My mother and me pt2 Sex Story

#Interracial #Threesome

The next morning I went to the stall and undressed and my buddy came in and git ready and I sucked his dick and we fucked for abit,he smiled and said they both enjoyed last nite and I said I did to and I d meet them again tonite,after dinner I washelping my mom with the dishes as wetalked it looked like she had something on her mind and I asked herabout it,at first she was reluctant and then said in a low voice that dad was having some sex troubles because he was working to hard and she was fustrated about it, I smiled and I asked her what she wanted to do about it and she wasn t sure so I asked her if she would let me take her over to the barn in the morning that I may be able to help ifshe was willing and keep a secret at first she wasn t sure but then she smiled and said ok,that nte I met with both guys and w had sex afterwards I took the one guy to the side and explained my moms problem and I wanted him to help quietlt in the morninghe smiled and said ok.

The next morning I had my mom come with me after we got in the stall I finally told her aboutour farm hand and me she smiled asshe wasn tsure she could do it I whispered in her ear to try as I felt her pussy and slowly rubbed it she sai it felt good and I said he ll make it feel better for you and I asked her to undress, she did reluctantly and soon she was naked and I lookedathersexy body she had nic firm tits and a little bit of haipon her pussy and a nice ass he came in and smiled I left thm alone as he undressed ,he walked over and kissed her as he caressed herass and soon she wassucking his dick and she laid back he ate herwet pussy and soon he was deep inside of her fucking her hard she moaned as he did and soon he was filling herwith his hot sperm andshe cum for him and he pulled out and kissed her,she laid there feeling good about it as she felt his sperm in her cervix she gotdressed as I came back and smiledat me and I went in and undressed and hewassoon fucking me .

From then on it was a regular thing in the morning and I wasdoing itwith both in the evenings my mom and I were two happy women.

#Interracial #Threesome

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