My reunion with my college friend Sex Story

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I am a youtuber , this is my story of getting sex again after a year . It is pretty wholesome for me as i love sex .

I am a female youtuber in my mid-20s. Since I was around 20 years old, I had been having sex in the university. By the time I was in college, I had lost my virginity.

My boobs were already 36D, my ass was tight and plum, my thighs are smooth and tight, and there is no fat anywhere on my body, so I was always a girl of interest. Since I lost my virginity, I have kept myself in shape. It served as a means of keeping me inspired to try new positions and get more dicks.

Since I am a YouTuber, I will keep my identity a secret. Since I post videos on YouTube, I undoubtedly receive thousands of sex-related and for-sex messages. The ones that abuse are the ones I enjoy reading the most since I adore bdsm and appreciate being humiliated and degraded.

The dream I have is similar to having a large stage with all of my haters and lovers present, who only love me for my body. I enter like a dog on a leash, naked, and they cheer for me to be humiliated, spanked, kicked, and on and on.

My story is about the time when I first started on YouTube and encountered my first hater. He used to message me almost every day and verbally abuse and denigrate me.
I used to respond and defend my position, but talking about such topics only attracts more haters. I gave up as a result.

After a few days, I receive a message from an ex-lover who was once a student at my university. I was open to meeting him for a casual get-together. My pussy has been without anything to play with for about a year. As horny as I was, I went to meet him with the idea that I might enjoy it even if he took me and fucked me in ego.

I went, and it seemed like a wonderful date; we went for coffee, and then we spent the rest of the evening just exploring the neighborhood and sharing dinner. When the time came, he invited me to visit him at his home. I affirmed and asked if he would be prepared to drop me off again after. Sure, he replied, and we set out for his house.


He was wealthy, he began assisting his father in his business, improved, and now he is rich. By the way he talks and other factors, I had no idea he was that wealthy; to me, he still seemed like a student.

He welcomed me into his spacious bungalow. He led me into the bedroom while holding my hand, forcing me to sit down. I had just started looking around his bedroom when he left to get some ice cream for me. It was so lavish and luxurious that it was almost on equal level with a five-star hotel room.

He arrived with two scoops and a sizable bowl of ice cream. We then began to eat ice cream when he gave me one. I can’t recall exactly how it happened, but the topic quickly veered into sexuality, and before long, we were gushing about how adorable my pussy and tight ass were. Look how large it became, he exclaimed as he drew out his dick. I asked him if he had any surgery to enlarge it because I was shocked, but he declined. It had already grown by 7-8 inches when it finally reached 9 inches.

He asked me to touch it and feel it. I did, and it was so nice touching a dick after so long. I was so caught up in the hustle of YouTube that I didn’t do anything else that year other than make videos. He asked me to get naked as well and show my boobs. I opened my top, and he was so happy to see those. He says he misses them a lot and starts groping them. The ice cream was melting. He asked me if I could also take my pants off. I did, and I was now completely naked. The smile on his face was unreal. He went silent and took the ice cream away. He said he wanted to tell me something, and he said he was the one to whom I was replying. I was so confused. He said he hates what I do and wanted to fuck me again just because of the hate. I was at least happy that he told me everything. He got on top of me and started kissing me, then started to push his dick into my pussy; this wrestling went on for about 30 minutes, and he creampied me, giving me a quivering orgasm. I loved it; the hate he had made it more aggressive, and he fucked me like I was a toy. I enjoyed it so much, he got some rest and went for another round, but this time in my ass. He got me into doggy position and started fucking me hard. He took control of my head by my hairs and destroyed my asshole. It was fun, and getting spanked was addictive. I was squirting hard, and he wasn’t stopping for me to even catch my breath. He came in my ass and then put me on the floor. He sat on the edge of the bed, and I was on my knees. He took my hair in his hand and pushed it into his dick and started to destroy my throat as well. It was unreal how hard he was fucking me. He chocked me, fucked me till I almost passed out, and then pulled out his dick to keep me alive. It was so much fun; it had been a long time since I had this treatment, and I was so proud of myself for going to meet him. This got over, and he made me lick everything and clean his dick. He then curled up and got into doggy position, and with my hairs still in his hand, he pushed them into his asshole, and I had nothing left but to lick his ass now. I have licked and had oral with my female friends, but this was a way different experience. I started to masturbate his dick and play with his balls while I was eating out his ass. It was filthy, but I did what I had to do. He got up and asked me if I needed to go, and I asked him if he wanted me to stay, in which case I can, but it’s ok if you want me to go. He said to sleep on the floor then, and he slept on the clean side of the bed. I slept on the floor; it was cold, and I didn’t even have a blanket. The floor was so hard, and my whole body was struggling to find some warmth and comfort. I fell asleep at some point and woke up in the morning. He was spanking me really hard to wake me up. In the 2nd spanking, I woke up and saw his dick already in my pussy. He started thrusting deeper and then creampied me. He grabbed my hairs and took me to the dining table. I was walking on my fours only, and then he pulled me up and put my pussy on the corner of the table, then started rubbing my pussy really hard on there. The cum was dripping and making it smoother, but the corner was still giving me a lot of pain. After that, he gave me some breakfast; it was poha; I had to eat it like a dog off the floor; I was happy to do it. After this, he gave me my clothes, kicked me out, and gave me a time and date for the next time to show up. It was about a week later. I went home, he didn’t let me clean myself, I had dried cum on my face, my neck, and everywhere from the night, the fresh cum was still leaking from my pussy, and as I wasn’t wearing pants, it left a big wet spot on my pant. I was wearing light blue jeans, so it was visible, and I was feeling so horny doing this in public. I ran home, I washed myself, I remembered to upload the video, so I did that and took some rest. It was really a fun experience, and I was dying of excitement about what was going to happen on that day. I masturbated the whole week thinking about it; I wasn’t able to make new videos, not able to write any scripts, just thinking about him and only him. I was too ashamed as I just got off track by one sexual interaction after such a long time. I wrote a script, and it was the worst video on my entire channel. It was already time to go visit him; the thought of not going never entered my mind; I wanted it, and I had to go anyhow and have fun. So I went and rang the doorbell, he came and opened the door, and he acted nice and cool as there were cameras on the front and he didn’t want me to be insecure or feel like I was being recorded doing this. He knew that it’s a big deal when it comes to being an online personality, and even a slight mistake is taken very seriously. So he made sure I was feeling safe, secure, and good, and I was enjoying the overall experience. I loved hearing this from him. He asked me if anyone other than him messages me, and, genuinely, no one messaged me from my university; it was all from my school friends, and I never ever replied to them. He felt special; he took me in the bedroom again, and this day I was wearing a short dress. It had a deep neck, and the length was about 2-3 inches longer than my pussyfoot level. So if I sat, then my pussy would be clearly visible just from the small gap between my legs and the dress. It was a one-piece dress, and I had nothing under it. I hate wearing these kinds of dresses to go out as there is a constant pressure of it malfunctioning; it has a zip from behind and if that zip gets lifted even for about an inch, then I will be naked on the streets, and that’s what makes it more hot for me. The anxiety of being exposed as a secret slut was so arousing for me. He opened the zip, and the dress just fell from the front side. I got naked in seconds. He spanked my butt and said, “You recovered very well.” I didn’t see the spanking marks on my ass; maybe that’s why he gave me time to recover. He spread my ass cheeks and saw my ass and pussy. He rubbed my ass and asked if I cleaned it. I was so excited for this day that I gave myself a couple of enemas. I cleaned myself and came prepared. He kissed me as I said I cleaned it with an enema and said thank you, my little cum slut. He took out a bag from the side of the bed and told me to open it; it was a nice and luxurious bag; I had heard of that place; it was from a very successful and big company of lingerie and pants. I opened it and saw that it had a few lingeries, a couple of stockings, a couple of pants that can be stretched, two net bras that were almost see-through, and, last but not least, it was a net body stocking. It was a fully body fishnet type of thing to wear, and it had a spot for my boobs and my crotch. He asked me to try them all, and one by one, I tried them all. They were a perfect fit, and it was so unique for me; I have never seen these in real life. I have never gone to a shop like that. I just buy from a local shop. I thanked him a lot, and I was surprised by how perfect the sizes were. He said he looked at the pant size and bought with that, and the boobs were obvious, and he asked a couple of his female friends to guess the size by watching one of my videos on YouTube. I cannot thank him enough. He did a really good job; he asked me to keep the pants on, and he wanted to show me something. I put those pants on, and he comes near me and grabs my pants from behind, then pulls them up. It was the most painful thing. He put me down, and then placed the pants directly on my pussy, not on my pussylips. He wanted me to put that in my pussyslit. And then she pulled me up again; I was struggling and trying to put my weight on my toes. (I researched it; it’s called a wedgie.) It was the most pain I’ve ever had in my life. Spanking was way better, but this was on another level. My ass crack was burning, and it felt like I was going to be ripped apart from the middle. I had so much pain, and he put me down. My legs were still struggling, and I saw my pussy; it was brown but it got red. It had a red line down the middle. He held me like that for about 2-3 minutes and put me down again; it was so much fun but painful at the same time. I wanted that, and he gave it to me. I wanted this kind of struggle, this pain, the sufferings, and everything. After he pulled down my panty and threw it in the corner, he saw how wet I was and slapped my pussy. He then started fucking me, fucked me for some time, and then creampied me. He then gave me another box; I opened it, and it had a big butt plug. It was too big to fit me in. I will be so stretched that I will be able to fist myself. I was so excited for my future. I knew I would be keeping it in for the entire time. He threw me on the ground, and I fell on my knees; he pushed my face down with his leg, and my ass was up; he kept his leg on my face, and he took some oil and put it on the plug and my ass opening. He pushed it and I was breathless; I was in too much pain. He stopped for a few seconds to let me breath and then again started pushing it in deeper, and I felt my asshole stretched beyond its limits; it wasn’t made for stretching this much. I felt relief and a plug. He took his hand away, and it was plugged in. He grabbed my hair and got me to stand up, and I was feeling very weird. My legs were spread just to feel normal while keeping that plug in. My ass was like Malika Arora. My ass cheeks were spread apart, and the plug head was keeping them spread; it wasn’t able to let me clench my ass. It was keeping it spread, and I wasn’t even able to push it out; the pressure in my ass was gone. I wasn’t able to pee under pressure. It felt like a loose tap. He slapped my pussy a few times and asked me to get in my doggy position and pee. I did, and I was able to pee. He pulled my hair and picked me up and asked me to walk. Again, I was walking like Malika Arora; my ass was so spread that my feet were turned towards the inside. I was in-toeing while walking; I always hated it, and now I was the one doing it. I felt cringe, but again, anything for the pleasure. He told me that I would be wearing this plug for the next few videos on my YouTube channel. I said no, and he slapped me, and I said yes. He was so hot and doing it so well. I loved that, and then he again got me into doggy position with my ass lifted up, he pulled the plug and it wasn’t getting out, he started to push it in and then out, and kept fucking me with that plug until it plugged out, he pulled it out, and then fucked me. He fucked me for about 15 minutes, and he felt nothing, and I felt nothing. It was so much spread apart that it was like a bike in a railway tunnel. The difference between the diameter of his dick and the plug was really huge, and he spanked me and then switched to my pussy and eventually started to fuck my throat. It was way sexier, and I liked the throat-fucking. He coughed deep inside my throat. I didn’t get a chance to taste the semen; the saliva was all over the floor and my jaw, and he asked me to lick it all off and clean it. while I was licking the floor. He plugged my ass again. He asked me if I was willing to stay for the night as his secretary when his friends came over. I said yes, and he gave me a dress to wear. It was a so classic working woman’s dress, the skirt with the white shirt and a coat on top. He said it would be too much covered and then told me to wear the dress I wore when I came. Before that, he took me in the bathroom and fucked me in the shower while washing me; he washed my face and even the pussies; he gave me a trimmer and told me to shave my pussies and armpits. I felt so ashamed, and he said I even showed my armpit in my video once. I asked him which one, and he told me exactly. I was dumbfounded. I shaved everything, and he gave me the trimmer to keep it. My ass was still plugged, and I was feeling so weird walking and bending over; it was pleasurable, but also a weird sensation was there. He gave me a towel, and then I put on the dress after drying myself up. He gave me everything and even dried my hair with the hairdryer. He then started to explain all the terms and conditions to me: if they get me naked, not to be scared, they will not fuck me, they may finger me or be okay with my body, but they will not use their dick to penetrate any of my holes. I said ok, and he took me in the living room and told me not to be scared, and he would take the phone away before they even entered the house. I felt a relief after he said that. We sat on the sofa while they came. The doorbell rang, and he told me to get into the doggy position in front of the sofa and stay like that. I was replacing the table. I had a view of them, and I saw him taking all the phones and everything from them and letting them in. At that time, I didn’t have many subscribers; I was a small YouTuber, and I didn’t cover any mainstream issues, so I had that calm feeling that they wouldn’t recognize me. They came in and saw me there, and there were 3 boys and 2 girls, excluding my friend. In total, there were 7 people, including me, 3 girls, and 4 boys. They asked my friend if she was the one. He said yes, and they all came in and sat around me. I was still in doggy position, and I saw from the corner of my eye that the boys sat exactly behind me and the girls sat next to me; I was like a table between them. My friend kept their phones in the other room, and he came in and sat in front of me. I looked at him and he bent over and spat at my face. I waited just like that. They all started talking about their ride here and how the traffic was, then the conversation changed and got into the life; they were talking about what was going on and they were friends of my friend from his business. They were all kind of rich. The girls kept their bags on my back, and one boy kept his legs on my buttocks to rest. I look at my friend again, and he just ignores me. They were all there to party; the girls went in the bathroom to pee, and the boys sat there. My friend got up as the girls came in and went to bring the wine and beer bottles; he bought about 5 bottles total and kept them all on my back shoulder. He told everyone to take a bottle, and I felt relief for a sec. He then brought some glasses and gave them to them. They poured their part and then passed the bottle; eventually all the bottles ended up on my back. My friend said if I drop one bottle, I will get 10 spankings from each person present, for a total of 60 spankings. I stayed quiet and tried to keep myself calm and collected. He turned the TV on and started playing some music in the background as well. They started partying, and an hour went by. I was now feeling the pain of being in that position when one of the girls gently kicked me on my butt, and one bottle fell. It broke, and the whisky was wasted. They all picked up the remaining bottles and put them on the floor. I looked at my friend, and he just had a face full of remorse. I knew it was going to be an extremely pleasurable or the worst day of my life. One boy pulled the zip of my dress so hard that it broke. They saw the buttplug as well and got so excited, one boy grabbed the girls’ heads to show them the plug I had. It was funny to hear their reactions; they were saying how big the plug was and that the plug head was so huge. They showed their butt plug, and it was the small one; that one didn’t hurt their butt and didn’t have any problems with their asshole. Mine was big and definitely going to have some implications for my asshole, she said. The other boy pushed the plug with his leg and saw me react; it was painful, and I slid upwards. They were joking and saying, “I thought this was a table,” as if they didn’t see me turn my head around. It was so much fun, and they were humiliating me so much. After this, they stopped the music, changed it, lowered the volume, turned on the lights, and then took off my dress from my hands. They then pulled my hair and put me on their lap. I was on the lap of the first boy; my boobs were resting to the side of his legs, and my stomach was on his lap. He started spanking, he was quick, he didn’t spank me hard enough, he cared, and everyone was booing for that. Then I was shifted to another lap, and I felt like sucking the dick of the first one as my face was just inches away from his penis. He grabbed my hair and asked, “Do you want this?” When I said yes, he spat at me and said no, “I am faithful to my GF,” and pointed at the girl. I didn’t get a chance to look at her because the second boy started spanking, and he was definitely way harder and taking more time to spank the hardest way. This was getting me to start moaning a bit. And the first boy was pinching my boobies and playing with them, which makes it a pleasure for me.

Then I got shifted to the third boy; he was faster and harder, but I was now consuming the pain and getting my moans out. The second boy was now playing with my boobs, and then I got shifted to the girl, the first girl, and she was a way harder spanker than any of the boys. I don’t know why it was so painful, and her hands were skinny, so it added so much pain. Then I got shifted to the second girl, and she also spanked me pretty hard, but the first girl was the hardest. Then I got shifted to my friend, and in the end, I felt good that I survived it. My friend gave a hard spanking at first, then a low one on second, a hard one in third, and a low one on fourth, and continued this pattern. And at last, he stood up and spanked me so hard that I screamed. I screamed for the first time while this happened. 

That particular spanking was spectacular; it was the most painful, the most pleasurable, and the most entertaining to his friends as well. They all laughed and the sex started, the girls stood up, and I sat on my knees watching them undress, even though they weren’t wearing any pants. They took off their short skirt, and I saw their plugs; they were like 30% of the plug I had in my ass. It was so small, and I felt jealousy. 

The head was way more comfortable for them as it was in a curved shape, and I knew how that plug was from the pornograph. They were pulling their plug out in front of my face, and as it got out, my friend had my hair in his hands and pushed my head into their asses one by one. 

I smelled shit, but it was clean. The second one was already clean. I licked both of their asses, and the boys opened up their chains, and the girl, who was his girlfriend, sat on his boyfriend’s dick, and the other girl sat on the second boy’s dick while sucking on the third boy. They all wore condoms, and I felt like I was doing something weird by taking pills. Me friend was still having my hairs in his hands and pulling them; he sat down and pushed my head on his dick. He started fucking my face and cumming in my face. I sucked the soul out of him, and he slapped me to make me stop. 

He said I am too good, and then I just sat and watched them have sex. My friend said I would not be penetrated, but I still had that fire in my pussy for a dick. I was wet, and the girls were not having as big boobs as mine. It was strange. The second girl then switched from the second boy to the third boy, while the BF and GF were in the same relationship but changed partners. She got into doggy, and he was fucking her while she was standing. 

The second girl was sucking the second boy’s dick while riding the third boy. About 30 minutes later, after the twist, the girlfriend sits in the dick of the second boy, and the first boy gets a blowjob from her while she rides him. This was a really strange episode. My friend pulled my hair and made me sit on his dick and ride him as well. 

I started riding his dick for a while, and he came in my pussy. He pushed me and made me go into the doggy position and stay like a table again in position. I turned around to face my friend, and my back was towards those guys. My friend was watching TV and playing with his dog. while I stayed on my fours for about an hour till they all finished. The girls grabbed my hair and pulled me towards the sofa. 

They kept my head on the edge of the sofa and started to sit on my mouth. I licked their pussy, and suddenly, cum started flowing in my mouth. The first girl was on my mouth, and I didn’t bother, but I started eating the cum out of her; I licked her clean, and then the second girl sat on my face, and the first girl was slapping my boobs. I ate her cum as well and looked at the condoms; they were kept on the table.

I feel like I missed something when I turned around when I was at the table. After this was over, the girls sucked their dickeys clean and then spat in my mouth for me to swallow. I was like a dustbin for them to dump everything. 

They all went into the bedroom and slept on the bed, and I was made to sleep on the floor. Again, the cold, hard tiles were making it harder, and whenever my nipples touched it, it made me feel like I was having an orgasm. 

I was shaking from the cold but still slept somehow, and the morning was a mess as well. I woke up while they were all peeing on me. The boys were peeing on me, and then came the girls. They bent over and kept their pussies in front of my face and started peeing. I received a golden shower from six people. I was covered in pee, fully covered. I smelled like a public toilet; it was so bad and salty. They all left, and my friend came back and told me to clean the floor. He gave me a cloth and a small bowl to clean.

I did, and then he took me in the shower to get me cleaned. The plug was still in there, and it was now causing me some pain. But it was feeling good as well. As soon as the warm water hit my ass, It felt like I was on fire. It was so painful. I saw myself in the mirror in front of me and saw the bruises on my ass. It was so much. It was blue and had gotten all over my ass. Whenever I touched it, it felt like hell. 

He washed me anyhow, and I survived the pain and suffering with an orgasm. He dried me up again, like the night before, and then gave me the same dress he gave me yesterday, the skirt and the white shirt. I wore that, and he kicked me out with the bag of pants and lingerie. He literally kicked me out and closed the door on my face. 

I went out and waited for an autorickshaw. I went home and took some rest. I still had the plug in me. After the nap, I squatted and started to pull out the plug. It wasn’t coming out, so I then put myself against the couch and kept my ass up; I was upside down, and I poured some oil and started to rotate the plug to get the oil spread. 

After some time, I felt like it was now possible and then slowly started to pull it out. After approximately 10–15 attempts, it unplugged and I slowly pulled it out. I rushed into the bathroom as the shit was falling down and all.

I took a massive dump and then cleaned everything. I saw my asshole in the mirror, and it was so gaping. I tried pushing it with a fist, and it was possible very easily. I was totally wrecked. 

My cute, tight little asshole was now as big as a cave. 

I took a few pictures without trying to spread, and I was able to see the insides of my ass. It was so pink, and the hole was so big. 

I kept the plug away for some time. My friend messaged me the next time, and it was about a month later. I was thankful for the recovery time. He also gave some specific clothes and styles to wear. 

I accepted it whatever it was and was just grateful for the time. I made some videos for my channel as I was feeling so motivated now. I had to wear the plug for two videos, so I did it quickly with the plug on and then threw it away again for a long time. 

He also gave instructions to do a few videos while wearing tight leggings with camel-toe pussies. I did it, and I had to do it without pants. It had a wet spot, but my editor did a good job. 

He gets so much fap material from me that it’s unimaginable. He also knew from the raw footage that I was butt plugged. But he stayed quite, and I liked it. 

After these challenges were over, I made some good content and stayed clean until the month was over. 

I never dared to plug my ass again.
About 2 days before going to his house, I did all my preparation, uploaded a video, cleaned myself, trimmed my pussies, and everything else. 

On the day to go, I tried plugging it again, but it took me more time than I anticipated. I was feeling it would go in quickly, but it took me 30 minutes just to put oil in and slowly widen my asshole again just to fit that in. 

His request for my dress was a really short skirt with stockings and a very short top, and it should be very tight. So I went to the mall to buy a top as per his need and found one, but I had to go in another section to find the perfect size, which showed my nipples poking out. 

I wore my outfit and called a cab this time. I was not wearing a suitable outfit to be in an auto, it would be hilarious, and I was scared now if something bad happens, so I was on the edge and keeping my phone ready for that kind of thing. 

I reached safety and I thanked the cab driver for it. I went to the door and rang the doorbell. He took me in and from the entrance, he kicked me directly on the plug, and I felt so much pain. He said he was sorry I forgot about the plug. I said it’s ok and tried to handle the pain now.

He took me in the bedroom and showed me the dress; he fixed the zip for me and told me to get naked. He tore my top, and I opened the skirt until then. He saw me in stockings with my buttplug in and said how sexy it was looking. My ass cheeks were spread because of the plug, so it added to my ass curve. He spanked me and told me to lie on the ground, and then pulled my legs up. I was upside down, and my body was resting on my shoulder. He grabbed the plug and held it in place. I tried to get down, but the plug was so fixed that it kept me in place, and when I tried getting down, it hurt a lot. He started to slowly pull the plug out. He puts some oil in, and then soon it gets out. 

It was so good, and feeling nothing in your ass was now my good feeling. He fucked my pussy while he masturbated my ass with the plug itself and creampied me. After this, he gave me some cookies to eat and then fucked me again, then gave me some time to sleep and fucked me again. till the night. At night, he got me ready, cleaned my holes, plugged me again, put some mouth freshner in, and also asked me to do some hair and makeup. 

He threw me a skirt, which I wore, and a top, which he already had from before. and told me someone was coming and I needed to entertain him and let him fuck me. I denied it, and he requested it very sweetly, and I said OK. He made sure to take his phone, and then that man came in. 

I was standing in the living room waiting for him, and he came in, hugged me, rubbed my buttocks with his hands, and then sat down. My friend asked me to go sit with him, and he put his hand around my waist and started to play with my naval area and touch my boobs. 

Soon it got more intense as he started to grope me. I didn’t even know who he was or what his name was; he was a stranger. After groping, I was told to get naked, and as usual, I did it in a sexy way, showing him my plug and my pussy. He saw the plug and pushed it like a button. I yelled, and he stopped. It pains alot . After that, I was just standing in my stockings. I also removed the pants, and all that was left were the leg stockings. 

He pulled me towards himself and then pinched my boobs, grabbed my ass, and played with my body for some time. After about 15 minutes, he took his dick out, and I was told to suck it. I started giving him a sloppy blowjob, and my friend instructed him that he can be rough and do whatever he wants, and that includes peeing on her as well. He really asked, and my friend said yes. It changed the man completely; he grabbed my hair and started to fuck my mouth. 

His dick was about 7 inches, but enough girthy to make me suffer. choked me for a while and then threw me and pulled my ass up. I was on the floor, and my ass was aligned with the sofa. He got his dick in my pussy and started to fuck me while pushing the plug like a button again and again. It was feeling really good, and the pain was shifting back and forth from my pussy to my ass. 

After he was done, he took off his condom and gave it to me and said to swallow the cum. I did, and he spat in my mouth and said to swallow it as well. Then he slapped me and started to spank me while he got hard again. It took him about 25–30 spanks to get erect again, and he made me sit on his dick. He kept his dick in me for a while, and then he started to push me and told me to ride. 

I started riding while he held my hair like a horse. This went on for about 45 minutes, and he rolled up his condom again and gave it to me. I swallowed it, and then he pulled his pants up, and before zipping them up, he peed on me and then went out. 

My friend also went out to drop him off and gave him his phone as well. It was a really fun experience, and when they are strangers, it’s really exciting as I don’t know what to expect from them; sometimes it’s awkward, but they get it as soon as my friend says, “Do whatever you want and you can be rough.”

I was then called by my friend every month here and there to have sex with him, and at the end, generally, it ends with having sex with a stranger. And I slept at his house that night; he washed me and then threw me out of the house. He eventually started to book a cab for me, and I feel good now. I have now become his cum dump, and he even gives me gifts and money now and then. 

He doesn’t want to love me or marry me; he just needs me as a dumpster or a slave. I am totally up for it. 

I am proud of myself as I’ve made a career out of YouTube. I made myself vulnerable, I am happy, and I don’t need any relationships, just my plug and my friend who enjoys degrading me. 

I want to be anonymous, so I’m sorry, and I can’t even say which genres I make videos in; if I do, then you will know who I am. I can’t even tell you my first initials, as it’s pretty obvious because there are only a bunch of female youtubers.

Hopefully you had fun reading this story of mine. I am having fun, and hopefully you do too.

#BDSM #Exhibitionist #Group Sex

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