My relationship with my sister Sex Story

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A short story of what me and my sister got up to over the weekend

This is my first story here and thought id share my weekend with you all.
First of all im (19m) and my sisters 11 about to be 12 ill call her clara for the story.

I woke up late friday morning after my parents had gone to work and my sister stayed off school because i let her bunk off for the day we were really close we usually played games and lazed around the house.
So as i woke up, i woke her up and headed to the bathroom for my morning brush teeth, shower routine and told her ill be gone for about an hour cuz mom told me we had no food in and both my mom and dad will be late home so i went to the shops. On my way back home from the shops about and hour and a half later i noticed
Clara friends bike outside and thought she must of bunked off too to spend the day with her.
Anyway i headed in and shouted i was home but no reply probably busy listening to music or playing games i unpacked the shopping and headed upstairs when i saw my sisters door open and saw my sisters friend on top of her 69ing licking my sister out. Of course i got instantly hard and thought ill close the door a bit but still with enough room to peek (i should mention claras friend has just turned 11). Back to the story.. me and my sister have fooled around before playing house and we had sex fairly regular but i never knew she did it with someone else, i was stood watching them both for about 5 minutes when her friend says she bought something in her bag she instantly jumped up and ran to the door not giving me enough time to hide and she ran into me causing us to fall to the floor.
I laughed nervously as i didnt know clara had told her about what we do and before i could apologise she shouted your brothers home and my sister came running out of the her bedroom and gave me a kiss on the floor. We all laughed and well i was still nervous but we went to her room and she told me that her friend fucks her brother too and her dad i was a little shocked at how common it is, they both got on the bed and i postioned my cock at my sisters entrance and pushed it in both the girls have perfect little pussys hairless and her friend has b cuos while my sister has small little a cups, after a few minutes of fucking her i pulled out and slid it straight into her friend she felt incredibly tight but you could tell she had alot of practice, after about half hour of taking turns on both of them i pulled clara close as i unloaded my cum into her. We got cleaned up after and i got stuff preped for dinner as her friend stayed for tea.

I might make another folow on or more storys about me and my sister if anyones intrested feel free to comment i love hearing other peoples storys about what they get upto with their familys

By IncestStories
#Incest #PreTeen #Teen

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