my sister-in-law Donna Revisited #2 Sex Story

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By nitecaptain

After not hearing from my sister-in-law Donna I end up making that call. I decide to make a attempt to see her.

Donna had not called me since our last company meeting at switch time I had drugged at the party that night. The 3 ambien quickly turned into a zombie in which in abled me to get her back to my room and fuck her the whole night . It was late the next morning that she woke up naked next to me. I was about to mount her again when she woke all confused . She rushed to the bath room , sat on the toilet then noticed how sore her cunt was and all this thick cream started to flow our of her. Wrapping a towel around herself she rushed out of my room to hers next door. She meant me out side of my door , She was real upset knowing that I her brother -in-law had taken full advantage of her drunken state. She was also mad at her self for letting this happen , She had real strong sexual feelings for me , Having had waken up next to me made her feel full and complete . When ever the two of us were together anywhere, she would get these strong sexual urges and desires. I was married to her sister making this also bad and taboo.

I finally could not wait for her to call me and called her myself . After quite a few tries she finally picked up the phone and talked. She let me know that she could not take the chance of seeing me it was to hard for her and she could not take the chance that this could happen again. She could not do that to her sister again, she just hoped that in time Kath would talk to her .Donna then told me that she was seeing someone special . She was doing all she could to make and improve this relationship with this guy. They were going away together this week-end to explore if there were any feeling that could develop between them. So Kent please respect this and don’t do anything that would mess this up for me. Donna then said goodbye.

So in my mind since Donna was not going to be home, I decided to take a chance to see my two nieces. Not knowing if they would be around or if they be to busy, I would pull a surprise visit . When I got to there house, I rapped on the door and was greeted my niece Megan. She was surprise to see me then gave me a big long hug and kiss. She dragged me in to the kitchen to talk . She told me her mom was off with some guy for the week-end , then Paula was also gone with her dad and would not be back ether for a few days. You know Paula well be real mad that she missed you uncle Kent. Megan was now 17 and in her last year of high school. It has been quite some time since the two of us have had any time together. So Megan was excited to tell me everything about her and her life. She sat nervously twitching about on the stool, she sat cross legged swinging her foot. She asked how long I was staying hoping that I stay the night. I have sure missed you uncle ,Meg said I’m so happy that your here and I am so glade that I well have you all to my self . Meg got a big smile in saying that. Mom has been so upset that you and aunt Kathy have suddenly separated. Mom has not wanted to tell us anything about you two. So what did happen Uncle ? Well I guess it was all my fault , everything just became distant between us . We were going separate ways because of work , we never seem to have much time together for fun or love. Megan seemed to know what I meant , she didn’t ask any more but told me about what she wanted to take in college. I listen to her , then noticed the red high lights in her hair. She had a long pony tail that was mid back length. She was 5 ft. 4 in. ,110 lbs. just a beautiful young women with shapely legs and perky young breasts’. Megan was just excited that I was so interested in just her .

I offered to take her out to the local club for dinner, drinks and dance. It would be a special adult night out night. Excited Megan took off for her bedroom and hurried to get fancied up. When finished she returned and was differently dressed to kill . She had on a silky thigh length dress with thin spaghetti shoulder straps with v cut neckline and high heals. I noticed that she was not wearing panty hose but was bare legged. All eyes were on her when we arrived and were seated. I ordered drinks and Meg handed her phone to me , it would control the vibrator that was in her pussy. She grinned and put the drink glass to her lips. I hit the pulse button which started to show, Megan could barely take a sip. I kept it up until our dinner arrived. Megan could not set still, her ass was scooting all about the chair, Her face was flush , She was been over with her face on the table having a organism. I turned it off so she could gain some composer and then we could eat. After it was more drinks and dancing , slow dances my niece rocked her body against mind. I switched on her vibrator several times , Meg could barely stand and keep her legs together. Finally we left and headed back to her house, I had the vibrator on full speed all the way to the house , fortunately it was a very short ride because Meg could not set still and had her legs up rubbing her cunt till I stopped in her drive. She grabbed my hand and dragged me in. She locked her mouth over mine sucking and kissing passionately pulling me along to her bed room. She unzipped my pants and had my cock out slowly pumping its long length. God I miss this thing, Meg panted, I gabbed the hem of her dress and pulled it up over her head. Megan was naked she had not worn any bra or panties when we had went out for dinner. She finished un snapping my pants and they fill to the floor , I stepped out of them while she unbuttoned my shirt and removed it . My cock was throbbing against Megs flat tummy and I pushed her back to the bed . She sat and started working on my cock with both hands and her mouth. I could not believe how experienced she had become at suck cuck. I could feel the back of her throat as she swallowed hard and let me fuck her mouth until she started to gag on my size.

I had her move up into the bed and then crawled up next to her . My mouth clamped over her wet cunt and I started to eat her out. My tongue when in and out of her pussy and pulled on her large clit with my lips. Megan cried out and come I could feel her vagina contacting and spilling her fluids in my mouth. Please Uncle Kent, Fuck me now, please Megan moaned. I sat up took both of her legs pulling them up and resting them on my shoulders. Megan was panting heavy as she felt my cocks head start to sink in to her wet hot hole. Oh Fuck Uncle, I pushed harder and was now half way in her, your so god damn big Meg cries. I started to fuck her back and forth, I soon picked up my speed and started hitting her tight hard cervix. Megan moaned loudly , her legs began to shake and I could feel her vagina gripping and contracting hard around my cock. My niece came numerous times then I could not hold off because of her tightness . I shot stream after stream of my hot creamy sperm deep up in to her womb. I collapsed down on her after , she kissed and held me tight against her . God uncle Kent I have really miss this Megan softly whispered to me. We fucked numerous time through the night. When Meg had got up to pee , she had my sperm draining down the inside of her thighs. She could hardly walk to the bath room as it steadily dripped on the floors. Morning time, I got up and made a big breakfast for the two of us. She joined me just as I got it all together. We talk about a lot of things, Megan was thinking about going to a college up by me . I could stay by you instead of a dorm, that could work for both of us uncle don’t you think. I didn’t know what to say , Let alone what little Valerie and Alice would do. That could upset them and cause a big problem for me. After breakfast Megan and I started to fuck again. Meg had a yummy tight feeling vagina just like her moms , I loved the way that their long hard clit rubbed and dragged along the length of my cock as it wet in and out of them. Then how there hard cervix felt as I hammered it . Yea I sure have missed my niece , Megan wanted to come up by me when she had off from school. I would talk about it later . I could hear my phone start to ring , I was just about ready to come . I didn’t stop and kept it up until I have filled Megan up again.
After I checked my message and found that Megs mom had called me. While Megan was in the shower I called Donna. Donna apologized for how she had came off. She wondered if I was available for lunch . She was up close to my house and could meet me at this restaurant . I asked her why , but all she would tell me was that she needed to talk to me if she could. Again she was sorry for she had said earlier yesterday. I let Megan know that I had to leave and was sorry I could not stay longer. Megan understood and we said goodbye. So now I am on my way back home to see what Donna wants. She was supposed to be with a special boy friend but now she is up close to my town ..

By nitecaptain
#Incest #Teen

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