My Nieces come to live with me Sex Story

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By Young

My Brother and his wife died in a car crash and his two daughters have to live with me

My Brother and his wife died in a car accident leaving me the only living relative to look after their 2 daughters.
That’s was not a problem as I don’t work as sold my software business for a tidy amount and live the easy life ,my vrother didn’t have much and no life insurance but it didn’t matter .
The 2 girls were nice both opposites of each other 1 was 13 blonde about 5 ft the othe 12 black hair about 4ft 6. I often had thoughts about them in a sexual way and had many wanks over them. Now I had to go collect them and look after them I drove up in my Bentley to pick them up from a neighbours to go to mine they had packed and were ready they came put to the car and hugged me I put the cases in the boot and told them to get in the youngest Stacey got ithe back the older Sofia in the front. Sofia had on a denim skirt and Stacey had jeans on by now my cock was stirred as we drived I kept looking at Stacey’s legs popping out of her skirt I looked in the mirror and saw Stacey was sleeping I started talking to Sofia she was not really upset and when I placed my hand on her leg she jumped but didn’t move it off I was explaining the rules of my house I was the boss do as i say they had the run of the house the pool the gym and the gardens, she smiled and said she liked my house esp the pool I then told her that because she was the oldest she would be in charge.
It was then I was moving my hands on her thigh to see any reaction she just closed her eyes as we drove we had another 150 miles to go yet I was gradually moving higher and my han was under her skirt and i could feel her panties instarted stroking her panties and could feel dampness on them I could hear her moaning .
Then all of a sudden she opened her eyes and said if you want me to let you do that you will have to be nice and then closed her eyes and opened her legs, she knew what she had was precious I was feeling away when I noticed a layby ahead and slowed down and pulled up as I did she looked and said be careful with me as I put my hand in her panties feeling her little soft pubes ,Stacey was still sleeping as I eased Sofias panties down past her knees and opened her legs so my finger could go up her virgin pussy it was tight as I placed 2 fingers in her and stopped as I hit her hymen I told her I would not go any futher in the car but I wanted her to give me a wank, she looked and smiling said she had never done before as I got my cock out I took hold of her hand and said move it up and down till I cum, she didn’t argue just started wanking me and I placed my finger back in her pussy she gripped my cock hard as I fiddled with her pussy lips it was then I knew I was going to enjoy the company as I got to the point of no return any balls tightened and I could feel my spunk cumming up my cock as it shot put towards her, she kept wanking me she didn’t know to stop As she drained my balls I had never had such a good handjob before .
I turned to her and said keep this up and you can have a life of luxury never having to work after leaving school just keep me happy and Stacey too,she smiled and said uncle George I will make you happy .As she pulled her panties up and fastened her seat belt.
We drove the rest of the way as my gates opened and we drove up to the house it was all lit up and looks good Sofia had a big smile on her face she woke Stacey up saying were here look at the size of the house .We pulled up and they got out I opened the door and told them go in and I will show them the house and tell the rules , we walked around and I said right now go to your rooms and get ready to have a bath.
I went into my office which I have a total servaillance system hidden cameras every room I watched as they looked around their bedrooms I made sure at different ends of the house for a reason then they started undressing Sofia took of her skirt and tshirt standing in just a white bra and panties which I had seen in the car ,what surprised me most was Stacey she took off her tshirt and it looked like she had bigger tits then Sofia and then she took off her jeans to reveal a pair of black panties I was hard again. I went down the bedrooms and walked in to Sofias she just smiled didn’t hide anything I told her to put a dressing gown from back of door on nd follow me to the big bath on the way i told her get Stacey we went down to the gym swimming pool area and I showed the jacuzzi and sauna and said every night you have to bathe and left them to get in as I rushed ack to my office.
I went in just in time to see Stacey take of her bra then panties she had a lovely pair of tits and a quite big patch of black pubes , Sofia was looking nice smaller tits and small blonde pubes I was watching and listening to the talk Spfia was asking what she thought of me Stacey said I was nice and she loved the house Sofia then said she fancied me.Stacey laughed said she did too then Sofia said to her we could have everything if we are nice to him otvwas then Stacey asked whatvshe meant and she told her do what he tells us to do and tell no one ,I went hard listening and was wanking but I didn’t want to cum Sofia could do that later after food .
I went get them and told them go put on you night clothes and come for food in the conservatory as I had put pizzas in they came down Stacey had on pj’s and Sofia had a small tshirt just covering her tits and a pair of boxers they sat down and started eating I could not help looking at both getting hard in the meantime I sat next to Sofia and put my hand on her leg pushing my fingers under her boxers touching her pussy lips Stacey was watching the tv I had put on a kids film as I fingered Sofia she eas shaking as I fingered her pussy I stopped and said let’s play a game I like called truth dare they both just looked as I explained the rules.
We started playing and it was me to ask one of them I said Sofia kiss Stacey which she did and Stacey laughed then was Sofia to ask she said George kiss Stacey I did and Stacey laughed again. Then I was Stacey she said Sofia kiss George which we did and it lasted longer then Sofia said Stacey pull your bottoms down she looked then pulled down but she had panties ,next Stacey said Sofia lift your top up which she did and I saw her little tits next Sofia said George pull your trousers down I wasn’t bothered no boxers on as I stood up they both stared as I pulled hem down and my cock was out Stacey was opened mouth as it was my turn I said Sofia take off your top and leave it off she did no bother then she said George take off your top and leave off I did then I said Sofia pull down your shorts and leave down for 10 mins she did Stacey was laughing at her as Sofia said Stacey take off your bottoms and leave off.We were sitting half naked when Stacey said George take off your trousers and leave off I was now naked but it was fine my plan was working then I said Sofia take off Stacey’s panties and kiss her she did as Stacey laughed my cock was stirring now .Stacey said George stand up show us your thing I wasn’t she as I stood up I said both of ypu come touch my thing Sofia was straight up holding it Stacey just looked and eventually touched he’d but Sofia was wanking me I was looking at both the little pussys as I told Stacey undress everything we will all be naked and play this touch game .Sofia smiled as she wanked me and said to Stacey you do some and sew what happens she knew I was about to cum as Stacey was trying to wank me she was doing OK bit jumpy as I felt my balls tighten and I shot my load onto her face she looked disgusted as Sofia laughed .
I could now tell I will be doing anything with them as I sat back down and asked Stacey tondo a dance for me naked and Sofia was dancing too I told them being naked here was OK as no one can come near the house they both danced around Stacey still had my cum on her .
After a few dances I said every night we can have fun but what I meant was they were both going to be my little fuck toys …

By Young
#Abuse #PreTeen #Teen

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