My sister and her daughter Sex Story

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By Twickers

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My sister and her daughter. Pt1

My sister took my cherry when I was 11.. I woke up and she was naked underneath me..

She was 14 at the time.. This started an incestuous relationship for 5 years till she left home and got married.

.we fucked nearly every night. Before she left..

I was introduced and instructed on how to please a woman..

Obv being a horny kid I took to it like a duck to water.. By the time I was 16 I had fucked her and best friend Tracy many many times…

I left my home town and wandering lust took me over, going to many places over the world..

My sister got married at 19 and had a two daughters one unfortunately is mentaly disabled with l mind of a 5 year old trapped in the body of a 13 year old.. I had not seen her for many years.. Her elder sister was a hot looking 16 Yr old.. With all the curves in the right places

Till one Christmas I decided to come home for the yearly festivities.. And my sister let me stay at her place..

She still looked amazing at 36 her 5 foot body has softened but she was a very sexy milf… Her husband had passed away leaving her a fairly wealthy widow..

Her daughters where younger versions of her….. And even though they where my nieces I admired there Young sexy curves..

We found ourself alone one night drinking wine while her her youngest daughter Emma… Was Playing the play station on the floor in a short nightie….headphones on to drown out the noise so we could talk, I could see her ass clad in white pants, Her eldest was off baby sitting..

We sat close and started to get quite drunk.. I was dressed in sweat pants and a t-shirt.. And my sister had on a pair of loose shorts and a vest top with no bra.. Her tits almost spilling out..

She noticed me looking at her daughters ass…

Still like the Young ones she whispered to me. Do you think she looks like me before I got old and fat??

Your not old or fat I told her you look stunning.. And she did her long loose curls where tied back in a pony tail.. Her cheeks flushed from drink.. Her full red lips parted as her tongue licked the wine off them..

You’ve turned into quite the hunk yourself.. Years of building work and looking after myself I was in my prime.. At 33 I knew I looked good and the women hardly ever said no… I was 5,10 hunky not fat.. Lean and muscular.. With long sun bleached blonde hair….

More wine she asked.. I nodded yes and she got up and padded to the kitchen I watched her curvey bum as she left..

She came back with two full glasses and sat almost on my lap as she plopped onto the sofa..
Can I have a hug been a long time since I’ve had a proper one from a man..
I snaked my arm around her drawing her close I could feel her soft warm body against me.. She snuggled in close her tits pressed against me.. My hand fell to her bum…
Did you like what you saw as I walked to the kitchen.. She whispered..

My cock was beginning to get hard memories of our youth flooding back…

She placed her hand on my pants… Hmmm I see you have grown in other places..
I was 8 inches of solid man flesh..

Is that for me or are you enjoying the view of my baby girl…

I leant down and kissed her softly
.a bit of both.. Two very sexy ladies to admire . You know me always love to fuck..
Her hand was inside my pants now fingers wrapping around my hardness… Tugging at it slowly… As my hand crept down the back of her shorts feeling her glorious ass
.. We started to kiss and make out…
Her daughter was oblivious to us..
Wrapped up in the game.. Away in another world..
My cock was out of my trousers and she dropped her head down onto it. Taking it into her hot mouth.. Licking and sucking testing is hard Ness with her teeth..
My fingers where in her cunt.. Its hot wet ness sliding over my them as I fingered her….
She was soon bucking on them and almost bit my cock off as I felt her cum.
Fuck… I think you needed that I said quietly..
Her face came to mine her eyes glistening.. I’ve not been fucked for over ten years…
She placed her hand on my chest…
Stay there and watch.. Ill show you how I’ve been entertaining myself..
Slipping onto her floor.. She went over to her daughter.. And pushed the short nightie further up over her daughters ass.. I noticed Emma’s legs open automatically..
My sister snapped the pants to one side exposing the naked pussy of her daughter….
Licking her fingers before she started to run them over the sweet lips of the young girl…her thumb found the little clitoris as she slid her fingers deep inside and started to finger her… The Young girl started to push back onto her mums fingers.. I could see her body quivering as she cock was in my hand as I watched her pleasuring her daughter…..
Fuck this was so hot.. She removed her hand and pulled the pants down her young legs.. Soon as they where gone.. Emma’s legs spread wide and my sister bent between them and started to lick the sweet meat.. Her ass pointed towards me..
In no time I pulled them down and buried my 8 inch cock in my sisters cunt.. She was still tight even after giving birth.. My hands found her swinging tits as we proceeding to fuck..
Her mouth was on her daughter, mummy that feels so good.. Make me do the thing again mummy… Please mummy.. Don’t stop.. Please mummy… These words coming from her daughters mouth sounded so innocent and so sexy at the same time..
I was fucking my sisters hot box hard and fast now.. As I slipped my thumb into her ass.. Pressing into the tightness I had not yet felt around my cock…
Her face was buried deep in her daughters pussy.. Licking her cunt.. She was Holding her ass apart.. Her tongue moving up and down over both holes and I heard her daughter scream as she came in my sisters mouth… I wondered if she squirtered like her mother..
My cock couldn’t stand no more and I unloaded deep inside my sisters pussy….

By Twickers
#Incest #Lesbian #Teen #Threesome

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