
“oh yeah, prove it, come upstairs and prove it” she ran up stairs
i went up about half a minute later and couldnt find her i looked in her room but she was not there. i walk into her parent master bedroom and she is standing infront of the bed waiting for me. at this point i was a lot shorter that her. she was 5’5 and i was 5’1. her long legs were glistening with baby oil and her beautiful golden skin looked silky smooth.
“well, let me see if you have a micro penis” she said seductively
i pulled down my pants and showed my already hard dick. she slowly walked towards me and stroked my dick while kissing me. she was guiding me on what to do and slowly i took control. my hands wandered around her body down her back until i found her beautiful ass. i started to grab it and rub her wet pussy. she moaned with pleasure guided my head towards her chest. i began to such her nipples like i saw watching porn. they became super hard, like two tiny rocks. then pushed me off her and crawled on the bed with her legs spread out widely. i dove right into her slippery pussy and started to eat her out. i could taste her sweet nectar and it turned me on so much. all of a sudden he legs wrapped around my head squeazzing me like she was trying to crush my skull. she let out out a muffeled scream and spasamed until her whole body went limp. she was laying on her back huffing and puffing and i took this as my opportunity to fuck her. her pussy must still have been sensitive from her orgasm because she started to moan and scream really loud. i threw her long beautiful legs over my shoulders and slammed my dick in her pussy. i pounded her for about 3 minutes until i came deep inide of her with one final thrust. we never did it again but she introduced me to all her hot friends and made sure the school knew that i was a good fuck

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By Mk
#Incest #PreTeen

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