`My Son’s Feet Saved My Job’ Sex Story

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By LonelyDaD

“Yes, baby…Daddy’s loves everything you do to him… Go ahead, you can
lick my feet or any part of me whenever we are alone and you want to. Just

`My Son’s Feet Saved My Job’  By NYCguy <[email protected]>

Crap. I’m going to be late again. My boss will definitely fire me for sure. He warned me that he won’t put up with my latenesses much longer, and here I am….running late again. Today of all days will be even worse. It’s `take your kid to work’ day, and ironically my 10 year old son Justin is pretty much the reason I’m always late. He takes so long in the morning to get ready. Now, some of this isn’t his fault at all. Ever since his Mom abandoned him, he never leaves my side. He’s afraid I will, too. He even sleeps in my bed with me because he wants to make sure I don’t skip out in the middle of the night like his bitch of a mother did.

My lateness really started a couple of months ago. I had a little too much to drink one night and I passed out drunk. I was dreaming my wife was still here apparently, and that she was giving me one really hot blowjob. Now, I have to give her credit. with all her faults the one thing she did well was give head. I have a pretty large cut cock, and some women either refused to blow me when they saw it, or they just lick it and put the big mushroom head in their mouth. None of them could deep throat me like she could, which is probably why I married her. The bitch had no gag reflex. So, this morning after drinking a lot, I thought I was fucking my ex-wife’s mouth – but, the dream felt so real. I swear I could actually feel my cock going all the way down her velvet throat. In my dream I continued to fuck her mouth.. calling her all sorts of slutty names…..when I finally felt my cock erupt and fill her mouth. It felt so real, I actually swore I could hear her choking on all my jizz! I slowly woke up and I almost had a heart attack! It wasn’t a dream of my ex at all! It was my 10 year old son, Justin! He was still sucking on my cock when reality hit me.

“Justin, what the fuck are you doing?” I screamed out, as my slowly deflated cock came out of his little mouth, “Why were you sucking my dick?”

Justin coiled back in fear. I didn’t mean to yell at him like that, but, he caught me off guard and I was in shocked seeing that I had just raped my own kid’s mouth!

“I’m sooorrryyy, daaddy,” he stuttered, “your wee wee was out and it was pushing against my butt. You kept saying, `put it in your mouth, now you slut,’ and stuff like that so I thought you wanted me to….. Did I do something wrong, Daddy?”

Fuck. Now what do I do? I can’t be mad at him. He thought he was doing what I was telling him to do. He looked up at me so scared that I had to calm him down.

“No, no, sweetie, Daddy’s not mad. I was just surprised…. I must have yelled that in my sleep thinking you were someone else… Daddy would never make you do that for him, Justin. Never.”

As I watched him calm down reality hit me. My fucking 10 year old son just deep throated the shit out of me like his whore of a mother and swallowed my load. He definitely takes after his mother in the cock sucking department. His throat felt so amazing…. Shit. I was getting hard again and he’s staring at my dick… I tried to push my cock back into my shorts but it was rock hard, so I couldn’t. I decided to just let it be.

“I would never make you do that for me, baby,” I said, trying to get back into control and be his Dad again, “that isn’t something son’s do for their Daddies.”

“I really liked it a lot…besides, I have been doing it for for a long time now,” Justin said excitingly, “and you always like it and I get a nice hot drink from it at the end. Why don’t you want me to do it anymore? I love licking and playing with it.”

What? He’s been doing it for a `long time now’? Shit. Clearly, I have been drinking too much. How did I not know I was fucking my son’s mouth and feeding him my jizz all this time? I started to wonder if subconsciously I have known and I just didn’t care because it felt so good. It was starting to make sense, I guess. I haven’t had the urge to jerk off in a long time. I just thought I was tired from being a single dad and working so many hours, but this must be the reason why: My loads are being swallowed by my son!

I was lost in my thoughts when I felt a warm little hand grab my hard dick once again. I looked down and saw Justin slowly stroking it. Shit…it feels amazing. I know he needs to stop, but, I wasn’t thinking with the right head.

“See, Daddy,” Justin squealed stroking my dick tenderly, “it’s all hard again and you are smiling. I really don’t mind doing this for you, Daddy…I really love it.” The kid was right. I was smiling and I’m not going to lie, I was loving every second of it. So, even though I knew it was wrong, I gave in to my sweet sexy son.

As I said, that was months ago. Since, then we don’t even pretend anymore. I let me son do pretty much anything he wants. He has even become a better cock sucker than his mother, and now he even likes getting fucked. Without even asking me he will just stick it in his ass and start riding it till I blast a load inside his small ass… He is really an all around cock slut.

Recently, he’s even started doing some nasty kinky shit – and I swear I never asked him to do this, his just discovers things on his own. For example, one day he just started eating my fucking ass out! It started when he was licking my nuts. I felt his fingers lift up my sack and his baby tongue began to lick my taint. I was lost in heavenly bliss when all of a sudden I felt his tongue poking at my hole. Even his nasty ass Mom wouldn’t do that, but Justin seemed to love it. I laid back and let him explore. His tongue finally poked through my ass ring and he just went crazy. He rimmed me over and over again. I thought I would pass out from the pleasure. Since that day he tells me `licking my hairy butt hole’ is one of his favorite things to do.

Another time he and I were watching a movie. I was on the couch in my boxers, and he was on the floor by my feet, eating a bowl of ice cream, when all of a sudden out of nowhere, I felt Justin spraying the whip cream he had for his ice cream all over my size 14 feet! Now, I have learned by this point to just let the kid do whatever he wants and see where it goes. The kid stared right at my whip cream covered foot for a few seconds…. I actually saw him shrug his shoulders as if to say, `what the fuck?’ and the kinky little fucker started sucking my big toe! He was sucking all around it like it was a cock, licking all the cream off. He then did the same thing to all my toes. They were wet and sticky from his saliva and the cream. He turned my foot so that the large manly sole was facing his face and he started licking it all over! I can’t tell you how incredible it feels to have a 10 year old boy’s tongue lick your feet. It’s ones of those things you need to experience for yourself. It’s just simply amazing… His tongue sliding up and down the sole of my foot lead to so much pre-cum oozing out the tip of my cock, I thought I may shoot without even touching it!

“Justin,” I said, while watching his tongue licking at my foot, “what made you want to lick Daddy’s feet?” Justin had my big toe in his mouth and it made a loud sucking sound as it popped out of it.

“I don’t know, Daddy,” he said, holding my foot in his hands, “they were just on the floor next to me and I thought it would be fun to lick whip cream off them… Do you like it?”

“Yes, baby…Daddy’s loves everything you do to him… Go ahead, you can lick my feet or any part of me whenever we are alone and you want to. Just make sure we are alone before you touch Daddy like this…ok, baby?”

“Yes, Daddy,” he replied smiling, “Don’t worry I know it’s just our fun time.”

He spent the rest of the movie licking my feet, or I was rubbing his naked body with them. He even took my foot and tried to stick my big toe right inside his asshole! I’m telling you I don’t know how a 10 year old can be this sexually excited. I took my feet and placed them right on his face. It was quite a sight…. My size 14 feet made his tiny head disappear! He was laughing the whole time while licking them. I finally couldn’t take it anymore. I told him I was about to cum from all his foot licking…. He told me to try and shoot my juice all over my foot so he can eat it off them! What kind of a dad would I be of I denied my kid what he wanted? So, I grabbed my cock in one hand and one of my feet in the other. I jerked my cock hard, and started shooting all over my foot…My foot had so much cum on it, that it was dripping between my toes down the sole of my foot. I took my other foot and rubbed both of my feet together – mixing the cum evenly between both.

“There you go, baby,” I said, holding both cum covered feet out in front of me for my kid, “clean Daddy’s feet!”

And boy did he clean them! I sat back and watched him lick every drop of cum that was on both of them. His tongue slowly slid between each toe and made it’s way down my foot. He turned it around and cleaned the heels and ankles, too. After about 10 minutes or so, my feet were spotless. Glistening now from just boy saliva. Well, ever since that day it was obvious the kid had a foot fetish… Any chance he gets he is rubbing or licking my feet. Plus at dinner he is always finding something to put on my feet to lick off…. Gravy. Jam. Peanut Butter. Chocolate sauce. You name it and I’m sure by now my kid has licked it off my feet. He serves my feet and then my cock. I’m one lucky guy.

Anyway, now that you’re caught up, let’s get back to this morning and me running late to work again. I was so late that I didn’t even notice till we were in the car what my son was wearing to this `take your kid to work day’. He was in clothes that were probably a year old. They were so tight on him. The tee shirt was clinging to his torso so tight you could see his hard boy nipples and since it was small on him, his belly was slightly exposed – and this wasn’t even the most interesting part! The shorts were SO small and tight on him that the bottoms of his ass checks were sticking out! And the kid wasn’t wearing underwear! With flip flops on his tiny smooth feet, he was practically naked in my car! He looked like a cheap ass hooker giving out blowjobs for a Happy Meal!

“Justin!” I yelled out mortified, “what were you thinking? Why are you wearing those old clothes? And where’s your sneakers? We are going into my office and my boss will see you dressed like that!”

“All my clothes were dirty and I couldn’t find my sneakers,” he answered, “and you were rushing me… You kept saying to hurry that we are going to be late. So, I put my flip flops on and ran to the car. Did I do something wrong?”

Ugh. I can’t be made at him. It’s my fault I overslept. He had my dick down his throat in the middle of the night again. It felt so amazing as usual, that by the time I came down his throat it was 2am! I barely got any sleep.

“No, sweetie,” I answered, calmly so as not to upset him, “you didn’t do anything wrong. Daddy should have seen what you were wearing before we left. Just stick with me at work and let’s just get throw this. We don’t have time for you to go back and change.”

“I will, Daddy,” he said, lifting his legs out in front of him, and letting his flip flops slap against his tiny feet over and over again, “besides, I like wearing these on my feet! I love feeling the air on my feet and toes.”

We drove the rest of the way in silence. Well, the car was silent except for the sound his flip flops were making as they slapped against the bottom of his feet. He kept doing it the whole way there I started to wonder if the soles of his feet were getting a little red from all that slapping against them. Ha ha.

We arrived at work and I snuck the little tease in the back of the building and up to my office through the mailroom. The only person who saw him was our 19 year old intern, Carl, who was sorting the mail. He was a high school ex-jock that got hurt playing football in his senior year and was trying to figure out what to do with his life now that his playing days were behind him. He still has a really hot muscle body. He works out at our office gym every chance he gets. I saw him coming out of the showers last week. The kid is 6 feet tall and all muscle. Since I’ve been fucking my kid, I’ve really gotten into my bisexuality and being more assertive and bold. I told him that he wasn’t supposed to be using that executive shower and that he could be fired. He begged me not to tell anyone – that he couldn’t lose this job. I said we can come to some agreement and I whipped my cock out right in front of him. He got the message… He gave a decent blow job, but my kid sucks better.

“You didn’t see anything, Carl,” I barked at the intern, “unless you want me to rat you out. I saw you in that executive shower again.”

He looked my son up and down and I swear I saw the kid lick his lips. Maybe Carl has a thing for young kids, too. Let’s find out. I stopped and turned Justin’s ass towards him. I slowly let my hand outline my kid’s ass in his tight shorts. I let my fingers grab Justin’s ass cheeks that were sticking out from the bottom of his shorts.

“Keep quiet and vouch that I have been here for the last hour and this hot little piece of ass can be yours,” I teased him, “would you like that, Carl? Have you ever fucked a 10 year old’s tight pussy? There’s nothing like it in the world. What do you say? Want to find out how good a young boy can make you feel?”

Carl got up from his chair and came around the desk to where we were standing. His eyes never left my son’s body. He reached out and moved my son’s floppy hair from his eyes and got a real good look at him. His fingers began outlining my son’s lips… and my slut of a son opened his mouth and started sucking on Carl’s finger. It was so hot….

“Kid suck dick, too?” he casually asked.

“Better than any cheerleader you’ve used.”

“Deal. Bring the slut down here after work… I will cover for you in exchange for one hour with the kid… No holds bar. I do whatever I want to him and he can’t say no, deal?”

“Trust me, Carl, he won’t say no. He does it all… and loves it all. He will probably outlast you.”

“We’ll see about that… I like some fucked up shit, and doing it to a boy this young and small will be fucking hot…”

Damn, Carl, I underestimated you. We shook hands and I brought my son up to my office. He removed his flip flops and sat barefoot at the small conference table in my office, coloring while I started answering emails… About an hour or so later my office door opened and my boss came charging in. He looked pissed…

“Jenkins, I know you were late again. I saw you on the security camera sneaking your kid in the back,” he started yelling, stopping only when he saw my half naked son at the table. He made his way over to him and swung him around in his chair. “What do we have here, Jenkins? Is this your son? …He’s dressed… shall we say… interesting?”

“Yes,” I nervously answered, “it’s my son Justin… he’s here for `take your kid to work’ day. He wanted to see what Daddy does for work.”

I watched as my boss picked up one of Justin’s flip flops off the floor. He slowly brought it to his face. He didn’t even try and hide it, he just started sniffing it! Holy shit! My boss is smelling my 10 year old’s son’s dirty flip flops!

“Amazing, Jenkins… There’s no smell in the world as intoxicating as that of a young boy,” he casually said, as if it was no big deal for him to be fondling my son’s footwear, `nothing at all I say.”

I noticed a huge bulge starting to appear in front of him, pushing his suit pants out. As if all of this wasn’t crazy enough, all of a sudden his tongue sneaked out of his mouth and he started licking my kid’s flip flop right in front of me! If I wasn’t worried about losing my job from being late all the time, I might have said something – who knows. Instead, I just stood there watching my boss lick it like a starving man.

“Fuck, that tastes good,’ he finally said after licking it all over, `but, I’m sure this little guy here tastes even better, don’t ya, boy?’

He bent down and in a quick motion he lifted my kid out of the chair, pushed the coloring books and crayons off, and onto the floor. He placed Justin on the conference table, pushing him down so that he was now laying on his back. He slid him to the edge of the table so his bare feet were dangling off it.

“Smart move, Jenkins… smart move,` he started to say, completely confusing me, “you knew you were getting fired today so you dressed your kid up as a whore for me, hoping to offer him up to save your job….I underestimated you, Jenkins…totally underestimated you….”

That was not my plan at all. I didn’t even know my boss was a kid fucker. I swear I had no idea at all. But, if he wants my kid in exchange for me keeping my job, he can use him. Justin loves sex so much anyway…. He will do anything my boss ask him to do.

I watched as my boss lifted my kid’s foot up at his ankle. He looked over Justin’s foot carefully. He brought it to his nose and started smelling it, just as he did the flip flop. Justin started giggling as soon as his foot made contact with my boss’s face. He grabbed his other foot, pushed them both together and buried his face right into the soles of my kid’s feet and started inhaling deeply. Justin has small feet so they barely covered his eyes and nose.

“Fuck, yeah.. Jenkins, you got a deal,’ my boss said, “go lock your door and take your fucking clothes off. Then, get back here… we are going spit roast this kid. You’re gunna fuck his mouth while I ride his ass and eat his feet. We’re going to fuck him so hard our dicks will touch inside him…. ha ha.”

I was about to protest when he noticed my look of shock. He wasted no time putting me in my place.

“Don’t even try and deny it, Jenkins, clearly you’ve been fucking and using this kid for a long time. No Dad dresses his son like a whore if he’s not doing one of two things – or both. You’re either fucking him, pimping him out, or doing both. Either way, you win… Your son’s hot feet just saved your job. Now lock the fucking door.”

I made my way over to the office door and locked it. I had no choice here. I began removing my clothes while staring at my son the whole time. He really was enjoying this. He was moaning so loud as my boss was licking and sucking his feet and toes. By the time, I was completely naked my boss was loudly sucking on Justin’s big toe.

“Man, this kid has the best feet I’ve ever eaten,” he said, while holding his foot out in front of my face, “have you sucked his toes before, Jenkins?” I shook my head no. “No time like the present,” he laughed, pushing my kid’s foot to my mouth, “open up, or you’re fired.”

I slowly opened my mouth as he was pushing Justin’s foot toward my face. I leaned in and started sucking on his toe. His foot actually did have an amazing smell. Why didn’t I sample his feet before? Justin is always licking my feet, yet I never returned the favor… My God, it tasted awesome… I started going to town on his toes, as my boss pulled it from my mouth.

“No, no,” he laughed, “today these are mine. You can eat them on your own time. How about we have you get on your knees Jenkins, and take my cock out of my pants while I continue eating your boy’s tasty feet? Once it’s out of my pants, put into your mouth and start sucking.. Get it nice and wet, and ready to fuck your kid…. Get it really wet since your spit is all the lube this whore is getting….so, it’s completely up to you how much lube your son’s getting when I fuck him raw. Ha ha ha….”

I had no choice. I dropped to my knees and fished my boss’s cock out of his pants. I jerked It a bit and he wasn’t having any of that.

“Did I say jerk me off, Jenkins?’ my boss screamed at me, “NO!…Now get my dick in your mouth and start sucking.” I figured these was no use fighting it. I closed my eyes and started sucking. His cock tasted and smelled so nasty. “Good, boy, Jenkins…I see we have a father and son slut team here…..mmmmmm…keep going.”

I forced myself to not think about it and just do it. I figured the faster I get him hard and wet he can start to fucking Justin, and I can get this nasty thing out of my mouth. After a few minutes, Justin started yelling out things like, “Yes….lick my feet…it feels so good…don’t stop…” I opened my eyes when I heard Justin yelling out… His words got my boss even hornier. He started licking and sucking his feet even faster and he shoved his cock so far down my throat I began chocking and thought I would throw up.

“Guess this is the first cock you’ve sucked a man’s cock, Jenkins,” he laughed, “forget it …get up before you vomit all over it.”

I stood up and wiped my mouth. There was so much saliva from the face fucking he just did to me. He laughed seeing how much I hated it. He directed me to the other side of the table near my kid’s face.

“I hope you made my cock wet enough, or your son’s getting a dry fuck…doesn’t matter to me either way,” he stated, as he bent my kid’s legs at the knee, and pushed them down so his knees were almost touching his chest – exposing his pink boy hole to my boss, “nice,” he said looking directly at son’s ass, “this is going to be one amazing fuck…Get your dick in your son’s mouth NOW…I can’t have him screaming as I shove my dick into him….”

I turned my son’s head to the side and leaned in and kissed him. I whispered that I loved him, and to be a big boy… he said he was ready. I shoved my cock down his throat and started fucking his mouth. Fuck, I love this kid’s throat. I started to pick up the pace, fucking his throat hard, when I saw my boss was still licking my kid’s feet. He must have started fucking him though since I felt Justin wince a little, indicating to me that my boss’s cock was shoved into his hole really hard and fast.

“Fuuuuccckkkk, yeah,” my boss yelled out, “that’s one TIGHT pussy… I’m going to love fucking this piece of shit.”

He and I started to get into a nice groove. We got to the point where I was slamming my cock into Justin’s throat at the same time my boss’s cock was slamming into his ass. This went on for what seemed like hours, but, probably was just a few minutes. We were both dripping so much sweat onto Justin’s body I’m shocked he didn’t slide off the table. My boss never stopped licking Justin’s feet the entire time he was fucking him. It was really a sight to see. I actually was getting jealous… I wanted one of his feet now, they started to look so good to me. I’m going to be licking Justin’s feet from now on when he’s licking mine….

I couldn’t take it much longer. I knew I was getting close to cumming. My boy sucks so good that it’s hard not too blast so quickly….

“Shit… I can’t hold back much longer…. I’m really close,” I screamed out, hoping it would bring my boss to shoot, too.

“Go for it, Jenkins,’ he said breathing heavily, “shoot that load…but, pull out and cum all over your son’s face.., I want to see you cover the kid in that shit..a whore needs to be covered in cum..”

“FUCK, here it comes,” I screamed out just in time….I slid my cock out of his mouth just as the first volley shot out of the tip and landed on his nose. It felt like I didn’t come in months, my dick was shooting like a geyser! I made sure to cover his entire face, just as my boss told me to. I got some on his forehead, some in his eyes, some on his lips, and I shot a couple of them right into his open mouth – since I know Justin loves to eat it. He looked like a glazed doughnut when I finished. I collapsed from exhaustion….

“That was awesome!” my boss said, “Now, lick your shit off his face while I finish up on this end. Do it now while it’s still warm!”

I knew arguing was pointless. I leaned over and began licking my jizz off my son’s face. I cleaned every inch of his face and when I got to his lips we started kissing and sharing my cum that was on his lips… We were kissing when we heard my boss yelling out that he was cumming. I looked up to see him slam harder into my son’s ass, filling his hole with cum.

“Shit, take my load you little cunt,..take it…” he screamed, “but, not all of it.” I saw him pull his dick out of my son’s ass and in the same motion, he grabbed one of Justin’s feet and placed his small foot next to his cock. The last four shots of his cum landed perfectly on the sole of Justin’s feet. It made a nice puddle of cum right in the center of my boy’s foot. My boss brought Justin’s cum covered foot up to his lips and licked his foot clean….He really was a boy foot lover.

“Damn, boy,” my boss said to my son, `you are one fine piece of ass…and these feet? Perfection.” He started kissing his feet all over as I was getting dressed. Finally, after a few minutes, he released my son’s feet and started to get dressed.

“Well, Jenkins, your kid’s feet saved your job today. I was ready to fire your ass, till I saw your kid. But, here’s the deal….” he said, “I am now going to need his feet all the time…so…you’re going to give me your kid a few nights a week for all my perverted needs. I may even whore him out to a few of the executives… As long as your kid entertains me, you’re job is safe….do we understand each other?”

Of course, I did…. I have a job as long as my son’s feet continues to satisfy my boss. I better make sure they do.

By LonelyDaD
#Gay #Group Sex #Incest #PreTeen

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