My Secret…. Sex Story – Sex Stories 69

#Bisexual #PreTeen #Zoophilia

By Jessy42

I quickly got up from the couch and raced up to my sister’s bedroom, I hid in her closet… I loved to spy on my s(i)ster.

Be aware… this Story features sex between an und(e)rage children, and B(e)stiality; I’m not advocating doing any of these things with actual minors, although role play with consenting adults is fun. The reason that my Fantasy Stories always involve little girl characters, is that they are so curious and innocent about their bourgeoning sexuality.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction; none of my ‘Perverted Stories’ are even remotely true. I do not condone any of the actions described in this story. All aspects related to real life persons or events is strictly incidental. Attempting the following Inc(e)stual Acts in real life is Ill(e)gal and Immoral… I would strongly urge any adult who would even contemplate such real-life actions, consider seeking help from Clergy, a Doctor, or the Police, etc. Further, I strongly suggest you simply enjoy my story for its artistic and erotic qualities.

If you Love my Stories, you are a Morally Depraved Pervert of the Highest Order… Welcome to my Reality! Comments and feedback are always appreciated.

I grew up normally, so I had thought, coming from a good home and family. Nothing out of the ordinary, in a typical suburban lifestyle, that wouldn’t give anyone hints to the path I soon wandered on, or how lewd or taboo it would be… yet I could not stop after it came to be. It would become the darkest of my life’s secrets, to be kept hidden from everyone.

My name is Toby Silverstone, and I’m from San Antonio, I was about 13 at the time, an average boy with brown hair and blue, though I’m a bit gawky and lean. Being as such, it tended to add to the shyness I had, especially with girls. Nervous as well as awkward, and having just reached puberty made things worse. I never knew what to say or how to act cool, like most of the other boys, who seemed to have no problems talking to girls, it was a pivotal time for any boy my age. Having few friends, a strong imagination, and not being good at sports led to my days being filled with hours of incessant masturbation.

School Days were a torture… all the girls flaunting and flirty, but not with me, unless it was as some form of joke. I would be in a constant state of arousal, it was so hard to pay attention in class. Sometimes, I’d have to rush to the bathroom between classes and fondle myself, to pacify my urges until I could race home. Once in the confines of my room, I’d jack off at least three or four times before dinner even!

During the weekends, I had a lot of time to masturbate. My Mom was divorced, and in her late thirties or so, and worked till late in the evening to support my s(i)ster and me. She sometimes had to work a double shift, and not come home even till around midnight or so. She hated leaving us home alone, but we had our dog at home with us, so she at least felt better about it, with him as some sort of watchdog. My s(i)ster generally, used or abused the ‘Freedom’ of my mom not being around, to go to friend’s houses, and engage in all of the teen socialite activities her popularity enabled her.

My s(i)ster, was the eldest at 17, and a typical bitchy cheerleader type, she loathed having me around… an awkward geek as a brother. She used to tease me a lot when mom wasn’t around, and threaten me with whatever she could, to keep me from telling mom of her going out and about. I generally wouldn’t have told my mom anyways, as it just meant more time home alone to masturbate, plus I had our dog at home, so I didn’t get scared if both my mother and s(i)ster were gone at night. For many, it might have bred resentment, but for me being so gawky and lust crazed, I simply masturbated to thoughts of my older s(i)ster and classmates in delicious concocted fantasies.


It was the first Saturday of summer break, and I was excited about not having homework anymore, being able to go to the pool, campouts and sleepovers and such. The thoughts of all that excited me, though I knew I’d never be privy to the social scene those involved. It wasn’t like I didn’t have any friends; I did… but most of k(i)ds in my neighborhood let me hang out with them only occasionally. It usually was because no one else was around probably, but I didn’t mind, or understood in some way. At the time, I didn’t care at all anyway, as I masturbated so much.

The day started the same way they always do for me, I was fantasizing about the girls at school, but then my awareness seemed to suddenly expand into something… into something, I’d never even imagined, nor could have imagined… until it happened.

I was at home watching some nature explorer show in the f(a)mily room when the doorbell rang. My mom answered the door and two of my s(i)ster’s friends with were there, Katy and Julia. “Well, hello, what brings you two around so early… and carrying Tupperware?” my mom quizzically asked amused.

“Hey Ms. Kendrick! My mom asked me to bring you this lasagna she had made. She made so much, she had plenty to share and wanted me to bring it to you,” Katy said with a smile.

“Oh my! How wonderful! That’s so nice of her!”, my mom replied, “Her lasagna is simply the best! You be sure to thank her for me, and tell her I’ll give her a call as soon as I can!”

“Is Anya home? Is it okay if we hang out for a bit? We’re goin to the pool, but it doesn’t open for another hour or so.”, Katy asked.

“Sure… of course you can, she’s in the garage doing laundry!” My mother winked then called out, “Anya! Katy and Julia are here!”

I quickly got up from the couch and raced up to my sister’s bedroom, I hid in her closet… I loved to spy on my s(i)ster.

I watch through the louvered closet door, as the girls came into the room a few minutes later, I felt a quivering surge in my sweatpants. Katy was very pretty, a little tomboyish, but still so hot for her age. She had shoulder length blonde hair and a swimmers build, curvy with budding A cup breasts and taut butt cheeks. Julia was simply beautiful, and coming into her own popularity, due to her breasts already being a B cup, which only accentuated her slim body, with her long blonde hair and her firm ass. I thought she looked somehow innocent, yet also sultry.

But my s(i)ster, Anya, was the hottest of them all, she was beautiful; there was no doubting that. She was tall and slim, with B cup tits, and a taut well-rounded ass, also her slender legs seemed to go on forever. She had shoulder length, shaggy cut blonde hair, with sparkling blue eyes, her lips thin but pouty, with a pointed tip nose, and a light dusting of freckles on her cheeks, she was a hot little piece of ass.

I frequently masturbated to thoughts of the of them… doing stuff together. T(ee)nage lesbians was one of my wildest fantasies… thanks to my friend Tommy and his father’s porno magazine stash.

“Whatcha wanna do?” Katy asked me, as she plopped down on the floor.

At that moment my dog entered the room, bouncing happily to greet the girls as guests…

“Awww! Hey there, Bodi!”, Katy cried out, “Who’s the beautiful boy, huh? Who’s the beautiful dog!”

Bodi was our Black Labrador Retriever, and he was indeed a strong-lean perfect specimen of the breed. His long tail wagged happily at the attention. He pranced about with sheer innocent excitement, as the girls laughed and played along with his antics. Then he plodded off quickly… to get some water from the toilet, probably.

“Hysterical!” Katy laughed, “My dog does the same thing… rushes in all excited to say ‘Hello’ then rushes off like ‘Okay… see ya’!”

“Yeah, but your dog is a bit more like a yapping, crazy fur ball!” Anya stated.

Katy laughed, “She just has lots to say is all… just a Chatty-Cathy, like most of us girls!”

Her dog was a Pomeranian… and indeed was like a typical girl, fluffy hair and full of ego, I thought.

My mom walked in from the hallway and smiled at them. “I’m going to get ready for work. Gotta work a double today, so I won’t be back till late. But thanks to Katy’s mom, you’ll have a great dinner tonight.” Then she bent to hug them, and made her way towards the door.

Bodi came back in the room, as Mom was closing the door, with a “Don’t into trouble tonight.”

Bodi ambled over to where Katy sat on the floor lowering his head as he came. He nuzzled at her chest as she petted him, his nostrils sniffing away. Katy laughed with surprise, as Bodi’s sniffing suddenly was directed at her crotch. Julia laughed out loud even more, as she was sitting opposite her, with Bodi’s rear aimed at her.

“Ooohh my gawd! His balls are huge!”, Julia gasped.

Katy laughed, then got up on her knees, trying to turn Bodi around so she could see with her hands, pushing at his hind quarters. Bodi turned, causing his larger than golf ball sized testicles to sway and pendulously dangle with his movements.

“Ooohh sweet, Jesus! They are… sooo gross!”, Katy winced while laughing.

“Bigger than any guys… that’s for sure!” Anya giggled.

“Oh yeah… I’m sure you’ve seen lots!” Katy heckled.

“No more or less than you, Katy dear!” Anya chided back jokingly.

I guessed, they knew only from rumor and gossip, or overheard, but nothing matter of fact. Still, imagining it now as they joked, caused my groin to squirm, while I watched them from the closet. Bodi turned again, then jutted his nose at Katy’s crotch again, sniffing deeply. Katy laughed, as the sensations tickled at her, but kept trying to nudge him away.

“Ooohh my gawd! He really likes you!” Julia blustered suddenly.

“Yeah, he does… Bodi wuvs me, don’t you boy,” Katy playfully gushed.

“Nooo, I mean he REALLY likes you…. his… thing is poking out!” Julia giggled, as she pointed to Bodi’s groin.

Mine, and their attention was immediately directed between Bodi’s hind legs… and sure enough, there it was. Bodi’s penis was sticking out of his sheath about an inch and glistening wet. I’d never really seen it before, and was fascinated, as were the giggling girls.

“Ooohh Shit, his dick is sticking out!” Anya blurted laughing wildly.

“Looks like all the boys want you, slut!” Julia chortled teasing her, “When a dog’s dick sticks out like that… he wants to hump! My cousin has a dog like that, and we saw him hump this other dog one time, it was hilarious!”

“Excuse me! I’m no, Bitch Dog!”, Katy quipped earnestly with a sassy smirk.

Julia and Anya laughed wildly….

“Noooo, no… not at all. It’s just what all dogs do, when they get turned on by a hot bitch!” Julia laughed.

They all laughed out loud at each other, and I had to bite my tongue to stop myself from laughing with them.

“Do you think he wants to hump… me?” Katy asked in a whispering slutty tone.

“We both dare you to try and see!” Julia quipped with jest.

Katy got up on her hands and knees like a dog, nudging into, and goading Bodi. She still had her jean shorts and T-Shirt on, but I couldn’t believe this was happening. She looked so Hot then… I had a tough time trying to contain my emotions.

Both Julia and my s(i)ster began coaxing Bodi while giggling madly, as Katy continued to crawl on her hands and knees around Bodi, nudging her butt towards him. Bodi was becoming more and more excited, as he sniffed at her butt, his penis began extending further from his sheath. It was thick and a pinkish red, with an angled narrow nub at the end, and I was amazed at how different it was compared to my own cock.

“Ooohh my gawd! Keep going… he’s gonna do it!” Julia gasped out loud.

Then suddenly, Bodi rose up onto Katy’s back, grasping her waist with his front paws, pulling her tightly into him. Bodi’s back was arched, his hind legs scrambled, as his rear humped slowly.

His dog penis was fully erect now and huge, stabbing desperately at Katy’s denim clad butt, and her bare thighs. The girls were gasping out loud and giggled to each other, as Bodi’s thick dog cock dangled and poked desperately. Then Katy shrugged him off, and Bodi circled around bit, before laying on the carpet and leaned his head down to lick at his massive red cock, that still stuck out of his sheath.

“Awww… you gave him blue balls!” Julia laughed.

“Ooohh, I’m sure! I think you’re more apt to do that, you tease!”, Katy giggled.

“Huunnngg, I’ll show you how to tease, bitch!”, Julia scoffed. And with that, she rose up to her hands and knees, calling Bodi over, “Here boy… come here… get some of this bitch!”

I couldn’t believe this was happening. I stood in frozen shock over what I was spying from the closet, my mouth was agape, as I softly gasped. Only the throbbing of my erection kept me nestled in reality.

Julia suddenly seemed a different person, definitely not like a girl of 16, but more like a grown Woman, a powerful seductress. Julia put one hand on the side of Bodi’s head, as her other smoothed along the side of his coat, before going underneath to his belly. She was cooing into his ear softly, as her hand moved lower. “Such a good boy! Yes… such a beautiful boy…”, she whispered, “Did that silly bitch get you all hot and bothered… and leave you aching?”

I was mesmerized… my own cock throbbed and quivered as she spoke, longing to hear such words spoken to me like that… I wished I was Bodi.

Julia placed her hand on Bodi’s fur clad sheath and gripped it tightly, the dog’s pointed nub was still poking out a bit, and dripping a clear fluid from the tip.

“Aaaahhoo Yes… yes, she did. Poor little doggie got so hard and achy.” Julia continued to whisper seductively. Then her hand began sliding on his groin, jacking along the thick fury sheath, exposing and covering his cock over and over, giving the dog a slow handjob.

It was all I could do to not grab my own hard cock to relieve the pressure, and the pleasure surging within my crotch… I knew I couldn’t do it quietly. Also, it was embarrassing enough, that I would be aroused by bestial acts. I didn’t know what to think… I was so confused and awakened by their wonton acts.

Julia quickened her pace, jacking off the dog’s cock harder within its sheath. My s(i)ster gasped, as she pointed at it, seeing small spurts of clear liquid jetting from the pointed nub.

“Ooooo… am I making you hot? Is it aching? Does it want to spurt?” Julia cooed teasingly into Bodi’s ear.

Then she rapidly jacked his dog cock back and forth, then removed her hand as she backed herself away from Bodi. His dog cock was fully extended, seemingly 8 inches long and thick, dangling and twitching from arousal. Jets of clear semen continued to spurt from the pointy nub.

“Now… that’s how to tease!”, Julia giggled wildly and smirked seductively.

“Ooohh my god! You are such a bitch! Poor thing is spitting like crazy on my carpet!” Anya laughed, “You’re going to shampoo my carpet!”

Bodi scampered away to the corner and laid down, then began licking his swollen red cock and balls. My eyes were still glued to Bodi’s cock as he licked on it, until it slipped slowly back in his sheath.

Suddenly my mom knocked on the closed door and opened it partway, “I’m heading off for work…” Katy jumped up and stood smiling, as if to act normal. Julia remained seated on the floor, while my s(i)ster leaned against her bed. “Do you girls want me to drop you off at the pool on the way? Do you know where Toby is, Anya” my mom asked.

“Ooohh… that’d be awesome! Yes, please!” Anya chirped, and as she quickly got off the floor, “Aaahh… no, I haven’t seen him sense breakfast.” They all grabbed their swim bags and went nervously out the door, and Bodi followed them out.

I couldn’t move… once I heard the kitchen door shut, and I heard mom’s car start and drive away, I was out of the closet quick. I had my sweatpants and t-shirt off by the time I made it to my bedroom.

I laid on my bed and masturbating furiously over what I had witnessed. Seeing Katy being mounted by Bodi, and Julia jacking him off was just too much. Not a minute after my hand touched my throbbing cock, I erupted long spurts of cum into the air with a deep resounding orgasm. Afterward, as I continued to jack my shaft in orgasmic afterglow, my mind swirled with thoughts of what I had seen.

The excitement of it all meshing together into state of arousal I’d never known before. I mean, I already knew how bad it was having masturbated over thoughts of my sexy s(i)ster, but to this!? I was aroused form seeing my dog’s cock… thick and red, with veins glistening wet, and the pointy tip dripping… and how the girls enjoyed teasing it as well, just like they would with any other boy?

Anyone would be appalled, and given my known status as an awkward geek, no one would believe me, if I ever said anything about what I saw. Most likely, the info would just be used against me, in an impossible to win, he said-she said torrid tale.

As My hand kept moving upon my cock… smoothing my jism over my hairless crotch and balls, I heard a lapping sound from the side of the bed. Bodi was standing there leaning his head down, lapping at the cum I had sprayed onto the carpet (I was proud of how much cum I had sprayed). I watched in puzzled amazement… he was cleaning my cum off the floor?!

I rolled on to my side, as I watched Bodi raise his head up to look at me. Then he moved his muzzle in close and sniffed at my crotch, which made me twinge nervously, but his wet nose and sniffs sent a sudden jolt of erotic electricity through my groin. I laid back on my bed with my legs spread open, my semi-hard cock still in my hand, as my heart began to race. Bodi gingerly began licking on the head of my cock. Shrills of pleasure surged within my groin, as his hot-wet course tongue began licking my cock shaft eagerly.

Bodi’s tongue circled and curled along my cock as it bobbed with his licks. I moaned deeply as the pleasure coursed through my body. I’d never gotten anything close to so wet warm, and pleasurable on my cock, aside from my hand. And now, I was getting my first blowjob… from a dog. Of course, it wasn’t a true blowjob, but my mind instantly produced it as such. My legs widened giving Bodi better access, and he eagerly licked along my bobbing shaft, along my scrotum rolling my balls around. I couldn’t believe he was doing this! It felt so Damn Good!

Just as I was really enjoying it, Bodi stopped and sniffed then began licking at my asshole…

I jolted a bit in surprise, but the sensation of pleasure, as his tongue met my asshole shot bolts of erotic electricity through my body. I raised my legs slightly so my ass was spread, exposing my wrinkled hole. Bodi began licking his tongue flatly along it, making it pucker in time, and making my cock throb harder.

Each lick sent shivers through me, as his tongue began delving deeper, his wet tongue curled and delved causing my asshole to open, making the pleasure more intense. I glanced down and saw Bodi’s penis sticking from his sheath, the pink pointed nub was dripping his dog juice as before.

I shifted my position to lay back more along my bed with one leg draping down, leaving my ass over the edge, so Bodi could reach it. I reached my hand out and grasped the dog’s hairy sheath and squeezed it as Julia had. My cock lurched at the sensations of Bodi licking my asshole, and now I was feeling his thick, and hardening dog cock within its sheath.

My other hand grabbed my own cock, fondling it as Bodi’s tongue continued to slobber along my asshole. With the hand grasping Bodi’s sheath, I began sliding it up and down as Julia had… I was mesmerized seeing the unusual pointed angled nub as it slid in and out of the opening, the wetness leaking from it. I tried to masturbate us both, but it became more awkward, as the pleasures made it difficult to concentrate on either, so I just gripped and squeezed on my cock-shaft and focused on masturbating my dog.

I slid the sheath rapidly back and forth… watching the clear liquid spritzing out consistently, even wishing I had a sheath like a dog. Being circumcised I’d never known anything else, but yet I’d seen them uncut before in porn magazines, and even then, it seemed it would be nothing compared to dog’s sheath. The feel and sight of his long thick cock growing thicker in my hand, had me filled with as much lust as anything that had ever aroused me before.

I couldn’t stand it anymore; the pleasure was so intense, I got up off my bed and maneuvered Bodi around to get into a better position to masturbate him. I wanted to maybe relieve the aching he was given from the girls earlier, especially from how Julia had teased him. I knew what that was like, having endured teasing girls myself in other situations, much less than what she’d did earlier to Bodi… but I still felt I knew how he felt.

As I had tried to maneuver my position, my legs gave way with a wobble from the intensity of my mind and body’s pleasure, sending me to my knees. I reached for my bed to steady myself, and that’s when it happened. Bodi lunged upward grabbing my waist, the weight of his body pinning me against my bed. His paws scratched my sides, as they wrapped his front legs around my waist, and the pain made me wince. Bodi mounted me like Katy had played at earlier. A sudden fear went through me, causing me to freeze, as a low growl uttered from Bodi’s throat.

His pointed cock was stabbing at my thighs in slow humps, then it stabbed at my tant. The hardness of it hurt as the pointed nub stabbed at the soft fleshy area, making me wince again. Then suddenly, the small pointed nub hit the wrinkled sphincter of my ass…. it paused a second, then quickly slid wetly into my asshole.

I cried out in pain, as the long thick shaft slid deeply into my asshole, stretching it open with its thick girth. His cock was a hot shaft of smooth flesh that felt incredible, as slide it along the interior of my rectum, the thickness of it stretching me open. Then Bodi gripped my waist even tighter, as he began to hump his thick, long red cock rapidly into my ass.

My mind was numb… my mouth was widely open and drooling, as Bodi fucked my ass. I could feel each thrust, I felt the heat of it, I felt the pointy tip as it jabbed my recesses, and I felt the wetness of every spurt of dog lube inside me. I had no idea at the time, that it was only his precum at the time. With each jamming thrust of Bodi’s wet cock slamming into me, the pain subsided, as my sphincter muscles loosened to the sloppy thrusts. My own cock was pressed to the mattress of my bed, and his thrusts into my asshole gave me erotic pleasure as my cock slid on it.

Then something big and hard, began beating onto my ass as he humped me. It was thick round and hard at the base of Bodi’s long cock. After a couple of deep violent poundings, the large tennis ball sized knot slipped ravagely into my asshole, stretching it beyond belief as it entered. I cried out in a shocked yelp and groaned deeply, as the size of it sent pleasurable pain into me (at that moment I didn’t know about knotting and was very scared).

Bodi was laying still on my back, but he gripped me tight around my waist, only giving slight jolts of a humping thrusts sporadically, as he panted and growled.

I moaned with the erotic feelings surging through my body and mind. The hardness of his knot ebbed along with the hot, thick wet shaft thrusting deep into my rectum. My eyes were wide open, as deep guttural gasps air escaped my lungs, I couldn’t move. Not just from his pressing weight, or from the immense filing of pressure resounding from my asshole, nor from the slight humps Bodi gave to ensure his cock was deep into my ass… but from the feeling of my dog coming into my ass.

Each hump squirted hot lava into my rectum, an eruption of hot thick dog semen filling my bowels. His dog cock made wet squishy sounds, as he continued the thrust into me. His spent cum seeped from my ass and down along my scrotum dripping to the floor.

I lost all sense of time, as Bodi’s breath panted heavily on my neck. The knot tying us together was uncomfortable, but his dog cum soothed the pain, sending waves of pleasure upon pleasure with each massive squirt into my ass. Then his cock twitched deep in my rectum one final time, causing my own cock to lurch against the mattress of my bed, and I squirted out my own shuddering orgasm onto it.

As I enjoyed the afterglow of my climax, Bodi’s knot began to soften, allowing my sphincter some relief. Then after a few minutes or so, his long thick cock slowly slid out of my gaping asshole. A hot waterfall of dog cum seeped out of my ass onto the carpet and Bodi hopped off of me with a panting bark.

I couldn’t move… it seemed like forever as I knelt there half laying on my bed. My mind swirled with perverse thoughts of what I had just done, as much as the pleasure still ebbing in my body. Dog cum slowly continued to leak from my asshole, now swollen and still gaping. I could still feel the gooey wetness of my own cum as my cock softened on the mattress… I was a mess.

After another minute or two, I attempted to stand, but my legs were completely weakened from the rush of what I’d just done, and I fell back down to the floor. I sat looking at Bodi, now in the corner or my room licking his softened red cock. That cock… that dog’s penis had been inside me, that dog cock fucked my asshole. I grinned at the thought of it, my senses returning, never had I thought it possible… much less how insanely pleasurable I found it. This was the first time something had been in my asshole… I mean I had diddled at my wrinkled sphincter before while masturbating, but I had never inserted anything, especially that deep or as big as Bodi’s thick meaty shaft. It was so nasty, depraved beyond humiliating… but I loved it, and I wanted more.

After a while of sitting amidst the aftermath of the b(e)stial act that I had engaged in, I was finally able to rise to my feet, though a bit tepidly. My asshole was still throbbing and felt swollen after the pounding Bodi had given it… I could still feel his thick cock pounding in me it seemed.

Bodi lay on the floor panting, with almost a happy look on his face. I was sure he felt good, and relieved after the girls had teased him earlier, he was now satisfied to have ejaculated his pent-up doggie cum in my ass.

I felt my wrinkled sphincter with my finger, feeling his semen still leaking out. Though it was throbbing and felt swollen, I was easily able to slide my finger into it, having been stretched so agape by Bodi’s large knot. My limp cock quivered a bit, from the feeling my finger swirling my asshole, I imagined the pointy red dog cock that had just humped it deeply, and suddenly I felt a strong urge to poop, I got off the floor and raced to the toilet. Luckily, the hallway bathroom was close, I moaned as I sat on the toilet, as a sludge of liquid erupted rapidly and loudly. I unrolled a mass quantity of toilet paper and wiped up the mess as best that I could, then flushed.

Reentering to my bedroom, I could see Bodi still laying there in the corner panting away. I looked out my window, I had no idea of how much time had passed. I walked over to the small TV on my desk, I absentmindedly changed the channels with the remote until I found a rerun of Baywatch and left it there. It was always a good show to masturbate to… watching the girls run along the beach in slow motion, with their boobs slowly juggling was always good porn to jerk off to.

But I used it more as a background nuance than anything. My mind was still on Bodi’s large red cock humping me. I sat the floor and began fondling myself again… arousal began to build again in my groin, aided by the lingering sensations still throbbing in my ass. I called Bodi over, patting the floor next to me. He came forward and slunk down to the floor next to me. I casually pet his furry neck and slid my hand down towards his belly, making Bodi roll onto his side, he raised his leg for a belly rub.

I looked down at his sheathed cock, and large ball sac undulating slightly as he lay there panting. Gingerly I smoothed down his furry belly and began feeling the sheath, then I felt his large balls slightly. Bodi’s head rose for a second looking at me, then lay back down with a groan, as I moved my hand back to his sheath.

“Sensitive like mine, huh? Ok, I’m sorry.” I said, figuring touching his sore balls upset him.

I held his sheath in my hand again and slid it slowly back. His pink tipped nib slid out amidst some liquid that oozed from it. I slid the sheath back further exposing even more of his dog cock. I was wishing again I could have a cock like his, totally hidden away, and being able to slide it out covered in hot juices… being to masturbate with the slickness of that hairy covering. I reached down and put a finger onto the opening… It was wet, hot, and slick but oily though than watery.

No wonder it slid so easily and fast into my virgin asshole. I continued sliding the sheath back forth, as more and more of the thick red shaft began to emerge. My own cock was hard and throbbing as I looked at it closely. The pointed curved nub tip sloped back at an angle and then ran down to the slender shaft. Near the middle his cock increased in a bulbous thickness, and sliding the sheath further down uncovered the large knot at the base. I pushed the sheath back over his knot, fully exposing his cock. The knot was thick and round, but it seemed smaller than what I remember feeling. Spurts of liquid began emanating from the tip. Looking down at my own hard cock, I could see drops of precum oozing just like his was.

Suddenly, I wanted to feel his cock against me, so I carefully straddle Bodi, and lay on top of him gingerly. I pressed my erection against his cock, and felt it slip and slide along my hairless crotch, the heat adding further excitement to the feeling. I lay on top of Bodi cuddling and gyrating my hips, feeling his slick hot cock dueling with mine, as they slid against each other. I rose slightly to my knees and then lightly gripped his penis against mine, then I began stroking both of us together, melded as one cock. The spritzed doggie precum covered my hand, and applied to lube to my cock as well.

It was one of the hottest sensations I’d ever felt, and I knew it would become a regular thing for us thereafter. Masturbating my cock with his, using the spurts of doggie juice as lubricant, was so perversely wild. My cock was aching, as the pleasure built again, ebbing higher and higher.

I slid forward a bit so Bodi’s red shaft could run along the crack of my ass. I slid my hips back and forth along it, feeling the entirety of its thickness slide along the wrinkles of my anus as I masturbated. I could feel the opening of my asshole sliding along the tip of his wet shaft… and knew I wanted more.

I climbed off of Bodi, who groaned a bit looking at me.

“Okay Bodi… c’mon… c’mere boy.” I called to him, as I got on my hands and knees. I raised my ass in the air, then patted on my butt-creek. Bodi rose up quickly, then got behind me, licking at my butt then began delving his coarse tongue along my crack, and when his tongue darted deeply into asshole it caused my anus to quiver.

Then with a menacing growl, he rose up onto my back again. His front legs grasped around my waist, pulling me roughly towards him. I could feel the slight humps, as his pointed shaft searched for its mark. For a moment, I simply enjoyed the feeling of his hard-pointed cock stabbing at me, then relinquished as I moved my hole closer and closer to the tip, I kept feeling. Jets of hot doggie juice splashed my rear, making my own cock twitch in deep arousal. Then again, the small pointed nub pressed onto the wrinkles of my asshole, which was now slightly agape.

A second of a pause occurred, as the nub rested and spurted once more… then the pointed nub began sliding into me, followed by a long deep slippery filling as my asshole stretched to accommodate his thick cock. I groaned aloud, as Bodi began humping me again. My cock dangled and bobbed rapidly with each furious thrust of his doggie cock. I lowered my head down to the floor, moaning in pleasure… I was again his bitch and I Loved it.

Hot doggie lube kept spurting into the interior of my ass, and I flexed my asshole on his cock, so I could feel every inch of it sliding into me. Sloppy squishy sounds emanated from my rear, along with the slapping of Bodi’s groin against my ass cheeks, mixing with my moans of lust and Bodi’s whining pants. His thrusts were deep and rapid, causing my hard cock to throb, as it bobbed and flopped beneath me.

The sensations became overwhelming, as suddenly his doggie cock massaged my prostate… I squirted forth my own cum without even touching myself, as a gutter ally howl emanated from within me. “UUUUNNnnngghhhoood… nnnnnnnnnnggggghhh Yes!’

I didn’t let Bodi knot and tie me with him like before, but the fuck was just as hot, as I collapsed on the floor, his long cock sliding out of me, still spurting his doggie semen onto my butt and back.

I was exhausted, but my body reeled in pleasure like a chorus. I lay there feeling so raunchy and nasty, no heed of being awkward as before. It was like a deep need had suddenly been quelled… literally I felt pure bliss. I was still amazed at my new craving for b(e)stial love.

Afterward, I cleaned up my bedroom carpet with a wet soapy rag, then I headed to the bathroom for a long hot shower. As I showered, I imagined Bodi butt-fucking me for many years to come… in several absolutely decadent scenarios. Then I imagined what Katy’s or Julia’s reaction would be, at seeing my dog fucking me. Then reality kinda hit, when I imagined they’d most likely do what you’d expect… tell everyone, and my life at that point would end in humiliation and shame…

If I was going to continue… being Bodi’s Bitch, it would be have to be a deeply held SECRET… no one could ever know… Never!

Over the next few days, my world had drastically changed in a very short time. Having seen Julia and Katie messing around with Bodi, had enthralled me. Since my first time with Bodi, the dark carnal lust of b(e)stial pleasure seemed to consume me. My mornings were spent fondling myself in bed, rising to eat breakfast, and then quickly doing any chores to spend more time in its depths.

My mom awoke early to get ready for work, and my s(i)ster Anya headed out to the pool, where she worked as a lifeguard. My s(i)ster was already popular and bitchy towards me, but being a lifeguard only increased it, as I’m sure one could guess. Plus, it was a way for her to just socialize at the pool all day and get paid for it.


One day, my mom was off at work, but my s(i)ster was still at home. She was downstairs watching TV and cavorting on the phone, gossiping about this and that. I was in my room with the door shut, wearing just a t-shirt and underwear, I was a bit annoyed that she wasn’t gone yet. Bodi was in the room and laying on his side with a hind leg up, lapping along his heavy-set balls with his penis poking out… was he doing this to tease me, I thought, as I fondled my hard-on.

I knelt down beside him, figuring I would just lay on top of him with my underwear still on, and just press my hardon onto his penis and dry hump to alleviate myself. Straddled atop him carefully, as I stroked the fur of his neck, I lay my groin against the heat and long girth of his penis, it mostly still sheathed. I humped him slowly, feeling my hardness against his, as pleasure began pulsing in time with my gyrations.

Then, all of a sudden, my door sprang open and Anya stood in the doorway, “What the hell…?!” she exclaimed, causing me to freeze still motionless. “What are you doing?!”

In sheer panic, I just grabbed onto the fur of Bodi’s neck as if wrestling around. “Ahhh… I’m just wrestling with Bodi…,”, and I continued to add to my story, “And I’m about to put him in tha’ sleeper hold for the win!” At which point, I scrambled to my knees, pretending to try and do just that.

My sister just stared a moment and shook her pretty head, then said with incredulity, “Uh-huh… it looks more like you were humping the dog,” and she smirked.

“Nooo, I wasn’t… whatever!” I responded, trying to play it off, though my heart was pounding.

“Well, mom just beeped into my call, while I was on the phone, saying she was going to be working late tonight. She said to fix you something to eat, but I’m going out after my shift at the pool, so you’re on your own, Perv!” she mocked.

“I’m not a Perv… Bodi and me are just wrestling….”, I began before she cut me off.

“Yeah right… whatever you say. I don’t care… I’m just giving you mom’s message,” she interjected curtly, and left the door wide open as she left.

I had to pretend to wrestle some more, until I heard her finally go downstairs, and shut the backdoor as she left for her shift at the pool. My heart was still racing, and my cock began to throb harder. Not wanting my sister to surprise me, by sneaking back into the house to catch me unaware, I grudgingly got off Bodi and stood up, my boner was tenting massively in my underwear. I put on my shorts to hide my boner; I was so excited it wouldn’t go down. I went downstairs timidly, just to make sure she was gone, and not coming right back, I reached the bottom of the stairs… as the doorbell rang.

The chime scared the heck out me, and I went to it, but looked out the side window first. It was Katie and Julia. Nervously I cracked opened the door partly, as I stood partly behind it, my erection throbbed wildly at seeing them. Both of them were in tight t-shirts and shorts, and they both had a towel over their shoulders.

“Hey… has Anya still here! We wanted to catch a ride with her!” Katie said joyfully.

“Ahhh… she left a few minutes ago,” I mumbled.

Katie made a cute pouty face for a second, then said, “Okay.” And I relaxed a little, but then Bodi came wandering near the door, and I shifted my stance to keep him from going out the door.

Katie laughed, as she spotted his pointed penis tip sticking slightly out from its sheath. Then she leaned over to Julia, and excitedly whispered, “Ha! Look! His thing is out again! So sad!” I heard it all, as my heart and cock pound in time, then to me she added, “Well we better get going… c’mon Julia!” her laughter was hearty as she turned to walk away.

But Julia stood there a moment looking down at my crotch… then she looked up at me, “Well… you better get back to your fun time,” she giggled, as she looked into my eyes, then turned and trotted off giggling with Katie. I shut the door completely embarrassed. I peeked out the window, watching them walk off, my mind relished the sight of their asses swaying, and I felt my cock throb and jerk.

I locked the front door and then bounded into the living room. My clothes were off in a flash, and I stood there grasping my hard cock, squeezing it, feeling the pulsing girth as it became more engorged. Standing right there with hardly touching myself, I came and spurted onto the floor.

Catching my breath, I went to the kitchen and got a rag to wipe it up, but Bodi had beat me to cleaning it up… by licking it up. Chuckling, I went and turned on the TV, then I laid on the couch and began to fondle myself leisurely, knowing the rest of the day would be so decadently fulfilling.

About an hour and a half later, well into my second masturbation session, Bodi walked up sniffing at my crotch, and I held my cock out. His flat wet tongue licked the tip of my cock, sending shudders into my loins. He eagerly licked on my penis, as I lay on the couch with my legs parted, each lick making it sway and throb helplessly in the air. The sensation made my cock ooze with precum, causing him to lick on it more.

I knelt down, wanting to return the favor, and I reached down to Bodi’s sheath. The pointy pink nub was out and I felt the firmness of his cock within. Slowly I slid the sheath back and forth, exposing it more and more. His clear precum began spurting in quick jets as I masturbated him. The spritzes continued, and I held my hand out to catch some, my mind swirled with wild emotions as I felt the hot liquid drip through my fingers.

Placing my hand onto my own cock now, I masturbated insatiably, using his precum as a lubricant… sending me into deep lustful pleasure at the thought and feel of it. Then I got on my hands and knees, and I moved my ass towards him. Bodi began bathing my asshole with his hot wet tongue, my asshole puckered, sending erotic jolts into my cock. I reached under myself and gave it a few thrusting jacks.

A noise from the TV startled me, but as I glanced back, I saw Bodi’s pink-red cock sticking fully out, leaking precum from the tip. Pulsing urges of need surged from my ass pucker to my cock. The anticipation mounted as Bodi’s tongue deftly opened my wrinkled sphincter with his tongue.

Then, after enjoying the taste of my ass, he mounted me with anticipations of his own. His front paws wrapped my waist, pulling me forcefully into him, his thick pointy cock stabbing and spurting in my butt crack, until it poked into my asshole. He paused a second, as his precum spurted into my wrinkled opening, then with a low growl he thrust his thick red cock deep into my asshole.

A deep moan escaped me, “Uuuunnngh! Uuuhh… Yeessssss!” as he began to hump fast and deep. Each hard thrust going deeper and deeper, as I arched my back. The length of his burrowed cock extending, as well as growing in thickness. Each wet sloshing hump grew more rapidly, the thrusting causing my own hard cock to jerk and bob wildly to each one. Precum oozed from my cock, seeping from the end like drooling spittle.

His knot was soon pounding onto my wrinkled opening, commanding it to let it enter. Then enter it did, as my asshole stretched wide, giving it entrance in one slick thrust. A deep guttural moaning wail resounded from within me in an agony of ecstasy, “Uuuunnngh! Uuuhh… Bodi… Yeeessss!”

A deep last hump secured the knot and entire length of the Bodi’s cock in me. I could feel the heat of the smooth shaft, and the twitches as his dog cum spurted from his cock. His cock pulsed slickly as he knotted with me, I moaned loudly… as I reached up to lightly jack on my own twitching cock.

Then I heard the shocked gasp of someone behind me, I jerked my head around to the sound. It was Julia standing at the doorway to the kitchen. Her eyes completely wide… she just stood looking at the sight of Bodi’s cock deeply knotted in my butt.

I couldn’t move even if I’d wanted to….

I was trembling in complete humiliation and fear, as waves of the dog’s semen continued squirting deep into my asshole. I was trying not moan from the pleasure, but it was impossible as it was happening… I just wanted to die right there, as some saving grace of escape.

“Well! Ooohhh, My Fucking God!”, she said, rather coolly being what it was witnessing. “I mean really… H-o-l-y SHIT!”

Julia walked into the room, as Bodi’s grip around my waist relaxed, the swelling in his knotted was already ebbing. I couldn’t speak, as his spent cum began to flow down my inner thighs… the smell was nasty and intoxicating.

“And here, I thought I’d just catch you jacking off or something!” she said, as she came closer investigating the scene, “I mean, Anya has been making fun of you… about doing something like this… but I thought she was just Jokingly!”

“I… I-I… j-just w-was…” I stammered, trying to explain, somehow… some way.

“Bodi was fucking you… and you were jacking off, you loved it! What a SICK FUCK you are!” she squealed evilly.

Tears welled in my eyes, as Bodi’s knot quaked once more, cum splashed from his hot thick cock, making me gasp.

“Is his cock in there deep? Is he coming in your ass… filling you with doggie sperm?” Julia asked, as she walked around us, coming in close for looks to and fro. “Yes, he is! Oh my god, I can see it leaking from your asshole… even with that fat dog cock wedged in there!”, she giggled wickedly, “My, oh my! You are totally his BITCH!”

“Nnnnngh! P-please… p-please… J-Julia….”, I pleadingly began.

“Please what?! Please help?!”, she questioned with her eyebrows raised, “Okay, Bitch!” Then she reached down, and her hand gripped my hard cock, jerking it back and forth in a ravaging violent handjob.

I quivered, as every nerve cascaded throughout my body from the humiliation and erotic stimulation, as her strong hand jacked savagely on my cock. My ass squeezed upon the firm thick cock in my ass, feeling Bodi’s cum drain from it, as the knot softened.

Julia jacked my swollen cock hard and then pulled away just as Bodi hopped off of me. His long, wet penis sliding out, and the splashing of his ejaculation flooded out of me… my cock twitched and I splurged out an orgasm all over the carpet. My body was shaking in both terrified humiliation and pleasure induced numbing ecstasy, “Ooooohh Shit!” I moaned deeply.

Julia stood up above me, looking down on me. “I don’t know what to say! That was pretty… fucking incredible!”, she sniped.

“Please Julia! Please…. please, don’t tell anyone! I’ll do anything… ANYTHING!”, I begged her, knowing there was nothing I could do, but just that… beg.

Julia stood there smirking down at me. She knelt down, squatting closer to me… and if evil was salacious, she exuded it exuberantly.

“Hmmm…. you know, I was on my way home from the pool, when Anya stopped me, she handed me some money, for you to order a pizza, ‘cause she felt sorry for you,” she whimsically told me, and continued, “I’ll admit, that after seeing your boner earlier, I thought it was a perfect opportunity to catch you masturbating, like a Pathetic Perv… everyone already thinks it’s all you do, by the way!”

“But I’ll tell ya what? I mean everyone at the pool… especially your sister knows I’m here… and who do you think they’ll believe… me or you?”, she said, as her eyebrows raised, and her eyes prickled at me sharply, her lips glistening with a devious decadence of their own.

I nodded quietly again, as I listened to her, dreading every word, but knowing there was nothing I could do. I nodded quietly to her.

“Say it…”, she said sternly.

“Y-yes… anything, just please….” I spoke to her begging softly.

“No… say ‘I am YOUR Bitch now too, Julia’….”, she said grinning wickedly.

“Yeah… I’m YOUR Bitch now too, Julia.”, I said, lowering my head in shame, as the humiliation flooded my every sense of being.

“Good boy! Now… it’s going to be a long night, so how ’bout we order that pizza now, Bitch!” And with that, she gave a hard smack on my ass with her bare hand, making me wince. Then she sat on the couch and lounged, pointing at the phone with a devilish smile.

I was still in a numbing shock as I knelt on the floor naked. My genitals were throbbing with intense excitement, even after my humiliating orgasm. A mixture of sticky semen coated them, some was mine, but most of it was Bodi’s spent cum, it had squirted from my asshole.

Julia just sat propped on the couch with one leg dr(a)ped down to the floor, not even looking at me. Her wickedly evil smirk told of all she was thinking. “Well… get to it! Order the damn pizza, Bitch!”, she commanded, her eyes on the TV as she flipped channels.

Nervously, I reached for my cloths…

“NO… did I tell you to get dressed, Bitch. Just order the Damn pizza… Pepperoni…”, Julia commanded, then added with devilish chortle, “Oh… and Italian Sausage. I know you’d love some hot sausage!”

I winced at her remark as I rose to my feet, knowing it was only the beginning of more to come, and with wobbly legs, I walked to the phone. I couldn’t think at first, but there was luckily a list of numbers and some old menus by the phone. Dialing the number, I waited till a person answered.

After placing the order, I stood silently as my hands crept to cover my exposed crotch…

“Well… how long?”, Julia uttered.

“A-about.. 25-30 m-minutes.”, I responded meekly.

She looked over at me, and seeing me standing there naked cupping my groin, she let out a wicked laugh, “Oooohh… poor thing. Don’t bother trying to hide it, I’ve already seen it… and worse!”

I simply looked down with utter shame, still covering myself, wishing I could disappear into the confines of my hands.

“I said… ‘Don’t bother hiding it’! Remove your hands, Bitch!” she commanded.

Standing there, I acquiesced, and let my hands fall away, so I was fully exposed to her glaring eyes. Then she told me to come and stand in front of her, as she raised more upright on the couch.

“It’s such a small little penis!” she laughed looking at it closely, and continued her berating. “Even when I jacked your hard-on… it felt soooo pathetic! Though, I have to admit… you did come a LOT!”

I couldn’t even respond, the shame of my situation washing over me.

“Turn around… I want to see something,” Julia said, as she twirled a pointed finger in the air at me.

Turning slowly, my back was now to her. Then, she told me to bend over and pull my asscheeks apart. Hesitantly I bent over, and placed my hands on my butt-cheeks, and spread them.

“Wider!” she spoke out, and I pulled my cheeks further apart.

“Yep! That’s where Bodi’s cock was!” she exclaimed with a giggle, “It’s all red, and swollen a bit too! He fucked your ass real good!”

Then she spanked my ass-cheek hard, which made me wince, and told me to sit on the floor. After seating myself at her feet, she began hustling questions at me…

“So, how long has your dog been fucking you?”

The gleam in her eyes, gave off a shrouded impression of her, as if a natural cheery conversation.

“Uh-h… a-about a week.”, I answered.

“So, what got you all hot the first time… did you watch him licking his balls? Did you jack off your little dick as you watched him?” she asked.

“I-I… uh… dunno.” my answer being vague from shame.

“Oh, come on… you were jacking off?” she insinuated, “I mean, everyone already knows you masturbate… A LOT… ‘cause you’re always rushing off with a boner, or staying home all the time. What made you so hot the first time… that you’d actually let your dog stick his cock up your ass?!”

Already looking at her, my eyes betrayed me, as they wandered over her slim body, she was simply beautiful. Her long blonde hair, her supple breasts held tightly in her bikini top as a hint of her nipples shown through, with her firm ass in a tight pair of shorts…. my cock throbbed in arousal at the sight of her.

Julia smirked, and said, “Ooohh, I see… you jack off to nasty thoughts of me, also?”

I nodding slightly, as all attempts not too, were thwarted, as my cock began to stiffen and rise slowly. I continued gazing at her mindlessly.

She called out Bodi’s name, and he came forth from the kitchen in a hurry and stood near us. Then she told him to sit in a commanding voice, and Bodi sat willfully panting happily. She reached down and patted his back, then looked down, and saw the pointy nub of his penis poking forth wetly from his furry black sheath.

“Well… it looks like both of you are excited again!” she said with a wicked grin. “Already hot to play again! Horny dog and horny Bitch!”

My cock was aching, as a surge of perverted arousal spread forth from deep within me, from hearing her speak in such knowing inference. =

“Masturbate… Now,” she commanded.

Slowly my hand moved to my crotch and lightly I began playing with myself.

“Ooohh… poor little pee-pee, so achy and hard isn’t it?” she cooed.
I nodded sharply, as my arousal grew, and my hand gripped my cock firmly as I stroked it.

“But what about poor little puppy? His pee-pee looks achy too,” she mentioned, “Jack him off, too!”

With shame filled eyes, I continued to stare at her, as I reached out with my other hand and felt for his groin. I found his furry sheath hard and warm; I began sliding it slowly up and down, as I was doing with my own cock. Bodi jostled a bit, as my hand slid his sheath up and down, then he stood up and licked at my face a bit, as his cock grew longer.

Julia just smirked, as she watched me giving Bodi a handjob. Then she told me to stop, and had me reach over his back as if I was hugging him. I continue jacking myself off with one hand, as I exposed more and more of Bodi’s thick pointed penis.

Julia Got up from the couch, and went behind me, and my cock twitched in pleasure, as I felt the heat of her body as she embraced me… similar to how I was reaching around Bodi. Her hand crept up my thighs and her fingers slid over my rigid cock teasingly, sending jolts of pleasure through me.

Then she wrapped her hand firmly around my cock, and she began stroking me slowly. “Poor little boy got all hot and achy looking at me, didn’t you… like always?” she whispered in my ear.

I moaned slightly, as she adjusted the rhythm of her hand, to the rhythm of my hand stroking Bodi’s cock. I could feel it thickening in my hand, just as surely as Julia could feel mine throbbing… at least, if possible, to compare.

“You’re just a little Dog Bitch, aren’t you?” she whispered in in my ear, “You’re gonna do whatever I want, when I want… so I’ll keep your Secret safe?”

I nodded, as I groaned with pleasure, while her hand grasped tightly on my cock…

Julia chuckled slightly, then released her grip and moved away, standing above me, as I continued masturbating Bodi. Then she told me to lay him down on the floor, and after coaxing Bodi a bit, I was able to do so. Then she told me to straddle him, so that I could be on top of him, and rub my cock on his.

My arousal grew, as I gently straddled him, and maneuvered my pelvis. His soft warm fur felt so good, as I began pressing my cock onto his belly. I heard Julia move behind us, as she watched.

“Now put your cock on his and start humping on it,” she commanded.

With a sigh I pressed my cock against his engorged cock, it was thick and mightily, and I could feel the heat of his shaft emanating more hotly than mine. With short slow humps I could feel his dog cock and mine, lolling about one another in a rigid wet dance. I tried to keep them ground together, each attempt sent coursing pleasure through my cock, as I was unsuccess to do so, but loving the rolling length of his thick red cock in swordplay with mine.

“That’s good! Keep doing that!” Julia spoke from behind me.

My hips gyrated as I pressed my cock onto to his heated thick cock, squirming them together in slippery grinds from the precum it spurted.

“Now put your dicks together and masturbate them both with your hand,” Julia instructed.

Repositioning myself, I straddled him on my knees, I lightly gripped Bodi’s cock against mine, daring a glance back at Julia.

“Don’t look at me! Just jack each other off!” she curtly cried.

Bod’s cock was burning hot in my hand and on my cock. I could see the tiny veins within throb, as it as I held it against mine, dwarfing it by comparison. The angled pointy nub at the tip was spurting slick juices hotly into my fist, helping to coat it and my cock. I used Bodi’s juices as a never-ending spritzing hot lube, as I slowly jerked our cocks together.

“Oooohh Yeah…. that’s it! So hot!”, Julia laughed out loud wickedly. “I love watching you jerk on Bodi’s big red doggy cock, Bitch!”

Fervently I continued stroking his thick red cock against mine, his hot wetness continued to spritz and spray out. I moaned as the pleasurable sensations increased higher and higher, surging and writhing in such b(e)stial frottage. I could feel his bulbous knot pressed like a rock onto my scrotum as I rubbed against it.

“Now put it in you. Put his cock in your ass!” Julia commanded.

The state of my arousal had dissolved away any reservations, leaving only a lustful desire to do as she commanded… I had to have Bodi’s cock in my again.

Moving upward slightly, I reached behind me and lifted Bodi’s rigid shaft up, and I guided it between my butt-cheeks. The pointed nub poked between my cheeks, as it spirt hot puppy juice. My asshole quivered as the hot wetness squirted, and the point of his cock met my wrinkled hole. Then with a gasping moan, I slid my ass back upon it, allowing his cock to slide wetly into my butthole, making even Bodi whimper.

“Ooohh, Hell Yeah! Get it in there… get it in all the way nice and deep!” Julia exclaimed.

I slid the hot thickened shaft of Bodi’s veiny red cock deeper into me, feeling finally the large tennis ball knot between at my butt-cheeks.

“Ooohhuunnghh! Don’t you move! You stay just like that!” Julia suddenly said, in an excited commanding manner, “The pizza is here! And I swear… if you move, I’ll tell him to come inside!”

I froze in shock fear, as a tingling shiver surged through my body, I prayed to God that nothing would happen! Only Bodi’s cock moved, as his thick rod impaled in my ass squirted hot doggy lube in me.

I saw Julia now out of the corner of my eye going to the door. She opened the door and stepped partly outside of it, to keep the delivery guy at bay, but keeping me in sight. My mind was ablaze with a mix of terror and humiliation, while I straddled Bodi, with his cock buried in the depths of my ass.

It turned out the delivery guy… was actually a girl, as she and Julia talked, Bodi started to squirm and whimper with excitement, as dogs do when strangers are nearby. I reached a hand out to his chest to settle him down. His cock jerking and throbbing wonderfully deep in my bowels.

I prayed Julia would be quicker, I was almost to tears, as I tried to stay impaled on Bodi’s thick cock, as he continued to squirm and whimper.

“Haaa… ooohh! Your dog must be hungry. He knows the pizza is here,” the delivery girl laughed.

“Yeah, two of them actually… and they’re hungry alright!”, Julia responded with a giggle. Then she leaned back looking at me, pointed her finger at me and waved it up and down.

I hesitated not knowing what she was doing.

“Up!” she spoke commandingly, waving her finger upward.

I raised myself slightly, feeling Bodi’s thick dog cock slide almost out of my ass.

“Down… Down!” Julia commanded, again waving her finger at me in a waving up and down motion.

I slid back down along Bodi’s hot shaft, and realized what she meant now, I began humping his long-wet cock in and out of my ass slowly.

“They’re always getting up on the furniture too? Like my dog?” the delivery girl laughed.

“Ooohh yeah… getting on it, like the Bitch owns it!” Julia laughed out loud.

She glanced back to see if I was still doing as instructed. Having been so frightened and nervous, my cock had gone flaccid, yet it flopped with tingles of pleasure. I increased the speed of impaling his cock in my ass, not wanting to give any reason for Julia to expose me more.

Finally, she shut the door with the pizza box in hand, and walked to the kitchen. I slowed my humps in more of relief than anything.

“You’re was such a good little boy…. eer, I mean Bitch! You knew just what I wanted, and all I had to do was signal!” Julia cheerfully said with a mocking tone.

“Now, that the food is here… how bout we finish up… for now. You can get off of his dick now.” she snorted.

Rising off the length of his thick shaft, Bodi’s cock spritzed my ass again. I sighed slightly, as it slid out of me, my gaping hole squirming shut. On my hands and knees now, with the rush of humiliation from the delivery had my mind in a ghostly daze, I looked over at Julia. She held the pizza box up.

“Come and eat before the pizza’s cold.”

Hunger over took my feelings of humiliation…

Several minutes later we were back in the f(a)mily room once more, sitting next to each other with Bodi by my side.

“Ooohh… your cock looks like a clit… it’s so shrunken in!” Julia laughed out loud, “Actually, kinda perfect… since you are a dogs bitch now! Ooohh… and lest we forget… Mine Also!”

Then she held up her hand, I could see she held her phone. I took the meaning of it and nodded. My eyes widened at what she did then.

“I mean… You’re REALLY Mine!” she spoke wickedly with a wide-eyed grin. She began scrolling through her phone, showing me pictures she had been taking the whole time, as she command and instructing me. There were several pictures of me in depraved b(e)stial acts. “This is just to make sure you get it?” she giggled and smiled evilly.

I nodded… once again I was gripped by feelings of despair and humiliation.

“Now let’s finish by adding some real good ones, shall we?”

Julia had me get on my hands and knees, as she took pictures, moving around me, getting close ups and far way views, as Bodi began to lick my asshole. Coaxing and instructing me to masturbate, to improve upon the lustful composures she captured.

She waited till Bodi’s cock was fully extended, making sure again to get several images of his red cock, as it rapidly jammed and humped my ass. She was joyous, when Bodi’s bulbous knot stretched and entered my widened asshole, knowing she could take her time now that we were knotted. The humiliation of it all was only shaded by the intense lustful arousal I could not help feeling, not just from the dog cock in my ass, but her being there in witness the depravity.

Then Bodi whined and humped into my ass hard and then began to shiver…

“Aaaaahhhuuunnnggg…. Yeah!” I groaned as Bodi squirted his doggy semen deep in my ass.

“Is he coming in you?” Julia aske with awe.

“Yeah…. Oooohh God!” I cried.

“That’s it… show me you love that dog cock! Jack your dick while Bodi’s doggy cock fucks your ass, Bitch!” she commanded, as if she was porno photographer.

With a deep groan, I masturbated until my surging flow of hot gooey cum squirted onto the floor, my body quivered in a delicious orgasm. Julia cheered, as her thumb pressed rapidly to take as many shots as she could. I continued tugging and pulling on my cock, and felt Bodi beginning to stir. Julia wasted no time in getting to a good vantage with her phone camera.

She gasped, as she took several pictures, as Bodi’s thick red cock slipped from my asshole, and his spent doggy cum flowed down my thighs in rivulets.

Bodi whimpered and wandered away to lay down, and began cleaning his long prick with his tongue. I was literally floored, by the sensations of my orgasm in the midst of this decadent scenario, Julia having been a part of it all and capturing every moment she could.

Afterwards, I watched as Julia sat on the couch scrolling through the pictures, while ate the left-over pizza slice.

“Ooohh! So many of these are quite good!” she conveyed to me, showing me some of the pictures, as she browsed through them.

I sat up finally, still in an afterglow of humiliated daze, and just waited and listened. I could barely see them, I was still so overwhelmed from being butt fucked, yet I could tell quite clearly, there would be no confusion. Most of the images were in focus and clear.

“Well… what a day, huh?!” she said with exaggerated delight, “I mean really… WOW!”

I sat on the carpet and listened, not sure what to do, not wanting her to anger her by doing something untold.

She rose and walked towards the front door, then paused. “Good little boys deserve a treat, I guess,” she said gleefully. And then she lifted her bikini top, flashing her puffy nipples and small breasts, and then covered them again.

“I’ll let you know when it’s kennel time again,” she said, waggling her phone at me in assurance. “Ooohh… and when you get up to clean yourself, you might want to do some serious cleaning and odorizing in here too. The room reeks of dog semen and shit… like a Bitch got fucked…. like, Seriously! Tootles!” she said, and blew me a kiss with her hand. Then she went out the door with a resounding laugh mixed with cackling glee.

I have to admit, while I wished she already had, or had never caught me to begin with for that matter

Moments after, I finally rose, feeling a little exhausted but in a pleasurable state. I cleaned up the carpet as best I could with some rags and soapy water, but there was still the pungent aroma of dog semen, then I realized it was probably me. I went upstairs and took a long hot shower, washing myself clean, as my thoughts swirled around a myriad of dazed emotions, as the water soothed my senses. After showering and drying off, I went downstairs and let Bodi out the backdoor to go pee.

After he finished, I let him come inside and I locked up, then I headed upstairs. Finally laying exhausted in my bed, I struggled to try and think over what would happen now, or next. I felt an overwhelming feeling of aloneness, I felt even more used, than what had occurred from Bodi butt fucking me the first time.

As I drifted to sl(ee)p, I only knew of one thing… Julia would definitely be in control of my life for the foreseeable future.


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