my dad fucks me Sex Story

#Abuse #Incest #Teen

By sluttybabe

my 14 yr old pussy opens up for my daddy. every time he sticks his big hard cock in and pumps it until i cum on it, i love it.
one time we were fucking on the sofa when my mum was out and i squirted so much from his dick in my pussy and his hand rubbing my clit that we had to lue and say i spilt my drink, he fucked me till i cried thst night as a punishment.
if i been naughty he rapes me till i cant take it. when i been good, he fucks me how i like it. i love when its been a long day and he eats my pussy till its creamy to relax me.
one time he raped me so hard my pussy was uncontrollably squirting and creaming and i couldnt walk for days. i dont complain though.
older men dick is my fav, i love how a man can please my pussy properly and make me make a lil mess for him. my dad loves when i tell him about all the other men i fuck, hes so proud of me and knows he will always be my favourite daddy.

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By sluttybabe
#Abuse #Incest #Teen

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