My mother is my step-in-law

I am Swati Singh, an educated girl and a teacher in a school, I live in Delhi, I am 18 years old, I have been married for only two months, but life has played a lot of jokes with me, even today I am unable to write. I am hesitating because earlier I didn’t want to put my talk on the internet but what to do I can’t even tell this to anyone else how to lighten my mind, I am presenting my agony on,

I am from West Bengal, my father died when I was 12 years old, I am the only child, my mother is a very educated and intelligent woman, but what can she do, her husband left her at a very young age. , She is very beautiful, tall and fair lady, I know how my mother lived a lonely life after my father passed away, so today she has also cheated on me, so I have no complaints in any way. There is no complaint, my mother and I are now living in the same house as step-in-law, both mother and daughter have the same husband.

Let me tell you the untouched aspect of my life in detail, my husband’s age is about 32 years and my age is 18 and my mother’s 38, now you must have understood what is the age difference between all three, before marriage I am mother daughter Asansol I used to live in Delhi, one of my relatives fixed my marriage, the boy is from Bihar, we got married and we came to Delhi, everything was going well, my sex life was very good, both of us without heating the bed Didn’t live even for a day, had sex three to four times in a night, on Sundays and Saturdays, we both used to stay locked in the room, my husband used to love me a lot. After a few days, I got a job in a nearby school.

Now I used to go to school every morning at 6 am and came back around 3 pm, in this I felt that my husband was taking my mother to visit sometimes movie sometimes India Gate sometimes coffee house, I didn’t feel anything at that time, because my husband took me Said look Swati, you are happy with me but you thought about your mother, she also has her own life, she is lost a lot, that’s why I am moving her here and there, so that she is happy, she will be happy. Both of us will also be happy, there was power in the talk, I said yes absolutely and who is my mother apart from both of us.

It was a matter of one day my husband took mother to beauty parlour, got her hair cut, facial bleach etc. mother was looking amazing, after that he brought nice dress for her from the mall, mother was actually looking beautiful and happy, But I saw the matter getting worse. One day when I came from school, the door was open, I came inside but saw my mother sleeping with my husband in the bedroom, but both of them were not doing anything, but both were near, I Something or the other must have happened,

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I went to Palika Bazar and brought a hidden camera and put it in my room, the next day when I came back from school and pretending to be a student, I came inside the room and closed the door, and I said something Do not disturb is an important task, and I started looking for the backup of the camera in my laptop.

It was 8 o’clock in the morning, my mother came to the camera and hugged Ravish saying good morning, Ravish also hugged mother and said good morning dear, then mother took off her clothes, and started kissing Ravish, Then Ravish opened the hook of mother’s bra and started pressing her big tits, then mother said, what is the hurry, relax, my step-in-law will come at three o’clock, I was stunned, I thought how can my mother say such a thing That too for her daughter that I am her step-daughter, and then she started speaking, fuck me comfortably without you, I know how you bite me whole night, and that sexy voice of your room that Swati makes when you fuck her. So it makes me even more intoxicated, I sleep by squeezing my nipples and finger pulse in the hole and keep waiting when Swati will go to school.

After that I saw Ravish, he also opened his underwear, mother sets Ravish’s cock on her hole and sits comfortably, and both kiss each other and fuck hard, my mother Then she went downstairs and called Ravish upstairs and spread her legs and said, calm my lust, Ravish, I am very thirsty, now I cannot live without you even for a moment, tonight you come to my room when Swati is sleeping. Today I want to fuck a lot, and my camera got stuck due to the memory being full,

Friends, you tell me by commenting what should I do, you heard my story, what did you feel, please tell me what should I do. i will wait

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