My daughter Jerry Sex Story

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By Mike w

This is a story that happened when my daughter was 17 now since my daughter was 12 I was infatuated with her beautiful maturing body in her ass was be

This all started when my daughter turned 12 now me and her mother are divorce we’ve been divorced since my daughter was four she moved about 3 hours away with her mom I didn’t get to see her much she would come stay with me for 2 or 3 days and then I would take her home when my daughter turn 12 she started developing and I noticed her boobs getting bigger in her ass getting rounder it started to turn me on and I know it was wrong but I couldn’t help it at the time I was living with my girlfriend and her daughter he was eight I was 33 I just couldn’t help staring at my daughter in shorts her ass was incredible even though I knew it was wrong I couldn’t stop staring at any chance I got even my girlfriend noticed and said one time what are you checking your own daughter’s asshole and I made an excuse that I was just thinking she shouldn’t wear shorts like that at her age little did my girlfriend know I was the one who bought her them shorts

And every time she would stay with us the next day after my daughter took a shower and changed I would sneak into her bag and grab her dirty underwear and masturbate with taking my phone and looking at pictures of her ass it was such a turn on I never came so hard in my life now my daughter’s pussy tasted different than any woman I’ve ever tasted it was so pungent but sweet and intoxicating to me I was addicted I would rather sniff my daughters panties and lick the gusset clean and jerk off and fuck my girlfriend that’s how much of a turn on it was for me my daughter Sherry was about 5’4 dark shoulder length hair big blue eyes and a beautiful face with a perfect body but her ass was one thing I was addicted to every chance I got I would masturbate thinking of her in ways I shouldn’t be and when it was time to take my daughter home she would stay two or three nights I would make sure I got it one pair of her dirty underwear one day she was visiting her and my girlfriend’s daughter took a bike ride my daughter took my bike and my girlfriend’s daughter took her and went on a Long Lake right it was very hot that day when they come home they were both sweaty and we were getting ready to go to dinner so it one at a time they both took a shower now I knew when my daughters panties were put back in her overnight bag to take home and wash that I was going to get a beautiful tree nice fresh sweaty and full of her something smell and full of discharge dirty panties. And I was right they were beautiful sick full of wonderful sweat this church and pee tasting and smelling panties the most wonderful panties I’ve ever snapped in my life now I’m always been a panty sniffer I used to snap both my sister’s panties when I was young so I was addicted with tannies and my daughter’s Jerry’s panties for no different while they were different they were just the most intoxicating of all

This one on for years me and my girlfriend broke up and my daughter was seven teen and I moved to an apartment at my boss owned I haven’t seen my daughter and almost a year being she was 17 at that age for boyfriends and friend we talked once in awhile here and there on the phone it was in the summer it was July and I was talking to my daughter and she said she wanted to anyways and we made arrangements for her to come and stay with me for a week in the summer I took a week off of work which I had coming to me and my thoughts were racing through my head of finally getting to see my daughter after a year and most of all smell and tasting my daughter’s so desired pussy in them dirty panties of hers

It was on a Thursday and I drove the two-hour drive to pick my daughter Jerry up and headed back to my apartment we stopped and got something to eat walking into the restaurant I was walking behind her just admiring her beautiful ass and long black hair waving in the Wind we got back to my apartment hung out outside for a while I bought some steaks I was going to cook on the grill later we called up on things talking and everything and it was around 4:00 and I wanted to go get some beer I told her let’s go to the store went to the store I grabbed some beer and ask her what she wanted to drink what kind of soda and she said no I’ll just have a couple beers I said yeah right she said no mom lets me have a couple beers as long as I’m home and I said well that’s fine with me so we got back to the apartment I made the steaks we ate and I got out her favorite game Monopoly and I set the board up we started to play and sit here there’s your beer well she drank that one down and then wanted another I give her another and she wanted another I let her have one more and that was it she was acting goofy we had fun that night playing the game she went to the bathroom a lot and every time I got to check. So knowing I was the favorite of dirty panties. I didn’t know how to celebrate until she said she wanted to Sunday and I told her it was okay if she wanted to lay in the backyard she went to her bag and grabbed a swimsuit that mom had let her by and let me tell you I couldn’t wait to see her in that thing it looked like it was made for a 2-year-old she went in and got changed and the bathroom and I went to my room and grabbed her a blanket and brought it into the kitchen when she come out of the bathroom I almost died her tits were bigger than I ever imagined in that swimsuit in my dick started getting hard immediately she turned around and when I seen her ass in that thing it was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my life how do you like it that she said I said it’s a little revealing but you look really really good in it darling I told her now she must be shaved when she turned around I glanced where her pussy was I could see the sides in the cloth wasn’t covering much up to my imagination but her pussy crack it was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen I told her to take that blanket on the table that you could lay on that and she said all right grab the blanket and said I’ll be in in about an hour I said yes don’t stay out too long you don’t want to get burnt or could you rub some lotion on my back for me Dad she said I almost died have a grab the bottle of lotion put some in my hand and started rubbing her back and shoulders and lower back I was now rock hard if she would have looked at me she would have seen my cock bulging in my shorts what a wonderful feeling I rub some on the lower part of her back and her hips and her side and then told her she was all set and went out the door downstairs to the backyard I needed some relief I was never so hard in my life God she was beautiful

As soon as she went down the stairs and I checked she was laid the blanket down and lay on his stomach in the backyard I went into her bag rifled through it and found the panty she was wearing tucked inside her shorts and I took them out it was a black and white striped pair of panties I undid them open so I could get to the garage and there it was but yeah we Google of my daughters pussy discharge I immediately stuck it to my nose and inhaled the scent of the woman that I lost it for my own daughter it smelled so pungent and beautiful like always I it’s not back to the kitchen to make sure she was still laying on the blanket looking out the window at my daughter I locked the door took my shorts down and my pre-cum was all over it was leaking like a faucet I grabbed my rock hard cock and starting sucking on Augusta of her panties my God it tasted good the king where her ass now in my nose smelling your butt hole and tasting your pussy sent me over the edge staring out the window at my daughter body in a bikini was too much I started shooting cum all over the front door I shot at least nine thick ropes of cum my balls were so tight my whole body twist with excitement as a Unleashed a massive one of ball juice out of my dick when I was done coming and every time I had my daughter’s panties and was done coming I would feel kind of ashamed but not that bad I cleaned the mess up and stuck her panties back in her bag and sat in the chair and had a couple beers thinking how nice it would be to really eat my daughter’s pussy but I knew I would never have the chance I grabbed my cell phone and took a video of my daughter in the bikini made a nice video got some nice close up of her ass her most luck she was part of her body

That night she wanted people movie she wanted and got some stuff to make a pizza she loved my homemade pizza that I made while we are out I wanted to stop and get a bottle of vodka to have some vodka and orange juice and cranberry which I love during the summer we got back to my house and I made a couple drinks I said do you want one Jerry and she said yes we had a couple drinks watch one movie she wanted another drink I thought to myself I’ll let her have as much as she wanted maybe maybe there is a way to finally get into my daughters pants I had a plan I kept making her drink stronger and stronger and the plan took a hold she was giggling silly and I could tell she was getting drunk I was goofing around with her she started wrestling with me a little bit enough father-daughter kind of way well by the end of the night it was about 9:30 we have been drinking for 4 hours and she was really drunk and I said I hope your mom don’t get mad and she said don’t worry about Mom I’m almost 18 she said she went to go to the bathroom she stumbled a little bit and laughed I laughed at her too she come out in this little night shirt and my job must have dropped to the floor She said what’s the matter don’t you like it and as he spun around and almost fell and they said no you’re all right it was rather warm so and I didn’t mind at all she popped down in a my chair next to me sitting on my lap before she come out of the bathroom I went in and made us two more drinks I said one more drink should do it I put about four shots of vodka in it she grabbed the drink and started sucking it down within 5 minutes she was done with her drink now by this time she was slurring her words her eyes were half shut her ass was pressing against my cock which was now rock hard but she did not notice I said Jerry you’re drunk yep I’m drunk she said Dad I’m drunk and she pulling her head back and almost fell out of the chair she said she was hungry aren’t you going to make me my pizza and I said yes let me up if she got up and almost fell flat on her face I grabbed her and said sit down relax watch the rest of the movie and I’ll make the pizza I went into the kitchen started preparing the pizza it was about 10 minutes and I asked her what does she want on it pepperoni and mushroom like always I had no answer come back I said Jerry no answer I went into the living room and to my surprise my daughter was snoring I went to her and took her and called her name no response she was out cold I shook her and called her name again no response I went back into the kitchen made the pizza put it on top of the stove and went back and scoop my daughter up and took her to my bedroom and later on my bed she was out cold now my plan had worked now to put my plan into action

My hands were shaking my dick was throbbing looking at my beautiful daughter I shook her leg no response I pinched her leg no response I then lifted her shirt up seeing a beautiful pair of yellow polka dotted panties she was wearing I put my hand between my daughter’s legs and on to her crotch it was nice warm feeling she didn’t move I pressed against her cunt and rubbed her bigger sleep between her legs she kind of spread her legs and moaned a little bit I was in my glory now my plan was just to get her drunk and eat my daughter out in jerk off nothing more and nothing less I slowly took her panties off and stuck them to my nose they smelt just as good as ever but this night I was going to have better than just a pair of panties her dirty panties I got between her legs and it was the most beautiful pussy I’ve ever seen trimmed nice bigger lips than her mom and just beautiful I could smell her son as I got closer I laughed my mouth on my daughter’s pussy and started sucking every job of pussy juice and swallowing it that I could get my dick was hard I needed to jerk off I flipped my daughter over on her stomach and there it was her beautiful ass that I admired since she was 12 now I’ve never only one time lick the girls asshole but tonight I was going to eat her ass my daughter’s ass hole out I spread her cheeks open shaking furiously with nerves and Dove my tongue and mouth on her asshole it tasted wonderful very pungent but wonderful I grabbed my cock and started jerking off and I knew I was going to come within minutes my other hand I was fingering my daughter’s pussy she was very tight and all different thoughts were going through my head when I was ready to come I got on the bed on my knees playing my cock towards her ass and shot my load all over her back and her ass it was the most wonderful feeling I’ve ever had shot after shot of my semen spewed out of my cock and onto my daughters body it was beautiful when I was done I ran and grabbed a towel and wiped her body clean and laid beside her shaking her and calling her name she didn’t move I started kissing my daughter’s neck sucking on her ear I flipped her over on her back and started kissing her sucking her lips into my mouth my cock immediately got hurt again now I was lusting I had to fuck my daughter I know it was wrong but I knew I had to this was my only chance I got between her legs and ate her out again crap out between her and took my cock and put it between my daughter’s pussy lips and forced my cock into her hole for cunt hole was warm tight and very slippery from my saliva I knew I wouldn’t last long and I didn’t know if she was on birth control so I knew I had to pull out I couldn’t be getting my own daughter pregnant real slow I was fucking her and sucked her tongue into my mouth that put me over the edge I know I was going to come as hard as I tried I tried pulling out but I knew I couldn’t I had to finish inside my daughter’s pussy her pussy lips and vagina muscles were working on my cock and I blew my load in my own daughter’s pussy that was the most amazing orgasm I’ve ever had and will ever have in my life I fucked her for all I was worth every time I shot I would have her deep and her tits would bounce and the most wonderful thing is when my orgasm was almost over it started again I came two times in a row I’ve never done that before MTN another load into my beautiful daughter’s pussy when I was done I was spent I collapsed on the bed next door sweating profusely my cock went soft there was come leaking out of her pussy onto the bed all over her legs just said laying there staring at my beautiful daughter kissing her neck holding her and telling her I loved her she was passed out cold she would not know anything I got up went and made another drink and was watching TV smoking a cigarette thinking of what I did I did feel ashamed but I know I had to do what I had to do and it was over I went and put the pizza in the oven cuz I was hungry myself and thought I better go put her panties back on when I went back to put her panties on she was on his side and pulled us then blanket over her I shook her and called her name she kind of mumbled a little bit and went on snoring again I took the blanket off her and went to put the panties back on when I was staring at her pussy and I got hurt again this time I grabbed my cell phone and took a video of her beautiful pussy opened it up with my fingers ate her out one more time and suck my cock back in my daughter for the second time and Unleashed one more load into her beautiful pussy hole put her Danny’s back on her and went back finished cooking the pizza ate pizza and went to sleep on the couch around 2:00 I woke with my daughter walking by me going to the bathroom when she come out I ask her how she felt she said she had a headache and I got up and got her some aspirin and she said she was starving I warmed up some pizza and told her to go back into my bedroom and lay down and I’ll bring some pizza and for I brought it in with some 7Up that she wanted turn the TV on and laid next to her and she ate her pizza and said it was so good thank you the next thing I knew I must have fell back asleep cuz I woke up in the morning with my arms around my daughter in the same bed I was trying to sneak out and she woke up and said good morning and I said good morning and give me a kiss on the lips which wasn’t like the regular kiss that she normally give me and looked at me and said I know what you did last night Dad and I almost had a heart attack and said what you mean honey and she said you got me drunk and took advantage of me or maybe I took advantage of you I don’t know I was really drunk I’ve never been that drunk before dead but I don’t remember a thing but I do know that my private area was full of cum and you were the only one here with me and my right bed I didn’t know what to say she said you don’t have to answer it was probably me I know I get horny when I get drunk and I said no Cherry Hill was both of us I think and she just grabbed me and give me a hug and then to my surprise me and her mouth found each other and we were passionately kissing she was moaning and I was moaning we were embracing and I couldn’t believe my mind was going nuts she stopped for a minute and said this time I’m going to know what’s going on dead and she reached and grabbed my cock my hard throbbing cock was in my daughter’s hand and she was squeezing me and saying she loved me I told her I love her too are you sure this is what you want to do honey I’ve never been so sure in my life she said I immediately put my hand between my daughters legs and started fingering her soaking wet pussy now I know she might have been excited but that was all my semen from last night coming out of her

She let our moan I started kissing her neck and sucking on her ear and she was whispering in my ears I love you Dad we can only do this one time you got to promise I told her I promise I’m so horny she said Dad I’m so horny just one time I told her okay Jerry agree baby I love you whatever you want whatever makes you happy darling she asked me and it blew my mind if she could suck my cock and I told her yes I lay on my back she crap down took my rock hard cock in her mouth and started giving me the most beautiful blowjob I’ve ever had in my life I mean it wasn’t the best but knowing my daughter and looking at my daughter sucking on my hard cock just was crazy I told her I wanted to eat her pussy while she was sucking my cock into a boy by moving her body and putting her pussy right over my face and down on my face I started sucking my own sperm from last night and her pussy juice out of my daughter’s pussy that she was swirling my cock in her mouth she was watching her hips on my face in the morning I was moaning my crazy I know I was going to come and it wasn’t going to stop I told her I was going to come and she said the ending the bed I’m going to come to anything else seeing him at the same time we need something on my daughter’s pussy and her sucking on my cock I dump my load down my little daughter’s throat she didn’t hesitate a moment she suck my come down her throat Like A Champion and she thrust her hips wildly and is her orgasm swept through her body I could feel the moisture of her orgasm leaking out of her pussy hole as I ate all her juices as I could she claps on top of me and we didn’t say a word for at least 5 minutes I spoke in told her that was the most beautiful experience I’ve ever experienced I love you Terry and she turned around and come back and we started kissing again I didn’t care she had her my semen in her mouth or not within a matter of minutes I was rock hard again and I told her can I fuck you Jerry can daddy fuck you baby yes Daddy I want you to fuck me I mounted my daughter this time I lasted about 15 minutes having the most beautiful sex I’ve ever had when I was about to come I asked her are you on birth control or should I pull out she said you didn’t ask me last night Dad I’m not on birth control but you better not pull out you came in me last night I know you did I felt it this morning when she said that I went over the edge and blew another load into my beautiful daughter’s pussy hole and when I started to come feeling my balls swivel in my cock starting to throb I could feel hurt pussy sucking my cum out of my cock and she had an orgasm too San old daddy I’m coming Daddy fuck your daughter’s pussy fuck your cum into your daughter’s pussy Daddy it was the most intense orgasm of the session yet I don’t know how much come I had left in my balls but what I had I drained in my daughters beautiful pussy

When we were done we’d collapsed I collapsed on her and rolled over she grabbed me and we held each other saying we loved each other looking into each other’s eyes kissing the next thing I know we both passed out when we woke up it was around noon I got up and took a shower got dressed went back into the bedroom and she was not there she was in the kitchen making a pot of coffee you want coffee Dad I said yes we sat and talk for a while saying that we should never do that again but it was wonderful she said I love you I love you too Jerry and after that things went back to normal we went to visit my family and I took her to the mall about her a bunch of clothes went back to the house watched a couple movies she said on the couch next to me pulled in my hand hugging me a lot telling me she loved me it was thing for bed and I said if you’re tired you can go to bed she said yes she was going to bed and she gave me a kiss on the lips not like her father daughter kiss it was tongue and it really surprised me and she said good night she went to bed I went to bed next morning I was going to take her home and she come out behind me and reached around and grabbed my cock inside dad before I leave can we do it one more time and then that’s it I full service that she wanted to and she said yes she wanted to I took her back into my bedroom later on the bed and went back to that beautiful pussy eating her out for the third time this weekend was more than my dream come true brought her to another orgasm I told her to roll on her stomach she has white and I told her never mind just rolling her stomach as I spread her ass cheeks and stuck my mouth and tongue on her ass and lick her asshole old dad I never had anybody do that before do you like it honey she said yes daddy fingering her pussy licking her asshole gave her an awesome orgasm and then mounted her doggy style and fucked her looking at her beautiful ass and asshole I came in her one more time I I told her Jerry I’m going to come can I come in your baby and she said yes daddy I’m going to come to don’t pull out don’t you dare pull up fuck my hole overcome but your daughter’s cunt and I at least another load the same when they came and didn’t feel great it felt good lasting might not into my daughter but it must be because my semen count was really low because it wasn’t a powerful explosive orgasm but it was intense for sure after that weekend we never talked about it and it’s been 20 years since but I know that she asked me again I would do it again for sure

By Mike w
#Incest #Teen

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