My mom pimped me out Sex Story

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By PO469

When Mom found out how well I was equipped, she thought of a way to make money while making a lot of money and me very happy. Fiction, age gap, pic.

My mother pimped me out.

My name is Jim. Mom and Dad call me Jimmy except when I am in trouble. I’m five foot five and weigh 123 pounds. I have light brown hair that I keep just a little shorter than shoulder length. I am on the school wrestling team and am in pretty good shape.

It was the summer after my freshman year of high school. We lived in a city that was not very large but had a population of about 200,000, so many people could come to Mom’s store and it was successful. To earn some extra spending money, I was working as a stock boy / delivery boy in the store that my mother owned and ran. Mom and Dad were divorced and I seldom saw Dad.

One night after closing, I had taken one of the girls from school into the store where we could have a nice private place to mess around. We were in the back room, both naked and playing with each other’s fun parts. I was about to get myself a nice little piece of ass. I had my condom in my hand.

Mom had come back to the store to get something. We didn’t hear her till she opened the back room door and saw us. “Well, well, what have we here. Young lady, I think you should get your clothes back on and go home. James Franklin, you and I are going to have to have a talk. Right now, just get yourself home.” I could see my mom staring at my erection as I put my clothes back on and quickly headed out the door.

That night, back home, Mom told me to go to the living room and wait for her. A few minutes later she came in and sat in her favorite chair. “Jimmy, I know that you are getting to the age where girls and sex are on your mind a lot of the time. I’ve been trying to think what I should say to you. I can’t tell you not to think about girls. I know that wouldn’t work. Tell me what you think I should do with you.”

“I haven’t been a virgin for a couple of years now. But I also don’t look to get into every girl’s pants. Just tell me to be safe and careful and let me live my life.”

“Well, I guess that’s telling your old mom what’s what. OK, be safe and careful. By the way, you have a really nice chunk of man meat between your legs.” Mom smiled and left the room. I blushed and my cock twitched.

I knew that Mom was right. I had seen my other classmates in the shower after gym class and I was bigger than all of them. Some of them stared at my limp dick as we showered.

I had measured myself when I jerked off. When I am hard, my cock is a little over eight inches and I cannot reach all the way around it. That night I jacked off, thinking about my mother commenting about how nice my cock was. I sprayed cum all over my chest. I even got one a couple drops on my face. It took two tissues to soak it all up.

A few days later, Mom had several of her lady friends over for a club meeting. I had met them all, several times. They smiled and said “Hi, Jimmy” when I came into the living room. It looked like they were looking at my crotch more than my face.

Had Mom told them about seeing me naked, with a girl, in the store, and how I was equipped? I felt myself hardening.

After they left, with a disapproving tone in my voice, I asked Mom if she had told her friends about seeing me with Julie? She blushed and responded that she might have mentioned it. I went to my room and slammed the door behind me.

A few days later, I was working around the store after lunch. “Jimmy, Mrs. Thomas just called and made a purchase and she asked if you would deliver it. She said that she is home now. Please take this to her and collect the money.”

I had done deliveries many times so it was no big deal and part of my job. I took the small bag and headed to the Thomas’s house. I knocked on the door and Mrs. Thomas called out for me to come in. She took the bag from me and set it on the table. She was about three times my age but I still thought that she was attractive. She always wore blouses that showed a lot of cleavage when she came to our house, but this one was especially open and thin. She was not wearing a bra and I could clearly see her nipples thru the material at the ends of her large breasts.

“Mrs. Thomas, Mom said that the bill is $100 and that I should get it from you.”

Relax for a couple minutes. I’ll pay you before you leave. Let me get you some lemonade.” She went out into the kitchen and came back with two glasses. She sat next to me on the couch and we made small talk for a couple minutes.

Her hand went to my knee and then slowly worked its way up till she had her hand on my crotch. My cock started to harden. “Please call me Betty, Jimmy.”

“Please pay me. I have to get back to the store, Mrs. Thomas, I mean Betty.”

She leaned over and kissed me on the lips and gave my package a squeeze. “Your mother told me that you have a real man sized cock and that you’re not a virgin. Take it out so I can see it. Your mom said that you don’t have to get back at the store for a while.” She unzipped my pants.

By the time she got it out, it was fully erect.

“Oh my, she wasn’t kidding. That’s beautiful and so big.” Her hand went around the base and more than half of it still stuck out. She leaned over and sucked that half into her mouth. Her cheeks pulled in and her hand and lips went up and down my shaft simultaneously. Then she took her hand away and let more of me fill her mouth.

She stopped and we both got undressed, went to her bedroom and got on the bed. “You’re so big, it was hard to get my mouth around it. I want to feel how it stretches my cunt. Come on, get between my legs and shove it in. Fuck me hard and deep.”

“My condom is in my pants, out in the living room.” I started to get up.

Betty pulled me back down. “You don’t need a condom. I want to feel your cum filling my pussy. I hope you come a lot.”

I got between her legs and she took my hard cock in her hand and guided the tip to her opening. “Shove it in fast, all at once. Fuck me.”

I leaned forward and with one push, I buried my dick in her till my balls bounced off her ass. Betty let out a loud moan. I started pounding in and out of her. Considering how old she was and that she had been married for many years, she was tighter than I expected.

“Oh, Oh, Oh. Yes. I love your cock. Fuck me, Jimmy. It’s so big. I’m so full, so full of cock. I wish my husband was as big as you.”

I don’t know what the average is but I think I can last a long time. I screwed her for about ten minutes before I felt that I was going to come.

“I’m going to come, Betty.”

“Yes, come in me. Fill me up with your hot man juice.” Her hand went down between her legs and she started rapidly rubbing herself. As my sperms flowed into her, she screamed out in orgasm.

Betty spun around and took me in her mouth and sucked me clean. She kept sucking. I think she was trying to get me hard again for a second round. It would not have taken long for her to achieve her goal but I pulled away and told her that I had to go.

I put on my clothes. She did not. She gave me a hundred dollar bill for her purchase. When I got back to the store, I gave it to Mom. She put it in her purse, rather than the cash register.

A couple afternoons later, Mom got another order. She put it in a bag and told me where to deliver it. She told me to collect $100 after I made the delivery. This time I looked in the bag. It was a bar of soap that was a local brand that we sold for $5.

June Wilson was another married woman about my mother’s age, who came to our house for the club meetings. She was physically different from Mrs. Thomas. June was tall and thin and almost flat chested.

She greeted me at the door with just a robe on and it was not closed around her front. “Oh goody, my order of soap is here.” She took me by the hand and almost yanked me inside.

There was no small talk. She took me to her bedroom and dropped her robe. Then she quickly undressed me, dropped to her knees and took my rapidly growing prick in her mouth. After I was fully hard, she pushed me on the bed, on my back. She climbed on top and rode me, cowgirl, repeatedly saying, “Oh God. Oh God. Oh God.” When I came, she yelled out, “Yesssss!!!” Then she dropped down and sucked my cum covered cock.

I was finding that older women liked sucking on a cock that had just filled their bellies. That was not true with the girls I had been with.

I took another hundred dollar bill back to the store and again Mom put it in her purse. I looked at her, “Mom, are you pimping me out to your friends?”

Mom blushed. “I told them about what I saw in the back room when I caught you with that girl. They were all excited and a couple of them commented that they would like to feel what it would be like for a young boy with a big cock to fuck them. I kind of jokingly said that you needed a college fund, and that maybe that would be how we could pay for your school. Betty quickly reached in her purse and handed me a crisp new hundred dollar bill and said that she wanted to be first. I gave it back to her and told her I would have to see what I could do to arrange it.”

“We all decided on our little plan for anyone who wanted to be with you to call and order that particular kind of soap for $100. That would be our code for me to have you make a ‘delivery’. I needed to see if you would be willing. Rather that ask you, I sent you to Betty to find out what would happen. You came back with the money and a smile.”

“OK, so you made me a boy prostitute? You’re getting $100. I’m not getting anything.”

“You’re getting fucked and sucked by some very willing women. What else could you want?”

“I would like part of the money. I think that would be fair. Remember that your friends are not twenty-year-old Playboy centerfolds. There are some things I would like to buy.”

“I tell you what. Put the closed sign out and come to the back room with me. We’ll talk about it while you fuck me.”

I was shocked. I had no idea that I was going to be fucking my own mother. It was not that I had not thought about her as I jerked off sometimes, but I never expected for it to happen. I put the closed sign out and followed her to the back room.

Now I was to get $20 each time. Mom kept $20 and the rest would go into a bank account for school. She also made it clear that this was not the only time she expected me to be spending time between her wide spread legs.

The rest of that summer was going to be very interesting. I still dated girls my age some evenings but many afternoons were spent ‘doing my job’.“

My third ‘delivery’ turned out to be a woman that I had never seen at our house for Mom’s meetings. When I mentioned that I had never seen her before she said that her friend, June had told her about me, so she called and ordered the special soap to be delivered. The word was spreading.

Over the next three months there were so very interesting ‘deliveries’.

I knocked on one door and a man answered. I told him that we did not make deliveries to men. He said that the delivery was for his wife and that he was only going to watch. I was OK with that. When she and I were naked on their bed, I saw him take out his camera. I told him that he shouldn’t take pictures because of my age. He said that he would be careful not to show my face.

Another time, the bag felt heavy so I looked in it and saw two bars of soap. I looked at Mom and she told me that I was not expected home till the following night.

When I got there, I was met by an attractive woman who was in her mid-twenties. She told me that she and her wife wanted a baby, and that she hoped it would be a boy with a big cock. She told me that it was her fertile time of month and that she expected me to come in her as many times as I could between then and the next evening. For almost 36 hours we only got out of bed to go to the bathroom or to get a quick bite to eat.

I didn’t keep count, but I know I came in her at least a dozen times. Each time I came in her, she would lay there with her hips raised as high as she could get them, so none of my seed would run out. I was worn out by the time I left.

There were many more ‘deliveries’ that summer. Some were memorable but many were not.

One time I arrived and was met by Suzy Simpson. She was in my school, two grades above me. Most guys thought Suzy was the most beautiful girl in school. She was the head cheerleader and the prom queen at the junior prom. Word was that she was a real tease. She flirted with, and dated all the best guys, but it was said that she never gave them any more than a kiss and a hand job.

She said that if I would take her out to dinner and then get a motel room, she would spend the night with me. I called Mom and told her to make motel reservations and pick up the key. No motel was going to let a thirteen-year-old check in. Mom asked if this would include extra money and I told her that I was not even going to charge for the soap. It was a great night. I got a lot more than a hand job.

Suzy did make me wear a condom each time saying that she did not want to take a chance on getting pregnant, but when I would pull out; she would suck my cock and then squeeze my cum load out of the condom into her mouth.

Another time, Mom booked two ‘deliveries’ for the same afternoon. That turned out to almost be a disaster. The first one went well and we each had two good orgasms. About an hour later I went to my second one. I lasted a long time because of already having come twice. She was happy about that, but as we finished and I was getting dressed, we heard the garage door open. Her husband was home from work. I had to go out the bedroom window and crawl around the house.

One woman turned out to be old enough to be my grandmother and she was quite a lot overweight. I would not have enjoyed that one except that she said that she had always wanted to take a big cock up her ass. She assured me that she had cleaned herself out. We used lube to make it easier and I put her on her hands and knees and fucked her up her shit tube. She loved it but I was ready to leave as soon as I had given her a big load. I had to admit that her ass was good and tight but anal will never be my thing.

Just before school was to start again and just before we closed the store for the day, Mom gave me a bag with three bars of soap. “I’ll take you there this evening.”

It turned out that we went to Betty’s house and three of the women from Mom’s club were there. When we walked in, they were all naked and drinking big glasses of booze. It was midnight before we went home and during that time, I came in each of the three women’s cunts twice. Each time I did, that one would then be eaten out by one of the others while kissing another one. I did not fuck my mother in front of the others but I did watch her eating a cum filled pussy.

Summer finally came to an end and it was time for school to start again. The schedule slowed down but I continued being a boy prostitute. I had fucked a lot of women and girls that summer and enjoyed 99% of it. There was one woman that I screwed many more times than any other. She was my mother. We now slept together in her bed every night.

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By PO469
#Group Sex #Incest #Mature #Teen

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