My mother and me on the farm pt 1 Sex Story

#Interracial #Threesome

I m 19 a 5’6brunette with 34d tits ,it was early summer on the farm and my dad had hired two young black men to help us they were both lean and well built ,one morning after breakfest I went to one of the barns to help one of the guys get some stalls ready for use later,we were working in the stallsalone to get them done quicker and then we came to the last stall and decided to join forces we had been talking while we worked and both guys were actually really nice andwejoked around as well. As we were working together we were joking aboutsome of the differances between black guys and white guys and he smiled as he said black guys are usually hung better as well I laughed andsaid I didn t know about that,and he smiled and said anytime I d like to see he d show me I giggled and we worked some more and my curosity stared to get the best of me as we finished , I smiled and andsaid I d like to see the differance ifhe was willing to show me, he said ok but not to say anything to my dad,I said sure it was our secret and he smiled and asked if I d show him my pussy ,iwhispered ok and we peeked out and looked around to make sure wewere alone.

We went to the back of the stall and he slid his dick out and he was big it was at least 10″ I gasped and smiled as I looked at it and hesmiled andsaid your turn ,I smiled as I undid my jeans and I slid myjeans and panties down and stood up he smiled as he lookedat my pusssyi had some hair and he said it looked wonderful,and he turned me aroundand said I had a nice ass to ,I smiled as I turned around and I felt a couple of his fingers stroke along my pussy and rub my clit it felt good as he smiled he saidtake off my pants I whispered ok and I did and I smiled as he slid his down and I got on my knees andsucked hisdick hard,I laid back on some hay and spread my legs and he ate my pussy and then he positioned himself and slowly pushed into my wet tight pussy he slid in easy and filled me up andslowly fucked me I moaned softly it felt wonderful and then he filled me with his hot sperm and pulled out and we laid there together. We talked as I felt some of his sperm leak from my pussy into my ass crack itfelt nice and weagreed to keep havingsex secretly in the stall we were,he asked I I did anal and I said I d try it but not now we had to show ourselves so we dressed and went back to work.

That evening I smile as I took my evening walk and though about how I liked his dick in me ,the next moring we met back in the stall and we udressed soon I had him hard and he was eating my pussy then he sucked my titties and hewas fucking me I wrapped my legs around him as he fucked me hard soon he was filling me up again with his sperm and then he had me get on my hands and knees and hestarted to push his hard dick slowly into my tight ass andsoon fucked me and cum again in me and we rested,as we did he smiled and asked if his friend could join insome how I thought about it andsaid ok but not here and he asked where and I said I walked down by the creek in the evenings alone andwe could there and he said they would meet me there tonite.

That evening I was wearing only my shortd anda tshirt as I walked down by the creek and soon I meet both guys and we chatted for amoment,I asked them to keep this only between us and keep it a secret and they both agreed as we went into a small grassy grove I undressed for them as they smiled and they undressed and oneof them started kissing me and playingwith my pussy soon iwas doggie style as one of them got behind me and sarted fucking me it felt good as he fucked me while I sucked the other,ifelt the guy cum inside ofme and pull out and the othe guy got behind me and slowly filled my ass and fucked me until hecum itfelt nice being full of sperm as I stood up wekissed and soon they left and I washed off in the creek and went home.

#Interracial #Threesome

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