My Story With Grandma Sex Story

#Incest #Mature #Teen

By KingSass

My name is kevin. I’m just the typical teenager, I just turned 18 and I have smoked a little

weed here and there. “OK, I’ll admit,” I have smoked a lot of weed lately. But that’s only because my buddies started it and we have a lot of fun when we’re high. I live at home with my mom, she’s a single parent because my dad decided he wanted to bonk ever hole he could. She takes real good care of me and our house. She also takes care of my Nana.

My Nana has to be in her late 50’s or so. She lives in the house that my mom grew up in a few miles away. Gramps hasn’t been in the picture for a few years now. It’s not that Nana is too old to take care of herself; she has this memory problem sometimes. She tends to think she is 20 years old or something like that. So mom goes over to her house almost daily and she’ll spend all day Saturday with her and she usually ends up staying there over night.

I wake up Saturday morning and think “The weekend is finally here!” Moms’ going to be over at Nana’s and I’ll have the house all to myself, hopefully she’ll spend the night and my buddies and I will be able to party like there’s no tomorrow. Mom’s already gone when I walk downstairs. That could have something to do with the fact I didn’t get up until 11:30 am. Lol

The rest of the day flew by. It’s 5 pm and I’m just waiting on the phone to ring. Mom will call and tell me she’s just going to spend the night. (Ring, Ring, Ring,) She’s right on schedule. I pick up the phone and say “Hello mother.” Kevin, how did you know it was me? Mom asked. This is like a routine we have, I told here. Yes it is Kevin but I have to change our routine a little bit. You see, I have to go over to Mr. Starks and go over the contract we sent him; it seems he’s not happy with some of the wording in it. That’s a two hour drive one way. With it already being so late, I’ll just get a motel there and I need you to come over to Nana’s and stay with her tonight. I was stunned; all my plans just went up in smoke. But I couldn’t say no, she does a lot for me and if it wasn’t for my Nana, I wouldn’t be here. “Sure Mom, I’ll be there at six.”

I was a hard thing to call my buddies and tell them that I can’t do it tonight. Before I go there I have to get into the mood, I smoke a big joint. I get to Nana’s and I knock on the door, mom answered it. She gives me a big hug and thanks me for doing this for me. “It isn’t a problem” I told her. She proceeds to tell me what’s going on. You really don’t have to do much, if she has one of her episode, the doctor said just go along with it, she will snap out of it in a few minutes. Most likely you can go about watching television or whatever you want to do. Here are some more instructions and phone numbers in case of an emergency. With that, she was out the door and headed to her meeting.

I walk into the kitchen and there was Nana, she was making her something to eat. She turns around and she see’s me, and what do I owe this pleasure for, my grandson come to visit his Nana. She walks over to me and gives me a really big hug. Now Nana is dressed in only a thin one piece night gown. She’s not what I would call fat, but more like a stout woman. Her boobs are much bigger then what her body is made for. She’s holding me very close to her; I can feel the boobs crush up against my chest. I’m trying not to think about it but it’s kind of hard with her swaying against me like that. She lets go and I tell her mom left and I’m going to be there with her for the night. I asked her, “Mom didn’t tell you?” Nana says she didn’t say anything to her. I’m sure she did but it must be her memory.

Nana say’s she is thrilled to spend time with me. I’m glad to be here to Nana. I walk into the living room, the TV is on but all the curtains are shut, the only light coming in, is what the TV is giving off. I told Nana I’m turning the station, maybe because she’s in the other room she doesn’t hear me, she doesn’t say anything. So I flip through the stations until I find something. I was actually enjoying this, a buzz going, a good show; I was in a comfort zone.

Nana comes in and sits right beside me. I tried to move a little for some room but I was up against the arm of the couch. She doesn’t say anything; she’s just watching the TV. I can’t help but to glare down at her enormous boobs. Her thin night gown doesn’t leave anything to one’s imagination. It looks like her nipples are hard as a rock and they will poke through the thin material at any time. I pull myself away from that type of thinking, after all she is my grandmother.

Being stoned, it was easy to get back into my movie. Just then I felt a hand on my leg. I looked over at Nana and she was still watching the TV. I thought “no big deal, its probable just comfortable for her.” “Frank, do you remember when we used to go down to the basement in your mom’s house?” she asks. That totally caught me by surprise because Frank is my grandfather’s name. I remember what mom told me, she goes into these spells and to go along with it, she’ll snap out of it soon.

“Yes I remember” I said. We used to sit on the couch just like we are doing right now she said. I was agreeing with whatever she was talking about. Yes those were good times I told her. She starts moving her hand a little bit, up and down my leg. I start to feel a little uncomfortable so I try to wiggle away some but she starts squeezing my leg. Frank (she say’s), your mother use to be right about the room from where we were at. She moves her hand to my inner thigh and gives a squeeze.

Now I’m really nervous, because she really doesn’t remember where’s she is at and she thinks I’m grandpa. I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place. Mom said she’ll snap out of it. What’s the consequence if try to make her realize who I am and where’s she’s at? I really don’t know what to do. She rests her hand right on my crotch. I go to get up but she cups my balls tightly. I tell her, “Mom is right upstairs,” hoping she’ll stop. “Oh Frank she say’s, you know you mom is glued to her soaps.” She moves her hand up to the top of my pants but she places her other hand back in my crotch with her other one. She starts rubbing my balls through my pants while her other hand is pulling at my zipper.

I don’t know what came over me but I just sat there. Being a young and fully loaded man, my cock was starting to get aroused. She has my zipper pulled all the way down while her hand is still rubbing my balls. At this point, my dick was almost all the way hard. She pushes her hand inside my pants; she goes straight for my dick. She wraps her fingers around my hard cock and she starts tugging it. One hand squeezing my balls and the other hand is jerking me. My dick is too far gone to do anything about it, I just laid my head back and enjoyed it.

After a few minutes of this, she stopped what she was doing only to undo my belt and unsnap the button. She pulled my pants apart and went back down to my cock. She stuck her hand in the opening of my underwear and pulled my dick through it. Here I’m sitting there with my hard dick completely exposed and she has her hand wrapped around it. Fine I thought, she can stroke it to her little hearts desire. She sat straight up and bent down and kissed my dick. Her tongue started moving all around my dick. This is so wrong but it feels so good! My mind said stop but my body would not move.

She put her mouth right on the head on my dick. She pushed her head down just enough to get my head in her mouth. She was driving me crazy by running her tongue around my head. I wanted to shove my dick all the way in her mouth but I just sat there. She slowly slid her mouth down farther, back up and then back down, each time taking a little more into her mouth. I could believe it; my grandmother is sucking my dick, and doing a very good job at it.

Suddenly she stops. She looks at me and I get a bad feeling. She then stands up. Everything is racing through my mind. She gets between my legs and knells down on her knees. She reaches in her mouth and pulls her teeth out. She grabs my dick and starts sucking on it again, with no teeth. I’ve never felt such a warm feeling before. The feel of her gums sliding up and down, I can hardly stand it. She now is moving her mouth up and down my cock with a steady motion. I can feel the tension building up, it will not take long.

I let out a low moan and she understood it. She started bobbing her head at a faster pace. I could take any more. “Oh FUCK, I’m Cumming.” I started unloading into her warm mouth. It just kept coming out and she didn’t stop for a second, she knew what she was doing. She made sure I was completely done, my dick was sucked cleaned.

She pulls off, stands up and walks toward the doorway. She stops at the door and looks at me and say’s “Kevin, I’m going to lay down for a little bit.”

I get the most dumbfounded look on my face. Was she playing me, did she know it was me this whole time? After that, I couldn’t watch the TV so I read the note my mom left me. It said when Nana goes to take a shower; I have to stay close by to make sure nothing happens to her

By KingSass
#Incest #Mature #Teen

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