My son and I Ch1 pt2 Sex Story

#Incest #Mature #Teen #Virgin

By Kass

Side note: I forgot to say last time that i am actually a petite girl. Though I’m older than him he’s actually little more than a head taller than me

Now after a few weeks it was feb but I didn’t help him with anything since what happened last time, which was upsetting him so much. He’d try everything to apologise but I held firm on my choice.

One afternoon he asked if we could do it still, I said I wouldn’t since he couldn’t control himself. He responded,”well, isn’t that why you made the deal with me?” I wanted to say something but when I actually thought about it he was true.”well…your still not getting bj’s anymore!”, I said,” then rub it, or tie my hands away from you, or anything. Just pls help me!”,he replied immediately. I stare at him in anger but to be far i didn’t really think about it as much as he did.
“Let’s say I go along with this for weeks, after a while you want to do something else that’s even more ‘dirty’ with me!”, I exclaimed as he sits on his bed.”Then just let me hav bj rough or not, and if I want more than you can stop this and I won’t argue, promise.”, he says after a while. I could refuse and leave, but I don’t want him to do anything drastic if I do.” Fuck…fine get up.”, I say while sighing. He lights up instantly which somehow made me even more mad.

I laid on my stomach and opened wide, he stare having a reddish blush on his face,”I’ve never seen you in such a dirty position before”, he said. I blushed from embarrassment and looked away and told him to not say such things to his mother. He apologised and asked if I could rather lay on my back, I agreed since then I’m not as uncomfortable as I was right now. As I get into position he reaches for my pyjama shirt and takes it off and my bare chest was showing!!”wtf are you doing!?!”, I asked.”don’t worry I’m only doing it if I pull out before cumming.”,he said, I just looked down and tried to relax more.
I don’t have big breasts, honestly I’m flat at the top, but now a days guys are into that I guess?
Before he did anything I told him that this was the last rule for our deal, he could do whatever when it’s bj’s but that was it. He nodded and pulled out his cock and put the tip in and waited, precum leaked into my mouth and I had to lick and suck it out off him which he enjoyed, after a bit he moved it deeper and eventually had the whole thing in. Last time I never really noticed just how deep he went, it was bulging in the middle of my throat!! I felt how tight it was and how I couldn’t breathe for a few seconds. He went slowly surprisingly but was picking up speed as he went, luckily this position made it easier to handle but I did gag a few times. It got faster and he let out a few groans as he went but then he grabbed my throat with both his hands! And slowed down as he squeezed slowly and it, I haven’t done this awhile so it caught me off guard. He pulled out to give me a breather as he stroked his penis while staring at my body.”hey! Don’t get any ideas young man.”, I say to break the silence.” It’s kinda hard not too.”, he says smirking at me. I try to focus but I did blush slightly from the statement, he puts it back in and continues but he moves down my body to my slim waist and holds me there. I grabbed his arms around looked at the ground. He said he was close and he slammed it deep inside and came, a few seconds later he pulled it out and sprayed some on my chest. I swallowed some and wanted to get up but he took thumb and whipped some cum off my lips and put it in my mouth, and kept it there. I bit down on it and he said,” why are you so rude, it’s just a thumb.”
“That thumb, wasn’t in the deal”, I say as it’s still in my mouth,” come on mom, try and enjoy this too”,he say looking at me suggestively. I sigh and close my lips around his finger. ”good girl”, he says as he grabs a tissue to whip off the cum on my chest. After a bit he takes his thumb out and slowly bends down,” you know it might just be me, but it feels like you lo….”, I get cut off as he kisses me! I feel his tongue inside my mouth and our saliva’s mixing together, he stops and says,” don’t you want to feel good too?” I was speechless and didn’t say a word after that. He put a finger on my lips and moved in up to my lower lip, I get up and look away,” we can’t do this”, the first words I’ve said after he put his finger in my mouth. He leans over and grabs my waist and whispers,” just let me do the rest” as he kisses the side of my neck. I try to stop him but he grabbed both my wrists with his hand and held them by my stomach. He took out a cloth and slowly tied me to the top of his and tongue kissed me again, he held my waist and rubbed me slowly. This couldn’t be happening, I wasn’t in control anymore and now he was making passionate love to his mom!” Honey pls, this wasn’t ap..part of the”, I say while trying to fight the feelings of pleasure I was having. He kissed me stomach moving down until reaching my panties.

He looks at how wet they are and says,” I told you, you would enjoy this ;)” with a smirk. He pulls down them down, to reveal my exposed vagina, and takes them of completely. “It’s ok you don’t need to do this for me”, i say as he parts my legs.” But, the least I could do is make you feel good, since you’ve been so good to me.”, he says looking into my eyes as i blush. He rubs my vagina slowly and takes a finger and rubs my clit, at that point I couldn’t resist and I let out a moan. He smiles and rubs between the lips of my pussy, he opens me further and slowly put a finger inside. I gasped and looked down to see him fingering/licking me! He puts another one in and stops licking to move to my face, he stares at my lips as he fingers me. He kisses me and moves his fingers faster, I felt lightheaded and couldn’t believe how good it felt, He stopped kissing but I moved to kiss him which surprise him but he enjoyed it as well. After kissing we stared at each other as he fingered faster, he was close to finishing me, but stopped?!
”why did you…”, I asked before I see him move his penis closer to me!! He moved it between the lips of my pussy and stared at me. After a bit he pulled back a bit and pressed his tip on my pussy and asked if he could go inside me.” Honey?! Maybe this isn’t a good idea!”, but he covers my mouth and says,” I wasn’t asking mom”. I stared at him and nodded slowly as he moved the tip inside! It felt like it was ripping me apart the more he put in and he even geoan from how tight I was,”fuuuuck mom, you sure you’re really my mom?!?!”, he says as he puts half his dick inside.

I smile and say,”of course honey, have never been inside someone?”. He nods and I gasp,”Wa..wait are you still a virgin?!”, “well I was till a few seconds ago.”, he says with a seductive smile. He goes back and starts moving in and out of me which makes me moan a few times, he gets closer and leans a few centimetres from my lips. Feeling his breathe and mine he goes deeper until everything was inside. A small bulge was on my stomach and I could feel his dick pushing against my womb!!” Fuck I love”, he says after feeling how tight I was, I blushed and said,” don’t say such naughty things to you’re mother.” He smiles and kisses my neck and starts fucking me hard, I moan from it and feel I’m gonna come any sec now. He adjusts me and holds my thighs after uniting the cloth on my hands. He fucks me until I cum and he looks at my exhausted body, he asks if he can cum inside but, I said only when i get on the pill, so he nodded and went back to fucking. He finally came and sprayed it all over me and asked that I clean his dick for him. I stood up and said,” fine, you win this time but, this isn’t gonna be a daily thing ok.” He looked disappointed but thanked me.

Honestly I should be thanking him since that did feel good but, still it was wrong and I took his virginity. I guess we’ll just have to work on this.

Thats pt2 and pt 3 might not come for a while but I’ll try to get it posted soon. And if you have any questions just ask down in the comments. 🙂

By Kass
#Incest #Mature #Teen #Virgin

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