My private dungeon Pt 1 of 5 Sex Story

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By PO469

She went to the bar to be picked up because she was sure her husband was cheating on her. She became my and my friends BDSM toy. Fiction, BDSM

Part 1 – The pick-up and capture

This 5 part BDSM story was written based on a big bunch of photos that a friend, Alyson sent me, and she asked for a nasty story suggested by them and her comments. The story is mine, but it comes from her photos and things she told me she has really done. The photos (except one) are really her.

There she was, sitting at the bar with an almost empty drink glass. She wasn’t in her twenties anymore, but she was still a very sexy woman and she worked to show it off. She wore a short black skirt that gave a good view of her garter belts that held up her black sheer stockings. I couldn’t see if she was wearing panties or not. Her blouse was black but see-thru and her black lace bra showed a lot of her ample breasts. A double string of pearls looped in the cleavage between them. Her bright red lips and fingernails were the color of stoplights but actually said go. I had no doubt that she was ready to be picked up and fucked. There was no wedding ring but there was a light-colored ring of skin on her ring finger that told me that she was married. I could just picture her chained to the wall in my basement with all the coverings stripped from her slightly aging but voluptuous body.

She would be easy to pick-up, and she would be my prize as I pleasured myself using and abusing her body in any way that came to my mind.

I walked over and sat next to her, put a hundred-dollar bill on the bar and told the bartender to bring her whatever she wanted. “Hi, my name is Bill.”

“Hi Bill, my name is whatever you want it to be.”

“OK, I think you look like a Linda, like Linda Lovelace in the movie ‘Deep Throat’.” She smiled. I looked at the bar when the new drinks arrived, and then I looked at my soon to be new sex toy. “Actually, I’m not going to call you Linda, I’m going to call you Alyson.

Alyson looked at me with a totally shocked look on her face, “How did you know my real name?”

I pointed at the bar. When she had paid for her first drink, she had left her wallet open, on the bar and I had read her name on her driver’s license.

Halfway thru the drink, I took her hand and led her from the bar to a booth near the back of the room, which was a table with a couple of white love seats on either side of it.

As soon as we slid into the booth, I slipped my hand up her thigh and under her skirt which was already almost up to her waist. She was wearing panties, but they were black lace and crotchless. My fingers went in the opening. I could feel that she had recently shaved her pubic hair and that her cunt was already dripping wet. Her lips were big and puffy. When my fingers slid between them and reached her clit, she moaned and wiggled, and her hand went to my crotch. “Nice package, Bill.” We both had ideas of having sexual pleasure, but I bet that my ideas were different than hers.

Alyson’s hands went behind her back. She wiggled around and then pulled her bra out from her neckline and put it in her purse. I could now see a large amount of her big tits and a peak at her large nipples.

“It looks like you usually wear a ring. Are you married?”

She blushed a little. “Yes. My husband is out of town on a business trip for the rest of the week. He took his young secretary with him. I bet he’s fucking her right now. I decided that I wanted a little outside action, too. So here I am.”

“I bet I can show you some new and exciting things. Let’s get out of here and go to my place.”

“What about my car? Should I follow you?”

“I’ll follow you to your place. You can leave it there and I will bring you home, later.” She nodded her head. We quickly finished our drinks and headed for the parking lot. The bartender gave me thumbs-up as we passed him.

Before we even got to my place, she had my cock out and in her mouth. “Fuck, you’ve got a nice big, hard cock. My husband is not that big, nor doesn’t he get that hard anymore.”

When we got a few blocks from my house I made sure she had her face on my crotch. I didn’t want her to know where we were going. I didn’t let her up till the car was in my garage and the door was closed.

I led her into the living room and got her another drink. Mine was just coke with no rum as I wanted to stay sober and in total control. She looked around the room. There were three large couches and a huge flat screen TV and that was all. “This is an unusual furniture arrangement.”

“Nobody really lives here. Some friends of mine and I bought it. The six of us use it as our clubhouse. Finish your drink and I’ll show you around.” Alyson finished her drink, and I took her hand and led her to the kitchen. It was set up mostly as a bar. Then we went to the dining room. All that was there were two king-sized mattresses, side by side on the floor. She gave me a strange look. “Sometimes we host parties, and this is the orgy room.” We toured the three bedrooms. All had just a king mattress and a night stand. “If you look around, you will notice that every room has multiple cameras. It can be fun to look back later and remember how the night unfolded.”

“Maybe this isn’t what I wanted. I should go.” Actually, all the cameras were on any time there were people in the house. They had motion sensors. They automatically cleared and reset every 24 hours unless someone saved what was on them.

“It’s just you and me tonight and the cameras are not on.” That seemed to calm her. They actually were. We went back to the living room, and I sat her on the couch, got on the floor between her legs and reached up under her skirt. “Lift your butt.” She did and I pulled her panties down and off.

It only took a couple minutes to bring her to her first orgasm as I licked her clit and fingered her pussy. Now she was relaxed and back into a mood for sex. I stood and dropped my pants. I pulled her ass to the edge of the couch and slammed my seven inches deep in her, making her grunt and moan. I opened her blouse fully exposing her tits. I bent down and sucked one of her erect nipples as I stroked in and out of her very wet cunt. She came again and then again when I did. I have always been proud of how much cum I make, and I watched as some of it poured out of her when I pulled out. I scooped some up in my hand and wiped it all over her face. She licked my palm as I did it.

I stood up and took her hand. “Come with me. I want to show you one more room.” I opened the door and led her down some stairs. At the bottom I turned the lights on. “This is the toy room.”

Alyson looked around. She saw rings and chains on the walls and floor, a table that was from a gynecologist’s office or birthing room, stocks with holes for the neck and wrists, and a table with several sizes of fake cocks, butt plugs and clamps as well as other toys. There was also a wooden armed chair with a dildo sticking up from the center of the bottom and what looked like a motor under it.

On the wall was another large flat screen TV and everything in the room was oriented so the confined person was looking straight at it. I turned it on but kept the volume down. It played a long series of hardcore BDSM scenes. Many of them featured young girls.

Alyson knew that this was not somewhere she wanted to be and she scurried back up the stairs only to find that the door was locked. She pounded on the door and shouted, “Let me out. I want to leave.” I just stood at the bottom of the stairs and waited for her to come back down.

When she did, she lunged at me but I grabbed her and pushed her against the wall. I was much stronger than her so I did not have much trouble getting her arms up and out so I could put the cuffs that were on the ends of the chains around her wrists.

With her against the wall with her arms chained out wide, I grabbed her remaining clothes and ripped them off her body. She was screaming and kicking. “The room of very well sound proofed so yelling will not help you.”

I grabbed one flailing leg and pulled it wide to a connection point on the floor and then did the same with the other leg. She was now fastened to the wall with her arms and legs all spread wide. I went to the toy table and looked at my choices. I selected a dildo that was about eight inches. It was one of my favorites. It had rows and rows of bumps all over the outside. It also had a switch. It did not vibrate; it got hot, not hot enough to burn but definitely hot. You would really feel it as it rubbed up and down inside of you; both because of the bumps and also from the heat.

I walked over and grabbed Alyson by her smoothly shaved crotch. She was still struggling and crying but she was held tight. She was still wet with my first load of cum draining out of her. I put the dildo to her opening and pushed it almost all the way in. She cried out, “No. Take it out. Let me go. Please let me go.” I started fucking her with it.

She must have liked the feeling because after a minute she stopped struggling. Then she even moaned. That was when I stopped fucking her with the dildo that I called the ear of corn and pulled it out and put it back on the table. This was no time for pleasure.

I picked up a cat-o-nine tails. This one had soft tails. There was another one on the table with hard leather tails that could rip flesh if used hard enough. I spent several minutes gently whipping her tits and her crotch, enough to make them red but not to cause serious pain.

I am going to unfasten you. If you cause trouble, it will be very bad for you. Do you understand? She nodded her head. I unfastened her legs first. She took one kick at me. I brought a knee hard into her stomach which knocked the wind out of her. I finished unfastening her from the wall and held one of her arms behind her back.

I pointed her to the chair with the dildo in the center. It stuck up about six inches and an inch and a half wide. “Go sit in the chair. This time you may choose which hole you want it in.” Alyson knew she had no choice. She sat on it and let it slide up into her cunt. I strapped her wrists to the chair arms and her ankles to the chair legs.

“I have two controls. One controls the speed and height that the cock goes up and down. The other is connected to a pump that pumps lubricant out the end. While it lubes your insides, you might even enjoy it. If I get mad at you and turn the lube off, it will quickly become uncomfortable, eventually very much so.”
I set it for slow strokes and about a five-inch travel. I set the lube enough to keep her slippery inside. She was being fucked for about a minute, and then the dildo remained still, shoved full depth in her for about fifteen seconds. Then it repeated, over and over.

As she sat there being fucked by a machine, I took out my phone and made a group chat to the others. I used my phone camera to show the others our new prize. After I finished the call, I turned the TV volume up loud so Alyson could hear nothing but the women and girls crying, begging and screaming as they were raped and tortured. Then I left the room and left Alyson being fucked by the chair.

Part 2 of 5 follows soon.

1122 If you want to read more of my stories, click on my username. Any photos with my stories are of people at least 18. They are shared by friends or come from a site that allows use with credit.

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By PO469
#BDSM #Cheating #Group Sex #Mature #Pics

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