My Teenage carer 4 Sex Story

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By oldman

Now the only carer I had was Penny and at 17 was going to make her all mine

It was Friday now the last shift for the carers and as it reached the time for Pennys shift to start, I gave Julia a envelope with £100 in the same as I gave Stacey the other carer for being so good.
As Penny arrived I heard Julia tell Penny what she had received and she was all smiles after Julia had left Penny came over and said it was a lovely gift, I smiled and said wait till you see your gift she then said but im still working here and looked confused as I reached into the drawer and handed her a envelope which contained a American express card in my name for her to use she looked and asked what was this I told her it’s for you to go buy something nice for yourself and don’t worry about how much it costs .
She hugged me and kissed me I’ve never been treated before I’ve always had to work for anything she said she would love a new phone I told her go buy it go now if you want I will be alright, she leant into me and her hand went in my shorts and she said I might as well give you a wank before I go incase you miss me as she put her little hand around my cock and her other hand was groping my balls, which were full and ready for her only took about 5 mins before I shot my load. I pulled her to me kissed her and said go spend some money and come back here for tea I will order a Chinese for 7.
Off she went skipping like a little kid her little bum wiggling as she went if I hadn’t just had a wank I would definitely be having one now.
She was gone about an hour and came in smiling she had a couple of bags from a shop called New Look and a one from Samsung guess that was the phone.
I asked if she got everything she said yes and I got something for you,, for me I said yes what’s it i loved surprises and she opened the bag and got put a small skirt and some black hold ups, I think men like these on girls ,I do I said I also like them off then she said that we don’t have to get up early as no one coming in morning now, she then said i told Sofia my sister I would pick her up at 11 tomorrow and bring her here to use the hot tub if that’s OK.
It was more than OK i said your both welcome anytime I was more interested in seeing her little sister.
Anyway she went upstairs and came back down wearing the skirt and holdups under her tunic I told her she looked lovely but she didn’t have to wear her tunic now and also the food would be here in about 10 mins the skirt she had bought just covered her butt and the gap between the skirt bottom and the hold ups showed a good few inches of flesh, I’m sure when she answered the door the delivery driver would like the view as we sat waiting I had my hand on her thigh feeling her legs through the nylon felt lovely and I was wondering if she was going to let me have sex with her tonight.
The doorbell went and she went to the door I watched the guys eyed lit up as he saw her, that turned me on always like someone looking at what was yours she closed the door brought the food in and we ate, talking about her role now.
I assured her all she had to do now was clean up the house and use it as if she lived her which is what I was planning.
After the food she said let’s go to bed and have some fun so off we headed I told her leave her skirt and hold ups on and her bra I wanted to lick her pussy when she had them on and I wanted her to have a great orgasm, then she can give me a bj and we can chill watching tv holding each other having a bit fondle as we watch.
She took off her tunic and trainers and panties and lay back on the bed and I was straight between her legs licking her lovely teen pussy and I moved from her pussy to her bum hole She hadn’t had that done before as I pushed a finger in and licked around it she let a load moan as my tongue went in her bum hole and my fingers were in her pussy ,I was in heaven never mind her as for a hour I licked both her holes and fingered them both she was again in heaven her face was beautiful as she had orgasm after orgasm and as I moved off and lay back her hand was around my now solid cock and was stroking me so slow it felt unbelievable then her tongue on the tip and then her mouth slowly taking my cock as her other hand was groping my balls, she knew what I liked as her head bobbed up and down taking my 8 inches down her throat and back out I had never had a bj like it she was teasing my cum out and when it did it shot down her throat like a steam train stream after stream I was in heaven again as she moved up my body kissing my stomach then my nipples then my neck and eventually my lips. I just lay there letting her do whatever she liked to me as I looked at her body in her bra and skirt she was beautiful and I knew I was so lucky .
She stripped off altogether now and lay next to me and looked in my eyes hers saying I love you when she said Alan in a few days I will give you my virginity but you have to be careful I am on the pill for medical reason so we don’t need condoms but I want you so much inside of me but I want it to be special and that’s why 2 days I hope that’s OK I said if you wanted 2 weeks months whatever I would wait as your worth it. She hugged me and kissed me and said I love you I never want to be without you, me neither I said as we kissed and slowly fell asleep.
The next morning I woke up at 8 and she was still asleep she looked so innocent asleep but she was growing up sexual so quick I leant over kissed her forehead and got up she followed a bit later and we sat in the kitchen having some breakfast when she said I will do whatever you want bit please don’t cheat on me , you can show me how to do anything and I will but don’t cheat , I replied why would I cheat on you your 100% beautiful and we are good together.
We sat for a while chatting It was amazing how old she was talking about things must of been the church upbringing, I then said tell me about your sister so I don’t feel like a stranger describe her .
OK she’s 2 years younger than me she’s smaller but has bigger boobs she’s very slim and has longer blonde hair she likes music and video games and hasn’t had a boyfriend yet but we do talk and experiment with each other , tell me more I said she replied we kissed each other years ago and we felt each other
Up our boobs and pussy and that’s it I also have told her you licked me out and it was the best feeling and that our love is a secret for now .
I was well pleased with what she told me and by the time she was leaving I told her on your way back go to a game shop and buy a ps5 and games your sister and you like use the card she ran up to me and kissed me I also said you can take one of my cars if you like the porche or the range rover or pickup .
She declined saying she didn’t know how to drive such cars and I would have to give her lessons .
She wa gone for a while and I had fallen asleep and woke up hearing the laughter of teen girls I looked Penny was walking toward me and next to her was a smaller double beautiful I still lay on the sofa pretending to be asleep listening when Penny said to Sofia you have to be good here Alan is so nice and one day I want to marry him , Sofia said but he’s older than you and Penny said he might be older but he’s lovely kind and when we’re alone it’s like I’m older and he’s younger so we meet in the middle.
Sofia said have you had sex yet no Penny replied but I’m going to Sofia said I’m jealous of you Penny said he might let you feel his cock if your nice I wouldn’t mind as we have always shared but he’s mine .
I couldn’t believe what I was hearing as they walked toward the gym area where the hot tub was and Penny did get changed in her ,when they come out I looked they looked stunning my cock wanted to spring out but I had to restrain and waited for them to get in the hot tub as the sat there I walked over asking if everything was OK and did they get the ps5 Penny said yes Sofia said thank you Alan that was so kind and I replied your welcome to come here to play anytime and would you both like a coke before I join you in the hot tub yes please,so I went get 3 cokes and joined them in the tub sitting there Looking at 2 teen bodies there nipples showing through their wet tops my cock now hard and Penny’s hand now on it .
She bent over and whispered Sofia has never seem a cock before and yours is so nice could you show her I will if she asks me Penny looked at Sofia ask him she wasn’t shy she said Alan can I see your cock as she moved closer I stood up and Penny pulled my shorts over Mt solid cock and Sofia eyes lit up she gulped as her hand met Penny’s both on my cock a I sat down in the middle of them two small hand stroking my cock I turned to Sofia and said this has to be a secret don’t tell anyone as her hand moved faster my balls went tight 2 minute and they had me cumming I was shaking it was so good ,Penny kissed me and smiled we always share and she won’t tell will you I promise Alan I will tell noone .
As we sat chilling listening to music I said I’m going to get put and put some dry clothes on you two do what you want but get dried before you playing the game .As I went upstairs I turned the cameras on and watched them get out and go get changed Sofia was definitely a 10 out of 10 Penny was a 11 .
When they came to play I went into watch tv I was still tired and dozed off as Penny came in and said I’m taking her home and will be back for tonight and I have a surprise for you.
I had no idea what to expect but was excited at what it could be.
She turned up at 6 o’clock looking lovely as usual she asked me what she had to do, i told her just chill nothing to do just want the company and spend time together, she plonked herself down folding her legs up under her, the view was lovely and then she lent into me cuddling my arm her small frame tiny against me, I cuddled her back and kissed her and moved my hands up and down her back then up under her top stroking her back and lifting her top up she put her arms up as I took her top off over her head, she had on a white bra with yellow flowers on holding her small tits in place, I started kissing her and using my tongue she returned the favour by sticking her tongue in my mouth as we kisses my hands were undoing her skirt and she moved her butt to allow me to remove it, allowing me to see matching panties I took a moment to take in this beautiful little body as she lent over and said your surprise is you can have me tonight fully,I looked at her are you sure yes she replied but be careful I stood up and picked her up and carried her to the bedroom.
My cock was solid at the thought of putting my cock in her pussy, as I lay her on the bed I removed her bra and panties she was naked her pussy hidden by a little blonde bush as I took of my tshirt and shorts I placed my cock at her entrance moving it up and down her lips to lubricate her as I pushed the end in her pussy was so tight it was hard she gripped me as I pushed to get the head in it took a bit but it popped in only 6 more Inches to go, she was tight as I pushed forward and pulled back her nails were digging in my back I pushed forward again and must of had about 5 inches in I wanted the full 8 in her so one big push and I felt my balls slap I was in her breathing was heavy as I just left my cock in for a minute getting her used to it then I started pumping her in and out slow then fast her legs were around me as I banged my balls against her I could feel her shaking as thrust after thrust I was taking her virginity my cock right in her and I was going to fill her womb full of my cum I could feel it coming out of my balls and it shot out of my cock stream after stream 5 lots of cum and I collapsed on top of her,her body shaking her love juices mixing with mine as we lay together.
After a few minutes she said that was the best feeling ever I replied what’s it feel like to not be a virgin she rolled over to me kissed me and said great you make me feel so good I will do anything for you anything, then she said a funny thing she told me that she wanted to live here but after she’s 18 and she would like me to be friends with Sofia her sister.
I was wondering if she meant sexual as would fuck her 15 year old sister but Penny was who I loved and I was going to fuck her again, I rolled over She was on her stomach as I opened her legs her pussy was red as I lay on top of her and pushed my cock between her legs and into her pussy it was easier this time as I pushed in she grabbed the pillow she was moaning as my cock hit right in its target and I fucked her from behind right in her little body she was moving with every thrust and it wasn’t long till my cock was shooting up her pussy again, this was going to be a great night, twice already and only 9 pm .I lay on top of her with my cock still in her pussy I could feel it pumping my cum out drip by drip into her I kissed her neck and told her she was beautiful and this is just the start, she said back this is fantastic I feel like I’m in heaven my body tingles everywhere . I said should we watch a bit tv and have a drink in bed and just cuddle for a while as didn’t want to make her too sore already .
The next morning I was shattered and so was Penny 6 times we had sex and everytime it was better as she started joining in ..
After we got dressed I told her that I was going to treat her like a Princess I showed her the walk in wardrobe in the spare room and said we are going to fill that with clothes and shoes for you, she cuddled me and kissed me saying I was so nice I was just glad having a lovely beautiful 17 year old all to myself at my age and will be doing anything to keep her .
Next part coming soon

By oldman
#Exhibitionist #Mature #Teen #Virgin

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